A Night Out With My Wife

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Finally a night for me and my wife to just be alone and enjoy ourselves.

The whole day at work all I had on my mind was having the night alone to do whatever we wanted to do.

All types of thoughts ran through my mind all day and I was so excited to get home from work. It had been over a 3 years since last time we had went out by ourselves to do anything. Between ball games with the kids or something to do with school we had no time left for us. Which was ok too we both love our kids very much and are very happy. But we needed to get out and relax and just be alone.

Arriving at our house I walked in to take a shower and get ready. My wife was sitting on the couch. My clothes was laid out ready for me to put on and she was already ready.

She was wearing a nice black dress which I love to see her in it forms to her body so well I get horny watching her wear it.

As soon as I get out of the shower and get ready we set out for our night of whatever and if we just went to eat and came home it was ok as long as we was alone. Little did I know what was in store for me this night.

We went to a new restaurant outside of town. A little cozy place out in the country that we had never been to but had been wanting to try. We got there a little earlier than normal hoping to beat the crowd but a lot of other people had the same idea it seemed. We waited for a table and was finally seated in a booth in the back of the room. Which was perfect the light was low and kurtköy escort was kinda unseen back there. The booths were back to back so no one was facing the other tables. During dinner my wife kept rubbing her leg up and down my legs teasing me. That’s when the night started getting good. My wife slipped her shoe off and rubbed her foot against my cock through my pants.

She knows I never wear any underwear and the feel of her rubbing against me brought me to a instant hard on. Each time the waitress would come to check on us she seemed to be smiling more and more I couldn’t help to think she was watching us. That was ok with me I kinda liked the idea if it. I was watching the waitress go to the other tables when I thought I would try to surprise my wife. I leaned over and kissed her hard and slid my hand up her dress quickly. I was the one to be shocked when I found she had no panties on and her pussy was soaked from her juice. I looked at my wife’s smiling face her eyes were like when we first met. Such passion filled her eyes and I thought I would cum in my pants right then and there. We finished our meal and the waitress came and gave us the bill.

This time she was smiling and asked had we just gotten married on was we dating. She had been watching us I know now so I thought id give her a little show. While we was talking to her I slid my hand back onto my wife’s dress and rubbed her pussy. I know this was really getting to my wife by kartal escort the look on her face.

The waitress couldn’t see under the table but she knew what was going on she smiles and said if we needed her to just wave she would be at her post. I felt my wife shake as I rubbed her clit and she even moaned then

she had her first orgasm of the night right there in the restaurant.

I decided we should leave to give up the table for someone else. The bench was probably wet from my wife’s juice I’m sure but we didn’t look back to see.

Once in the car my wife couldn’t keep her hands off me she was rubbing my cock through my pants and kissing my neck wildly. I thought I would get a ticket for drunk driving by the way I was all over the road.

I’m glad we was on a back road out of town for sure. I knew I couldn’t take much more of her doing this to me and I knew what she wanted. Finding a small woods road I pulled into it where the car couldn’t be seen from the road and shut the lights off. I barely could get the engine shut off before my pants were unzipped and my wife was sucking my cock furiously. Having to free myself from under the steering wheel I slid the seat back and my wife quickly lifts her dress and sits straight down in my cock. Her pussy felt like it was on fire I hadn’t felt her this hot since our senior prom night. She took my whole cock inside her with one thrust down on me. Throwing her head back she moves her hips up kurtköy bayan escort and down fast reaching another orgasm and moaning loudly.

Spinning around on my cock so she can face me and kiss me passionately on the lips while her body is still shaking for the orgasm she slides her tongue into my mouth. Kissing her back I feel the cum start to boil inside me as I thrust into her burning pussy. Feeling my need to cum my wife works her pussy up and down fast on my throbbing cock. Her juice has ran down all over my balls and down my ass. Holding my wife tightly I moan and shoot my hot cum inside her pussy as we kiss.

We sit there locked in a embrace and our bodies throb against each other. Catching our breath we leave the woods and head for home feeling satisfied and relaxed. As we walk into the house my wife turns around and drops to her knees, pulls my zipper down and quickly takes my cock into her mouth. Cupping my balls in one hand and stroking my cock with the other I get hard again. Holding her head I pump my cock into her mouth as she sucks me hard. Hearing a sound I looked behind me and realize I hadn’t shut the door behind us and our neighbors were outside clapping at the sight that they see in our doorway. This was enough to drive me over the edge I hold my wife’s head and shoot my cum into her mouth. Holding my cock in her mouth until it shrinks back down as my wife gently rubs my balls. Closing the door without turning around we head for the bedroom.

Laying down we strip naked and cuddle together we tell each other how much we enjoyed the night and promise to do it again real soon. As my wife lays her head on my chest I whisper to her how much I really love her and how happy she has made me. We drift off to sleep and dream of the next night out together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32