A Mother’s Dilemma Ch. 01

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“Chris… CHRIS!”

Karen tightened her lips and went up the steps hurrying to Chris’ room.

Chris rolled over and eyed the LED on his clock moaning at the time. He stretched and pushed himself out of bed. With the virtually permanent erection of a teenager bouncing and leading the way he dashed for the bathroom.

Chris Micheals had developed slowly, was even held back and started school a year later. Now as a senior and having just turned eighteen, his body was just beginning to catch up to his age. His life was suddenly full of the typical teenage adventures, problems and hormones that should have passed years earlier. His mind was pretty much consumed with one thought.

As he turned at the corner of his door he ran headlong into his Mother, grabbing her to keep them from falling. His erection was almost painfully and certainly conspicuously thrust between them.

“Dammit Chris!” Karen yelled….

Chris held her as they struggled to keep their balance.

“Jeez, sorry, mom, I was just trying to hurry, I know, I’m late.” He braced himself for her angry reply.

“Chris, I’ve been yelling for you to get up for fifteen minutes. And watch where you’re going with that thing,” Karen snapped as she glanced down at the front of his pajama bottoms.

She immediately blushed realizing what she had said and was further embarrassed by looking down at the tented front of his pajamas. Quickly looking back up she seen the startled look on his face.

Karen threw her hands up stepping back, “I’m sorry Chris, I’m sorry. I’ve just had a lot of things on my mind and we’re both running late. Next time just… just be more careful and watch where your going. If you would get up on time you wouldn’t be in such a rush.”

She turned away but Chris saw her cheeks were flushed with anger or embarrassment, or both. The acute sexual nature of the contact wasn’t lost to either of them.

“Ok mom, next time I’ll watch where I’m… going.” he retorted. “With this thing,” he added to his thoughts.

He had been startled at her anger but even more so at his nervy reply. “Now why in the hell had he opened his big mouth and said something so stupid. He was only going to make it worse.”

Karen didn’t respond, she only looked back at him out of the corner of her eye. They got through breakfast with quick goodbyes and Chris hurried out the door to school.

Karen Micheals was a Realtor with a large commercial property firm. At thirty-nine Karen was still very good looking and considered quite a successful woman. Commercial property was male dominated and it was a struggle to find acceptance and succeed. She had to go in early today and was already dressed in her typical business attire, tight dark blue skirt about three inches above the knees and white pearl buttoned blouse, two buttons open, a hint of cleavage. She learned quickly that the aura of sex sold and she used it, sparingly but wisely, and never socialized. The week was going to be a crazy one but it was going to be doing what she really enjoyed, negotiating commercial property contracts.

Karen quickly finished cleaning up from breakfast. She paused and laughed at herself. The not so subtle impression of Chris against her, well it had been quite awhile since she had felt something quite like that. She could still feel it. Karen wistfully remembered dancing with her husband, the outline of him pressed tightly against her in much the same fashion. Her ex-husband, Thomas, was a lawyer and spent too much time on his practice. Karen wondered if that had been an excuse for her to spend more time driving herself up the corporate ladder. They just seemed to pass in the night and that hadn’t been often enough to save their marriage. It wasn’t always like that. There were times she ached for those intimate moments that they had. Like those little moments when she could feel the hard length of him pressed tightly against her, knowing he wanted her, that she could make him desire her.

Sighing to herself she considered, “Oh well, there was always her big pillow. But it still didn’t take the place of,” and her face flushed warm again as she remembered Chris against her. She chided herself for the thought, scolded herself for her sharp words remembering his brusque reply. “Well, he’ll get over it.”

Grabbing her briefcase she rushed out to work.

Chris had never considered his mom in a sexual manner. Well, he remembered thinking it was pretty cool checking out her panties and bra in the clothes hamper once or twice. Although he had never really thought sexually about her before, nor other girls for that matter, Pandora’s box had been opened and now his interest was piqued. At the end of the day, while walking home, he was unable to remember a single thing that had occurred. The whole day at school was a total blank, but he could vividly remember the feeling of his erection pressed tightly against his mom this morning.

Walking into the house he didn’t expect his mom for a couple hours. They rarely ate before six and then often ate carryout as her work left little halkalı escort time for cooking. He threw his books on the bed and thought about what to do.

Chris slipped into his Mom’s room and looked around. Moving to her dresser, he slid open the top right drawer. His fingers slipped over the smooth nylon and cotton material of her panties. Holding a pair up Chris tried to picture his mom wearing them. “Damn,” he mumbled, eyes closed as his imagination pictured her in the next logical and provocative picture. Chris carefully laid the panties back in the drawer and closed it.

He started to turn away, then opened several others. In the top left her toy lay in back behind her hose and socks. He stared agape at the smooth life like latex. Holding it in his hand, suddenly realizing where it had been, the image of his mom with it burned into his mind. He carefully laid it back in the drawer and picked up a little bottle of lubricant. It had been opened so he knew she had used it.

Closing the drawer, pausing, he reopened it to remember exactly how everything lay. Heart pounding, he went back to his room, quickly undressed and went to his favorite place, the shower, to relieve the tremendous erection he now had.

Karen came home with some supper and they sat quietly eating. She asked about school and his plans for the summer. Chris watched her, his glances no longer the innocent ones of the days before. He had never really noticed the smooth curve of her hips or the softness of her thighs as her skirt rode higher when she sat at the table. Never noticed the bounce or shake of her ass as she walked across the room or stood at the sink washing dishes. As she stretched and her breasts pressed tightly against her blouse he stared wishing he could see the outline of her nipple.

Later after their evening baths he could barely keep his eyes from the impressions her breasts were making through the robe and blatantly gazed as it fell open for a moment and her nipples were clearly outlined through her old nightshirt.

That night he did something he would have never dreamed of. With his eyes closed and his hand moving smoothly over his hard aching cock, he thought of his Mom, of the feel of his cock against her that morning. As he came in almost painful spurts, her image raced through his mind…

The next morning they passed in the hall as she walked to her room still in her night clothes and robe. He made an exaggerated move aside giving her room. Chris tortured himself with thoughts of the previous morning. He knew she only slept in a “T” and panties or a teddy and that would be all she had on under her robe.

Chris sat at the kitchen table and watched Karen wash the plates and cups. Her skirt would lightly fold and crease over smooth rounded hips as she moved. A silent vow was taken that somehow he would find a way to do it again.

Karen had noticed that Chris was unusually quiet this morning. The reason suddenly came to her. She remembered the hallway passing the day before and then this morning.

Sitting down across from him and looking over her coffee she asked with a tiny smirk, “Well, I see you’re on time this morning? I didn’t have to come wake you.”

He blushed, mumbling, “Uh… yeah Mom, I guess not.” Then seeing the look on her face and realizing she was kidding with him, looked her deliberately in the eye and added, “Tomorrow, maybe you’ll have to come wake me tomorrow.”

It was Karen’s turn to blush as she looked away. “Good God, Karen, what kind of a thought is that. You’re feeling neglected because your own son didn’t press his dick against your tummy again?” She shook off such an image, got up and grabbed her briefcase and purse.

“Chris honey, it’s another early day for me. Could you… please…” as her hand paused over the table.

“Yeah, sure mom, I’ll clean the table off before I leave.”

“You’re an angel.” she said as she kissed him on the cheek and quickly rushed out of the house.

It had been a frantic day at work for Karen and she was tired. Her head was pounding and she bathed and threw on her nightshirt and panties. It was still early as she walked into the living room where Chris was watching TV.

“Chris, my head is killing me and I’m going on to bed. Don’t stay up too late, you have school tomorrow.”

She leaned down to kiss him on the forehead telling him good night. She went to the bathroom and took a couple pain/PM capsules and went on to bed hoping for a sound sleep.

Chris was still holding his breath. His cock was achingly hard. His mom had just carelessly walked in with her old thin nightshirt and panties and no robe. As she bent down to kiss him goodnight he even got a glimpse of pink nipples.

He would never have looked or even given it a second thought before, but now slipped up to the bathroom for his shower. Once more he repeated the act of the previous night, but this time there was no confusion as his hand pounded back and forth over his hard cock and he groaned a taksim escort whisper as huge spurts of cum mixed with the deluge of water… “Mom, mom, oh God mom…”

Wednesday morning Chris was out of bed at the first sound of his alarm. Struggling to keep his morning erection in his pajama bottoms, he heard his mom in the bathroom and looked down the hall. The bathroom door was open. Looking around Chris grabbed some dirty clothes and headed for the bathroom. Karen was at the sink brushing her teeth.

“Hey, got some clothes for the chute.” Chris mumbled as he turned and slid by his mom. As he slipped between her and the bath closet his erection slid across the soft rounded cheeks of her derriere. He pushed the clothes in the chute and again passed, slowing as the hardness again brushed stiffly across each cheek hidden beneath her robe.

Karen gasped at the blatant contact. Her voice failed her and she could only stand unmoving, staring into the mirror as he turned down the hall from what was an obviously overt sexual touch. The hard impression against her cheeks burned into her even as he disappeared into his room.

Karen stepped into the hall to yell for him. Her lips opened for the strong rebuke she was about to deliver then recalled what she had previously said and his flippant reply. “Her own fault,” she thought, “Maybe I provoked it. Just let it go Karen, let it go.”

She finished her morning ritual and as Chris walked by to go downstairs Karen was only able to bitingly reply, “You have anything else for the laundry today Chris?”

“Nah mom, I think I got everything.”

“Yes, well, I certainly hope so.”

Karen was stunned by her comment, even with her dripping sarcasm. She had no idea why she had said anything that gave any acknowledgment to his actions. Why hadn’t she just slapped him?

Chris couldn’t believe she wasn’t beating him or screaming for what he had done and had even implied that she was aware it wasn’t an accident.

There was a cold silence at the breakfast table. Neither spoke and Chris quickly left for school.

School was a worse drag than the day before. He was pretty much a jerk to everyone figuring he was due to really be in some trouble for this morning. He still smiled to himself, knowing he got even for her teasing and now whatever she did about it, it had been worth it.

The evening was quiet, dinner carryout, and Chris went to his room to watch TV. Karen straightened the house and worked on some contracts, relieved that her son had gone to bed early. The tension was such that you could cut it.

Chris rolled over and turned off the alarm. He lay there a moment and then pushed himself out of bed. With his pajama bottoms bouncing he rounded the doorway to the hall. They both stopped suddenly, both startled and staring open mouthed.

Karen stood in her T-shirt and panties. The impressions of her nipples were clear against the thin fabric of her old bed shirt. She crossed her arms not immediately realizing they pulled the hem of her shirt above her panties. Her heart skipped as she seen Chris’ lust filled stare move to her hips yet it was her own eyes that offended her as for a second, no more, she openly looked at how far Chris’ pajamas extended out in front of him.

“Chris, I’ll run down and use the downstairs bath. You go ahead and use this one.”

Karen turned and ran down the stairs.

Chris stood a moment in the hall, remembering the curve of his mom’s panties as they slightly mounded out and narrowing, disappeared between her thighs. He stepped into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Karen heard her son come down the stairs and she quickly ran up to finish dressing. As she stood in the bathroom she could… she sniffed, her nose wrinkling and eyebrows furrowing, sex, she could smell the musky hint of sex. “Oh my God,” she thought. “He masturbated just now.” Her hand flew to her lips, “Oh my God, he… he did it… he was thinking of me.” She sat on the edge of the tub. “Why, why wouldn’t he. God the way I looked at his… say it Karen, just admit it,” she thought as she looked up at the ceiling. “The way I stared at his… cock, like some sex crazed school girl.”

Breakfast was quick, quiet. After Chris left for school, Karen had about thirty minutes until she had to leave for work. She moved as though in a fog having a difficult time accepting the fact that her own son had first made what may have been a sexual advance to her, and then this morning masturbating after seeing her in her panties. Even more troubling was why she hadn’t immediately slapped him or grounded him over all of this. “Shit,” she thought. “He’s too old to ground and too damn big to slap.”

Karen knew that the first time on Monday in the hall had been an accident and she had overreacted and then taunted him to cover up her embarrassment and to lighten the mood. But there was no mistaking the episode Wednesday for anything but what it was. It was no accident. And now today, this.

This morning left her completely unnerved. şişli escort She sat with her coffee her face flushed with embarrassment as she felt the warm ache in her hips. It had been a long time. She didn’t go out much. The men at work were mostly her subordinates and she didn’t have much of a social life. She couldn’t remember the last time she had actually had her fingers wrapped… “It was her fault. She should have ignored everything. What should she have expected?”

“I’m fine,” Karen thought. “I’ve had a hard couple of days this week and it’s just catching up to me.” And immediately the unbidden thought… “My God it was so stiff.” She buried her face in her hands wondering why in the hell she thought of that.

As she pulled from the drive her cell rang; it was her best friend, Jane, begging Karen to meet her after work and help pick out a new dress for a party she had coming up. Karen accepted immediately. It would mean she would be out when Chris got home and he would probably be in his room for the night by the time she got back from Jane’s. She wasn’t sure she could face him; she really didn’t know how to handle this morning’s incident.

Chris too was relieved to find his mother gone for the evening. But as luck would have it, he saw a movie on TV that he had been waiting to see. It started at 9:00 and went until 11:00. Without giving it another thought, he stayed up to watch it. As the movie was ending, his mother arrived home. Chris couldn’t face her and kept his eyes glued to the screen.

“Chris, you going to bed?” Karen asked.

“Yeah mom, about eleven thirty,” Chris responded. He still didn’t face her.

Karen walked around the chair he was sitting in and stood between him and the TV.

“I don’t understand this little game you’re playing in the hallway every morning young man.”

It wasn’t exactly the words she meant to say. Somehow they didn’t come out right. She had gone over it in her mind exactly how she was going to scold him.

“I was just playin around mom, I’m sorry.”

She studied him for a moment. Her voice dropped to hushed tones. “You’d better watch what you are doing. It’s not a game and I’m sorry if I let you think for a moment that it was. Maybe it was my fault for kidding with you, but it has to stop.”

For the first time he looked at her. “What?”

“You heard me. You had better think about what you’re doing. I can’t let it continue. Now we’re going to pretend none of this has happened.” Karen turned and went to her bedroom.

Chris tossed and turned until the wee hours thinking over his mother’s comments. But there was little doubt in his mind, somehow he would do it again. It had become a game, no; it had become more than a game. A test of wills and he wanted to win, but wasn’t even sure what it was that he was going to win. Wasn’t even sure he understood her remarks. But she would have to stop him. It would be her will against his.

“CHRIS, Chris honey I’ve been calling, you’re going to be late.”

“OK, ok I’m getting up.”

Karen stood at his door waiting as he rolled out of bed. As he stood up her eyes automatically drifted to the front of his pajamas. She quickly turned away walking down the hall her hand to her forehead. “Why, why did she do that. Why did she look knowing what she would see. Good God was he always hard like that? Didn’t he ever give it a rest?”

Chris sat back down laughing to himself. He had seen her look. Followed her eyes. “Gotcha”. He looked down at his pajamas with his cock straining to be free. He quickly kicked them off and stood to get his clothes.

He turned quickly at a shrill cry from his door, his mom standing with her hands covering her eyes.

“Dammit Cris, close your door if you’re undressing. I didn’t know. Darn it Chris, I just wanted to tell you I was leaving right away and you need to get yourself something to eat. I’ll bring something home for supper.”

“Oh, yeah… uh, sure mom. Sorry… about the door.”

Chris stood there waiting, his cock pointed directly at her, daring her to open her eyes, to turn and look.

Karen started back down the hall, but not before her eyelids fluttered, peeking. Her face was burning as her hand grasped the banister. Did she stand there, seconds, her heart pounding, before she yelled. Looking at him. She grabbed her things and fled out the door and into the car. She sat, her hands clutching the steering wheel. “My God, it had been too long. How long? A year? Two?” She couldn’t shake the image of the hard length of him jutting out wickedly as he stepped toward his chest of drawers.

Her day was confusing, tiring and the sweat dampened her blouse and forehead. She had dressed as usual, skirt with heels and then had to climb a maze of stairs all day at an old factory site. She hadn’t planned on this outing and her skirt was too damn short and the men all waited for her to go first as if she was too fucking stupid to figure out why. It certainly wasn’t because they were all so fucking chivalrous. Then she had an almost irresistable urge to look at the fronts of their damn pants. She could have sworn that young cocky bastard from legal had a fucking hard-on watching her climb those goddamn stairs. Fuck it fuck those bastards, just fuck it all. She just wanted to sit and cry. Her nerves were screaming. She just wanted to go home, take a long quiet bath, listen to some music and be a woman.

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