A Pet Named Kari

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Introduction: Last summer I was contacted by a reader who enjoyed my writings as well as my style. She requested a story covering many taboos along with many of her fantasies. Our correspondence helped me gain insight into her desires. Likewise, she gained a bit of insight about this writer.

One of my stories, “The Coffee Shop,” turned her on with the thought of Barbara and Russ taking her.

Time demands from work and family (the nerve) made writing this story a prolonged work. My apologies to my fan, whom I have renamed, Pet Kari…..

It is written from two perspectives to allow the thoughts of fantasies of each woman to come forward……



Barbara’s perspective……..


Everything started about a year ago when I met this most wonderful man, Russ Gilbert, at our local coffee shop. (You can read the whole story of our meeting in his submission entitled The Coffee Shop.)

My name is Barbara Hayes. I am in my early 50s and still quite fit. Some women won’t reveal their age, but I am very much a realist.

In case you haven’t read Russ’ story, I am a natural red head, and plan to stay that way via the magic of my stylist. I love the contrast of my shaggy, layered locks against my creamy white skin. Russ finds it to be very erotic and always becomes aroused when he sees me naked.

As he puts it, “There is something about your long, thick nipples and pink areolas that drive me wild. Or is it your smooth mound with your little wisp of red hair that sends me over the edge?” Either way, his arousal gets me aroused, which often causes a spontaneous round of lust.

To say our relationship is built on sex has some merit. Both of us had “interesting” past lives in which sex was non-existent and/or taboo. However, neither of us stopped pursuing our needs. My trysts led to the break-up of my marriage, and Russ’ took him into the depths of the professional community.

When we met, we were both finally in a position to seek the life style we craved. As fate would have it, we were instantly attracted to one another. It turned out to be a whirlwind week of conversation and dinners, ending with two days of deeply passionate and kinky sex.

Having been in relationships before, we knew this was special. We clicked socially, professionally, as well as sexually. Both of us are Bi, with me being more attracted to my sex than Russ is to his. He wasn’t the type to go to bars looking for a guy, but he loves the interaction when we are involved with another couple or when I choose someone to join us.

On the other hand, I love women; probably a bit more than men….although that is too close to call. I love the soft, smoothness of their bodies, the tenderness of their kiss, the wetness of their vagina, the receptiveness of their nipples, as well as their makeup and fashion. It’s been said that women dress and primp for other women, and I believe this is true, and I choose my look accordingly.

My style typically includes bronze and copper tones, black eye-liner, and coordinated lip and nail colors. When I go with orange shades for my lips and nails, it always turns heads. Those are the shades and tones which bring life to my hazel eyes and red locks.

Clothing wise, I love a blouse that reveals a bit of my 38-B+s. I am not too top heavy, so my revealing sends the message I’m showing on purpose. As for the rest of my attire, something to complement my 38, 28, 38 frame, be it tailored slacks or a tapered skirt.

Guys always look, that’s expected. But when a woman looks, and gives me that lingering glance, I instantly become aroused and get creamy. I love to seduce women and lure them into my sexual web of lust. It is so erotic to tap into their hidden fantasies and make them reveal their locked up desires.

By nature, I am dominate. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being guided through a session of passion (again, read the Coffee Shop). However, I am usually the aggressor, the leader, the person to take charge in most everything I do. It is so arousing to plan-out a tryst.

Both Russ and I crave role-play and the deeper, darker side of kink.

The men and women that catch our attentions are those who also send a message with their looks. We lean towards the well-groomed, and not today’s ‘scruffy look.’ A man’s face with three days of whiskers between my thighs is irritating in many ways. Clean-shaven is my taste.


As Russ wrote in the Coffee Shop, we have been together for a year. It took about three months before we moved in together. Our families had to meet. Yes, even parents need the approval of their kids in matters of the heart–just so they don’t think we are out of our minds. Having hid behind vanilla existences for years, we knew exactly what to say, and how to gain our kids’ approvals.

We both passed with flying colors.

Since Russ’ town house was free and clear and I rented, it made sense for me to move in with him. In less than a month, I was able to transform his place from bursa escort tastefully manly, to exquisitely feminine. Russ says I have an eye for style and he was very pleased with my changes.

The most intriguing change was the basement. We wanted a play space for “special” activities and since it was unfinished, it was the logical place to put one. The only problem was going to be family. What happens when they visit? Our kids may or may not understand….but what happens when there are grandchildren?

So we got clever. Being somewhat a handyman, Russ partitioned the basement into three sections. The family room was directly at the bottom of the stairs. It had the windows, sliding doors to the outside patio, and enough area that no one would be overly curious about the rest of the basement.

Still, if someone was curious, the room behind the family room was our office where Russ would work on his software projects, pay bills, etc. Since there was a first floor laundry room, no one would have a reason to go into this ‘Keep Out’ area.

Behind that was our “special” playroom, which we called the Cathedral.

You entered through a sliding bookcase in the office—yes, the kind you see in the movies, but this one was password protected and controlled via a networked computer. (As Russ is a former engineer turned teacher still dabbling in software development, he geeked out on this project—clever man!)

The inside was done in a gothic underground style complete with altar, cages, slings, racks, a hoist, and an immersion style well made from a hot tub. The room walls, as well as the outside of the tub, were covered with an actual stone veneer. The tops of the altar and immersion well were smoothed textured limestone. This gave an ancient, ritualistic feel to our activities.

A special stone textured paint was used to cover and coat the bottom and sides of the well. “No-slip” strips were on the bottom, making it perfect for all types of fluid and toilet play. We adore this type of kink and I am a heavy gusher when I cum as well.

The Cathedral was stocked with a vast assortment of implements ranging from the simple to the complex. Although the room wasn’t ultra large, it could accommodate six to eight players comfortably or should I say uncomfortably. We even had three Sybians for group activities; more on this later on.


Over the past few months, I’ve had my eye on a new co-worker of mine. Her name is Kari Pointer, a senior level manager for our pharmaceutical company. We are essentially peers but in different lines. I’ve known about her for years, but it wasn’t until she transferred into our Chicago office that I met her.

Her reputation in the Boston office was that of a bitch. Great! Everyone loves working for a bitch or any type of person that makes life miserable. I didn’t know why she had the reputation but I kept an eye on her…for a number of reasons.

First, she was very attractive. Kari was the type of woman who made me cream just by looking at her. She had shoulder length blond hair, bright blue eyes and stood about 5’6″, a couple of inches shorter than me. Kari bore a strong resemblance to Elizabeth Rohm with the exception of the bust line. She was a generous 36 D…a very lovely 36 D I might add.

At meetings, Kari was always on top of things. Nothing slipped by. If something was due, she asked about it. If it wasn’t available, she asked why. Kari was direct, but not wrong. She could use a lesson in being a bit softer with her fellow workers, but she was effective in her role.

We chatted a few times early on, but nothing extensive. I did notice however, her lingering looks when she thought I wasn’t watching. Although she was all business at the office, there was an air about her that told me she might possibly be bi or gay.

At company gatherings, she never flirted with any of the men, who constantly hit on her. She always kept any conversation very business-like. I felt like she was hiding something.

Given her looks, demeanor and confidence, I guessed her age to be about 10 years younger than me….somewhere in her early forties.

One afternoon, I needed a couple copies of a contract and went to the copy room. Kari was there making a few copies of something. We said hello, but before I could start a conversation, our local office ‘Romeo’ came in.

“Ladies,” he said in a ‘look what I’ve found’ manner, “to what do I owe this honor? Betty, looking sharp and sexy as always.” His eyes ran up and down my torso, as he mentally fucked me. I gave him a ‘get lost’ look.

“Now, this must be the lovely Kari Pointer.”

He wasn’t lying when he said Kari looked lovely. She was wearing a sleeveless dark yellow blouse with a black crepe A-line skirt. Her smooth blonde locks brushed the top of her blouse, and the crepe clung seductively to her nicely shaped buttocks.

Romeo was now standing next to her, making ever so slight rotations of his hips. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am…..”

Kari cut him off at the knees.

“I bursa escort bayan know who you are. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of adding your name to this sexual harassment report I am about to file with HR. Now you have a choice, leave now or your name goes onto this report.”

Kari was pointing to the document she was copying. Her look was stone cold and it worked. The jerk left without making another sound.

“Wow,” was my response. “You took care of him in a hurry.”

A little smirk crossed her face as she continued copying her document. It wasn’t a harassment report, just a standard contract. “Men are such asses. They think with the wrong head. They don’t have a clue what women want or need.”

This was the first time I saw any glimpse of outside life in Kari. I took advantage of the opening.

“Sounds like the voice of experience talking,” I replied adding a hint of question to my voice.

Kari looked at me as if she was going to spew forth the history behind her story. Her mouth opened but she caught herself saying, “That’s a conversation for a later time.”

Again an opening….”How about tonight after work. Say 6:30 at Ernesto’s?”

Kari paused, turning her head towards me. You could see a million thoughts running through her mind. Before she had a chance to say anything, I added…”My treat. It’s sort of a ‘Welcome to Chicago” thing. I’ve wanted to invite you for drinks for a while now, but I never got the chance.”

Kari blushed, got just a tiny bit flustered, but smiled saying, “Sure, I’d like that.” This was not the same cold bitch that just took the office Romeo out at the knees. This was a shyer woman, a bit passive.

A number of thoughts crossed my mind as I finalized our plans with a “Great, I’ll see you then.” Not wanting to enter into a prolonged conversation, I left without copying my document. I went to another machine, made my copies and spent the rest of the day in a pre-occupied state of mind.


Kari’s perspective……..


The move/transfer to Chicago was brutal. I spent years in Boston and had developed a network of friends that would be impossible to replace. Even though Chicago was a bigger market with more opportunities both professionally and socially, my lifestyle wasn’t something I could simply pick-up and transfer.

I had a number of personalities in Boston. No, it wasn’t Schizophrenia, but rather I had a professional persona, a social persona, and a sexual persona. It took years before my social and sexual persona ever crossed paths, and they never crossed over into my professional life.

My professional was very important to me for a number of reasons: 1) I wasn’t married; 2) I wasn’t ever going to be married; 3) Any relationship I had certainly wasn’t going to change my marital status at work. By now, you should be thinking that I am a Lesbian. It’s true but with a twist.

I’m a 90/10 Lesbian. What this means is simple. Ninety percent of the time I am attracted to women, but there are times (say ten percent) when I crave and need cock. It may seem a bit odd, but the understanding comes in my statement of being attracted to women versus craving and needing cock.

I’ve had relationships with guys, but they just didn’t work out. There was no spark, no jump, no excitement. Women on the other hand turn me on all the time. I am drawn to older, classier, more sophisticated women. I am putty in the hands of a woman who takes control; and I might add, an older, classier, take-charge man captures me much in the same way.

At work, I have the reputation of being a bitch. I demand much from my co-workers, but there is nothing I ask that I wouldn’t expect from myself. So being a bitch is probably just the catchall phrase for being a bit of an ice queen with my fellow employees.

I consider myself attractive with blonde hair, blue eyes, and striking features. However, the size of my breasts, generous Ds, always brings out the lechers. If I had a dollar for every time a guy hit on me, I wouldn’t need to work. Furthermore, since guys aren’t my first preference, it’s easy to kill any come-ons at work, and keep things focused on the tasks at hand.

Ironically, the first person I saw in Chicago was Barbara Hayes. On my first day in the new office, she was walking in a few feet in front of me. She embodied everything I found attractive in another woman—style, grace, looks, control. And she was a bit older which really turned me on.

As it turns out we were peers, but in other departments. She was more senior that I, but we often went to the same meetings, as well as work functions. Barbara was different than me in that she seemed to enjoy the come-ons from co-workers, both men and women.

She had an aura about her that was simply sensual. It was as if people knew she craved sex, but at the same time, they knew it wasn’t going to be with them. Barbara made people feel good when they hit on her. She seemed to take it as a compliment.

In meetings, other senior escort bursa managers seemed a bit intimidated by my style. Barbara was the exception. She listened to what I had to say and answered appropriately. Nothing seemed to fluster her. Missed deadlines were simply that, missed deadlines. There was always a logical reason for everything.

Her style made others envious, but in a good way. That’s why she was a senior manager with a good chance of making it higher up in the company.

Every time I saw her, I wanted her. She turned me on so much; I had trouble maintaining self-control. From time to time she would catch me watching her. Barbara would simply smile and continue with whatever she was doing.

As fate would have it, we were both in the copy center when Gerry What’s-His-Name, God’s Gift to the Planet, hit on both of us at the same time. Barbara gave him the typical brush off, but I took him out at the knees. I made a little comment about guys, and the next thing I know, Barbara asked me out for drinks.

I accepted on the spot and have to admit my comments were a bit of a come on. Barbara knew it too. She also knew exactly how to handle it.

The rest of the day I was a mess in anticipation.


Barbara’s perspective……..


At the end of the day, I called Russ. I had to leave a message telling him I was going out for cocktails with an interesting ‘female co-worker.’ I knew that would get his attention. Going to the rest room, I freshened my make-up and did a quick brush out on my hair. For having worked all day, I looked pretty good.

I arrived at Ernesto’s around 6:15 and Kari was already there, sitting at one of the patio tables. It was a beautiful day, sunny and a perfect 75 degrees. Kari was ordering a white wine when I showed up and I ordered the same. Our waitress was a cute, young girl with nice curves. Both Kari and I gave her a second glance.

Our conversation started off about work, her transfer and how she was getting accustomed to Chicago. When our wines arrived, I toasted Kari, welcoming her to Chicago. The wine was excellent and we had the first one down in no time.

After the second glass arrived, I broke the ice by asking about her comment that men think with the wrong head.

Kari gave a little smile of disbelief as she shook her head saying, “I don’t know what it is about men? They seem to think that women are simply here for their needs. And the more attractive the woman, the more men think all they want is sex.”

Her point was well made. After years of being hit on, I knew the type of guy she was referencing. I nodded my understanding as she continued.

“Men just don’t understand the needs of a woman. It’s all about…” Kari hesitated as if searching for the right words. Blushing a bit, she reached for her wine saying, “….their cocks.”

Kari’s words didn’t reflect hatred, but rather disappointment.

“That’s why they need to be trained,” came my simple response.

This caused Kari to give me an inquisitive look while asking, “I take it you love men then?”

“Of course I love men. I love women too.” I made sure I was looking into Kari’s eyes as I spoke. There was slight shift in her body, telling me I piqued her interest.

“My approach is to ensure I am fulfilled as well as my partner. You are right, most guys will cum and run; if you let them. They need to be taught how to make love to a woman, as well as what a woman needs. This means the woman must understand her wants, needs, and fantasies first.”

Kari’s reply was telling. “There’s the issue with me. Your approach is for the woman to be the aggressor. That’s simply not me. After being in control all day, I just want to turn everything over to someone else. When a guy uses me, it’s so disappointing. That’s why I usually reject them.”

“So how do you take care of your needs?” My question was direct. I was going to find out about Kari’s preferences.

She seemed ready to talk about them as well. Blushing, she mumbled her one word answer, “Vibrators.” I picked up on the plural.

I asked Kari if she ever used “vibrators” while she was with a guy, and she nodded her head no. Kari then interrupted my questions with one of her own.

“Betty, a moment ago you said that you love women too. Does that mean you are…um…?”

“A lesbian,” I interjected. Kari’s head and shoulders moved in yes-no-I guess so fashion.

“Not in the pure sense of the word. Both Russ, my partner, and I are very bi. However, I could easily go without cock for a few days.”

The phrase ‘a few days’ made Kari chuckle.

“I love the feel, the touch, and the tenderness of a woman, as much as I enjoy the thickness, fullness, and cum of a cock. There is a difference however. When I am with a woman, I am making love to the entire being; while with a guy, it’s often just his cock that matters. The exception is again my partner, Russ.”

I could sense Kari’s thoughts were spinning. The atmosphere was becoming lusty. Our conversation was charged while our surroundings remained the same. It was turning me on to no end to be speaking so openly with Kari. My natural aggressiveness was at work and Kari was “turning everything over” to me.

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