A Packers Game

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This is my first attempt at erotic writing. I have lurked on Literotica for years and with this story I try to repay the many talented writers I have read here on this site. Please comment so I know if I should write more. Also English is not my first language. So I appologize for any weird phrasing or idioms. Love and kisses from Sweden.


I love pussy. I love the sight of a slightly opened moist pussy. The fleshy mound, the parted glistening pussylips, the rosy fleshy texture underneath. I just love it. I don’t really care that much for fucking pussy, I am an assman. Its anal or nothing. But I love the sight of a pussy. It’s just who I am.

I was away with work. A long week at a nondescript hotel in a small town with just a bar and two small restaurants. I had been spending all day sitting in meetings trying to get along with my coworkers and figuring out how to implement the latest strategy from the board. Just as exciting as it sounds. When my coworkers took another beer or wine after the obligatory dinner in the drab hotel restaurant I excused myself and went to my room.

I had connected my tablet to the rooms television and set about having a relaxing evening watching porn and football. On the big screen I set up a porn video focusing on anal sex and zero pussy fucking and had the game on my tablet on my chest. I was stroking my semi-hard dick while alternating between the game and the woman getting her ass plowed by a anonymous stunt dick when I heard the door open. I scrambled for the TV-remote to kill the porn. But for the life of me I couldn’t get the off-switch to work when a woman came into the room.

“Oh… I guess this is not my room…” She stammered.

“Uhm, yes.” I replied trying to hide my erection with the tablet.

She looked down and caught a glimpse of the action on the TV.

“And I’m not just stumbling into your room, I am interrupting you…”

“Mostly watching the game!” I finished, turning the tablet over while Rodgers made a nice throw in just the nick of time.

She looked at the screen of the TV.

“Well… not just the packers game,” I said blushing. “I thought I had locked the door.”

“Oh you had,” the woman replied. “The reception must have given me the wrong key.”

I fished up the remote and started hammering all the buttons. Hoping to kill the TV. But it merrily kept playing the porn. The woman on the TV was on her belly getting a huge black dick balls deep in the ass while playing with her wet pussy from underneath. Although the sound was very muted, I didn’t want to disturb my neighbours with my free time activities, it was apparent that the woman was enjoying her rough anal sex.

“I can’t for the life of me get the TV to shut off,” I said trailing when the woman looked down at me.

“Well, first things first,” she said and went to the door and closed it. Then she came back and looked at me.

“Why do men like anal sex?” She asked me.

“Uhm. I have no idea. Myself I like the aesthetics of it all… Not to be a bother or so but… Perhaps you should find your own room and we can both forget this?”

“I can do that. But I could also stay. I am myself a bit interested in anal sex.” She said and looked down on me. “And you don’t really seem to be the married or in a long-term relationship,” she finished the sentence as a question.

“You have me at an disadvantage,” I said, still lying naked on the bed.

“You can call me Cate. I don’t have a partner. My cunt is vegetarian but everything else is on the menu,” she said taking off her black denim jacket. Underneath she had a tight light blue satin shirt with the top three buttons undone showing off just a hint of cleavage. She let the jacket fall to the floor and stood next to the bed spreading her legs slightly. “Does that make you feel less at an disadvantage?”

I put away the tablet and the remote and pushed myself up resting against the head of the bed. “Names Carl,” I replied.

She smiled hesitantly while fingering the hem of her skirt. Then suddenly, as a decision had been made, she flicked open the buttons on the side of the skirt. She put her feet together and the black denim skirt fell to the floor revealing a tight-fitting black hipster underwear with just a hint of a mound. My semi-hard cock got a little more rigid at the thought of the pussy underneath the fabric and she smiled at the sight of the dick growing. Keeping her eyes at my growing member she carefully undid the buttons on her shirt and flexed out of it, letting it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes. I could just make out a pair of nipples through the black full cup bra. It was a plain bra with no ornaments except for a small bow between the breasts, but it really showed off her ample tits. My dick grew even harder and started to pulse with every heartbeat. She slowly leaned forward and touched my cock with her hand, carefully at first but then she took a good grip of my now escort ataşehir fully erect member and gave it a few good shakes.

“I do hope you have lube Carl, because I am not into pain,” she said looking at me. I nodded and reached for the bottle I had on the nightstand. “Good boy,” she said letting go of my cock and stood up again. This time she unclasped the bra from behind let it fall to the ground next to everything else. “Like what you see?” she asked me.

Her nipples were hard and erect, standing out like small flag poles from the huge reddish pink areolas on her breasts. The breasts themselves weren’t bad. Both a good handful and even though they sagged just a little bit, they fit her perfectly and made me ache for a taste. I motioned her to get closer and when she did I reached out and grabbed her left tit with my right hand, squeezing the nipple between my fingers.

“I do like what I see, but right now I want to see what’s hiding beneath those panties of yours,” I said, still squeezing and kneading her tit.

“My pussy’s vegetarian,” she stressed.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that. I’m gonna fuck your ass, and only your ass. But I love to eat a pussy until it’s wet and coming all over my face,” I reassured her.

She stood up and I lost my grip on her tit. She let go off my cock and took a step back. She put her hands on her hips and thoughtfully looked me over. I felt a bit embarrassed having asked for her pussy, and all of a sudden a bit ashamed over my nakedness. I’m not the most athletic guy around, although I do go running on a regular basis.

“You want to see the forbidden fruit,” she teased and slowly pulled away the panties.

“You can watch, but don’t taste!” She instructed me pulling the panties all to the side and showing off her pussy. I could see it was hairy, but well kept. Light brown curls just above the entrance, like her short hair. Her pussylips were long and dark. Hanging out like an overstuffed sandwich. They parted slightly revealing the inner lips and fleshy rosy wonder inside. With her other hand she parted the lips ever so slightly and quickly found her clit with her middle finger and gently started circling it. “You know you can’t have it,” she said, “my pussy isn’t a meat eater.” She looked over admonishingly at my dick.

“Come over here,” I begged her, stroking my dick. “I won’t fuck it. It’s safe with me.” I reached for her left leg with my free hand and tried to lift it onto the bed and over me. She let me lift the leg into the bed, but stopped there. She pushed her pelvis forward and spread her pussylips wider with her hand so I could see the whole thing.

“Ok, you can taste it, but you can not fuck it. Are we clear on that?” She asked me like a school teacher to an over eager pupil. “Just a taste!”

“Dont torture me,” I said and once more tried to lift her leg over my chest. She resisted my help but licked a finger and slowly inserted it into her pussy all the while looking intently into my eyes. She started circling the clit with the middle finger of the hand holding the pussy open for me.

“Taste, but no cock!”

I nodded in agreement and she took a step over my chest with her leg. She took her hands from her pussy and took a hold of the railing above the bed and kneeled down over my body, pinning my arms to my sides. Once down she slowly pushed her pussy back and forth over my chest. I could feel the glistening bush leaving wet marks on my body. My dick pulsated and I groaned softly from the teasing.

“Come on!” I groaned. “Just give me the pussy. Let me eat you!”

She relented and sat herself up and then down with her wet cunt at my lips. I strained my neck to get in and tasted the first wet juices. It was tangy and salty and just as lovely as I had thought it would be. I circled her small but hard clit with my lips and then sucked in her big lips in my mouth and pushed my tongue as far into her hole as I could. I let my tongue explore her upper entrance tasting her excitement on the fingery tissue just inside her cunt. I pushed my head back into the pillow and told her to sit on my face like she meant it. And she obliged, pushing herself first forward and then down on my face, smashing her cunt into my nose, lips and chin.

This is one of the things I love with pussy eating. Having her totally abusing me for her own pleasure. Her juices made my face wet and made it possible for me to move around, eating clit, pussylips or inserting my tongue in her hole without much hassle. It’s hard to breathe but I take the odd breath when I can, all the while exploring her pussy to the best of my abilities. Circling the clit, gently biting it, licking the insides of her pussylips from the hole up to the hard knob and then back again. At the clit it doesn’t taste much but I can instantly feel her arousal in the twitching of her legs muscles against my face. When I get closer to her pussyhole the taste gets sharper and when I get kadıköy escort bayan my tongue all the way inside her I can feel her pussy kneading and cramping on it. I kept on eating her, noticing the way she started to get a heavier breathing and more forcefully pushing herself down on me. Pressing her pussy against my tongue when I circled the clit.

Once she started get close to coming I started fishing for the lube I knew was in the bed close to us. When she had climbed higher up on my body my arms got some leeway, and once I found the lube I made sure my fingers were slippery and wet. Then I started slowly inserting a finger in her asshole. Really slow at first, just feeling the hole and the muscles barring my entrance. I had her pussy in my mouth, and when she was close to cuming I felt the muscles in her ass yielding and I pushed a finger into the dark hole up until my second knuckle. My hearing was muffled by her legs, but I heard her small yelp when the finger got inside her ass. But it was a yelp of pleasure, not pain. I started moving the finger up and down her ass until I could fit the entire finger. Then I gently bit and sucked her clit until she came all over my face. Until she stopped moving I did nothing but gently breathe on her clit, letting her enjoy the orgasm.

She climbed down from my face straddling herself over my stomach and looked down on my wet and red face.

“You do know how to eat pussy,” she said smiling. “It’s almost a shame you won’t be fucking her with your dick as well as with your tongue.” Then she bent down and licked some of her cum of my face and gave me a long kiss. “But now it’s your turn,” she said. “And time for my ass to get some real attention.”

She stood up from my chest, and I could see her legs still being a bit weak from her orgasm. She carefully backed down towards my fully erect cock. Once in position she looked around for the bottle of lube, found it and squeezed out a fair amount on her fingers which she then liberally applied on my member, giving my aching dick some handjob action in the process.

“Just don’t do anything until I say so,” she told me, slowly squatting down on me. “We have ample time but I want my ass to get used to your size and girth before you get to go bananas.”

She lined up her asshole and my dick using her right hand to guide them both into place. She had her left hand on my chest, taking her weight off her legs. Then slowly, oh so slowly, she sat down and I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her rear hole. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensation. Her hole was really tight, and it almost hurt my member when she sat down and forced it in. Once my head was all the way inside and past the ring she took a break and I could feel her hand starting to play with her clit. Her other hand gripped more tightly into my chest. But nothing in her demeanor said that she was in more pain than pleasure.

It took all my willpower not to thrust into her dark hole. I could feel the muscles cramping around the head of my dick, but it was slowly easing up while her small whimpers of pain turned into groans of pleasure. Still with a firm grip on my chest she started lowering herself down again, impaling herself on my dick. Inch by inch her asshole enveloped my pulsing and aching member. I opened my eyes and looked up in the ceiling trying to take my mind of the situation, anything to keep me from starting to thrust in and out of her ass. She kept on lowering herself until I could feel her ass cheeks touch my legs, then she stopped and sat still with my whole dick in her tight hole. I looked down from the ceiling and saw her sitting hunched over me. Her short brown hair was in the way of her face and I could just see her tits gently swaying beneath her chin. Her left hand was still on my chest while her right hand were feeling its way around my cock and her hole, smearing both with lube. Her knees were almost at her shoulders.

“I’m not sure I can resist the urge to fuck your ass much longer,” I said strained. She looked up at me and smiled briefly, still concentrating on the mechanical side of our encounter.

“Not much longer dear,” she said and started to rise up her hand changing position to her pussy, rubbing her clit. She rose up until only the head of my member was still in her ass and then slowly sat down again, fully enveloping me. She repeated this a few times, and I once more looked up in the ceiling trying to focus on anything then was what happening.

Then all of a sudden she shifted the body and her face came next to mine. She arched her back and I could feel her wet pussy against my stomach when she removed her right hand. Then she whispered in my ear: “Your turn. Fuck my ass proper!”

Her tits pressed against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. Then I slowly started thrusting into her ass. The feeling of her tight hole gripping my dick was exquisite. It was tight, but it wasn’t hard and the lube made escort bostancı sure it was good for the both of us. Once satisfied that I wouldn’t hurt her I picked up the pace thrusting my dick into her ass. I spent a good minute fucking her ass and I could feel the tightness slowly giving way, the muscles in her ass still gripping me tight but now with a welcoming grip. She started groaning and I picked up the pace even more, thrusting my dick in and out of her ass. She turned to face me smiling and said to me, stuttering between thrusts: “This is all good dear, but I know you want to see my pussy while you fuck my ass right?”

It wasn’t really a question and she once more shifted her body, placing her hands on my chest and sitting herself up. I kept on thrusting into her ass while she sat down until I was again pinned in her ass. She swung her right leg forward, being careful to keep my cock in her ass, and then placed her left hand behind her. She then mimicked the move with her left leg and right hand. Once in position she arched her pelvis forward making sure I had a good view of her wet open pussy and my dick all the way up her ass. She lifted herself up a few inches and smiled at me. I again started fucking her ass, doing my best to fill her up totally with every thrust seeing her pussy open and close while my cock went in and out of her tight ass.

After a few seconds she shifted her weight to her right arm and started alternating between playing with her clit and prying her pussylips apart with her left hand so I could see the empty glistening pussy while my dick filled out her ass. The whole sight was glorious. Her ass tightly kneading my cock, her pussy cramping in the build-up to her second orgasm. Her arm pushed her tits together, erect nipples standing straight out, her head leaning back with a soft continuous groan coming from her throat. With my hands I held her legs apart as much as I thought she could handle to give me an ever better view while I dug into her asshole with every fiber of my being. The whole situation was so rapturous that I could barely contain myself, but I could feel my legs cramping and I knew I wanted her from behind before I filled her up with my cum. I slowed down, but it took a while before she registered, lost in her own pleasure. She turned towards me, her face looking quizzingly at me.

“Something wrong?” She said.

“No, no. It’s just that my legs are a bit tired, and I really want to plow your ass from behind.” I said.

“You better fuck me hard!” She said, letting go of her pussy with her hand. “I was really close to cuming.”

I grinned and lifted her left leg over me so I could roll out from under her. My cock came out of her ass with a small sucking plopp and I got on my feet next to the bed.

“Oh don’t you worry,” I said. “Your ass will be thoroughly fucked!”

She got on her knees and elbows, but I pushed her down into the bed. I took one of the pillows and placed it under her stomach and her right hand under her pussy. Her left arm I placed on her ass and told her to open it up for me. She arched her ass up into the air, and gripped her cheek and pulled it aside. I came round the bed and looked down at her open, semi-gaping ass and saw her right hand sticking two fingers up in her wet pussy. I reached for the lube and squirted some more on my hard member and climbed into the bed behind her. I gently pressed my dick into her ass and then lowered myself down on top of her. I leaned in at her right ear, still with my cock just an inch into her ass, and asked her if she was ready.

“Oh God yes!” She groaned. “FUCK ME!”

I let all my weight push my member all the way into her ass pinning her to the bed. I could feel the two fingers in the pussy against my dick and a for a brief time I just laid there, doing small adjustments trying to get the whole of my cock all the way into her tight asshole. Then I rose up fast, and just as fast pushed down again. I plowed her ass as hard as I could. When I was up I could feel her fingers moving around in her pussy and the shaking of her legs as her orgasm came closer, when I was down with all of me inside her ass her fingers stopped but I could sense her thumb working her clit. I kept fucking her as hard as I could, but shifted my left hand to hold on to the bed railing and my right arm to her ass, gripping the cheek and pushing it to the side. It made it easier to plunge all the way into her ass, but I could also get partial glimpses of my dick and her open ass when I was up.

After a brief eternity in paradise I could feel her muscles gripping me tighter and her pussy clamping down on her fingers. I let go of all restraints and found an even higher gear to fuck her ass as hard and fast as I could while I felt her orgasm coming. Her whole body convulsed on my dick and I let myself go and came in her ass, filling her up with cum. She let go of her ass with her hand, and I did the same with mine and fell on top of her with my cock still lodged deep in her ass. We lay like that for some minutes, our breathing slowly returning to normal and my dick slowly losing its hardness inside her warm ass.

I rolled off her, and she turned to her side looking at me with a smile on her face.

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