A Rainy Day

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After the absolute worst day, I found myself waiting for a bus under a shelter in the pouring rain. Out of nowhere, a truck zoomed-by and a wall of water rose up from the street and soaked me from head to toe. I stood there on the verge of tears. It was a perfectly miserable ending to a perfectly miserable day. Above the noise of the traffic and the falling rain, I heard a voice call to me from behind. I tried to pull myself together before turning toward the voice.

A lady was calling to me from her doorstep. She told me she saw everything and asked if I was alright. I tried to tell her I was, but she couldn’t hear me over the rain and street noises. Lowering my chin, I finally dashed through the rain toward her home. As I walked up the steps to her home, she opened the door wide, inviting me inside. It didn’t occur to me that I didn’t know this woman and I was entering her house. All I knew was that she was the first kind person I’d encountered all day long. After stepping into the entryway, I waited while she closed the door behind me. I stood there soaking wet, an emotional wreck and utterly defeated by the day I’d had.

She was a tall, substantial woman compared to my petite, 5’5″ frame and appeared to be just a little younger than my mother. She looked down at me with sympathetic eyes and asked if I was okay. I tried to tell her I was, but before I could speak those words, my chin quivered and my emotions welled-up inside of me. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I began babbling about all the awful things that had happened since I’d gotten out of bed that morning.

When my voice cracked and I paused talking to catch my breath, she laid her soft, warm hand on my cheek and said, “You poor thing. I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad day.” Her voice was gentle, kind and understanding.

While I continued to sob and whine about the day I’d had, this woman guided me to a bench just inside her home. After having me sit down, she knelt down and removed my dripping-wet shoes and socks. Rising up, she took my shivering hand and led me down a hallway to a large, recently cleaned bathroom. The room smelled of lavender and was decorated tastefully with pale violet floral patterns.

She pulled a towel from a nearby rack, folded it in quarters and laid it over the toilet seat cover. She had me sit down and warmed a washcloth under the sink. She knelt in front of me again and gently washed my face. The last person to ever wash my face for me was my mother. It was a truly compassionate act and it warmed my heart.

As I calmed down, I whispered, “I, I, I don’t know your name.”

She smiled while passing the warm cloth over my eyes once more. In that same kind voice, she said, “Peggy. My name is Peggy. What is your name Sweetheart?”

A warmth radiated throughout my body when she called me ‘Sweetheart’. Peggy was proving to be the savior I’d needed to change the course of my day. After nibbling on my lower lip, I whispered, “It’s nice to meet you, Peggy. I’m Robin.”

While tapping her first finger against the tip of my nose, she said, “A cute name for a cute young man. Robin, like a little bird! Your name suits you perfectly!”

There was something about Peggy that made me feel safe and warm. She was so caring and sympathetic, it was impossible for me not to feel perfectly comfortable in her presence.

After setting the washcloth on the counter near the sink, Peggy’s eyes drifted from my bare feet, up my drenched pants, over my soaking wet shirt and then to my eyes which were swollen from crying, and finally to the soggy mess that was my hair. She rose up onto her feet. Holding both of my hands, she told me that I needed to get out of my wet clothes before I caught a cold. She went onto suggest I take a warm bath to take the chill off. Without waiting for a response from me, she turned, pulled the thick shower curtain all the way open, knelt down and began to run a bath.

I stood there and watched Peggy, a woman I’d just met, filling the bathtub. She was the nicest person I could remember ever meeting. Even after knowing her for such a short time, I could tell she truly cared about me. Why else would she invite me into her home, wash my face and worry about me catching a cold?

When Peggy had the water temperature adjusted, she closed the drain so the tub would begin filling. I stood there feeling a little foolish, I wasn’t sure if she expected me to undress while she was in the room. Thankfully she excused herself so I could disrobe. From the opposite side of the door, she asked me to pass her my wet clothes so she could run them through the washer and dryer.

I watched myself undress in the mirror over the sink. I peeled the wet shirt off my body, cracked the door open and passed it to Peggy. She stood there and took it from me. She talked about getting them clean and warmed up for me. She also talked about finding something for me to wear once I got out of the tub. I next wiggled out of my pants, as before, I cracked open the door and passed them to Peggy. Turning mersin esc to see myself in the mirror, I reached down and pulled my underwear down. After stepping out of them and holding them in my hand, I saw my reflection and that warm feeling began to radiate through my body again. At Peggy’s suggestion, I checked the tub. It was full and I turned the water off. Cracking the door open, I passed my underpants to Peggy. She had a playful grin on her face when she took them from my hand.

While peeking out at her from behind the door she spoke in a soft, gentle voice, “Now hop in the tub, Robin. I may have forgotten to put out a cake of soap. If you look under the sink, you’ll find several new packages. It would be silly to take a bath and not wash.”

Standing naked on the other side of the door, I thanked her for being so kind. I told her my day would have been a complete disaster if I hadn’t met her. She thanked me for saying so and left to get my clothes in the washer. I closed the door and discovered the door didn’t lock. It wasn’t that the lock didn’t work, the door didn’t have a lock at all. A shiver shot up my spine, it wasn’t the warm feeling I was used to associating when I thought of Peggy. This was a shiver that made my penis tingle.

I soon turned and knelt in front of her sink, opening the cabinet doors I found a pyramid of Camay soap packages. It was the same soap my mother used. I timidly took the package from the top of the pyramid and began to remove the wrappings. My eyes drifted to the other items she kept under the sink. There was a long-handled bath brush, a giant bottle of Ivory hand soap, a red rubber enema bag, extra rolls of toilet paper and a wide selection of cleaning supplies.

Dropping the wrappings from the soap into the trashcan, I turned and saw my naked body in the mirror. The mirror was beginning to fog over from the steam from the bath, but I could still see myself in the bottom half of it. My skin was pale, I had very little body hair, little pink nipples and equally pink penis. I’d always thought my penis fit my body size. It was just as petite as the rest of me. It didn’t hang down like other penis’s I’d seen in the video’s I’d watched. When soft, mine disappeared into my body leaving only a fraction of an inch of the shaft and the squishy pink head to poke straight out. The little pink head was surrounded by wispy, light blond hairs. It began to stiffen and grow to its full size as I stood there and thought about being naked in Peggy’s home. My day had drastically improved since being invited into her home.

With the cake of soap in hand, I turned and moved to the tub. Lifting my leg, I dipped my toes into the warm water and slowly lowered my foot until it touched bottom. Bracing myself against the tiled wall with one hand and still holding the pink soap in my other hand, I lifted my other leg and slowly lowered it into the tub. The water was warmer than I usually liked, but after coming in from the rain, it felt nice. I slowly lowered my naked body into the water and soon found myself relaxing in the water.

I lowered my head into the water and rested there listening to the muffled sounds one hears when submerged under water. When I rose up above the water level, I heard Peggy’s voice. Wiping the water away from my eyes, I looked toward the door and saw Peggy peeking at me from around the door. My hands quickly moved to cover my penis and I think I squeaked.

Peggy spoke in that same calm, caring tone, “You didn’t answer when I called and I got worried about you.”

I was so nervous with Peggy looking at me in the bathtub. I quickly told her I was fine. She moved further into the room, leaning back against the doorframe and looking at my naked form under the crystal-clear water. She informed me that she lived alone and had no clothes suitable for a young man to wear. She hoped I’d be okay with what she’d chosen for me as an alternative. She then placed what looked like a faded red sweater on the counter beside the sink. She then reminded me it was just the two of us, so I shouldn’t be embarrassed about anything.

I whimpered softly and thanked her again for her kindness. Before excusing herself, she told me when I was done washing, I could dry myself with a fresh towel. She walked all the way into the bathroom this time. She opened a cabinet and pulled out a lilac colored towel. After setting it on the cabinet, she turned back toward my naked body in the tub. I squirmed under the water and was using both of my hands to keep my penis hidden from her. I watched her bend down toward me and kiss the top of my head. She then excused herself, leaving the door partway open.

Slowly, I moved my hands away from my stiff penis. I was expecting her to peek back in at any moment. With the door already open, I wouldn’t have the warning of hearing the knob turn. I kept my eye on the door while I began to wash my body with the flowery scented soap. The longer I sat in the tub, the more I thought about Peggy walking back into the room. And the idea of her esc mersin watching me wash was really making me penis ache for attention.

I rose up on my knees so I could wash my butt. When I did, the water made splashing sounds. Peggy called out to me from another part of her home. She asked if I was okay. I called back to her and told her I was just finishing washing myself. She told me soap suds weren’t a bad thing and to use lots of them.

That sounded like a challenge. I rubbed the cake of Camay between my hand until I had a thick froth of bubbles. Reaching back, I slid the slippery bar of soap between my cheeks, all over my butt and everywhere else I could reach back there. I then moved my sudsy hands and cake of soap around to the front. I covered myself in bubbles but was careful not to get too carried away washing my penis.

Sliding back under the water, I rinsed all the soap away. As I reached to drain the tub, I saw a bottle of shampoo. Picking it up, popping open the lid I was greeted by the cleanest, flowery-scented shampoo I’d ever smelled. Turning the bottle over, I filled my hand with the pink tinted liquid. It was way more than I needed to wash my hair. But I worked it into my hair and soon had suds from the shampoo sliding down my shoulders, back and chest.

In a very playful voice, Peggy called out to me again, “What are you doing in there Robin-Honey?”

I kept working up the suds in my hair as I called back to her. I half-giggled, half spoke, “Washing my hair!”

She told me to hurry up. She was warming up some soup for me and it would be ready soon.

I laid back down in the tub and slid my head under the water. I ran my fingers through my hair until I was sure it was rinsed free of bubbles. I then carefully stood up and stepped out onto the rug. Turning back to the tub, I flipped the switch so it would drain.

A thought crossed my mind and I acted upon it before I realized how shameless it was. Peggy had left the door cracked open, I opened the door all the way. Without picking up the towel, I called out to her. I told her I was out of the tub and drying off.

She replied, “Good boy. But hurry or your soup will get cold.”

I hoped she would come and check on me. But I didn’t hear her footsteps so I picked up the towel and dried myself off. When I was finished, I hung the towel on the rack behind the door. Without a brush or comb, I ran my fingers through my hair and it turned out pretty good, but messy. Then I looked at what she laid out for me to wear. There was only one article of clothing and after I picking it up, I learned it was indeed a sweater. It looked like it had been well-worn, the red color was faded and it was HUGE.

Pulling the oversized sweater onto my body, I found it was even bigger than I thought. Even the neck opening was big, it hung off of one or both shoulders depending on how I wanted to wear it. The sleeves were several inches too long and completely hid my hands from view. I pulled them up high enough so my hands poked out the bottoms of the sleeves. The sweater hung down to nearly my knees. It was like wearing a dress! A dress that two people my size could fit in at the same time!

The stiff prong of my penis was poking against the sweater and without wearing anything underneath, there was nothing to keep it pulled against my body. I was suddenly nervous about walking out to see Peggy. Yes, I just fantasized about her walking in and seeing me naked in the bathroom. But walking out in the giant sweater was different.

After tidying up the bathroom, I took a deep breath and remembered how kind Peggy had been. She was a ray of sunshine. She chose this for me to wear. And after summoning all my courage, I tip-toed out of the bathroom and down the hall. Her home wasn’t huge and it was relatively easy to find my way around. I crossed the living room and peeked into the kitchen. She stood at the counter pouring what looked like chicken noodle soup into a bowl. She had put on an apron and looked like the definition of a mother.

I stepped further into the kitchen, held my hands over the lump my penis was making. I softly said, “Um, Peggy?”

She turned and paused to look me up and down. When her eyes settled on my face, she smiled and walked toward me. She wrapped her soft arms around my body and held me. I looped my arms up around her neck and we embraced like that for several moments. The scent of her flowery perfume caressed my senses. In that brief moment, I realized I hadn’t felt that loved in a very long time.

She softly spoke, “You look much better now that you’re out of those wet clothes and freshly bathed. You smell much better too.” Taking both my hands in hers, she gently pulled my arms away from my body which left the bump of my erection out for her to see. She winked at me before saying, “It looks like you feel better too!”

Of course, I blushed deeply and squirmed where I stood after she obviously noticed my erection. She released my hands and rolled the sleeves of my sweater up just mersin escort passed my wrists. This left big rolls of the sweater at the ends of the sleeves. But at least they wouldn’t fall down. Taking my hand in hers, she led me to the table and pulled out a chair. I sat down and wiggled back when she pushed the chair in. She brought me the bowl of soup she had prepared along with a spoon.

She sat right beside me and told me how she’d happened to be looking out the window when that truck soaked me on the street. After witnessing that terrible event, she knew I’d need a little tender-loving-care. She told me she was glad she’d seen that. If not, the two of us would never have met. She went on to explain that she knew the two of us would continue to be friends long after this day was over.

While I finished my soup, she excused herself so my clothes could be moved from the washer to the dryer. By the time she’d returned, I’d finished the soup and she moved the dishes to the sink. She helped me down from the table and together we walked to her living room. And we sat beside each other on her couch.

“Robin-Honey, it’s going to take some time for your clothes to dry. Would you like to watch some television? Or take a nap? I know you’ve had a long day.” She was looking at me with such caring eyes. When she next spoke, her voice was softer, “Or perhaps you’d like another bath? I could wash you this time.”

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly, but my penis knew exactly what she’d said. Biting my lower lip, looking into her eyes, I whispered, “Really?”

“Yes Robin-Sweetie, I’d enjoy giving you a proper bath and a thorough scrubbing. I know there are parts of your cute, little body that didn’t get the cleaning they deserve.”

My voice was cracking and shaking when I whispered, “I’d like another bath please.”

We rose up off the couch together. My knees felt like jelly when I stood up. I’d just asked Peggy to give me a bath. Never in a million years would I have guessed this day would end like this. Peggy wrapped her arm around me when she felt me sway. She asked if I was okay. I told her I was. I explained that I was just excited about my bath. She smiled down at me and told me she was too.

During the short walk to the bathroom, Peggy asked if I’d ever had my insides cleaned out. A shiver shot up my spine and I asked if she meant an enema. She squeezed my hand and told me that is exactly what she meant. She didn’t ask, she told me that before I got in the tub, she was going to clean out my insides.

In an unusually high pitch, I answered, “Okay.” Although I’d never had an enema before, I knew what they were and seen a few movies on the internet of girls getting them. It looked like it would be incredibly arousing.

Once we were back in the bathroom, Peggy had me sit on the toilet seat. She laid out a towel on the floor and then retrieved the enema bag and Ivory soap from under the sink. She knelt by the tub, adjusted the water temperature and then began to fill the red rubber bag. She pulled it out from under the water at one point and added four big glugs of Ivory soap before filling it the rest of the way. Bubbles were foaming out the top of the bag when she put the plug back in it.

I must’ve looked frightened by the size of the bag because Peggy told me not to worry. She told me it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but when it was all over, I’d feel cleaner than I ever had before. She then stood up and hung the swollen red bag from the shower rod. Next, she pulled open a drawer and removed a large tub of petroleum jelly, a few wide, wooden popsicle sticks, and a single, disposable, green rubber glove. She first snapped the glove on her right hand and worked it between her fingers. It looked like she’d done that many times before. She used the stick to scoop out a big glob of jelly onto her gloved fingers and threw the stick in the trashcan. With those two fingers, she slathered the slippery jelly all over the plastic nozzle at the end of the rubber hose. Carefully, she hung the hose over the shower rod.

I was getting extremely nervous now that it was time for me to become involved. That bag was holding a lot of water! And Peggy would soon have all that water in my butt! I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. I was on the verge of panicking and running from the room when I noticed Peggy was looking at my groin area. Looking down, I saw I’d slipped my hand under the sweater and was touching myself. I had no idea I was even doing that! But it was enough to convince me I wanted to do this. I whimpered softly and pulled my hand away.

Standing up, Peggy told me it was time to undress. I slowly pulled the sweater up over my head. I was left standing naked in front of her. It was such a wild, freeing feeling to expose myself to her like that. I fought with myself and somehow managed to keep my hands at my sides. She didn’t need to ask, I folded the sweater neatly and set it on the counter. Peggy told me to get on my knees on the towel. She then asked me to lower my shoulders to the floor. She moved in close behind me. I was so nervous! My penis was harder than it had ever been! Peggy was seeing parts of my body that no one should ever see! And I’d just met her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32