A new enema experience with Daddy

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When Daddy comes home from work, Kari knows what is expected of her. She must be completely naked and have her pussy shaved, and she knows that she will be getting an enema.

Daddy really liked experimenting with enemas. Different types of liquid, different amounts of liquid, and having Kari hold it for different lengths of time. Sometimes he would even position her differently to see her reactions and how she handled the enema. It turned him on so much to see her bulging tummy and hear her moans. So while Kari always knew that he would likely be giving her an enema on any given evening, she never could predict what it would be like.

So tonight, when Daddy came home, Kari’s pussy immediately starting getting wet with excitement and a bit of nervous anticipation. Daddy came right up to Kari and started kissing her deeply. His hands ran down her sides and over her hips, finally resting on her ass, pulling her even closer to him. Finally he broke the kiss and looked deep into Kari’s eyes.

“Hi, baby,” Daddy murmured to her. Kari smiled.

“Hi, Daddy! Did you have a good day at work?”

“Yes, baby. How were your classes today?”

“Great, I love my professors. So glad I picked that university!”

“Good. I’m looking forward to an amazing evening with you.” Daddy’s face turned serious. “Did you shave your pussy for Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy,”

“That’s my good girl. Baby, I want you to head upstairs to our bedroom and lay down on the bed. I’m going to prepare your enema.”

“Yes, Daddy,” replied Kari, wondering what kind of enema he had in store for her tonight. She raced up the stairs and did as Daddy ordered.

As Kari laid back against the pillows, she could hear Daddy in the bathroom gathering some equipment and filling the enema bag with water. She wondered how full he would make her tonight. Finally Daddy appeared. Kari’s eyes widened when she saw how full the bag was as he hooked bahis firmaları it on the headboard.

“Oh, Daddy, that looks very full!” she burst out, a bit concerned.

Daddy sat on the bed beside her and started gently rubbing her nervous tummy. “Now, baby, you know that Daddy knows what you need. And Daddy always knows what’s best for his baby. Right?”

“Right, Daddy,” Kari responded, still feeling nervous about how tonight’s enema was going to go.

“Okay, baby, tonight I will go slow and gentle and help you accommodate this big enema. Reach up and grab the headboard.”

Kari did as she was told.

“Now bring your knees up to your chest.”

Kari lifted her knees close to her chest. Daddy started rubbing the lube around her asshole, then gently started pushing a finger into her ass. Kari exhaled loudly.

“Remember, baby, relaxing your body will help you take it all in. Deep breaths now.”

Kari tried to take long, deep breaths as his finger continued working its way deeper. It was hard to focus on her breathing when she was so apprehensive about what was to come. It was also a bit difficult to hold her knees up to her chest without using her hands, but she knew she needed to please Daddy, so she forced herself to stay in position.

Finally Daddy removed his finger. “Okay, baby, now relax while I push the nozzle in.”. The nozzle was apparently already lubed, Kari thought, or was it the lube in her that made it slide in relatively easily? Either way, Daddy worked the nozzle deep into her ass with little resistance. Kari gasped again at the fullness.

“Okay, baby,” Daddy whispered. “Here it comes…I want you to take it all.”

He unclamped the hose and Kari felt warm water flowing into her bowels. After several seconds she gasped. “Daddy, I feel full already!”

Daddy knew exactly what to do. He brought her legs down from her chest and spread them wide. He then kaçak iddaa started gently rubbing Kari low on her tummy, rhythmically massaging and giving her the help she desperately needed. Immediately Kari felt relief and continued trying to concentrate on her breathing.

Daddy started whispering encouragement to her as he massaged her now swelling belly. “Oh, baby, you are doing great. You are such a good girl for Daddy. Come on, take it all for Daddy.”

Kari kept trying to take deep breaths, but they turned into desperate panting as the enema kept filling her. “Daddy!” she cried out. “Please, I think it’s too much for me!”

Daddy responded by grabbing one of her hands and pulling it off the headboard, placing it firmly on her lower abdomen. Kari gasped as she could feel the enema flowing into her body. “Feel that, baby?” he asked. “It’s amazing.”

Kari was starting to really feel full, fuller than she ever had before. The cramps were starting as well, and she panted faster to try to suppress them. “Daddy, please, it’s too full! Please!”

Daddy then pressed Kari’s hand down harder on her tummy, making her moan. “No, baby, I think you can take some more,” he told her. “Come on, baby, be a good girl and take it all for Daddy.”

Kari wondered how much was left in the bag. She couldn’t see it, so she had no way to know how much was left. She wondered if she could ask Daddy, and if she did, if he would tell her. Daddy interrupted her thoughts by removing her hand from her tummy and putting it back up to the headboard. Then he continued rubbing her abdomen.

“Look, baby, look what a good girl you are,” he whispered. Kari looked down at her belly and couldn’t believe how swollen it was. She moaned again.

Suddenly the enema stopped. Kari almost cried with relief. “Baby, you took it all! What a good girl you are for Daddy!” Daddy praised her. Kari kept panting as a big cramp started.

“Okay, kaçak bahis baby, now I want to try something new,” announced Daddy. Kari’s mind started racing. What now, she thought.

Daddy started removing the nozzle. “Squeeze tight, baby, until I can get your plug in.”. The nozzle popped out and suddenly Kari was feeling empty. That feeling only lasted a few seconds, though, as Daddy then expertly inserted Kari’s butt plug. Kari moaned again as the plug stretched her tight hole.

Daddy then knelt between her legs and spread them even wider. “Tonight I’m going to lick your pussy while you hold your enema,” he whispered gently to Kari. “Oh, Daddy!” Kari cried.

Daddy started kissing Kari’s sweet pussy, while Kari moaned with both pleasure from that and discomfort from her enema. The kisses turned into licking, Daddy’s tongue exploring every inch of Kari’s pussy. Just as Kari thought she was in heaven, Daddy reached up with both hands and started massaging Kari’s full tummy, pressing gently and then pressing more firmly as Kari squirmed.

“Daddy, oh! Please! Please be gentle!” Kari gasped. Daddy didn’t answer, but continued his ministrations. Kari wondered how long this session was going to last.

Daddy’s tongue continued to explore Kari’s pussy, until suddenly she started to feel herself starting to cum. The climax was building and she began crying out to Daddy.

“Oh, Daddy, please, that feels so good! Please don’t stop, I’m going to cum soon! Oh, I have to cum so bad! Please, Daddy! Oh! Please, Daddy, may I please cum now?”

Daddy took his mouth away from Kari’s pussy to speak. “Yes, baby, cum for Daddy!”

Kari’s orgasm was the most powerful one she had ever felt. She felt like she was exploding. When she finally finished, her breath came in short gasps.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered. Daddy stretched up to her mouth and kissed her.

“Daddy’s good girl deserves a good cum. Now let’s get you cleaned up so you can make love to Daddy.”

Kari breathed a sigh of relief that she would soon be expelling her enema and making love to her Daddy. Another day, another new enema experience for Kari.

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