A Night To Remember

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“Tell me why we are here again?” Sahara leans in towards me and asks while grazing my cheek with the lightest kiss.

“Because we really need to get out more baby. Ever since we got really serious, we have kind of isolated ourselves from everyone else and I just thought we needed a change. I thought it would be fun to come here and see some people we haven’t seen in awhile, that’s all.” Sahara had this serious look on her face that was a dead give away that she had something on her mind that she wasn’t telling me. The way her liquid blue eyes looked down at the table instead of at me always gave her thoughts away. They say a persons eyes are the windows to their soul, and in Sahara’s case it was definitely true.

“Look baby,” I say as I reach for her hand and squeeze it, “if you aren’t having a good time we can leave as soon as we finish our drinks and go someplace else if you want. Tonight is supposed to be about us and I want you too have a good time too.”

“I am, it’s not that.”

“Then what is it? I know there’s something you want to say but aren’t.” I was still stroking the back of her hand with my thumb, I love the feel of her skin beneath mine. Most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing, it just seems to be a natural way to show my affection and love for her.

“How do you do that?” She half giggled, pushing my hand away playfully. “How do you always know when I’m not telling you something?” Her expression softens and her face brightens momentarily as she questioned me.

“Easy honey… it must be love.” I laugh. “Now, tell me what’s on your mind.”

A few rows of tables up from us was a stage where a band was just now heading up for it’s set. It was one of those stages that are only 3 small steps up from the floor, but the live music was the reason I first came to this particular lesbian bar for the first time about 8 months ago. If there is one thing in this world I love as much as women, it’s music. It was here where Sahara and I first became friends, then it gradually grew until we became lovers two months later and have been basically inseparable since. ‘Joined at the hip’ is what our friends like to call us, and for good reason I guess. I watch through the darkened room as the four woman band strut towards the stage when suddenly I realize that this wasn’t just any band, this was ‘Not 2 Sweet’.

For the life of me I’ll never know where they came up with the name for the band because all four girls were in fact very sweet individuals. Sahara and I first met Justice, Rita, Lynn and Annie just after we got together. We had been at the bar one night when they were playing one of their first gigs, and a mutual acquaintance introduced us all. We hadn’t stayed in close contact with most of the girls, but were friends all the same. One of the girls, Justice, and I had become very close friends over the past six months. I hadn’t realized that they were playing tonight though, and this was a pleasant surprise. Sahara and I raise our hands almost in unison sending frantic waves their direction hoping to catch their attention. Annie was the first to spot us. She smiles and mouths ‘hey’ as she waves, and soon the other girls follow her lead before turning back to their instruments and preparing for their set.

I turned my attention back to Sahara. “It’s great to see them again, isn’t it? I had no idea they were going to be playing tonight.”

“Yeah, great.”

“Okay Sar, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s really wrong Drew.” Her finger aimlessly pushes a small salted pretzel in a figure eight pattern on the table in front of her as she speaks. “It’s just that…well, we haven’t been out in a while and I just thought we might go someplace a bit more umm…exciting or something. Everything we do is so predictable.”

“But we used to come here all the time and you loved it.”

“I still do Drew. I love whatever I do with you, you know that. It’s just that I wanted tonight to be special… I wanted a night to remember.”

The second Sahara said she wanted ‘a night to remember’, it was like a light bulb lit up in my head. You know, like one of those scenes in a cartoon where the zany character has an idea and BAM!, this light appears over their head letting the audience know they had just come up with some brilliant plan. That’s what it feel like. The corner of my mouth turns up in a half grin , I was pleased with the sudden scheme I just thought of. I push my chair back swiftly so I can get up from the table. Too much enthusiasm, I think to myself with a smile still on my lips as the chair topples over backwards and on to the floor causing everyone in the place to look up from their drinks and in our direction.

With a swift turn I leave the chair on the floor where it had landed, and head towards the stage before I give myself a chance to think about what I’m about to do. I wasn’t going to allow nervousness to set in. I was really going to do this. No backing down this time.

“Drew!” bahis siteleri Sahara calls out as I work my way through the crowd of tables and towards the stage with great determination. “Come back here. What are you doing?” Her voice sounds panicked, like maybe she thinks I’ve gone crazy. Hell, maybe I have and everyone in the place has just become aware of that fact before I have.

I never slow down my charge to the stage as Sahara looks on in bewilderment. Looking back over my shoulder at her, I flash her my sexiest grin and answer her question, “A night to remember.” That’s all I say, that was all that needed to be said. She would get what she asked for. I was filled with confidence. It could be the pure adrenaline of what I’m about to do, or it could be the tequila shots, but at this point I didn’t really care. I feel alive. My heart has abducted my mind, and I’m just letting it happen… seizing the day, living in the moment.

Justice and the band, like everyone else in the crowd, notice me bounding towards the stage. I can see the questions in their expressions as I walk up the three steps and join them on stage. They look at each other, then at me, and then at each other again. Finally, Justice pulls me aside, wraps me up in a warm hug that tells me she’s glad to see me, and asks the question I’m sure everyone is thinking. “Drew, have you been drinking…like A LOT?”

“I’ve had a few,” I laugh and smile at her, “but that’s not the reason I’m up here.”

“Then why the hell are you up here?” Justice asks, playfully punching me in the shoulder. “You know, you could have just waited until after our set to say hi.”

“I know,” I say still smiling. “I didn’t meant to interrupt but I was actually hoping you guys could help me out with something.” I motion for the other girls to join us so I can speak with them as well. “Hey girls…you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here, right?”

A chorus of ‘hi Drew’s’ and ‘how are you’s’ quickly follows and then I get right to business. “Girls,” I say seriously, “I need your help.” I proceeded to tell them my plan as we gather tighter in our football style huddle. The girls are exchanging giggles as I speak, but thankfully they are ready to help me in anyway I need.

“Sahara just said she wanted a night to remember, let’s give her one.” I sound like a coach trying to pump a team up before the big championship game. “Now, you’re sure you know the song?”

“Yes Drew, we know the song. This will be great, don’t worry.” Lynn says and gives me a quick good luck hug. Hugs from Rita and Annie soon follow and within two minutes of getting this idea, I’m ready to do it.

“Ready girl?” Justice teases me. “Last chance to back out. You know it’s not like you at all to do this. You usually blush when somebody gives you a simple compliment and now you’re going to get up and sing in front of all these people? Are you sure?… I mean absolutely sure?”

“I’m sure. What can I say? Love makes a woman do crazy things.”

“All right then. Let’s do this girls. This one’s for love.” Justice says and the others all scamper back to their instruments and prepare for the song. She nods at me, grabs a microphone and heads towards center stage.

“Ladies, we have a very special treat for you tonight. This is my friend Drew… Justice puts her arm around me as she speaks to the crowd. “Now, Drew here needs our help with something. Shall we give it to her? What do you think ladies?” The crowd cheers and applauds, whistles fill the room. “I think that’s a yes Drew. But…” Justice emphasis the word ‘but’, “before we can begin, we need the guest of honor up here at the front. Sahara…get your butt up here girl!”

The crowd cheers again as Sahara sinks down into her seat. It was of no use to try and hide in a lesbian bar where everyone knows everyone, it was like an extended family of sorts. A couple women from near by tables each grab one of Sahara’s wrists and practically lift her from her seat, pulling her towards the stage. Justice sees the women approaching and begins to speak again as they settled Sahara in a chair just in front of the stage.

“There’s the woman of the hour.” Justice looks at me, and then at Sahara. “Do you have any idea how much this woman must love you to get up here and do this?? I’ve known Drew a while now and the wildest thing I’ve ever seen her do before this is leave the house with wet hair.” A clap of laughter rings out from the crowd and Sahara’s cheeks flush with embarrassment at all the attention. The sad part is Justice was right, I’m not a risk taker by nature. If someone had told me I would be doing this tonight I would have bet them every last cent I had that they were crazy, and yet here I am. “You are one lucky girl Sahara.” Justice pauses before speaking again. She looks as me, “Anything you want to say before we begin Drew?” She hands me the microphone now and goes to grab her guitar.

“Yeah…” I say in a soft voice, “it’s me that’s the lucky canlı bahis siteleri one.” A chorus of ‘awwws’ fill the room and I add with a laugh, “but Sar… you can NEVER… EVER… say I’m predictable again. In fact, I think you should be up here, with me.”

Sahara doesn’t move from the chair. “Come on baby…please!” I smile reassuringly at her and slowly she rises from her chair and moves to the side of the stage where she climbs the steps and stands before me. The whole time the crowd is cheering and clapping, encouraging her to go along with the plan. Sahara was by far the more adventurous of the two of us, but tonight our rolls have been reversed and I think I was going to like it. I grab her hand and kiss the back of it, just once, and then turn my back to her and the crowd. I suck a long, deep breath into my lungs and give the band the nod that means I’m ready. Ready as I’ll ever be, I think.

The crowd goes dead silent as the first chord from Justices guitar sounds out. The song has a very bluesy/rock feel to it, the guitar very dominant and proud in it’s sound. Justice strumms away on her opening solo that lasts about twenty seconds. My back is still to Sahara and the crowd. Here I stand clad in a tight red T-shirt and black leather pants, swaying my hips seductively, bobbing my head along in time with the soulful music. Then the moment comes, the moment I break in.

I move towards Sahara like a jungle cat, slow and sensual in my movements. I lock my eyes on hers and start to circle around her body, my finger running along her bare mid section. I let my finger tip just slip ever so slightly inside the top of her hip hugger jeans while I sing the first few lines of the song in a deep, throaty voice playing up the sexual tension for the crowd.

“She’s got a nasty reputation…and a talent for sin… She’s the kind of trouble…I’d like to be in…”

The crowd screams and whistles as I practically devour Sahara with my eyes right in front of them. There is no secret to what I’m feeling, everyone knows it and I don’t care. I start running the fingers from my free hand through her long black hair. I rub my body on hers as I dance against her and continue to sing, the passion inside me growing.

“I wanna be your lover… I wanna be your slave… you’re the kind of woman… makes me wanna misbehave… I’ll give you want you want girl… let’s make it understood… If you wanna be bad… yeah, you gotta be good…”

I lean in close to her like I’m going to kiss her, stroke her cheek and pull her face towards mine allowing our lips to almost touch and then I put my hand on her chest and push her back lightly. I love teasing her, and the crowd, like that. I feel a dampness growing between my legs, getting off on the sexual tension between us in front of all these people. I think I may have found my true calling. I feel like a natural up on the stage and the crowd is loving it.

“They’ll be no lying… no foolin’ around… they’ll be no seven day weekends… no nights on the town… that’s the way I want it… that’s the way it’s gotta be… If you’re looking for trouble… you better get it from me… So get on your knees girl and do what you should… If you wanna be bad then you gotta be good…”

Another guitar solo for Justice. I drop to my knees, facing Sahara, and move my thigh against her leg. I work my body slowly all the way up hers, looking straight into her eyes with a devilish grin on my face that tells her tonight, I’m the one in charge. Sahara is wearing one of those T-shirts that show off a woman’s mid section and when I reach her stomach I run my tongue along her belly button in one quick smooth motion leaving a trail of moisture behind. Sahara sucks a breath in at my touch and the crowd screams again. Sahara’s breath quickens, she’s sweating a bit.

I’m standing again with her now, our lips just a fraction apart and our eyes lock on each other in passion. Any hint of embarrassment Sahara had was feeling has seemingly been replaced by what I hope is pure lust for me, that she is as caught up in the moments as I am. If she isn’t, she soon will be. I’ll do everything in my power to seduce her. The crowd again hollers it’s approval, more screams and whistles fill the room as they anticipate a kiss which won’t come. The tempo of the song switches slightly now and I must rip my gaze away from hers.

“Let’s make a night to remember… January to December… Let’s make love to excite us…”

I place two fingers on Sahara’s lips, lightly brushing them and letting them trail down her throat, her neck, the hollow between her breast and then place my flat palm on her stomach. I move around behind her while holding her with one arm around her waist. Her hips begin to move to the music, I press tight against her, move with her and continue singing.

“… A memory to ignite us… Let’s make honey baby soft and tender… Let’s make sugar darlin… sweet sweet surrender… Let’s make a night to canlı bahis remember… Let’s make a night to remember….”

I slide around in front of Sahara now, my arm still holding her as close to me as I can get. She positions one leg between mine as we continue to dance and grind our bodies together, the song draws closer to it’s end.

“Let’s make love to excite us… Let’s make a night to remember… Let’s make a night to remember… All life long.”

A short guitar solo and a few beats of the drum and the song’s over. The crowd jumps to it’s feet still screaming and whistling but the only thing on my mind is Sahara. The rest of the room melts away and all I know is that the woman I love is in my arms and nothing else in the world matters. Time freezes, the seconds between the song ending and getting lost in her eyes, seem like an eternity. My breath is rapid, and it’s not from the song or the dancing, it’s her. It’s always her. I can sense the lightest layer of perspiration glistening on her skin, a partial gift from the hot spotlights that light up the stage, and from partly from our performance I’m sure.

We say nothing. Sahara grabs my face with a force like never before and pulls me to her for an impulsive kiss. I drop the microphone and hold her face as well. Her tongue traces my upper lip, I stick my tongue out to meet hers and twirl it around it for a split second before kissing her full on the lips. Our tongues continue to dance the way we had just been doing on stage. We kiss like this for I don’t know how long, completely oblivious to the fact that others are watching until Justice taps me on the shoulder. She says nothing, just simply points to the audience staring at us and enjoying the show. They yell comments our way but most can’t be deciphered because they all come at once. Sahara and I don’t pull apart at first, just shift our gaze outwards. Our lips are still together from the kiss, through our smiles our teeth touch and we begin to laugh as we realize what we’ve just done and that all these people watched.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” I say while covering my face with my hands and laughing. I can only imagine how red my face is, my cheeks feel flushed with a mix of embarrassment and desire.

“Me neither!” Sahara laughs and grabs my hand, interlocking her fingers in mine and squeezes tight. “Take a bow Drew…these people love you!” Sahara takes our locked hands and raises them over our heads. She bows to the audience, I played along with her and do the same.

“Thank you, thank you…” I reply while bowing. I figure I couldn’t possibly get any more embarrassed so I go with the moment and decided to have some fun with it. I grab the microphone off the floor beside me and speak to the appreciative audience again. “Now for my next number, I’ll be doing a song by….”

Sar rips the microphone out of my hand and doesn’t let me finish. She apparently has something to say. “Next song my ass! Sorry folks, but the only encore Drew here will be doing tonight is in bed! ” Clasped hand in hand, she practically drags me off stage as I trail behind her. We look like a mother who is dragging her scolded child through the super market. Unlike the scolded child though, I know I’m not in trouble. I was about to get some very nice rewards for the risk I had just taken.

“Thanks girls!!” I yell back over my shoulder while waving at the band “I owe you one!”

At first I wasn’t sure if they were able to hear me over the crowd noise but Justice waves back frantically and yells… ‘You owe us more then one for this D. Call me tomorrow….I want details!” I nod and smile at her so she knows I heard her. After working our way through the crowd we come to a sudden stop at the table we had been sitting at for most of the evening.

“I thought you were taking me home for an encore.” I joke as Sahara rummages frantically through her purse, eventually throwing a twenty dollar bill down on the table for the last drinks we’d had. “You know Sar, the bill will probably only be about seven bucks… that’s one hell of a tip. Do you wanna wait for change?”

“Nope.” Is all Sahara says and I have to laugh. She clutches my hand again and ushers me to the door. I wave back at the people watching us, bow a couple more times and blow a few kisses their way for fun. I have never seen Sahara this anxious to get anywhere for anything and it’s a real turn on for me. She shoves the door open with the free hand that wasn’t holding mine and we step into the black of night outside the club.

No sooner has the heavy door of the club closed behind us, then Sahara has captured my face with both hands. We stand in silence in the middle of the doorway outside the bar just looking in each others eyes, searching for words to tell each other what we are feeling. I watch as her affection filled blue eyes lock on mine, our faces so close that I can feel the warmth of her breath on my lips as it contrasts with the cooler evening air that surrounds us. Slowly her eyes look down towards my lips as she strokes each one of my cheeks with her thumbs. Her tongue slips from her wanting mouth before my eyes, tracing her upper lip first, then her lower as she moistens them.

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