A New Experience for the Wife

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You come home from visiting Holli walk in the house and it looks empty at first your first thought is the girls are with Mom but where’s Donny he should be off work by now. Slowly walking down the hall trying to find a light switch as you get closer to the room you hear the shower running.

Knowing that I’m showering as you enter the bedroom you see a very sexy black dress almost too short and very low cut. A pair of pumps are sitting next to it. Hint taken and quickly strip down so you can be changed before I get out of the shower. Then you slip on a sexy little g string and a strapless bra. Sliding the dress over your body you are ready! Now off to do your hair and look at yourself in the mirror.

I finish my shower and step out into the bedroom noticing your dress is gone. You walk back into the room and do a little sexy twirl for me the look in your eyes is asking me what I think but I’m honestly speechless.

I knew it would be sexy but wow. You ask me what’s the dress for and I said it’s a surprise for you and we head out the door.

We are driving down I-35. I’m holding your hand and I can tell you are nervous by the slight clamminess of your hands. And you keep tapping my hand with your thumb. I put my hand on your thigh and give it a light squeeze as I slide my hand up your thigh then further up to your g string. Your dress is tight but stretchy so you have no problem spreading your legs open. I move the g string out of the way and slowly rub your slit. I don’t stick any fingers in just because I love to tease you and I just want you wet and worked up.

We drive a little while longer the whole time I’m slowly rubbing my fingers up and down you taking time to ever so slightly tickle your clit. Just hearing the sharp moan you let out is motivation to keep it up. We pull off the highway and up to an adult store. I turn the truck off and slip out my fingers they are still dripping wet from you…

We go in and it’s pretty busy in there for a porn store. A couple kolej escort off to the side are younger and kinda out of place.

You remark cute kids and we both laugh. There are also a couple guys in the store, one is short but he’s got a good build covered in tattoos. I notice your eyes as you give him the once over. Another guy is about the same height as me, 6′ 1″, and he looks kinda nerdy but still not dorky.

We walk around for a while and a couple more people come in but we aren’t really looking up from the the toys you’re looking. We are trying to find you a cute butt plug. As we both look up at the same time we take notice that there are a lot of eyes on you. They are trying to hide it by looking down or away but they always cut them back to you. This makes you blush a little and makes you even wetter.

I take your hand and start to walk over to the back of the store. Everyone looks up from what they are doing and their eyes follow us, there is a long hallway with about 3 doors in it. All of them have the doors open as we walk we go into the middle room. You look in it first and it’s an empty room with a TV and a couple folding chairs. Your hands start to tingle as you realize that we aren’t here to just look at toys.

I take you in the middle room shutting and locking the door then turn on the TV. It’s got porn playing but I’m not here to watch that. I sit down and tell you to take your bra off so you do your dress is still covering you just a little more revealing now.

I tell you to dance for me so you start to slowly move side to side showing off really cute…I look over an begin to notice that there is someone in the room next to us on the left looking into the hole in the wall. You dance over to me and kneel down undoing my pants pulling my already hard dick out.

The feeling of your tongue on my balls is hot it makes my toes curl. You very slowly lick up the shaft and circle the head a few times with your tongue. I kurtuluş escort tell l you to stop, take off your dress and you do without hesitation.

When you do, you look over to the right and notice someone is looking in that hole too! The holes are about your stomach height and the size of a small plate. They can see all of you.

You lean into me and say someone’s over there pointing to the right at me I tell you I know, they are on the left too!

I tell you go to the hole and put your hand on the opening so you walk over there and do as your told. As soon as you do your hand is greeted with a dick. It’s almost hard and you slowly start to rub on it back and forth.

I bring you a chair and you sit down which puts his dick at your eye level after about minute or so he’s pretty hard. Slowly you move your face closer and give it a soft lick to remove the pre cum. You take the tip into your mouth and work more in until you bring it all back out. Slapping it on your tongue just to put it back in and afternoon only about a min of sucking his dick he knocks on the wall and you think what’s that about and no sooner than you finish your thought he erupts into your mouth.

You keep going but you have to swallow twice because he came so hard. And to my amazement you didn’t lose a drop!

Without missing a beat you turn around and walk up to the next hole and stick your hand on that hole. This dick is a little bigger and definitely rock hard, all ready you sit down licking the tip to get some slobber on it. In a smooth motion you jack him off while you take the head into your mouth. You keep sucking it and jacking him off . It doesn’t take him long at all. There’s another knock on the wall and he cums too. You take it all then kiss his head and he pulls it back.

You look back at me and I point over to the other side and there’s another person there so you take his dick into your hand it’s very hard and big you jack it off and the tip maltepe escort almost doesn’t fit in your mouth but that doesn’t slow you down. You just keep licking it up and down getting it really wet. You keep sucking it, trying to fit more and more in. He pulls his dick out and reaches his hand in and starts feeling your tits. pinching your nipples. You are so wet you stand up and he puts his hand on your g string he moves it aside and sticks his finger in.

I can hear how wet you are and it’s so sexy I’m jacking off myself now he sticks his other hand in and he’s holding a condom and you know what he wants. Taking the condom you open it and roll it down his dick. You push your ass against the hole so he can fuck you but because you’re short the angle doesn’t work so you invite him over. It happens to be the cute guy with tattoos and you smile ever so slightly.

He bends you over so your face is on my dick so you start sucking. He puts the tip next to your puss and tried to push it in but it’s so big it won’t fit. You turn around and spit on his dick and turn back around here. Trying again but it’s still so tight so you push against his dick forcing the tip in. He starts fucking you very slowly at first but picks up speed fast. He’s big and you are loving it!! You’re so close to cumming you aren’t even sucking my dick anymore your just holding it with one hand moaning louder and harder. I feel your body tense up as you scream out and leak your juices down his dick.

He pulls out and takes off the condom telling you to suck his cum out… You sit on my dick and look up at him almost begging him to give it back to you and he does so you start sucking it now.

Not caring if he gags you you’re on a mission. You are also grinding really hard on my dick and you keep coming over and over on my dick it’s leaving a puddle on the floor. He start to moan and you know he’s close so you take his balls in your hand and as soon as you do he starts cumming. You take a swallow but it’s just too much so you have to pull it out and he cum on your face and tits you keep grinding me as he let’s himself out you tell me it’s my turn to cum for you now and you telling me to cum is almost like a switch making me cum so hard… You climb off me and lick all of our cum off my dick…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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