A Proper Young Woman’s Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 11

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW and go tell your parent and/or guardian that you need stricter internet supervision. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictional character herein may bear is probably intentional and is meant as a compliment. Furthermore, all fictional characters in the following fantasy are professionals and good at what they do. So please, don’t try this at home; if such things were even physically possible. If you still insist on trying this at home, please send all pictures and feedback about the experience to myself. If I can’t stop you I can at least make sure you’re doing it right. Consider yourself disclaimed.

The Expo, Part I

Laura tossed her purse and business suit jacket onto the passenger seat – leaving her clad in only her expensive, deep blue business skirt and button-up white silk blouse – locked the car’s doors with her phone, and then tucked the device into her skirt’s single small pocket. She smoothed out the few wrinkles in the short fabric and began walking up to the convention center’s entrance. She was surprised at how busy the Women’s Health and Wellness Expo was this year. Of course, the annual convention’s size and attendance had been growing for years, to the point that it was now the center’s single biggest convention of the year. There were literally thousands of women filing into the Expo to browse the booths, attend seminars and workshops, qualify for local and online discounts and gift certificates, sign up for the numerous door prizes, and of course get a hefty swag bag.

She wished Emily and Cora could attend with her, but they were still too young to get through the doors. At eighteen, they were well below the twenty years of age cut-off for attendance; and that was even with a parent or legal guardian. The cut-off for normal admittance was twenty five. This was to ensure that a certain level of maturity was maintained due to the sensitivity of the Expo’s subject matter. A thousand embarrassed and giggling eighteen or nineteen year olds was bad for business all around. Laura understood the logic behind the prohibition perfectly well enough, not that she liked it much. She was sure her youngest daughters were mature enough to handle the subject matter without causing any undue fuss. After all, they had both been going through their anal training for months now; and Cora much longer than Emily. Neither girl was a stranger to painful anal dilation, daily rectal plugs, ass fisting, et cetera, et cetera.

Although, if Laura was honest, so had most girls their age; but even with basic anal training, some teenagers – and even a few twenty or twenty one year olds she’d seen – could make quite a scene when it came to the plugs their loving mothers shoved up their tight butts. Laura vividly remembered an incident just a few weeks ago and how embarrassed the entire women’s locker room at her gym had been after a crying temper tantrum from a misbehaving nineteen year old had shattered the normal quite.

On that fateful day, Cora had joined her mother at the gym; as she did several times a week. As usual, Cora was lying back on one of the locker room’s daughter changing stations. Daughter changing stations were similar to baby changing stations found in most public bathrooms, but larger and sturdier built. Just as a baby changing table was designed to help a mother change her baby’s diaper, a daughter changing table was designed to help a mother change her daughter’s plug; usually to a larger size. Cora was in her usual changing station position: Yoga pants around her ankles, legs pulled up and back, knees spread apart, and hands pulling her cheeks apart to give her mother better access to her nether hole.

Despite the seemingly unladylike behavior of such a wanton display of anal depravity, it was a locker room, after all – nobody could hide anything even if they’d wanted to; least of all oversized rectal plugs. So nobody even tried. Most health clubs even catered to their customer’s anal needs and did their best to see to women’s overall rectal wellbeing; hence the half dozen daughter changing stations along an entire wall of the women’s locker room and an enema attachment under every shower head in the large communal shower area.

As it was just after school had let out, four of the six changing tables were occupied by eighteen to twenty year old young women while their mothers stood to the side and lubricated their daughter’s rectums properly. Laura was idly chatting with her normal workout partner, Wanda, as she packed lubricant into Cora’s backside with her fist – along with three quarters of her forearm. At the same time, Wanda worked lube into her own twenty year old daughter Jill’s butt using a similar technique. As Jill was slightly older than Cora, she was taking her mother’s arm quite a bit deeper.

Both Wanda and Laura had bahis firmaları their other hands on their daughters’ lower abdomens and were absently thumbing their daughters’ clits. Laura loved feeling how deep her arm violated Cora’s tight little butt through the younger woman’s toned abdominal muscle wall. She could clearly feel her hand and wrist move around inside her daughter’s intestines. Of course, since Cora only wore a sports bra, the depth of her anal violation was clearly visible from the bulging outline Laura’s fist made as it worked its way deeper.

Wanda actually had to bend over slightly to get her elbow past her daughter’s tight ring of muscle. She normally took one of the two changing tables that were mounted higher on the wall to get a better angle, but both of those tables had been occupied by other mother/daughter pairs. Through all this, neither Cora nor Jill had not uttered anything more than a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as their mothers ensured their young daughters’ asses were well lubricated for the wide and stubby workout plugs destined for their slowly loosening sphincters. The young women were perfect examples of proper anal etiquette.

It was then that the fifth station had been occupied by a relative newcomer to the gym and her daughter. As the new mother started to lubricate her teenager’s asshole for her short, stubby workout plug, the daughter began to put on quite the show of agonizing pain and supposed parental mistreatment; despite the fact that her mother barely had her hand up the young woman’s pert little bottom; it was barely past her wrist for God’s sake! With how the young woman was carrying on, though, you’d think that her mother was either trying to shove a basketball up that untrained hole, or the young woman had never been anally fisted before in her life. Laura found both scenarios pretty hard to believe!

Laura, Wanda, Cora, and Jill all exchanged brief glances of horrified embarrassment as the unknown teenager continued wailing. Like the other women in the locker room, they had tried to ignore the misbehavior and pretend nothing was out of the ordinary. They had all simply gone about their business as normal, albeit in an expedited fashion. Laura had never seen the gym’s locker room empty out so fast! She and Wanda had been among the last two out, after they’d finished plugging their daughters and then taken turns lubricating each other’s much looser backsides for their own – much larger – workout plugs. Laura had actually been pretty sore the next day as Wanda had missed a few of the deeper spots inside her rectum in their haste to separate themselves from the uncomfortable situation.

Needless to say, the mother was asked by the gym’s staff not to bring her daughter with her anymore until she was properly trained. Laura hadn’t seen the poor, embarrassed woman back at the gym since. The memory made Laura glad that all her daughters had taken to bottom training as well as they had; even the somewhat anally reluctant Emily behaved better than that in public when she found herself atop a daughter changing table.

Her woolgathering had brought her almost to the ticket counter as she continued to consider the Expo’s attendance requirements. The only other excluded demographic was men of all ages – unless he was a member of the medical community and had been pre-approved, like Dr Dermott. While fathers and brothers were more than welcome to assist in the proper anal education of their daughters and sisters, it was primarily the responsibility of mothers to ensure that tight, young, teenage assholes became gaping, pliable, womanly fuck holes. Of course, if a mother failed in her primary mission, it was the responsibility of husbands and sons to ensure that the inept mother’s own back hole be properly punished for her failure. Laura briefly wondered how severely the mysterious woman at the gym had been punished by her husband for her daughter’s unforgivable outburst.

Brutally, Laura hoped.

“Just one ma’am?” the young, perky blonde cashier asked politely, jerking Laura out of her thoughts.

“Yes. Just one.”

“Would you like to pre-purchase any seminars or workshops? Most will probably sell out at the door,” the young woman asked helpfully.

“Hmm… I’d like a ticket for Miko McAllen’s seminar at 1:30, please.” Miko McAllen was her favorite self-help author for women. Laura had already read her previous books: “My Mother’s Ass and Mine: The Modern Mother/Daughter Relationship”, “Being a Strong Role Model for Your Daughter: How Dilating Together Benefits You and Her”, and “Misogyny: Neo-Feminism in the 21st Century”. Miko’s new book, “My Daughters are in Love: Unexpected Consequences of Sisterly Bonding – and Why It is a Good Thing” had Laura particularly interested after seeing how close Cora and Emily had become over the past few months of their anal training.

“That’ll be $199 for the general admission and $399 for the seminar, ma’am.”

“No problem,” Laura kaçak iddaa responded, pressing her thumb to the scanner and approving the transaction.

“Thank you for your business, ma’am. The guide book app can be downloaded to either your phone or tablet; and here is your swag bag,” the cashier said handing the large plastic bag over the counter to Laura.

“Thank you,” Laura replied before turning and walking into the convention center’s main concourse. She sifted through the swag bag as she walked to see what goodies she’d gotten: flavored lubricant samples, small urethra training sound, various nipple clamps, a string of anal beads the size of soft balls (score!), and various fliers, vouchers, brochures, and gift certificates. Of course, all the merchandise had the names and web addresses of companies and vendors inscribed on them; they were designed to be advertising after all. The anal beads were interesting. The web address of the company was written in large, raised lettering around the outside circumference of each over-sized bead. That ought to feel interesting, Laura commented to herself before dropping the toy back into her swag bag.

Fetching her phone, Laura quickly downloaded the Expo’s guide app and looked up Anal by Design booth’s location. Dropping in on Amanda and her booth girls was as good a place to start as any. She quickly found the location: Enter the main door, down three aisles, then four hundred feet straight head on the left. It sounded simple enough. Laura had a little over an hour and a half to kill before she had to get to Miko’s seminar; plenty of time to browse the Expo’s many wares.


As she walked through the convention center’s main door, her thoughts were immediately drowned out by the din of voice-amplified saleswomen and the combined volume of thousands of chatting women. Hugging her swag bag close to her body, she began to make her way through the throngs of people in the general direction of Amanda’s booth. She made it perhaps fifty feet before a saleswoman with breasts that made her own look small by comparison stepped in front of her out of a small booth on the side of the aisle.

“Excuse me, ma’am, but you look like a woman who appreciates painfully strong nipple clamps, am I right?” she asked without preamble.

Damn the woman! She did love painful nipple clamps! Laura answered silently to herself.

“Um… Why, yes. Yes I do,” she stuttered aloud as her eyes were glued to the woman’s massive mammaries. If this company wanted to sell nipple torture devices, they had picked the right saleswoman! Her creamy white breasts were naked and on full display. They were held high on her chest by a quarter cup bra incorporated into her black latex corset. Also built into the corset were brass bands that were locked around the base of each of the woman’s gigantic tits, turning each mouthwatering breast into a tight, slightly red, round orb of womanliness.

At the apex of each succulent teat was an overly large nipple with equally large areola trapped in the most fiendish set of devices Laura had ever seen. The base of each nipple was caught in a set of crushing clamps tightened so hard that the mere thought of her own nipples being similarly treated started her bald pussy to flowing. At quarter inch intervals, identical clamps came in from other angles to crush her nipples for their entire half inch length. But that wasn’t all: Four metal bars extended about two inches from the nipple crushers to circular rings at the device’s base. The design pulled most of the woman’s large areolas through the rings and away from her orb-like tits. Extending from the ring itself were multiple spiked balls that had been screwed into her stretched areolas so hard that half of the small spheres were virtually embedded into the woman’s flesh. The force of the multiple clamps on her tortured nipples was actually causing spots of milk to form at the tip of each compressed nipple.

Laura’s cunt was sopping wet now.

“Do you like them?” asked the saleswoman after a few seconds of Laura’s silent staring. She knew she had her mark.

“I’m sorry I was staring,” Laura managed to get out, “but those things are amazing!”

“Why thank you. They’re natural,” commented the other woman. A joke Laura was sure she’d made a hundred times day.

“No, I meant the clamps,” Laura replied before she could stop herself.

“Oh, these silly things,” the saleswoman said nonchalantly, motioning towards the devious torture devices she wore. She turned and put her hand on Laura’s lower back to guide her towards the waiting booth as she continued. “They’re just a little something to get the attention of connoisseurs – such as yourself. Now, what levels of pain do your perky 34FFs like to experience the most?” she asked, accurately guessing Laura’s breast size.

“You’re good,” Laura commented.

“It’s my job, ma’am,” the saleswoman replied.

As if on cue – which it probably was kaçak bahis – a second, significantly less well endowed saleswoman behind the booth’s counter stepped up with a felt lined tray full of various levels of nipple torture devices. Despite a more normal bust size, the new saleswoman also sported an equally painful looking set of nipple clamps on her own red, crushed and stretched nubs.

“Hello, and welcome to Bradley Golf’s Fine Nipple Jewelry. Can I interest you in anything in particular, ma’am,” she asked sweetly. Laura knew she was trapped.

“Actually, we were just getting to those details,” Big Tits answered for Laura. Turning back to her mark, “I’m guessing you prefer something on the extremely painful side, am I right?”

Laura thought about lying, but the thought of her own nipples being cruelly tortured by an identical pair of clamps that Big Tits wore didn’t let her. “The crueler the better, actually,” she found herself answering.

“She obviously has exquisite taste,” commented the first saleswoman as her hands moved up to unbutton Laura’s low cut blouse. Stopping only momentarily, she asked, “You don’t mind, do you?” Laura’s mind was still focused on the tray of goodies in front of her. With a small shake of her head, the large breasted saleswoman quickly had the blouse’s buttons undone, the shirt un-tucked and built-in cups of Laura’s red velvet, boned corset pulled down and aside.

Turning her attention back to her coworker, Big Tits asked, “Can you harden her nipples a little bit while I select a pair that she’s sure to just love?” The woman behind the counter wasted no time in grasping each of Laura’s exposed and already quite hard nipples and brutally rolling them between her thumb and forefinger; exactly the way Laura loved.

Laura’s head rolled back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the rough treatment that her sensitive breasts craved. A small portion of her brain registered the fact that the insides of her legs were starting to get moist from all the juices her slit was producing.

“Thank you, honey,” Big Tits said as she rummaged around inside the tray of goodies.

Laura let out a groan of pleasure mixed with pain as the saleswoman began digging her nails into the bases of the nipples she was roughly crushing.

“Here we go ma’am,” Big Tits finally announced as she turned Laura towards her and the other saleswoman let go. She grabbed a hold of Laura’s right nipple – which was now exquisitely hard and aching for more abuse – and guided it into a steel double ring with three articulating clamps lining the inside. The clamps themselves were lined with multiple short, sharp spikes. Laura’s erect nipple poked out through the hole in the device’s center. Holding the innermost ring – which was slightly larger – in place with one hand, the large breasted saleswoman began to spin the second ring with her other hand and the arms quickly and firmly closed in on Laura’s defenseless nipple.

“These are a pair of our newer models: the N-51c’s. They’re designed to ratchet down onto a nipple with maximum force, while at the same time maintain a low profile so that they can be worn with a normal padded bra and be undetectable,” explained Big Tits as she pulled Laura’s other nipple through an identical device and began to tighten it down as well. “Since the design has only three articulating arms, there is enough room for blood to flow into your nipples so it’s safe for long term wear and – unlike normal tit presses – your nipples shouldn’t get very numb. You should be able to feel as much pain coming from your tits after an eight hour day as you did when you first put them on that morning,” she continued.

Laura only groaned and stood there quietly as the saleswoman continued to tighten first the left one, and then the right one, back and forth as she judged Laura’s reactions to the increasing pressure and pain. Finally, Laura’s cried out softly and her knees almost gave out. Both saleswomen caught her before she hit the floor.

“That’s the reaction I was expecting,” commented Big Tits as she gave both clamps a final quarter turn, eliciting another loud gasp of pleasure and pain from Laura lips. “I assume you’ll want to wear these home?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Y… Yes, please,” Laura said weakly as she enjoyed the painful sensations coming out of her breasts. She felt a single drip of pussy juice run down her leg. “I’ll take them.”

“How about I throw in a pair of Full Force XL’s – like I’m wearing – for 30% off. I can also part with a set of small skewering needles; perfect for playtime at home alone or with a partner. They’re on sale too.”

Laura had never been into needles as part of her tit play, but, as Big Tits packed her tortured breasts back into their cups and began buttoning up her blouse once again, she was so distracted that all she could say was, “That would be lovely. Thank you.”

“Excellent! My associate will pack up your items and ring you out. You’ve made some excellent purchases here today, ma’am! I know you’ll enjoy them. And be sure to check out our full selection of clamps for both inner and outer wear online on our website.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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