A Night to Remember

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I can still smell his sweat lingering around the house as if he had just been here. I never changed the sheets from that day because it was a day I never wanted to forget. A day I hoped to see again soon. It was just so perfect, the wine, the weather, the music. I remember hearing him sing while he showered the next morning, sweet soft notes coming from such perfect lips. Oh, do I remember those lips, so soft in touch.

It was late in the evening when our lips first touched. He was telling me how happy he was he accepted my invitation to dinner. I, myself, was surprised he agreed to come. We were sitting in front of the fireplace just after we finished cleaning up dinner. He looked over at me and all I could remember were those eyes, his warm blue eyes, sparkling in light from the fireplace. We sat there on the floor and just stared at each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. Not knowing what to say, I quickly glanced away, but he didn’t I could still feel his eyes looking at me digging deeper and deeper into me as if he was looking for a part of me unnoticeable to the naked eye. I glanced back and at that moment, he reached his hand out toward me gentle brushing my face with his fingertips. He leaned forward and pressed his soft lips against mine. I was in heaven. (I can still feel his beard tickling my chin.) To his surprise I kissed back.

I took his hand in mine and pushed toward him. Thump. He fell against the wood floor. I asked if he was ok, his response could only come from that of a lover. He grabbed at my shirt and pulled me down. As we lay there on the floor our tongues sliding passed one another’s lips. I can hear him panting. I could hear every breath he took. I try pulling away, but he wouldn’t allow me.

I finally break free, and I look deep into his eyes and he looks back and we share a moment of indescribable passion. He tries to talk, but I could not hear a word, his lips move and all I could make out, was the soft sound of him saying, canlı bahis “Baby, you know I love you and I always will.” My heart falls apart and I fall in love, again.

I reach for his shirt and slowly start unbuttoning it, he leans toward me and we kiss again. I can see the sweat dripping. I get his shirt unbuttoned and head for the belt. He stops me; he wants to move to the bed.

As we make our way to the bedroom, I watch him remove his shirt, only to reveal a perfectly tan muscled back. We finally make it to the bedroom and I start to remove my shirt, but he stops me. He grabs my shirt and lifts it above me locking my arms, tangled up in a web of clothes. Just as I like it, I think to myself, he looks at me again with those eyes and pushes me onto the bed.

He climbs on top and starts kissing me. Our soft lips touch again making me weak in my knees. He slides his warm tongue into my mouth, as if he’s searching for another way out. I follow along by doing the same. (I’ve never really been with anyone before.) He starts moving toward my chest, kissing a line from my lips, down my chin, along my neck and straight toward my happy trail. He looks up at me with his large blue eyes and stops at the tip of my belly button. He recites again that he loves me. I tell him the same.

He heads straight for my nipple, making circles around the tip. He plays and teases me for a couple minutes as my body tenses and relaxes from the pleasure. I’m still fighting to free my hands. He works on undoing my pants buckle and just as he gets in. I break free. I help him remove my pants, and watch as he stands at the each of the bed. I lean forward and begin to remove his.

It springs at me, welcoming me. I look up at him and grab it in my hand. I start playing with him. I again look up at him, wanting insurance that he will still be in here in the morning. He nods without me even saying a word. I lean forward and place my lips at the tip. I kiss along the shaft and feel him tense up. As I sat on the edge of the bed bahis siteleri I could not predict what will happen, but something came upon me and I go to work. I started with tip and worked his meat into me. I never have done this before, so I’m not sure what to do. I place in into my mouth and work it into my mouth. I hear him moan, from the pleasure. I start to head to the base, struggling at first but making it all the way down. I start taking it out but he thrust it right back it and moans again. We continue in this manner for a few minutes.

He pushes me against the bed, and gets to work. He starts working on me as if he has never eaten before. He takes all eight inches of throbbing cock into his mouth without a struggle. I tense again from the pleasure. I’ve never felt this way, crazy, uncontrollable sensations, running wild in my body. He starts working his way up my chest again. As if he was trying to kiss every inch of my body. We lock lips and don’t let go.

We take turns sliding our tongues passed each other’s lips, as if it was a game of tag. He looks at me again with those eyes, with out words he asks me. I say ok but slowly.

He removes a condom from the dresser, next to the bed. He also grabs some lotion. He says it makes in not hurt. He removes the condom but I say allow me. I head south again toward the perfect V I have had dreams about. I work again making sure he is at the fullest of attention and I feel his knees loosen up again. I use my mouth to roll the condom on all the way to the base. He lifts my head using but one finger under my chin. He kisses my lips and says again he loves me and that he won’t hurt me. I smile.

I shuffle my way on to the bed and grab a pillow. (I feel like a dog.) HE comes from behind and start lubrication me as if I was about to have a baby. He tells me to bite the pillow. I do so and I start to feel him inch his way into me. It hurts, I scream. HE removes himself but says one more time. I shake my head. I feel him start to approach again, a teardrop bahis şirketleri forms in my eye. I hold it back. As he finally makes it all the way it, I feel a wave of pleasure, go through my body. He asks me if I’m ok, I again only respond by shaking my head. He starts to remove it but he trusts himself into me again I moan. It is a pleasure I have never felt and I don’t want it to stop. He starts pounding me. In, out, in, out. Over and over. Wave after wave of pleasure run through my body. I moan, loud. He stops asks me if I’m ok. I tell him not to stop. He pulls out and turns me over.

He lifts my legs in the air and tries again to insert himself. He succeeds. I feel the wave again but this time its different, I look at him in the eye, he smiles at me. I smile too. I moan for more. Harder, HARDER, could be heard throughout the house. I don’t want it to be over. He starts to slow down and I feel him weaken. He reaches for me and plays. He rubs his hand up and down with each and every thrust into me. I start to feel weak. We both became weaker with each thrust. And finally we share a moment of pleasure. He quickly removes himself and pulls off his condom. Still, playing with me he jerks both himself and I. As if it was the countdown to take off we both moan. Louder then any other moan. He explodes and I follow.

White. Everywhere on my chest. What was his and what was mine are now one. Leans toward me again and presses his soft lips against mine. He lays on me. On it, without a care in the world. We fall asleep panting heavily entangled, and sticky.

I awoke that next morning from the sound of the shower. I look to my side to see the remains of our love. I lay there and listen to each sound that morning. Everything sounded different that it had the morning before. Everything was clearer. Then I heard the most wonderful voice coming from the bathroom. It was his. I heard every note that came from his mouth. I awoke, and stretched. I made my way out of the bed and toward the bathroom, where my lover had been.

It was my first, but it wasn’t our last. I joined him in the shower and he showed me some more tricks. But that my friends will be for another time. Everyone has a first to tell, what’s yours?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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