A New Milestone

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They had been out with some friends, enjoying the local nightlife, and were now no their way home. Throughout the night, he had been teasing her. Discreetly running his hand between her legs, casually reaching over and rubbing one of her breasts, brushing his lips across the back of her neck as she stood talking with her friends. The end result was that she had been worked up for the better part of the evening, and could barely wait to get home and rip his clothes off. Every time she had tried to play back with him that evening, he had just given her “that” look, and she had stopped. It was a game, and she knew he was aware of how much she enjoyed playing it.

Now as he was driving, she placed her hand on his thigh, lightly rubbing it. She saw him smile and turn his head slightly, then refocus on driving. Oddly, the traffic was still heavy, despite the late hour. Deciding to discard subtlety entirely, she moved her hand up and felt his hardness. Now she reached over with her other hand, and began unzipping his fly. When he didn’t protest, she reached in and pulled him out. Her hand wrapped around his erection, and when she stroked her hand up and down its length, a few drops of pre-cum seeped out. She traced her fingers up across the head, and began spreading the pre-cum across the head of his cock. She closed her hand around him again, and using his own natural lubrication, began to stroke him. She had to twist in her seat slightly, and he moved his hips a fraction to help her get the angle she was seeking.

She looked down again at her hand working him. She watched the way he looked in her hand, now slick with his juices. She found her other hand sliding between her legs and begin to play with her clit, and for a moment lost track of what she was doing. When she looked up, she saw that he had cocked his head slightly and was glancing at her playing with herself. “Make yourself cum.”

She released her hold on him, and focused her attention on his direction to her. She knew better than to disobey, and frankly, was so worked up from the evening that she had been waiting for permission to cum for some time. While she wanted to stretch out the pleasure and let this orgasm build slowly, in no time at all her fingers were flying across her clit. Her free hand moved up and began playing with her nipples, and her breathing became labored. She could feel herself getting close, and as it began to approach, she heard his voice. “Stop.”

She whimpered. ‘Dammit!’ she shouted in her head. bahis firmaları ‘Not this, not now! Please can I cum?’ But she immediately stopped, knowing that another three seconds of playing with herself and she would have been cumming. Part of her screamed for that orgasm, and another knew that this continued build-up would result in an incredible orgasm once she finally did get to cum. And besides, he had taken back the permission for her to cum, and she didn’t want to disobey. She had gotten so wound up in playing with herself that she didn’t realize that they were sitting in her driveway until he opened his door and got out of the car. She followed suit, and they walked up to the front door.

When the entered the house, she began to head up the stairs. He grabbed her around the waist, and turned her around. When he pulled her towards him and kissed her, she pressed her body against his. His hands roamed over her back, and then grabbed her ass. She could feel his hardness again, and then his hand pulled the back side of her skirt up and he began playing with her bare ass. She grabbed his head and rubbed his face against her chest, feeling his tongue trace lines across it. Suddenly she felt herself being hoisted up into the air, and before she knew it, he had thrown her over his shoulder and was walking up the stairs. As she looked back down, she prayed silently that he wouldn’t drop her, because as she hung over his shoulder, she was completely helpless. He had one hand draped across her legs, securing them close to his chest, and the other continued to play with her backside. She felt him slide his thumb inside her, and as he climbed the stairs, began teasing her pussy with it.

Once he reached the top of the stairs, he turned the corner and carried her through the bedroom door. She thought he might put her down then, but apparently that wasn’t to be the case. He threw her down on the bed, and reached forward to slide her skirt up again, grabbing her ankles and pulling them apart, then he lowered his head between her legs. His tongue darted back and forth across her clit, and then dove into her, and she grabbed his head and pulled it closer into her crotch. His tongue had her on the brink again, and once again, he stopped her just short of cumming. But he didn’t stop completely, he just slowed down enough that her orgasm remained just out of reach. He continued this cycle for several more minutes, and then lifted his head and stood up at the side of the bed.

When she looked up, she kaçak iddaa saw him pull his shirt off, and then undo his pants. When he pulled down his boxers, she saw his cock spring out. He held out his hand, and when she took it, he pulled her up into a sitting position. Then he told her to stand up and get undressed, while he took her place on the bed. He watched her remove her clothes, and whistled appreciatively when she stood there naked before him.

She crawled up onto the bed, running her nipples along his legs, enjoying the feel of the hair on his legs teasing her nipples into an even more aroused state. She stopped at his crotch, and lowered her lead to lick the length of his cock. She was preparing to take him into her mouth when he told her to stop.

“Move up and straddle my hips,” he said. She did, and now as she straddled him, she could feel the heat emanating from his cock as it rested between the lips of her pussy, parting them slightly. She shifted slightly and prepared to slide him into her, when he made a tsking sound.

“You’re going to ride him, that’s for sure, but she doesn’t get him just yet.” She gave him a puzzled look, and he said, “We have more training to do. Only this time, you will control the pace of the session.” Now she knew what he meant, and moved off him and reached down into the drawer beside her bed to grab the lube. When she opened the drawer, she couldn’t help but notice that the number of items in there had increased since she had met him. He had expanded her appreciation for various toys, but then she realized that he was still waiting, and that perhaps they might delve into the drawer further later that evening.

For now, she climbed back up onto the bed, and straddled his legs, this time across his thighs. She opened the bottle and poured the lube up and down the length of his cock, and then began to rub it all over with her hands. She set the bottle aside, and once she had completely covered his cock with it, she moved her body up his further. They had never tried this particular thing with her on top, so she wasn’t sure if it would work, but he had told her what she was to do, and she was determined to give it her best effort. She placed one hand in the center of his chest, while the other grasped his cock, aiming it at her ass. She rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her ass, and for a moment thought about sliding it in her pussy. She discarded that thought, and then pressed the head against her asshole. She slowly lowered kaçak bahis herself, feeling the head try to push in, and she had to take a moment to relax before it would enter. He just lay there, with his hands resting on the sides of her hips, waiting for her to move again. He wasn’t going to force things, and that strengthened her resolve to make this endeavor successful. She began pressing down again, and suddenly the head penetrated her.

She gasped slightly as it did, feeling herself stretch around him. She found herself worked up again, and now began to slide him a little further into her. An inch at a time she would sink down on him, and then hold still for a moment, allowing herself to adjust to him. She had taken him in her ass before, but never with her on top. Now she found that she was already at the halfway point, and when she looked down between their bodies, she wondered if she’d be able to get the rest in from this new angle. She closed her eyes and then focused on sinking down one more inch. As he began to slide further, she felt his thumb begin rubbing her clit. She gave a start when he did, and as she did, she felt herself slide down on him completely. She had done it! ‘My god’ she thought, she couldn’t believe that he was fully inside her ass, and she just sat there feeling the fullness of his cock in her ass. His thumb was still working her clit, and she felt her orgasm getting close. She moved her hips back and forth, feeling him move inside her as she did. When she moved up a little, and then sank back down, she was amazed at how he felt inside her. She continued moving up and down a little at a time, and between that sensation and the electric jolts coursing from her clit, she suddenly came. She ground down on him as she came, and screamed as she did.

She remained on top of him, in that position even after her orgasm died off. Now that she felt her body a little more relaxed, she began to ride further up and down him. She found that she was close to another orgasm as she did, and now that she had adjusted to his size, began to move a little faster. She placed both hand on his chest as she rode him, and looked into his eyes as she did. She continued to pick up her pace, realizing that she was now thrusting her hips downward with greater force than she would have imagined possible, and could tell from the look on his face that he was getting close to cumming himself. She sped up even more, and as she felt his cock swell and begin to spurt, she went over the edge herself, and began cumming as well. He continued playing with her clit as they both came, and then she collapsed forward onto his chest. They lay there like that for what seemed like an eternity, with his arms wrapped around her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32