A Punishment?

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Lauren sat with her feet on the edge of the chair; her knees splayed apart, her panties discarded on the floor – totally lost in the images on the computer monitor as her fingers work their magic on her young pussy. She was so lost in her body’s responses that she failed to hear the door inch open, failed to hear somebody enter the room. What began as a low moan turned into a shriek of horror as a voice bellowed, “Just what the hell are you doing young lady?”

Lauren tried and failed to close the window she was so recently engrossed in as she dropped her feet to the floor and tried to get her skirt back into position. The chair was swung round and she was faced with the furious face of her father. Actually, he was her stepfather, but her had raised her alone since she was six and had been part of her life since her earliest memories. Her face was already flushed from her furtive actions and now her cheeks reddened even more with embarrassment. How the heck was she going to explain this?

“Well? I am waiting.”

“Daddy! I … it was a mistake. It opened up on its own” Yes! That was believable. Porn sites were always opening up of their own accord … he would believe that, surely. She tried a tentative smile.

It didn’t work, of course. Like lightening, his hand shot out and grabbed her arm, pulling Lauren to her feet. His eyes bore into her face and she knew that she was in deep trouble. “Oh, so MY computer turned itself on, opened explorer, suddenly found a porn site – and you just happened to be passing and saw it through a closed door? Yessss – I can se it all now. Now … you have one more chance to tell – answer my original question.”

Lauren tried to grope her racing mind for the question. What had he asked? She couldn’t even remember … she was so horrified that he was home hours early and had found her in such a compromising position. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She tried to make tears come. Tears always melted her father … but even they deserted her. The silence lengthened. Lauren tried to move her arm, but her father just tightened his grip. That wasn’t going to work either.

“Very well, young lady. I will make up my own version of events. You decided to enter MY office, sit in MY chair, and use MY computer to surf porn sites. You, young lady are in BIG trouble.”

“I’m sorry Daddy. Please let me go. I won’t do it again, I promise. Please daddy.”

“Too little too late, Laurie. You need to learn a lesson that you will not forget in a hurry.”

Lauren didn’t like the sound of that. And liked it even less when her found herself being swung around and pulled down over his lap as he suddenly sat in the chair.

“DADDY!” Lauren cried out, half in terror and half in surprise. “Please, Daddy – don’t … please.”

His hand landed like a thunderclap and Lauren let out a squeal. A second smack landed. Then a third. Lauren was having trouble breathing as the smack rained down on her exposed arse. They strokes were beginning to hurt and Lauren begged her father to stop. After a minute or two, which felt much longer to Lauren, he did stop and just rested his hand on her red-hot cheek.

“Now then, baby, let’s try again, shall we? Just what were you doing?”

Lauren tried to get up, but her father placed his spare hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her firmly in position. Lauren knew that she was going to have to tell him the truth – maybe not the whole truth … but most of it.

“I … I just wanted to see. They all whisper about it, and I wanted to see. And … it made me feel … and I just wanted to know. And you weren’t due for hours and so ………”

Lauren didn’t get any further before another slap landed on her already smarting arse.

“Oh, so you thought it would be all right to use my computer, did you? Come into the one room you know is off limits? How often have you done this?”

Pausing just a little, and mentally crossing her fingers, Lauren said, “This is the first time, honest Daddy.”

Darn the man – he always knew when she was lying. The spanking resumed, but this time it seemed different. Each cheek was being smacked in turn, and Lauren began to welcome the strikes, then gave a guilty start as she realised that she was enjoying it. Oh goodness – he had better stop soon because she was getting wet. Almost as if he read her thoughts, her father stopped, and began to rub her arse gently.

“Don’t lie to me Laurie baby … how many times? Is it once in a while? Once a month? Weekly? Or do you sneak in here every day?”

Lauren squirmed uncomfortably as he had hit on the truth. For months now, since just before her eighteenth birthday last October, she had been rushing home from school to grab an hour or two on her father’s computer. She had one of her own, but it had been set up to deny any access to adult sites. She had found some picture sites and the images were hot. They made hiltonbet giriş her hot too. She used them to work herself until she was dripping and aching – but had never yet achieved this mystical orgasm that she had heard whispered about in the changing rooms at school. Then she had explored further and come across a site that offered all sorts of stories.

Lauren had read avidly, and those where the man was much strong, or older, excited her greatly. Soon she was casting herself in the female roles. The man always had clouded features in her imagination, as she had nobody to base them on. Then, one day, she stumbled across an incest story that had her heart racing. It was a really hot story, written by one of the better authors, and had her so wet that she had to shower. Suddenly the man had a face … the face of the man whom was now rubbing her bare arse.

“Yes,” whispered Lauren.

“Pardon? I didn’t hear that? Speak up my dear.”

“Yes, Daddy,” her voice sounded over loud to her ears.

“Stand up. Come on, stand before me.” His voice was firm and Lauren slowly slid off his lap and stood there, hoping that the incident was now closed. That he would give her a lecture and let her escape to her room. She really needed to rub her pussy, it was so hot and wet, and she needed to gain release. But the agony wasn’t over yet.

“Come her and sit on my lap”

Lauren hesitated. What was he going to do now? She moved towards him and stooped to put on her panties, but was stopped by him saying “Don’t you DARE to touch those.” He pulled her over, turned her round and pulled her onto his lap, positioning her slightly to one side so that he was looking over her shoulder. He moved the computer chair in slightly so that they were both sitting at the keyboard, facing the monitor, which was still showing its lewd pictures.

“Ok now baby, what else do you do in here?” His voice was still firm, but softer. “Do you just like looking at these sort of pictures? Huh? Do they make you feel all grown up? Do they excite my little girl?”

As he spoke, he moved his left hand so that it was resting on her bare thigh. His fingers made small stroking movements on her leg. Each stroke was getting higher up her thigh until with a shock Lauren felt her father’s fingers on her mound. Lauren went very still, not daring to move, praying this was not happening.

She knew that he was expecting an answer. He would not let her get away with silence. “Yes, Daddy.” The answer was barely audible and Lauren was sure that he must hear her rapidly increasing heartbeat.

“And what else does my little girl get up to on Daddy’s computer? Hmmm? Tell me Laurie, what other things does my naughty girl do?”

Lauren was dreading this question. She couldn’t tell him, she mustn’t tell him. It was awful. She began to stammer an answer, conscious of the ever-moving fingers that kept grazing her mound, sending shocks of pleasure coursing through her young, inexperienced body. “I look at clothes and stuff, Daddy,” she said without hesitation, and then added as his fingers pinched her leg, “And I chat a little.”

“Show me honey. Bring up the site you look at.”

Lauren lent forward slightly to type an address in the menu and bring up an innocent shopping site. As she leaned back she found that her left breast was cupped. She gave a little whimper as her father moved his thumb, rubbing her nipple under her thin blouse and bra. She tried to move his hand, but he was much stronger than she was and his hand remained firmly in place.

“And where is the chat? You said you chatted … so where do you do that?”

Lauren remained very still. She felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a fast approaching car. “I … I can’t remember, Daddy.”

“Oh sweetie … wrong answer, I’m afraid. I think you do remember. And if you really can’t, then just bring up the history. Do it Laurie … don’t make me spank you again, because I will use my ruler next time.”

Lauren knew he was as good as his word, and reluctantly typed in the URL for Literotica. Once the opening screen was up, she just sat there, her heart pounding and little shocks running through her body from her father’s constantly moving fingers.

“Log on then sweetikins – type in your user name and password. Let Daddy see what you get all in a lather about.”

Lauren leaned forward again, and as she did so, her legs parted very slightly. It was just enough for her father to get a finger between her thighs. Lauren let out a low moan as his nail scratched lightly across her lips. The page loaded and Lauren said a silent prayer that the regulars had left the room.

She leaned back and watched the chat scroll up the screen. Before it had reached the foot of the page, three men had hit her with private messages. She just sat there, daring not to move as her father’s fingers made magic on her nipple and pussy.

“And hiltonbet yeni giriş what are the lines in yellow, Laurie?” Daddy asked as he pinched and rolled her ever hardening nipple between his fingers. He moved his left hand sideways and forced her legs apart, gaining better access to her pussy. Lauren bit her lip to stop herself crying out. Oh god, she wished this wasn’t happening … but part of her never wanted it to stop either.

“Lauren, I asked you a question … what are the lines in yellow?”

“I … umm … I don’t know, Daddy” Lauren said lamely as she fell her will to resist drain way like water down a plughole.

“Then click on one and we will both find out, won’t we. Come on young lady, there is no holding back now. Its far to late for that you know.”

Lauren slowly click on one, and watched in dismay as a window opened.

Lauren just sat there, her heart pounding. Her pussy was getting wet from the attention it was getting from her fathers fingers, and she knew that it was going to betray her soon if this didn’t stop.

“Answer him, baby.”

“P … please … no Daddy. Can we stop now? I don’t like this.”

He slid his finger further into her young pussy and felt the wetness there. “Oh I think you do, young lady. I think you like this very much. Now, answer his question.”

Lauren slowly typed …

Again Lauren paused and didn’t type until prompted to do so by her father’s voice in her ear. “Just pretend I am not here honey.”

Lauren wondered how the devil she was supposed to do that when her pussy was on fire fuelled by tiny shocks running down from her aching breast, but she took a deep breath and typed …

Lauren felt herself blush as she typed in her affirmative answer and dreaded what he might type back.

Lauren just sat there, and felt tears pricking her eyes.

The window clicked up another line …

She felt her father stir, and heard him say, “Answer him. Come on …”

“Daddy, please. I can’t. Please don’t make me.”

In reply, Lauren felt his finger slide up her wet lips and find her still swollen clit. He began to rub it firmly and Lauren felt her body respond. He stomach was churning, and her little cunt was getting wetter by the second.

“Answer his question. NOW!”

Lauren jumped at the shout in her ear. In slow motion she put her fingers on the keys and answered.

“I think you had better log off now, baby. Quickly now.” Once the screen had gone blank, he removed his hands from her body and told her to stand up. She stood on shaking legs and watched as he moved his chair back. Her father walked over and shut the door, and then stood in the middle of the room on the thick Persian rug.

“Come here babycakes. Now take that silly little skirt off. Now your top and bra. Come on sweetie, let Daddy see you.”

Lauren tried once more to stop things from continuing. “Daddy, no Daddy. It’s wrong. I shouldn’t. Please daddy lets stop now. I promise I will …”

“Do as I say young lady. You don’t seem to mind doing it with words – now it’s pay up time. Get those clothes off before I cut them off.”

As he said this he reached behind him for the scissors he always kept in his desk tidy. Lauren knew that he would carry out his threat and quickly stripped. She gave a shudder as she felt his eyes take her body in. She watched him pull his shirt over his head and saw his chest muscles ripple. Next he unbuckled his belt and carefully stepped out of his trousers. Lauren couldn’t help but stare at the tent in his boxers. She licked her lips nervously as he stepped towards her.

He reached out and took her by the shoulders, drawing her young body into his. His cock felt huge against her abdomen and she tried to pull away, but found that the feel of his hand travelling down her spine towards her butt make her shiver. He dipped his head and began to plant little butterfly kisses on her neck until a small groan of desire escaped her lips. He was driving her wild, and although a little portion of her brain was telling her how wrong this all was – another part was hissing to shut the hell up and enjoy all the sensations that were exploding through her.

“Kneel down baby and take my boxers down.” He instructed her and Lauren couldn’t help but comply. She had seen plenty of pictures of engorged cocks on porn sites, but had yet to see one in the flesh. Gripping the waistband she tugged the boxers down and gasped as daddy’s prick sprang to attention now that it was free to do so.

“Touch it baby. Stroke it. It won’t bite.”

Lauren felt her hand move of it’s own volition as she took his cock into her hand. It gave a jump and she quickly let it go. As her daddy gave a chuckle, she again took it into her fist and moved it up and down a little, like she had seen in a short video hiltonbet güvenilirmi clip. Her Daddy let out a groan and she looked up at him, a worried look on her face.

“Am I doing it right Daddy?” she asked anxiously.

“You are doing great baby. Now tell me, what else did you see on those sites you visit?”

Lauren licked her lips. Where did she start? There was so much. She told about the women lying on their backs with their legs wide. And how men had their heads between a woman’s legs and seemed to be kissing them. She told how there was a picture of a woman lying there holding her own lips open, and how in another a man had his fingers in her pussy. She trailed off as her father covered her moving hand with his and stopped her jerking him off.

“That’s enough for now, precious. How about showing me how those women lay?”

Lauren sat on the rug and then lay back. Slowly, she opened her legs a little. Now that it came to it, she was frightened and wanted to stop. This was wicked. This was her Daddy. OK – so he wasn’t flesh and blood Daddy, but … he had been her Daddy all her life and it was just wrong. She plucked up courage and began to make a move to stand up again, but didn’t get far before he was kneeling between her legs, stopping them from closing. In fact, he moved his knees apart, forcing hers wider open.

Lauren felt her pussy lips part and gave a whimper. “We mustn’t Daddy. We really mustn’t, it’s so wrong.”

“And just how many rules have you broken lately young lady? One more is not going to make much difference, now is it? And you admitted it … you want this. You admit to old men in chat rooms that you want your Daddy to love you. Well, today is your lucky day. Your wish is going to come true.”

As he spoke, he reached out and began to work his fingers up and down her cunt. She was already wet, and was getting wetter by the second. Her body began to respond to his experienced touch. Never letting up on his attack of her pussy, he began speaking again.

“So, you visit these sites and look at picture of woman being taken by men. And you rub yourself, and get yourself all wet. And it makes you hot and tingly inside. And you imagine that it’s happening to you. That a man is pushing his fingers into you … and moving them about … finding all the sensitive spots … and maybe rubbing your little tits at the same time … and it gets you all excited … is that what happens?”

Lauren’s body was on fire. Her mind was melting under this assault. God! It never felt like this when she did it. She cried out, “Yes. Oh yes!”

“And what happens next, in your imagination? Tell me, what happens once the woman is all wet and sloppy?”

Lauren was horrified. He couldn’t make her say, please don’t let him make her verbalise her fantasy. He asked again, his fingers working faster in and out of her hole, another flicking at her clit. She was going to go mad.

“He put it in her.”

“He puts what in where baby. Tell me. Use those nasty words you use on the chat site. Tell Daddy what it is you want.”

“He sticks his cock in her cunt. He … ” Lauren gives a sob of frustration. She is going mad under his touch and her body is telling her she needs more than just a finger or two. “I … he … they …”

“Say it Laurie. Tell Daddy.”

“Fuck! They fuck! Daddieeeeeeeeeeeee … please Daddy … oh godddd … fuck me.”

His hand withdrew and he leaned over her, forcing her to look into his face. “You want Daddy to fuck you? You want to feel my cock inside you?”

“Yes,” she sobbed, well beyond the point of no return. “Take me, please.”

He leant back and reached for his aching cock, running it up and down her slit to coat it with her juices. He hips were jerking trying to capture it. He smiled slightly as he watched this lovely young woman that was his adopted daughter let her body take control, acting out of its own growing need. Gently, he placed his cock at the entrance to her moist depths and pushed it in just an inch.

Lauren gasped. This was far bigger then her fingers, bigger then his fingers. She was now scared. Her virgin cunt couldn’t take this and she tensed. He stopped and began to play with her clit. Working it until he felt her body go limp and her hips move. Another inch went in. He lent forward on one arm and covered her gasping mouth with his own. He began to kiss her deeply, and, after a brief pause, she responded. As she melted into his kiss, he pushed forward in one long movement, busting her cherry. Lauren small scream of pain was lost down his throat as he continued to kiss her deeply. He kept his cock still, just filling her, marvelling at how tight she was, until he felt the pain drain from her.

Removing his hand from her clit, He lent up on both fists and began to pump slowly, watching her face. The small frown that had appeared when her hymen broke soon smoothed away, and her eyes grew wide as the sensations of having her cunt filled and stretched took over. Soon her hips were making small thrusts to meet his own. She has begun to fuck him back. He stopped and knelt up. Keeping his cock buried inside her. Reaching back, he grasped her knees and bought them up to her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32