A Modern Mother’s Guide to Sleeping

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As I woke up after a very restless night of trying to sleep I felt the urge to reach down to my pussy and pleasure myself. Since my husband passed away over a year ago I have been rather horny.

As I pulled my night gown up over my belly I felt my fingertip against the hair on my pussy. I slid my finger into my wetness and closed my eyes as I began to rub myself with my middle finger. I was beginning to breathe faster as I felt a tingle run through my cunt and up my belly to my nipples. I missed a man’s attention to my sex.

I’d tried a dating service but it seems that a lot of the men my age either where looking for a maid or just a wham, bam, thank you ma’m.

I was so enthralled with trying not to be too loud as to awaken my son Mikie I didn’t hear the floorboard squeak when he walked up to my bedroom door. I only had my one son and he was my pride and joy since his Father passed away.

As my back arched and the waves of my orgasm flowed over my body it was then that I heard a gasp from the doorway. I opened my eyes to see Mikie standing there leaning against the door jam with a look of “Ohmygawd” on his face.

He was all of 18 years old and tall even for a young man, I’m thinking he was 5’9″ maybe. He lifted weights in our basement so he had a few muscles.

I lowered my nightgown over my wet cunt as I motioned for him to come and sit down on my bed side.

“Mother, what where you doing?” he asked me a bit flush in the face.

“Honey, its called masturbation” I said softly.

“Oh I’ve heard of that. Billy Johnson said that he does that. But it looked different when he described it to me than what I just saw you do” he said as he stared at his lap.

“Well, what a man does and what a woman does are different honey” I said to him as I reached for his shoulder.

Jonathan had been meaning to have THE TALK with Mikie before he died in that car accident last year but I’m afraid that his tomorrow never happened. So now it was up to me to explain to my wonderful son the facts of life.

Mikie raised his head as he looked into my eyes. He reached over and placed his hand on my knee as we had this talk that I had put off having.

“Mother” he said softly “when you touched your self…….”

“It’s called my pussy” I said as I stopped and let him talk.

“Okay, when you touched your pussy it looked like it hurt you. Where you crying?” Mikie asked me.

“Oh no sweet thang, it was feeling very nice” I said with a smile.

“Mother” he began “Do all girls look like you?”

“No sweetie some girls have blonde hair and some have brown hair” I said as he turned and was studying my face as we talked.

I began to explain that women and men are built differently and that women have pussies and men have penises and that when men and women find a member of the opposite sex attractive that the man gets an erection.

“I know what that is Mother” Mikie said with a smile on his sweet face. “That’s what I get in the morning when I have to pee real bad.”

I smiled and assured him that was completely normal. But what I didn’t see was that Mikie was sporting an erection as we spoke. I continued to explain that when a man has an erection that he can put his penis in the woman’s pussy and that either of them can move either up and down or back and forth and that it feels very, very nice for both of them.

This conversation went on for a few more minutes and then Mikie reached down to his crotch and re-arranged himself. It was then that I saw just how much of a young man he had become.

I didn’t realize I was looking at him until he looked back at me and I was still looking at his lap.

He cleared his throat and said with a silly grin on his face “Mother what are you doing?”

My head snapped up as I looked him square in the face with my cheeks flush. “Oh Mikie, I’m sorry” I said as I got embarrassed.

The more I thought about my being embarrassed I figured that it was already too late for that.

He had moved his hand from my knee when he was re-arranging things so I took this opportunity to stand up and pull my legs up underneath me as I sat back down again.

What I had seen was a grown mans cock in his pajamas. I’d guess about 8 inches long and 5 inches around. Even his Father wasn’t built like that. We continued this sex education course as he asked me a few more questions. Just when I thought that we were almost done he asked me, “Mother, do you think I can look at you more?”

Well, first I’d need more clarification about ‘looking’. So I asked him just exactly what did he mean.

He began by saying, “Well when you were lying down on the bed before I came in, I couldn’t really see what your hand was doing down between your legs. I was just wondering if I could see some more.”

“Mikie, what is it you would like to see?” I asked him trying to keep a straight face.

“Well Mother,” he said “Where your hand was and what it looks like down there” he said as he glanced toward my pussy.

“Are you sure about this son?” I said in a whisper as I moved my leg out from under me.

“Yes, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I’m sure” Mikie said as his cheeks got a shade or two redder.

I put my feet on the carpet and stood up as I lifted my night gown up and pulled it off my head. I turned to face the Mikie as I lifted my knee to get back onto the bed.

Mikie moved a little farther down toward the foot of the bed. I was now completely naked in front of my son. I laid back onto my pillow as I moved my thighs farther apart and basically gave Mikie a guided tour in first hand sex education. I began by telling him that this was called a woman’s pussy, cunt or if you are a science nerd a vagina. Then I opened my lips to show him the clit and told him that was the beginning of all the wonderful sensations for a woman. Then I reached down to show him the actual hole where a man’s cock would go.

As I stopped and asked him if he had any questions, I felt so stupid asking a question like that, but better late than never.

He looked up at me with the fascination of a child on Christmas morning. Then he reached out and touched my leg as his mouth opened.

“Mother” he said “what is this down here” as he touched my ass cheek. I explained that would be another lesson.

“Can I touch you Mother?” he asked.

“Yes sweet thang” I said ever so softly.

Mikie moved closer to me as he reached out with his hand and touched the skin just above my pussy. He looked up into my face for a reaction.

I just smiled as I said, “Please do continue Mikie.”

He moved his other hand to the lips on my pussy and he opened them with one hand while he touched my clit with the fingertip of his other hand. My eyes glazed over as I began to feel the warm sensations as it spread over my body.

He was a quick study this young man of mine.

“Mother?” he said softly.

I opened my eyes as I looked at his handsome face. I was breathing somewhat faster now as the feelings ran over my belly and back down toward my pussy.

He stood up and unbuttoned his pajama top. I could see that the exercise equipment that he’d be working with in the basement was really working his abs. He lowered his hands to the string of the pajama bottoms and then he dropped them to the floor.

That took me completely off guard. There was my sweet son with the body of a man. His 8 inch cock just a few inches from my hand as I swallowed to try and regain my composer.

“Mother?” he said again.

“Yes, Mikie” I replied.

“Can you show me exactly how this works?” He said.

“Okay, get on the bed on your knees between my legs” I said to him.

“Lean over me as you hold your butt up a little”.

He did just as I told him. Like I said, a quick study this son of mine.

“Put your hand on your cock honey like you are gonna pee” I said as I watched him move.

“Now put the head of your cock right up against my skin, right here” I said as I placed my fingertip against my folds of skin between my legs. I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy; it jumped when I touched him.

“Mikie now ever so gently push with your hips into me” I said into his ear.

I hadn’t had a cock inside of me in over a year and when he made contact with my clit I just wanted to scream it felt so good. It took all I could think of to not just go into convulsions and have a mind blowing orgasm right then and right there.

“Now lower yourself down and push your cock into my pussy honey” I said in a whisper.

As he did that he looked into my face for approval. His eyes closed as he said against my tits, “Oh Mother, this feels incredible. Am I doing this right?”

I just grunted “Oh yeah”.

He began to move faster now as he was getting the same feeling I was.

I opened my eyes as I looked up into his sweet face. He looked like he was in absolute paradise. I knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to last very much longer this being his first time so I just told him to slow down a little and watch me.

“Mom, I can’t stop, I want to make it happen”, Mikie said as he opened his eyes and looked down at me.

“Okay Mikie but make longer strokes into Mama.” I said as I tried to gage just how much longer it would be before he came. He changed his pace to move a little slower in and out of me.

“You learn really fast Mikie” I said into his sweet ear.

I was at the threshold of that mind blowing orgasm I had been waiting for but I was afraid if I really let go it would scare Mikie to pieces. I brought my hand from his back and stuck my knuckle into my mouth as I thought I’d just bite down on it when I came.

“Mother?” Mikie said very softly “I need to make this happen, it’s hurting my balls if I wait any longer.”

I lowered my hand from my lips as I thought of something else I could be teaching him.

“Mikie” I said “Honey you need to stop moving I want to show you something else.”

“Mom, I can’t stop it feels so good” he whispered against my cheek.

“Sweet thang, do you want to cum now or wait.” I said as I tried to control my breathing.

“Ah güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shit Mother” he said softly. “I need to cum now.”

I pushed my head back into the pillow as I looked up into my son’s face. “Okay Mikie fuck Mama’s pussy as hard as you can” I said as I felt the beginnings of this long awaited climax of his.

All I could hear from him were sighs and moans as his hips and cock pounded my pussy with the cum that had been building up inside of him.

I wasn’t even worried about having my own orgasm now, I was just concentrating on giving him his first sexual experience that bone shattering, mind numbing, climax that he so rightly deserved.

I was trying to slow my breathing before I hyperventilated and passed out. Mikie on the other hand was still coming. I thought he’d experimented with masturbation by now but apparently not by the feeling of things this was his first time with any of this.

He had his eyes closed as he plunged his cock deep into my wet pussy and I could feel it jump with spasm after spasm as he sprayed my insides with his hot cum.

He was still breathing rather fast as he looked down into my eyes. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes as I felt him collapse onto my belly. I ran my hands from his shoulders down to his ass cheeks as I pulled him into my cunt again.

“Mother-r-r-r” he whispered “I love you so much.”

He lowered his face to mine as his lips pressed against mine and his tongue play catch with my own. I hadn’t taught him how to kiss so where did he learn that I wondered. Another time for that question.

“Oh Mikie” I sighed against the side of his face. “You are the love of my life sweet thang.”

Finally he slowed to a stop as I felt his cock slid out of my pussy. Apparently that upset Mikie as he looked up at me with a worried look on his face.

“What’s the matter Mother?” he asked. I’m thinking he was afraid he’d done something wrong.

“Nothing is wrong sweetie, when you make love to a woman and you cum your cock goes back to its regular size, that’s all.” I said to him

“Oh I thought……………..” his voice just trailed off as I put my hands on both sides of his face and pulled him to me for another sweet hot kiss.

He just laid on my belly as he kissed me and then I think he thought he’d invented something new because he leaned over and took the nipple of my left tit into his mouth as he sucked it until it was standing up and as hard as a pencil eraser. The sensation that made spread from my nipple back down to my pussy and then to my uterus as it contracted in time with his suckling.

I ran my fingers through his long hair as I just sighed into his ear “h-m-m-m that fells wonderful sweet thang”.

He was not moving to get up and I had to pee so bad. I thought to myself that I should tell him that or if I did pee the bed he may freak out on me.

“Mikie? I whispered to him.

“Yes, Mother” he said as if he were drunk.

“Mommy needs to get up and go potty” I said as matter of factly as I could.

He rolled over to the other side of the bed and laid on his back. When I got up I turned around to bend over and kiss him and tell him to hold my place until I get back. His cock was lying against his belly and it was shining with the juices of both he and I. When I finally finished in there I came back out and sat beside of him on the bed.

“Mother” he began “What where you going to say earlier about teaching me something else?”

“Well since you passed making love 101 with flying colors I was going to give you the first demonstration of blow job 101.” I said with a smile on my lips.

“I’ve heard about blow jobs from Billy Johnson. He says his 19 year old sister gives them to the guys she dates.

“Do you want to have her do that to you Mikie” I asked him.

“Hell no Mom, people say she has a disease.” As he made a face. I looked at him and told him that is no way to be popular. The only thing she will get is a bad reputation or a disease.

“Michael I don’t want to be an over bearing mother where you are concerned but if any girl (age doesn’t matter) comes up to you and talks to you about sex or a blow job you can come home as fast as your legs will carry you.” I said to him with a smile on my face.

“Yes Mother you can count on that” Mikie said with a kiss on my belly.

He kissed his way back up to my tits as he continued to suck one then the other.

“Mother, you are so beautiful” he said “and I am so lucky to have you as a Mother. You don’t ever have to worry about me doing something like that with a girl like Roberta Johnson” Mikie said as he kissed my lips again.

“Mikie” I asked softly “Where did you learn to kiss like that?

“One of the girls at Sunday school said she saw her Mom & Dad do it so she showed me how. But I thought it was weird so I didn’t do it back to her” he said.

He laid his head on my chest as I just stroked his hair. We must have been lying there quite a long time. Both of us were still naked as I felt his cock stir against my thigh.

Mikie güvenilir bahis şirketleri lifted his head up as he said, “Mother it’s happening again, what should I do?” He looked from my face down to his cock which was at half mast.

“Now for your next lesson sweet thang” I sighed into his ear.

I moved down the bed so that my face was about even with his cock. I slowly took it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head and around the shaft as I felt him come alive in my mouth. I could taste our juices from the love making we had shortly before. I heard Mikie groan as I sucked on his cock.

“Oh Mother” he moaned “This is so beautiful. You know so much, teach me more Mother, teach me more.”

I got up on my knees just to his side as I brushed my hair out of my face so he could look down and see exactly what I was doing. I put my hand at the base of his cock as I held it straight up. I slid it in and out of my lips as I listened to my son groan in pleasure. When I came up to the head of his cock I let it slid from my mouth and I licked it like an ice cream cone. The faster I did that the more Mikie moaned.

This went on for perhaps 30 minutes until I was getting a cramp in my jaw muscle. I lay back up next to him as I asked him if he wanted me to continue or if he wanted to make love with me again.

Mikie looked into my eyes as he leaned up on his elbows and said, “Mother, I love you and what we are doing. Let me make love to you and show you what I have learned.”

I moved up on the bed as I spread my legs open for my son. He smiled down into my face as he kissed my eager lips.

“Mother can we do it in a different way?” he said ever so quietly.

“Okay sweetheart” I said as I turned and got up on my knees as I raised my ass in the air.

“This is called doggie style Mikie” I told him. The breeze from the ceiling fan cooled my sex lips off as I held myself open for him. “Come up behind me and let your cock slide into Mama that way.”

What I felt next was totally magnificent. This son of mine was like a sponge. He was absorbing everything I was teaching him. He cuddled my ass as he stroked the cheeks with his hands. Then I felt the head of his cock slide up into my pussy. I tilted my hips just a little then I felt the head of Mikie’s cock touch my cervix.

That felt so wonderful I lifted my head up off the pillow as I said, “Oh Mikie, it is at a time like this that you can move in and out as fast as your heart desires. Mama loves it like this.”

He began to move in and out of my wetness rather fast, but it was making me build to a nice wet orgasm. My tits were brushing the pillows on the bed.

Mikie leaned over my ass and pinched the left nipple between his index finger and thumb.

I squealed in delight as I wiggled my ass back against his belly and cock.

“Ah-h-h honey you are wonderful” I sighed.

Mikie was moving so fast that I could hear his body slapping against my own. Between the sounds, the penetration, the feelings of his cock as it slid into my body with all this pleasure I was about ready to cum again.

“Sweet thang be careful or you will cum too fast” I sighed as I turned to see his nice sweaty body pumping into my pussy.

“Mother-r-r-r, this is so beautiful, I want you forever” he whispered to me as he moved his hands over my ass cheeks.

From what I was seeing and feeling I’d think this is Mikie’s new favorite position too. He slowed down as he let his cock fall from my wet cunt. He leaned over as he began to kiss on my ass cheeks one at a time. Between each kiss he spoke to me.

“Mother” he whispered. “I want………something more.”

I let my body fall to the bed below me as I turned to face my handsome son.

“What is it that you want baby boy?” I said softly.

“Can I” he began, “Can I ……take you ……take your ……ass, Mother?”

I hadn’t taught him anything about anal sex where did he hear that I wondered? Had to be Billy Johnson I thought to myself.

“Honey” I said as he leaned over and began to kiss his way from my pussy up to my tits. “I’m not sure you are ready for that today. Just …..

take Mama’s pussy again sweet thang.”

“Mother knows what best for me I’m thinking” he sighed against my tits as he sucked one and then the other. I reached down to his cock as I slid my hand over the wetness there and he just closed his eyes to enjoy the feelings it was creating.

I spread my legs wider as he moved back down to kiss my belly. He put his hands on either side of my body as he kissed my skin ever so lightly.

“This is where I grew inside of you isn’t it Mother?” he said as he looked at my belly.

“Yes Mikie it is, why?” I said. I was wondering what he was thinking with a question like that.

“Mother?” he said every so shyly. “Can I make a baby inside of you?”

He looked up from my belly into my eyes with that burning question.

I looked into Mikie’s face and he just didn’t seem to be the teenager anymore but a man. I hadn’t thought about having another baby or birth control since Jonathan died. I wasn’t really sure how to answer that question. Maybe he had already put a baby inside of me. I was still young enough to have another child. And he certainly was able to make one. A lot of women have babies when they are 38 yrs old. Maybe not with their sons but then again I never said I was conventional.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32