A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 11

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“Thank you, enjoy your day.” Melissa said as another customer left the store and exited out into the mall. She looked around the store and saw only a couple people browsing. She bent low behind the counter and pulled away her pants. Her panties could no longer contain the amount of vaginal leakage. It was not as white as it had been but it was very thick and stringy.

Something deep inside of her needed to be pleased. It was like an itch that needed to be scratched. She pulled up her pants and ducked below the counter to a stash of opened merchandise that someone had returned. One of which was a wireless controller with a rounded vibrator. She pulled off the plastic packaging and checked the charge.

The vibrator turned green and she pulled down her pants again and ran the soft rubber toy along her thick pool of cum that had gathered in her panties. Once it was nice and coated she slid the toy up inside her pussy and a small rounded piece overlapped her clitoris. As she pulled up her pants she could feel that extra flap touch her clitoris. It was as if that toy had been almost designed for her.

Melissa hurried out from behind the counter and knocked at Gregory’s door.

“Come in,” he said.

She pushed open the door to find Gregory at a computer typing in the emails and names of the morning customers and adding them to his private account for future appointments.

“Hey Lisa. What’s up?” He asked and swiveled around to face her.

With a blushed face and a slightly embarrassed expression she hurried over and handed him the small remote. The oval remote had a small dial and three buttons. One for a pulse setting, another for a random setting and the last was for a manual speed setting. Greg looked at the remote and then at Melissa.

“I’m sorry. I need you to play with me, please.” She said and hurried back to the counter just as another customer walked in.

Gregory walked out of his room and leaned against the door frame. He turned on the remote and hit the randomizer. Melissa jerked in surprise as the vibrator pulsed to life and started vibrating her pussy and clitoris. The vibrations started off shallow and slow and then jumped to a hard and fast vibration that made her legs quiver. She looked over at Gregory who just leaned against the door frame with a smug smile on his face.

Suddenly she felt a desire to be played with even more take hold. Like a seed that had been planted inside of her had suddenly grown and it had started to take root. The vibrations stopped just as a customer walked up.

“Hello ma’am.” Melissa smiled and started ringing up the items for purchase. Just as she rang up the last item the vibrator roared to life in a continuous fast and high vibration.

She cringed as the pleasure nearly forced her to her knees.

“Fifty…twenty seven…ma’am.” Melissa said as she tried not to let out a moan. The woman handed over the money and walked out. Melissa let out her moan and collapsed to the counter. ‘Oh shit…I’m almost there. I think I might-‘ the vibrations abruptly stopped and her climax fell away leaving Melissa with a throbbing need to cum.

She looked over to Greg who winked and walked back into the office. Melissa recovered her composure but knew that her pants were now soaked. It was a good thing she had decided to wear black leggings otherwise her entire crotch would look like she had pissed herself. As another customer came up to the counter with two different items she felt the vibrator spark to life again.

Only this time was on a much softer but steady setting. Melissa gasped but bahis firmaları smiled for the customer.

“Excuse me? Can you tell me which has a more powerful setting?” The man asked.

Melissa’s eyes went wide as the vibrator started going faster and higher causing her climax to rise with it.

“Ummm…that one has better functions.” She said and pointed to the purple dildo.

“Thank you.” He said and walked back just as the vibrations went up a little more. Melissa could feel the orgasm encroaching. It was like she was on a roller coaster and she could see the top of the track. That was where the orgasm was.

Her breathing got heavier and harder and her focus drifted out and all she could focus on was the vibrations. Then, the vibrations stopped and her orgasm vanished. Her cervix pulsed with a dire need to cum. Something inside of her hurt like she had just been awakened to her sexuality and realized she had never truly had any sexual life at all. She glanced over to the door but Gregory wasn’t there.

Gregory had finished his last account sign in when another knock came at his door and Valarie walked in.

“Hey what’s up?” He asked.

“When did you get in?” She asked.

“Probably about six. Why?”

“What about Melissa?” Valarie asked.

“Same time.” Gregory replied.

“It’s already two thirty.” Valarie said.

“And that means…” Gregory suddenly realized the importance of the time. “…oh shit the schedule.”

“Yep. By policy now I have to make sure everyone works only eight hours. Take Melissa with you. I’ve got Susan coming in. She should be here in just a few minutes.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Gregory said and dropped his robe and started getting dressed in his slacks and shirt.

He closed up and locked his door and walked over to Melissa who looked absolutely frustrated and had a thin layer of sweat across her forehead.

“Valarie says it’s time to go.” Gregory said.

Melissa scrunched her brows in confusion.

“It’s a new APC policy and we have to work by it. So come on, we are going to my place.” Greg said. “I’ll help you grab your things too.”

They walked into the side room where she had her bags and he grabbed two and they walked out to her car. It then dawned on him. The car she had been driving was her parents extra car.

“Come on. Hop in with me.” He said and unlocked the car and put her bags in the back seat. Melissa got in the passenger side and he hopped in the driver seat a moment later and started up the car.

She could still feel the vibrator inside her pussy. She wondered if he had left the remote in the office or if it was with him. Then she noticed the fact that he was wearing slacks that had a zipper. One that made easy access to his cock. She stared at his crotch and as if a flood gate had been thrown open she didn’t feel the usual resistances to unleashing her sexuality.

Before he put the car into drive she tossed the seat belt behind her, leaned over the seat and went straight for his zipper.

“Whoa! Umm…Lisa…what are you…?” Greg’s words fell away as she unzipped his pants and then was rewarded with a pair of compression shorts beneath that. Her hope of having his cock in her mouth faded away.

She looked up at Gregory who looked very surprised but very aroused.

“Lisa? Do want to have sex?” He asked.

“I do…but…I…” Melissa couldn’t get the words out. She enjoyed being his play thing at work. She enjoyed and hated yet loved the feel of orgasms being denied at his hands. She enjoyed feeling his control over her and kaçak iddaa feeling his attention.

All the pleasure made her feel alive in a way that nothing ever had before. What she wanted made no sense but all the sense in the world.

“I…want you Gregory. I want you to tease me. To use me. To control me and-“

Gregory’s lips on hers cut her off. She reached up and pulled him deeper into her. They tasted each other and felt their tongues intertwine.

“Please! I need you.” Melissa whined.

Gregory didn’t hesitate. “I know a good place.” He said and then pulled his pants down to his knees and Melissa stared at his monstrous cock. A massive cock that was all hers right then and there. Melissa began licking his cock up and down like it was some fleshy popsicle. She could feel his thick veins as her tongue ran over them.

Greg put the car in reverse and started driving out of the mall and onto the main road. All the while breathing hard as Melissa worked his cock with a special kind of attention that none had given him before. It was like she was exploring his penis with her tongue. Trying to map it all out through oral touch. She leaned up and started licking the head of his cock in tight circles and as if being rewarded for her affections he started leaking out beads of creamy white precum.

Melissa touched the tip of her finger to the precum and as she pulled away she watched the thick fluid stretch into a long strand that eventually broke away and hung from his cock. Melissa wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and began sucking his cock like it was a straw. The precum that had funneled at the tip of his cock was drawn into her mouth where she let it sit on her tongue.

She tasted his sweet precum and though she had a preconceived notion it might be sour or even foul. She found it pleasant and arousing. Melissa suddenly felt the need to have more. She started pumping his cock with both hands. Gregory felt his focus strain as she started pumping his cock like it was a crank fountain and she needed water to survive. Melissa pumped his cock fast and tight and she watched as his precum boiled up to the tip.

She latched her lips around him and sucked up the precum and began pumping some more. Gregory took his left hand off the wheel and reached into his pocket and pulled out the controller and pressed the manual button and turned it up. Melissa jerked in surprised as the vibrator started humming to life inside of her. As Greg turned the dial up, the vibrations got higher and faster.

“Greg! Oh god Greg. Please!” She begged. Melissa wasn’t even sure what she wanted from him. To stop? To keep going? She just knew that her creeping climax felt incredible as she pumped his cock. Though as her orgasm came into view again she couldn’t pump him any longer.

“Oh Greg! I…Im gonna cum! I can’t stop it! I’m gonna cum.” She screamed and her entire body convulsed as she let out a low and long moan.

Melissa came in a long creamy orgasm that filled her panties and over flowed down her legs. Her body quivered for seconds until she collapsed from orgasming exhaustion. Her mind shifted between post orgasmic consciousness and absolute unconsciousness.

Linda heard the door open and she hurried down the stairs and watched as Gregory came in with a girl in his arms. Linda wasn’t sure if she felt jealous or even more aroused. Then she recognized the girl and the fact that she was out cold.

“Is that Lisa?” Linda asked.

“Yeah.” Gregory replied as he walked with her across the living room and down a short hall that led to a kaçak bahis spare bedroom.

He laid her out on the bed and covered her up before walking out to get her things from the car.

“What happened to her? Is she alright?” Linda asked.

“She is mom. She is just tired. Her parents kicked her out and she is going to stay with us until she either gets things worked out or gets her own place.” Gregory replied as he walked outside and came back with three bags and put them in the spare room for Melissa when she woke up.

He closed the door and walked over to the couch and fell onto it and sighed.

“Baby. That’s…how is that going to work? With us I mean?” Linda asked.

“It’ll be fine mom. I promise.” Greg said.

“Why did Heather and Brian kick her out?” Linda asked. She knew them from having gone to school district meetings in the past.

“Because they found out she was working at a sex shop and she wasn’t going to quit.” Greg replied.

“She has a job. Most college students don’t even have jobs. They should be happy.” Linda huffed.

“I know. But they aren’t so they kicked her out and she is staying here for a while.”

Linda nodded and then bit her lip.

“I found your toys.” She said after a moment.

“Yeah? What do you think?” Gregory asked.

“Are you into the full BDSM?” Linda asked.

“Well yes. It’s okay if you aren’t mom.” Greg said and before he could say another word she kissed him hard on the lips.

“Gregory? Will you be my master?” Linda asked. His eyes went wide with surprise and his cock went rigid with arousal.

“Wait, are you serious? Not joking at all?” He asked.

“No honey. I’ve wanted to be a sex slave to a master of my choosing for so long. After I had you though I set those dreams aside. But now…” she blushed, “now I can have that again. If you’ll accept this slave as your own.”

Gregory could hardly believe his ears. His mother was wanting to be his slave. An actually sexual slave for his use.

“You’ll give me full control over your holes?” He asked.

“No” she replied and stood up and let her dress fall to the ground. “I will give you control over my entire body and life. I’ll do everything you say. Go where you say. All of it Gregory. Please be my master son.”

Gregory stood up wrapped his mother in a long and deep embrace.

“From now on mom. You call me master. Not Gregory, or son or anything…except for master.”

Linda melted into an immense puddle of life ambition. This moment was what she had dreamt about for so long. She got down on her knees and looked up at him and suddenly she didn’t feel like his mother any more.

She felt like his property, his belonging. Like she was a toy of his and he could do, use, take or play with however and whenever he wanted.

“Master. I am completely yours.” She said.

“Go to the bathroom and start cleaning out your ass. I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.” He said.

“Yes master.” She said and walked up the stairs and to the bathroom and started filling the enema kit. She emptied bag after bag after bag inside of herself until her anus was free of anything that could possibly dirty his cock.

She wondered if she should go out and see where he was but then something told her no. She had been told to clean out and that was it, so she stayed on the bathroom rug waiting.

Gregory walked in not long after and she looked up at him with a purely happy expression.

“Come here my sexy slave.” He said.

She got up and walked with him to his room where she lied down on the bed and he tied her up with cuffs until she was immobile.

“I am going to be back. Wait here and don’t leave. If Melissa wakes up, stay quite.” He ordered.

“Yes master.” She said and simply laid on the bed.

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