A Night With Tracy Ch. 03

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I want to thank my volunteer editor. As usual you were wonderful! I’d also like to thank a girlfriend of mine for letting me read this to her during margaritas and dinner. The look on your face when the story was over is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.


Sarah felt the mattress shift as Tracy lay down on the bed. One last tremor of adrenaline shook through her and she took a deep breath, relaxing her body. Wow, she thought, what was supposed to be a late, and dull, afternoon of packing was turning out to be something bordering on spectacular. Things had gone much better than she could have dreamed and she wondered why she had been afraid.

A picture of Tracy kneeling before her on the bed fondling her breasts snapped into her head and Sarah trembled at the memory. She was definitely feeling the beginning of an acute sexual high. She wanted to jump up and down! She wanted to shout from the rooftops! And… she wanted a vibrator. A grin broke out on her face at this last thought.

“What’s got you looking like that?” Tracy asked, amusement tingeing her voice. “Wait, let me guess, you’re looking for a way to tell me how good I was, right? Come on, let’s hear it.”

Sarah grinned at the quip. “You were good, but no. I was actually thinking that I wanted to go and buy… one of those!”

“One of what? A vibrator? You don’t own one?!”

“Well… I’ve never really seen the need. I mean, I do okay by myself, but after that… I… want one.” Sarah groaned for emphasis, scooting herself up on the bed and rolling onto her side to face Tracy. “Yeah, I definitely want one.”

Tracy chuckled and replied, “Well, we don’t leave until tomorrow and it’s still fairly early. Want to go and look for one? There are a few adult stores not too far away from the strip.”

Sarah smiled. “Okay. Cool. Let’s do it!” She paused for a moment. This was their last night in Vegas; they should do something fun. Looking at Tracy, she asked, “Any plans for this evening? What do you want to do?”

In response to the question, Tracy looked directly into Sarah’s eyes and let a slow, lascivious smile appear on her face.

Sarah smiled in return and softly replied to the unspoken answer. “Ahh… okay. We could do that. Again.” Then, without warning, she bounced off of the bed, “First dibs on the bathroom!” and ran the short distance across the room.

Tracy heard the shower go on and a tremor raced through her body as her brain conjured up image after image of Sarah’s naked and soapy body. Closing her eyes, she took a moment to collect herself. She was still incredibly turned on from the exploration of Sarah’s body. She could feel the trail of moisture between her thighs, and new moisture gathering.

Not wanting to rid herself of the need for release just yet, she picked up the vibrator and carried it back to her bag, making a mental note to clean it the next time she had a few minutes to herself. Besides, she thought, her own new vibrator would be a very nice treat. If she got lucky, maybe she and Sarah could have fun together testing out their new purchases.

The thought made her heartbeat speed up. Never before had she pictured something like that happening, and now, now she held the image in her head as though it were a digital picture with crystal clear quality. Damn, she wanted to see it again for real.

Hearing the shower shut off, she grabbed her clothes and started to stand, but the bra she had removed from Sarah not so long ago caught her attention. Smiling wickedly, she picked it up with one finger and let the length of it dangle from her fingertip as she walked into the bathroom, the sing-song of her voice leading the way. “Hey Sarah, I have an idea….”

Reaching the bathroom, she walked in on a towel clad Sarah busy drying her hair. Sarah looked up at her. “Wear this… it will give me an excuse to take it off of you later.” With that, she tossed the bra on the counter, grinned, and hopped into the shower.


For what the Adult Superstore on West Tropicana lacked in creative naming, it made up for ten-fold in selection and variety. Upon first glance, it had looked like a warehouse, so Sarah was a bit taken back by the enormity of naughty products on display inside. She’d been in a few before, but there was a naughty shop and then there was a naughty shop! There seemed to be something that catered to every vice. Leather and chains adorned one wall, clothes specifically made for strippers took up a great deal of room near the front, and then there were aisles of toys of every nature, videos, games, lotions, the list went on.

Attempting to hide her wide-eyed shock and amusement at some of the items, she and Tracy wandered down the aisles until they came to the large selection of toys. She watched as Tracy picked up one package and then started one of her routines.

“And here we have your classic hot pink slender vibe,” Tracy said with a wave of the model’s bursa escort bayan hand. “For those special times that you feel all girly inside. And here, the invaluable glow-in-the-dark multi-speed clitoral stimulator for those times when you need it… but can’t find it.” Tracy smiled, holding up the various packages. “And… what the hell? Okay, this is enough to scare me! It’s called ‘The Tongue’.”

Sarah had turned away to look at a small bullet vibe, but turned back when she heard the bewildered hesitation in Tracy’s voice. Tracy held up the product, which someone had thoughtfully removed from the package for demonstration, and a pink tongue moved almost violently back and forth. It was all Sarah could do to choke back her hysterical giggles, which edged on the verge of horror. That thing was scary.

Tracy put the tongue back on the shelf. “Hey, I’m going to go wander and see what else I can find. Do you need any help choosing one, or are you good?”

Sarah smiled. “My imagination is running wild, but I’m good. Thanks.”

Tracy walked slowly down the aisles marveling at all the toys they had for sale. The variety was out of this world, what she wouldn’t give for a day to look at everything. She wanted something new. Something… wild. Maybe not quite as wild as The Tongue, though.

She’d left Sarah to her own devices to choose a vibrator mostly because every time she looked at one of the fake phalluses she kept picturing Sarah using it on herself and Tracy’s stomach would do a little flip flop. She was still wet and ready, and her new desires still amazed her.

There were a number of dildos of different sizes and different shapes and Tracy picked up one after another to look at them. She liked the idea of having a penis to screw herself with, but most of them weren’t that good without the vibrator counterpart. She traveled further down the aisle until she came across a package that held an impossibly long cock. Picking it up, mostly out of curiosity, she finally realized what it was and a tremor began in her stomach and ran the length of her body until it connected with her clit.

The dildo was at least 14-inches long with a head on each end and a single pair of balls affixed center staff. Thick-veined and sculptured, it did a remarkable job of looking like the real thing, but it was the strong and insistent image of Sarah connected to the other end that was making her blood boil. Decision made, she carried it to the front counter, purchased it, and then wandered back to find Sarah.

The rustle of the plastic bag got Sarah’s attention and she looked up at Tracy. “Wow, that was quick. Found something already, huh?”

Tracy cleared her throat and nodded. “Yeah. How about you? Having any luck?”

Sarah held up the item in her hand, a small blue waterproof g-spot vibrator. “And since I’ve gotten all hot and bothered looking at all this stuff, let’s get the heck out of here.”

Tracy couldn’t agree more.


The cab was quiet as they made their way back to the hotel. Neon lit the inside of the car up in a kaleidoscope of color as the sun dropped slowly off of the earth and the city came to life. Seemingly everywhere, people wandered from one nightly event to another, enjoying the cooling air and soft breeze that only the desert could bring.

Even though she felt like her little purchase was burning a hole in her hand and screaming to be used, Sarah’s nerves were a little on edge thinking about the evening ahead. Part fear and part anticipation, she knew that much of the hesitation she was now feeling was due to the time that had passed. She greatly wished there were a way to ease back into the feeling and mood.

As if reading her thoughts, Tracy looked at her. “Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, actually now that you mention it, I’m starving.”

“I know about this great little club not too far from the hotel. Really down to earth, great atmosphere, even better food… wanna drop the stuff off in our rooms and then head out again?”

Once Sarah had nodded in response, it had only taken a few seconds to convince the cabbie to wait while they raced up to their rooms to drop off their packages, freshen up, and then head back out again.

As the cab pulled up to the curb in front of the Talk of the Town club, and she and Sarah climbed from the vehicle to enter the darkened building, Tracy covertly looked at Sarah. The surprise of finding herself at a strip club for dinner was registering on her face, followed by a slow, disbelieving smile. Tracy had always liked that she could surprise Sarah by doing little unexpected things like this and it never seemed to ruffle her feathers. Sarah always seemed to take it in stride.

The bar was crowded with appreciative males and the seductive bump and grind of Prince’s “Cream” streamed loudly from the speakers as the girl on stage made love to a pole. Lights danced above and around them, illuminating the interior in a rhythmic görükle escort procession. Winding their way through the room, they managed to locate a small, empty table not too far from the bar and ordered dinner and drinks, talking animatedly about their trip, the people they had met, and the adventures of the night before.

As the waitress cleared away their empty dishes, Tracy smiled and looked over at Sarah, admiring her friend. Sarah looked beautiful. Her blonde hair floated around her bare shoulders, drawing attention to her slender body covered only in a tight tank top and small denim shorts. There was also an undercurrent of sexuality that radiated from her and made men’s heads turn wherever they went. Tonight had been no different, but Tracy suspected that part of it also had to do with the vibe of horniness bouncing between the two of them.

A new dancer walked on stage as the slow beat of Joi’s “Lick” filled the room. Tracy’s mouth broke out into a wide grin as both she and Sarah started singing the lyrics simultaneously, “I lose all control when you grab a hold and you do your trick, I love it when you… lick.” Sarah looked at her and if expressions meant anything hers was clearly saying, “Let’s get the hell out of here!”, and Tracy’s heart missed a beat.

Tracy was ready to leave too. The second that Joi’s song had come on all she could think about was seeing Sarah naked again. Feeling her naked again. Licking her naked again. The licking part was what stuck in her head the most. The table where they sat, although close to the bar area, was dark enough that if someone wanted to have some fun, they could probably do so without too much of an uproar—at least within reason. So, Tracy thought, she’d just keep it within reason.

Reaching over, she grabbed Sarah’s hand and pulled her arm toward her. Moving slightly so that Sarah’s palm was facing her, she brought it up to her mouth and in slow, languid movements licked circles up the inside of her arm, watching as Sarah’s expression went from that of curiosity to that of having just swallowed a goldfish. Shivering a little with excitement, Tracy moved up to Sarah’s hand and slowly circled her palm, tasting remnants of salt that had rubbed off of Sarah’s margarita glass. Pulling back, Tracy leaned toward her, brushed a kiss on her neck, and then whispered in her ear, “I’m ready to go now.”

In less than five minutes they had left the restaurant, hailed a cab, and were on their way back to the hotel.


As soon as the door to the hotel room opened, Sarah’s stomach started twisting into knots. Not from nerves, she wasn’t nervous, she was excited. And nervous. Okay, she’d admit it. She kept worrying that the first time may have been a fluke and that maybe, just maybe, it was a one-shot deal. Maybe she wouldn’t enjoy it as much the second time around.

Yeah, right, she thought, hell could freeze over and pigs could fly too. She almost laughed outright thinking about a pig soaring through their tenth floor hotel window, but managed to hold it back, the sound that escaped instead sounded like a soft whimper. Pigs might come crashing like bullets, but she’d enjoy being with Tracy again. Just thinking about it brought images of tan skin glistening with sweat, soft hair to nuzzle, soft skin to kiss….

She heard Tracy shut and lock the hotel room door behind them, and Sarah walked over to the bed, kicking off her shoes along the way. She wasn’t sure what to do. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t think twice about stripping naked and putting on something comfortable to sleep in, but now… now it was different.

Alcohol always made her horny, and the two margaritas she had made her want to forgo putting on something comfortable. She just wanted to strip naked, tackle Tracy, and make her scream with one of those vibrators. Hmm… come to think of it, she’d never gotten a chance to see what Tracy had bought. Not fair!

Tracy chuckled from a few feet away. “You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you? What do we do now?”

Sarah put a hand on her hip and slowly turned around, her eyebrows raised as she did her best to look pissed off. “No, actually, that was not what I was thinking. I was thinking… how in the hell have you gotten away with NOT telling me what you got at the store yet?” She couldn’t keep up the act, however, and a grin broke through. “I want to see what you got. Open it up!”

Sarah watched as Tracy bit her lip as though thinking about whether she really ought to bring the toy out into the public. Since Sarah had gotten the impression earlier that not much in the way of toys and sexual paraphernalia would surprise Tracy, she couldn’t help but wonder what was in the package that would actually make Tracy nervous enough to hesitate.

“Boy, it must be really good if you don’t even want to take it out of the package. Afraid I might want to share it?” Sarah joked.

Tracy laughed out loud. bursa escort bayan “Actually, I’m sort of hoping for it. I just… I bought it on impulse and… .” She let her voice trail off as she slid the double-headed dildo from its bag and handed it to Sarah.

Still smiling, Sarah reached for the package and looked at the item under the plastic. She was perplexed by the shape and it took a minute for her to register what she was seeing. Her eyed fixed on the round balls in the center and traveled the length until she found… She paused as full understanding hit her like a ton of bricks. Open mouthed, she slowly looked up and met Tracy’s eyes, nodding. Oh fuck yeah, she thought, she’d share. Dropping the package back on the bed, she walked over to Tracy and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Sarah wasn’t really sure how it happened. One minute they were kissing and the next they were on the bed partially undressed, packaging and vibrators surrounding them. She was so incredibly ready. The first time with Tracy it had been about exploration and, to a certain degree, love, but this time… this time was about need. She needed to be with Tracy. It was as though there were a force driving her that rose above a simple longing or desire to fuck her and watch her cum, and that force made her body ache for Tracy’s softness.

Tracy was beneath her on the bed, her shirt off. Beautiful rounded breasts were smashed against her own similarly nude body. Sarah could feel the wet expectation flowing between her legs and moved her hips to relieve some of the ache. Tracy’s hips rocked in response and Sarah groaned with pleasure. Taking one hand, she slid it up Tracy’s tanned leg, up under the hem of her skirt, and only stopped until she reached the fabric of Tracy’s thong. With her fingertips, she gently moved the strip of fabric to one side and rubbed her middle finger up the soft folds of Tracy’s pussy until she found where the slit of her lips began. Parting them gently, she traced down the few millimeters to Tracy’s clit, sliding over the engorged bump, making Tracy buck beneath her, and down further still until she reached the deeper folds and then finally the hole that she sought. Wet liquid seeped out as she slid her finger in the full length. Tracy let out a loud moan and Sarah felt her own cunt twitched in delighted response.

Sliding her finger in and out of Tracy’s hole wasn’t enough, however. She wanted so much more. She wanted to feel her and taste her. Sarah pulled her finger out of Tracy’s body and hooked Tracy’s panties and skirt with her thumbs, sliding them down Tracy’s legs exposing her glistening sex.

Tracy’s body visibly trembled as Sarah took her hands and gently spread Tracy’s knees. Putting her head down to taste, the flat of her tongue parted lips plump with desire before pointing itself toward the deepest part of Tracy’s sex. Hard and unyielding, it plundered in and out as Sarah’s hands fought to hold Tracy’s bucking hips in place. Rigid and insistent, her tongue fucked its way deeper and deeper into Tracy’s cunt, until finally she couldn’t hold back the movement of Tracy’s begging body and loud moans.

Pulling back from Tracy’s body, Sarah moved upward to where Tracy’s head thrashed on the pillow. Threading her fingers through Tracy’s soft hair, she kissed her gently, the taste of her mouth mixing with the taste of Tracy’s sex making Sarah dizzy with a need of her own. She could feel the heat from Tracy’s body as she lay on top of her, but the barrier of her own clothing prevented her from getting any closer to that heat. It made her want to scream in frustration.

Tracy was nearly going mad with desire. She wanted to get as close as possible to Sarah’s sex and the barrier of fabric was stopping it. Moving with a strength and speed she didn’t know she had, she rolled Sarah over on her back and yanked Sarah’s shorts down her legs, the button flying off in the process. Tracy smiled as she watched the button land a few feet away and then went after Sarah’s lace underwear, groaning at the contrast the black fabric made against Sarah’s skin.

Once the offending clothing had been removed from Sarah’s body, Tracy urged Sarah up into a slight sitting position. Tracy scooted up, placing one leg over and one leg under Sarah’s and then scooting up to close the gap. Sex met with sex and it was unlike any feeling Tracy had experienced before. Soft, plump skin and hot wetness mingled between them and their groans of pleasure echoed in unison as they ground together seeking and hoping for more. The sucking sound of their wet cunts echoed with each movement and Tracy could feel the hard nub of Sarah’s clit slide between her pussy lips with each grind. The pressure sent her blood racing to her head with a dizzying effect. With insistent urgency they rocked, the tension in their bodies becoming more demanding, crying for release.

Tracy took her finger and placed it between them seeking and finding Sarah’s cunt. Moving her finger in as far as she could, she curved it upward seeking the taunt nub of Sarah’s g-spot. When she found it, she moved her finger in a come here motion that made Sarah gasp with pleasure and buck wildly beneath her. But God help her, Tracy wanted to be selfish.

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