A Midnight Woman Ch. 1

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“What was that?” he thought, as he looked up from his laptop screen. It was more a feeling than a sound. He gazed through the glass walls of his office into the darkened space beyond. He saw nothing. His imagination was playing tricks. It was after midnight and he was sure he was alone as he finished the column with the eight a.m. deadline. His eyes returned to the work. His fingers tapped across the keys again.

He heard something again and looked up. “Who’s there?” he called.

And then, she was there, standing in his doorway. Taller than she really was, in the spiked heels. Stunning in a white chemise and a crimson form fitting skirt.

She reached over, flicked off the light switch, and the room went dark, except for the moonlight and the blue glow of the computer screen.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he got out of his chair and came around the desk.

“You know,” was all she said.

“No, I don’t,” he replied, his tone lacking conviction.

“Of course you do,” she insisted as she stepped closer to him.

In the dark, he hadn’t noticed she’d unbuttoned her white silk blouse. Now it fell to the floor and he watched mesmerized as she removed the bra that contrasted with her deeply tanned skin. He saw her small firm breasts in the moon-glow. Her nipples stood aroused and erect. He felt himself stir.

“I want you,” she said.

“You know I can’t,” he answered with a catch in his voice.

“Yes, you can. And you will.” She unfastened the waistband of her skirt and let it drop onto the rest of her clothing. She wore no underwear.

“Oh my God,” he whispered, looking at her perfect body.

She stared into his eyes bahis firmaları as she moved closer and began to unbutton his shirt. He could feel her hips and thighs brush against him as she moved. He stood motionless.

She tossed his shirt onto a chair and he could feel her hot breath on his chest as she took one of his nipples between her teeth. A small gasp escaped his throat at the mixture of pain and pleasure. She slowly pulled his belt through the loops. Her fingers worked quickly and efficiently to unbutton his slacks and then pulled down the zipper, her eyes on his. She pushed him back into the chair, separated his knees and knelt between them. She very deliberately pulled off each of his shoes and socks. Finally, she grasped the waist of his slacks and pulled them down and over his legs, tossing them aside.

Finally, her eyes left his and gazed for a moment at his briefs. Then, she leaned her exquisite face forward and began to kiss and lick at his navel. At the same time, she placed her warm palm on his stomach and moved it in small circles, slowly moving downward.

“Please, don’t do this,” he pleaded, knowing it was wrong, but also knowing it would happen. He could not stop her. He could not stop himself.

Her hand moved inside the waistband. And then she grasped him. She looked back at his eyes, which were now closed, his neck craned backward. She pulled the briefs down over his legs and off. And then she slowly ran her tongue along his length.

He opened his eyes to watch as she took both of his hands into hers and pulled him onto the soft, deep, office carpet.

He lay on his back, arms at his side, completely still, unable to make a kaçak iddaa move. He opened his eyes and saw her next to him, leaning on one arm, her eyes moving across his entire body. It seemed to him as if she was deciding where to start.

And then she was moving. Slowly, on all fours, her breasts swaying slightly with each movement, she moved behind his head. She stood tall on her knees looking down into his eyes, the slightest smile on her face. And then she put her knees on either side of his face. He looked up at her long dark hair falling around her face as she began to bend over him. She moved closer and closer to his hips without touching him. He could feel her warm breath on his groin. And then she took him into her mouth and he became steel. He groaned.

She lowered her hips to his face and he could smell the erotic aroma of her warm sex. He saw that she had shaved herself completely bare. As she continued to caress him with her mouth, he found himself pulling his tongue along her velvet softness. He could see her mouth moving up and down as he continued to fondle her most sensitive spot with his lips and tongue.

He watched as she raised her head and removing him from her mouth, she sucked her middle finger in, coating it with saliva. As she lowered her mouth to him again, he could feel her hand move along between his legs to his most intimate spot. And then suddenly, he felt her finger enter him. The sensation was incredible, as she moved her finger in and out in rhythm with the motions of her mouth.

He could feel the tension building in both of them. Her hips were moving on his face to an increasing pace in unison with her mouth, as her hand squeezed kaçak bahis him.

He was unable to stop himself, now. He grasped her hips and rolled her to the side. She let go with her mouth and allowed him to move her.

And then he was on her, sliding her legs over his shoulders. And she grabbed him and pulled him to her.

And then he was in her.

And their motion began. It was not gentle. This was heat, pure animal lust. He grasped her shoulders and moved forcefully into and out of her. She gripped the back of his thighs, digging with dark red nails and pulling him into her as deeply as she could, groaning with each thrust. There was fury in both their eyes.

The crescendo of their motion built until with a final cry she grabbed his buttocks and held him firmly against her as her body began to tremor with release. As if by some unknown force, his climax merged with hers and he poured himself into her.

As he grabbed her shoulders and held her tight, his face touched her cheek and they both were covered with a sheen of warm sweat. As the wave subsided in them both he felt her body relax under him. His breathing began the slow descent to normal. His conscience began to surface. He raised up onto his elbows and looked into her eyes.

He kissed her once, very hard, then raised up again.

“God damn it,” he said, “God damn you.”

She just stared at him as he got up and quickly pulled on his pants, shirt and shoes. And then she laughed a deep throaty laugh.

He turned off the laptop and walked to the door. He turned back to look at the naked perfection lying there in the pale light of the moon.

“God damn me,” was all he said. And then he left.

And his sister lay in the moonlight, softly laughing.

(To be continued)

This is my first submission. I would like to hear how readers liked it. Should I take the story further? Let me know.

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