A Professional Affair

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I never thought Brian had a thing for me.

I had known him socially for years. We moved in the same circles and went to parties, charity events and even double dated occasionally with his wife and my husband. He always played the part of an attentive spouse and father going to soccer games, piano recitals and even church on Sunday. The only clue he had a crush on me was an occasional sidelong glance that lasted too long or comment about how I looked nice, but those things happened so rarely I never thought much about them when they did.

Of course if we both had been single, Brian would have been completely my type. Well, he would have been any woman’s type really. Physically he was tall with lots of lean muscle and dark red hair from his Irish ancestry. He also had an extremely lucrative career as a family doctor that allowed him to live in the best part of town and drive expensive cars. He was a successful well spoken guy that said intelligent things with an easy smile. One of those effortlessly charming types. A perfect dad, husband and colleague.

Then it happened.

As a physical therapist, there are certain hoops I have to jump through to keep my license, and one of them is doing a certain number volunteer hours in my field. So, when a non profit that helps kids with disabilities asked me to sit in on twice monthly meetings I thought it would be an ideal match. I could help out an organization I truly believed in and get credits towards my license at the same time. It was only a coincidence Brian served on the same committee and I only felt genuinely happy to see him at the meetings as a friend.

Then one night after several months of advisory board meetings, Brian and I exchanged greetings and light conversation as usual. As we parted ways he asked, “so where are you parked?” When I told him I was a few blocks down he answered “I’ll walk you. It’s a little far after dark.”

I took it as a chivalrous act. After all, Brian was married. We both were, and even if there was an underlying sexual attraction, I wasn’t going to risk my basically satisfying marriage for guilty sex crammed between meetings and late night trips to pick up tampons.

Once we were out the door though, the typically charismatic Brian turned shy and said in a soft voice “I like your idea. The one about having the annual charity auction at Forrest Ridge country club.”

“Yeah, the space is ideal and I’m sure they will give us a good rental rate.” I answered trying to sound casual like nothing was off. “I’ll definitely talk to my friend Linda to see if October 22nd will work.” I then laughed a little. Not because it wasn’t funny, but I was thinking about how here I was, yet another professional woman taking on the secretarial duties in a room of men.

“Yeah.” was his answer but he didn’t say anything else. He was so uncharacteristically shy I wasn’t sure how to respond so we walked along in awkward silence.

“Well, here I am.” I told him when we finally got to my RAV4. “Thanks for making sure I got here ok.”

“It was really great seeing you.” he told me. He then looked into my eyes like he wanted to say something else but didn’t know how. I returned his gaze, perplexed. Finally, he broke eye contact and reached out for a friendly hug. I returned it but he held me a beat too long. When he finally let go he allowed his hand to run down my arm slowly, his hand lingering on my bicep before making his way lazily down my forearm as if to memorize the feel of the muscles and skin.

I became flustered, but tried not to show it. When I was finally able to speak I managed an awkward “Tell Christine I said hi.” I suppose to remind him we were both attached.

He looked down for an instant to check himself and then when he looked back at me the old professional Brian emerged. “Yep, will do. See you in two weeks.” he said and gave me an easy smile. The type he would give to a patient after an appointment.

Even though I told myself I would put it out of my mind, I couldn’t shake what happened. I was so effected by the way Brian’s hand passed over my arm and his shyness around me that I had trouble even keeping my mind on my kids that night. I kept rolling the interaction over and over in my mind. Was he attracted to me? Did he think of me in a romantic way?

I knew it didn’t matter. He was married. Firmly married with kids, and so was I. We both had good quality spouses and while sure, my husband felt like my roommate more than my lover at times, relationships aren’t always about passion. Sometimes it’s just about dividing and conquering to get through the day.

Then, just as I thought I had forgotten about the interaction with Brian, I had an erotic dream.

My husband and I were in Vegas. We went to a show, walked along the strip, and then after a 60’s movie montage of clubs and drinking we made it to our hotel room stumbling all over each other laughing. As we entered into the darkened area, we could just make out the figures Brian kurtköy yeni escort and Christine splayed out on the king sized bed. They were both sparely dressed, with a basket of condoms and lube between them as Christine held a dildo-my own personal dildo- in one hand while running her fingers slowly up and down the plastic with the other.

In my dream I wasn’t shocked. I simply accepted the situation and decided to see where things went.

First my husband walked towards Christine. She was wearing a black see through teddy that showcased her huge perky breasts and I could see my husband lick his lips as he drew nearer to her. Christine then dropped the dildo on the bed, rose up on her knees to greet him seductively. He then wordlessly placed one hand on her ass and with the other cupped one of her large round tits while Brian and I watched.

Christine moaned as my husband placed his lips on hers and fondled her butt simultaneously with his large muscled hands. Then, after several moments, he pulled the bow of her teddy between barely concealed breasts to further expose them. Once released, he cupped her giant orbs in his hands and placed his mouth over one of her already hard pink nipples and began suckling while Christine let out a deep moan.

Oddly, I wasn’t jealous but turned on by what was happening in front of me. Even though I’m sure I would have been outraged in a real life, in my dream I only wanted my husband to enjoy himself. I’m a much smaller woman than Christine and don’t have the cleavage she does. Because of that I was—in my dream anyway- happy my husband would get the chance to play with a big breasted woman. I knew he loved my gym toned ass and sculpted arms, but I also knew he wished I had a little more up top so I simply enjoyed watching him roll her large boobs in his hands and teasing the nipples with his tongue as she moaned for him to do more.

Finally, Brian came up to me standing stupidly on the sidelines with his sexy half smile and pulled me to him allowing his full lips to travel on mine. He then put his hand on my back side and soon I was grinding against his barely concealed cock on the hotel bed. I could even smell his cologne and his freshly shaven face brushing against mine as he kissed me.

A few minutes later, like the way things tend to happen in dreams, my husband and Christine somehow vanished and there I was, naked, making out with Brian. I was getting wetter and felt the palm of his hand against my naked pussy, and the tension started to build inside of me. My body tensed as his hands worked on me, and I felt a white hot throbbing in my groin as he flicked his middle finger against my clit.

I got so turned on I woke myself up from sleep. I was gasping and sweating in need of a release and wondering why just once I couldn’t have an erotic dream that ended in orgasm.

I was so turned on I snuck into the spare room with my dildo to masturbate so as not to wake my husband. My pussy was positively soaking, and with the thought of Brian’s body on top of mine, I spent the next 10 minutes reliving my dream as I pushed the sex toy in and out of my hole wishing I could cum against Brian’s cock instead of the stupid piece of plastic.

The next day I confided in a girlfriend.

“You won’t believe this, but I dreamed Steve and I did a wife swap with Brian and Christine.” I told her over coffee.

She nearly spit out pumpkin spice latte. “I see what’s in it for you and Brian, but poor Steve!” she said with a shocked look on her face.

“Really? You don’t think she’s cute?” I said trying to be generous.

“Maybe 10 years ago, but she’s let herself go a lot since the kids.” she said. “I mean, Christine is a sweetheart no doubt, but given the chance to bang you, I’m sure Brian would leap at it.” she said.

“Are you kidding? He’s like the perfect husband.” I said leaving out what had happened the night before when he hugged me because I wasn’t totally sure I hadn’t misinterpreted his actions.

“Well, he’s a man, and you’re super hot.” she told me. “You’re an aerobics instructor super Mom with a job as a physical therapist. Of course he’s smitten.”

I honest to God tried to forget about what happened with Brian after that, but at our next advisory board meeting, I couldn’t help but glance over at him every time I thought he wasn’t looking and even blushed when he told me hello. I even started analyzing his actions. The cadence he used when speaking with me and how exactly his body was positioned.

Then as the weeks stretched on I started thinking of him all the time. I would spend an inordinate amount of time picking out cloths on advisory board meeting nights and thought of conversations we might have in my head. He was quickly becoming the number one star of my fantasy interactions throughout the day, and I wanted to tell him everything. My frustrations with my husband, my kids, why I preferred to drive a Toyota and my preferred kurtköy sınırsız escort laundry detergent.

As my crush deepened, the rational side of me considered quitting the advisory board. That would be the adult, mature thing to do, but the primal part of my brain, the part that was getting such a rush from him wouldn’t let me. I got to the point where I needed to see him. Even if we never really exchanged more than a few words, the looks that passed between us spoke volumes and I needed that sexual jolt.

After awhile, I resolved myself to quitting the advisory board after the annual fundraiser. I still wasn’t sure I would have the strength to stop membership, but I knew I should do it. My husband needed a faithful wife, and I had wasted enough time and energy on Brian O’Malley. I needed to stop thinking of him and focus on my family and patients.

Finally, the Gala rolled around. I spent almost an entire day picking out a sequined dress that would show off all my hard work in the gym, but not in an overly ostentatious way. I wanted to tell Brian him how handsome and smart he was before I rode off into the sunset so to speak and look good doing it. I knew my husband wouldn’t be a problem. He would come late, donate a few hundred dollars then leave, so all I had to do was get him away from his wife for a moment, tell him I was leaving, and that would be that.

I took a deep breath as I pulled up to the large clubhouse and realized I felt nervous. I had worked hard making the event a success of course, but mostly I was on edge because Brian would be there. I took a deep breath, handed my keys to the valet, and entered the building.

The space was a lot like what I envisioned. The auction room was set up on the right and the buffet in the corner and the presentation was in the middle. I directed some of the workers as to where to put the black and white streamers and made a mental note to tell the chef how much I loved the chocolate dipped strawberries that had been fashioned to look like little tuxedos.

An hour the guests started to arrive and I wondered if Brian was there yet. I tried to keep an eye on the door, but I kept getting distracted talking to donors about our mission to help raise money for the kids.

Finally, I spotted Brian’s red hair and got flustered, tense and excited all at the same time. He looked even hotter than he normally did and I tried desperately to keep from acting like an out of control teenager. I then realized his wife appeared to be coming toward me with Brian not far behind and I knew my acting skills would be put to the test.

She was maybe 20 pounds overweight, but otherwise looked fantastic. I felt a stab of jealousy that she could be close to Brian any time she felt like it. She was wearing a black strappy gown that exposed a lot of her cleavage, probably her best asset, and she had her hair up swept in a way I could tell had been done professionally. I wished she was was on the other side of the moon but I managed to plaster on my most sincere fake smile and hoped my years hosting parties and talking to people would pay off.

“Christine!” I said as she came closer and gave her what amounted to an air hug. “You look fantastic!” I gushed, hoping I sounded sincere.

“Cindy!” she echoed my greeting. “What a great party. Brian has told me how much work you’ve put into it so I knew it would be absolutely fantastic.” I silently wondered if she knew I had a crush on her husband and was being nice to keep me away. I mentally rolled my eyes thinking that was the oldest trick in the book.

I glanced nervously at Brian and he reached out to give me a short, quck hug. There was no hint we had been making eyes and flirting in meetings for months. It was just a squeeze where his hands came up around my shoulders in a friendly way. Everything was completely above board but even so my heart leapt in my throat.

When he released me, he put his arm around his wife. I felt true revulsion, as if he had done something like take off his pants and start peeing on the floor. I was so upset I had to excuse myself saying with that pretend smile plastered on my lips “well, I want to check on the food, please excuse me. We’ll have to catch up soon. Enjoy the buffet!”

After that I made a beeline to the back of the kitchen to a small unisex bathroom. I felt like an idiot. Why couldn’t I turn off my feelings? How did men do it? How could they flirt with a woman one minute, and turn it off the next. I felt like crying but had to hold it together.

Then a thought occurred to me. Maybe Brian was so cool and calm because he didn’t have a thing for me at all. Maybe the feelings we had for each other were all in my head. I felt stupid, and ugly and probably too bony for him anyway. I didn’t know how I would get through the next few hours without breaking down. I looked in the mirror and forced back tears. I thought about how I had put on my make up carefully kurtköy sarısın escort with him in mind and felt like the biggest moron in the world.

In a moment though there was a knock at the door. I said “I’ll be out in a sec.” I then gave myself a final mental pep talk, decided I wouldn’t cry and opened the door.

When I stepped out, there he was. Brian.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright.” he told me standing close and letting his blue eyes linger on mine.

“I’m-fine.” I told him and couldn’t help but feel the charge between us. God he was hot. His body was so large next to mine it made me feel even smaller and more feminine than I was. He reminded me of some kind of Scottish warrior that would protect me from anything and I felt a rush of warmth go through me as he stood there soaking me in.

A moment later he put his hand on my upper arm and squeezed slightly before wrapping the other one around my waist to pull me close.

Soon we were kissing. We devoured each other and he walked forward forcing me back into the bathroom. He then somehow managed to shut and lock the door while I moaned and pulled myself flush against him.

I kissed him like I hadn’t kissed anyone in years. His body smelled so fresh and good, even better than he did in my imagination and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

He lifted me up by the butt and put me on the sink so that my crotch was in line with his. I felt his large bulge, even larger than what I had imagined through his pants. I am sure I made some kind of noise when we made contact through our clothing, but I was beyond caring if we were found out. “Oh God” I gasp in a whisper. “You feel amazing.” I said wrapping my legs around his torso.

“I’ve wanted you so long Cindy,” he said breathlessly between kisses. “I wanted you from the moment I lay eyes on you 12 years ago. Oh God you feel so good…”

I wasn’t wearing a bra, and his hands took me by surprise as he grabbed my chest. I threw my head back to give him better access and then he pulled down the straps of my gown easily to reveal my naked breasts. He kneeded them in his hands and kissed them one at a time before unlocking my legs from behind him and pulling my dress all the way down off my feet until it lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.

By then I was wearing only in a pink thong, and urgently wanted to get him undressed so we could fuck. I had no cares about the future, about my husband or family, or his for that matter. I only knew I needed his cock and cum inside of me.

I went straight for his pants, undoing the button and the fly, as he took off his shirt and tie. Once he was naked, I ran my hands over his chest, arms and abs. They were well developed from doing cross fit training and I loved how there was a smattering of red hair across his chest that made my pussy lurch with anticipation.

Finally, when I ran my hands down his abs, I felt it. The cock I had been dreaming of for months. It was large, maybe even more so than I imagined, and I gasp from the sheer size of it knowing it would satisfy me much more than the stupid dildo I had in my bedside table at home or the husband that hadn’t fucked me for months.

I considered sucking him. I would have loved to feel that massive meat between my lips to enjoy the silky smooth skin over hard steel, but I knew neither of us would last long enough for that. Instead I allowed Brian to pull down my thong and then lift me back on the sink so we could fuck facing each other while I sat perched on the edge of the chrome.

Finally he eased himself into me. I knew what I was doing was bad, but I didn’t care. I had never wanted somebody so much in my life. He went in slowly, pushing inch by inch until finally he was all the way inside. I pulled my breath in hard and enjoyed the sensation until he thrust back and started fucking, slowly at first and then getting faster.

A few minutes in I began to feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm building, and I tried to stay silent as my body erupted in a small orgasm. When I calmed down, Brian lifted me off the sink, and turned me around so my butt was facing him and he could do me from behind. He slipped inside of me easily and pounded me as I plead for him to go as deep as he could.

As the tempo of his fucking increased I knew he was ready to cum. The fact that he was so urgent caused me to push back even harder and feel another orgasm building inside of me only I knew this one would be better than the last. Then, as he gave me that final thrust, it was like my soul leaped out of my body. For an instant and I was transported somewhere entirely different, a place of pure bliss and didn’t even know where I was.

Then, reality hit. I was at Forrest Hills Country Club in the small bathroom off the kitchen. Brian was beside me and cum pathetically ran down my leg. I looked at Brian’s fitness watch and realized 20 minutes had passed. People would start wondering where I was. My husband would be there, and I needed to give a speech to about 200 people in a matter of minutes.

We dressed quickly, Brian gave me another kiss, and we emerged from the restroom, guilty.

I’d like to say that was the end of our affair, but it was really only the beginning. There was a lot more sex to come, some of it involving our spouses…

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