A Messy Situation

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It was early March of 2009 when I got a panicked call from my girlfriend Dawn. I was only 19 back then and Dawn a year younger but we had known each other since childhood and had been together as boyfriend and girlfriend since middle school so I knew her well enough to know something was really wrong. It turns out that night her parents had sat her down to tell her they were separating. They had been fighting for weeks and, even as they broke the news to Dawn, there was still a cold hostility between the Daniels’. Then Mr. Daniels left the house and moved out the following week.

It would be many months later I would discover what really happened. Mark and Jennifer Daniels, Dawn’s parents, were good friends with another couple named Tim and Tracy Sellers. I guess both couples had known each other since high school and were considered to be very close. Apparently Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Sellers were closer than was generally known.

In 2009, Valentines day fell on a Saturday. Mrs. Daniels got permission to take half the day off so she could surprise her husband with his favorite meal for dinner in celebration. Had she prepared the meal on Valentine’s Day, it would not have been a surprise since they both would be home. However, it was Mrs. Daniels that would get the surprise. When she arrived home early that afternoon, she was treated to the sight of Mr. Daniels’ ball sack slapping the ass of Mrs. Sellers while he plowed her furry little cock socket in the Daniels’ marital bed.

Afterwards followed weeks of fighting, tears, and accusations. A couple of weeks of counseling followed but attempts to salvage the marriage soon turned to dust. Within a month, Mrs. Daniels filed for divorce.

I tried to be the good boyfriend and be there for Dawn and offer comfort but there was little I could do to make things better for her. Dawn was an only child and her parents were her entire world. By the end of April, unable to deal with the end of her parents marriage, she broke up with me.

As I mentioned, Dawn and I had been together for many years even though we were still only teenagers. During those years we had exchanged quite a few gifts and some of my belongings; an MP3 player, a few sweatshirts, books and other odds and ends, were at her place and some of hers at mine. By early May, she had packed up what belonged to me in a large cardboard box and ask me to return her belongings to her. By this time her father had his own apartment and Dawn was spending every other week with him so she asked me to exchange belongings at her house on the week she was at her dad’s so we wouldn’t see each other and “make things more difficult.” She arranged with her mom to exchange the items with me one evening when Mrs. Daniels got home from work.

I waited until nearly 7 pm so as to not intrude on Mrs. Daniels’ dinner. When I arrived she was still in her work clothes; a tan colored skirt that came to about mid-thigh and a see-through white blouse with a white camisole underneath. I knew she was still hurting and most likely lonely; it had only been a little over two months since her 18 years of marriage came to a abrupt and ugly end, but she met me with a smile and her usual cheerful attitude. She hid the pain well I thought.

I figured she would grab the box of stuff and we’d just exchange but instead she invited me inside. She told me I could take the box of Dawn’s things down to Dawn’s bedroom and that my things were sitting on her bed. I took Dawn’s things down to her room as instructed, found a large box with my name on it in permanent marker and carried it back out. I was just headed for the front door when Mrs. Daniels said she’d just made some spaghetti and invited me to stay and have dinner with her.

“Look, I know it’s awkward,” she said, “but I feel really bad that my situation affected you and Dawn. Besides, I wouldn’t mind some company.”

I just froze in place, torn between wanting to just get the fuck out of there but also wanting to just share what might be one last meal with Dawn’s mom. We were all fairly close before the disaster. The truth is, I was just as angry with Mr. Daniels as any member of his family. Also, I was still hurting over the way it ended with Dawn. Even though I had never had any other girlfriend, Dawn and I had never been apart since entering puberty. Being alone was something as new to me as it was for Mrs. Daniels I supposed. So, I set the box down in the entry way and walked back inside.

Dinner was good, the conversation was light and superficial. Neither of us wanted to talk about the elephant in the room apparently. She’d opened a bottle of red wine and poured us each a glass to enjoy with the meal.

After dinner, I helped her clear the table and pack the dishes in the dish washer. She asked me to stay for a movie and, at this point, I was beginning to enjoy the company so I agreed. We decided on a romantic comedy she’d pulled out of the cabinet next to the TV and she slipped the disc into the DVD player then poured us both another glass of wine. I got comfortable on halkalı escort the love seat and she sat down on the couch tucking her legs underneath her and letting her skirt ride up to the tops of her thighs.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I have always found Mrs. Daniels to be a beautiful woman but, until this moment, I had never thought of her in a sexual way. I had known her since I was a child and she was my girlfriend’s mom, never anything more. But now, looking at her sitting there that way, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy and sensual her legs were. Mrs. Daniels was about five and a half feet tall with honey blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a trim, healthy figure. She won’t be single for long, I mused.

It was common knowledge within the Daniel’s family that Mrs. Daniels and become pregnant with Dawn at the young age of 20 while attending college. Not only that, but Mark wasn’t even her boyfriend at the time; just some guy she met at a party one night and decided to have a one nighter with. In the end, they decided to take the road less traveled, marry and have the baby. Mrs. Daniels was found of telling Dawn she was the mistake she never regretted. It was never lost on me that, at 19, I was now the age Dawn’s parents were when they discovered they were about to become parents. Now, even at 38 years of age, Mrs. Daniels was very embodiment of sexuality. Yep, I thought, she won’t be on the market for long. Mark Daniels was a fool.

About half way through the movie, Mrs. Daniels paused the film and apologized. She needed a bathroom break and another glass of wine. I offered to fill her glass for her while she was up and she told me to refill my own too. The wine bottle was empty but there was another on the counter and the corkscrew was still there as well. I opened the bottle and poured us two glasses as I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door swing open. When I returned to the living room, Mrs. Daniels was perched on the sofa the same as before, with her feet underneath her legs. As she turned to watch me walk into the room, she ran her left hand through the back of her hair then reached out for the glass.

I immediately noticed, while she remained in the blouse and skirt from her work day, she had removed her pantyhose and, in her seated position, I had a clear view of the tops of her bare thighs. As I handed her the glass, I was certain she was catching me taking quick glances at her legs and I was embarrassed that I could feel my cock growing harder in the basketball shorts I was in when I arrived. I quickly averted my gaze and returned to my position on the love seat, attempting to hide my ever hardening penis. What’s the matter with me?

After the movie was over, I had to use the bathroom myself then I quickly headed for the front door. I heard her ask me to wait and when I turned around, she was a lot closer than I expected. She put her arms around me in a hug saying she didn’t know when she’d see me again. She pulled back a little to look me in the eyes and promised she would talk to Dawn and try to convince her to reestablish our relationship. I thanked her and, in that moment, all of her strength ebbed and the tears began to flow.

“I’m so sorry Greg,” she said as she buried her face in my chest, “I promised myself I wasn’t going to do this.”

“It’s okay,” I said and meaning it. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. Her body wracked with her sobs and pent up grief.

I should be ashamed to say that, in that moment, all I could think about was how close her body was to mine. Only a few thin layers of cloth separating our naked skin from touching. The scent of her hair, the feel of her cheek against my neck, her arms wrapped around my back, the lonely, vulnerable state she was in was all making me very aroused. I knew I was growing hard again. I knew she could feel it pressing against her own crotch and I didn’t care. My hands were on the small of her back now and I slowly slid them down to her ass waiting for her to recoil in shock and push me away but she never did.

I was about to press my luck further and reach for the hem of her skirt to pull upwards when she pulled back slightly and apologized again for her sobbing on me. I said nothing. I just pulled my right hand up, brushed her hair back and lightly stroked her left cheek with my finger tips while she gazed into my eyes. She was about to check herself and pull away when I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.

I knew I was risking everything. I expected her to pull away, to be revolted, to tell Dawn what I’d done and forever end any chance that Dawn would ever want to get back together again. Instead, Mrs. Daniels immediately parted her lips and I felt her tongue probe into my mouth first before I could lash my tongue into hers. It was a hot, passionate kiss and, although instigated by me, Mrs. Daniels was the one who aggressively reciprocated.

Now knowing we were both on the same page and, in an animal like lust, olgun escort my hands flew back to the hem of her skirt which I jerked up in one quick motion, hooked my thumbs into the sides of her panties and pushed them down those sexy, bare thighs. They hung at her knees but she wriggled her legs and got them to fall to the floor all while still trying to give me a tonsillectomy with her tongue. Simultaneously she hooked her thumbs in the sides of both my shorts and boxer briefs and very aggressively pushed them down. By this time, I had slid my right hand around her left butt cheek, between her thighs then began rubbing her labia, amazed at how wet she was. She moaned in my mouth as my fingers explored her vagina and her hands set my hard cock free.

When I inserted my right middle finger into her pussy, she broke the kiss, pulled me hard backwards toward the couch again. She hiked her skirt up as she sat back down on the couch and spread her legs wide giving me a full view of her most intimate places. This was so inappropriate on so many levels. Mrs. Daniels was a woman 19 years older than me. Her and Mark had been friends with my parents long before Dawn and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. She not only knew me as a child, she’d baby sat me when I was little. She was my girlfriend’s mom. Okay, ex-girlfriend technically. Yet, somehow, in all the ways this was wrong and inappropriate, only made it hotter and more thrilling for both of us.

Subconsciously, I was making comparisons. Dawn and Mrs. Daniels couldn’t have been more different in appearance. While Mrs. Daniels was about five and a half feet tall, Dawn was only an inch shorter than me at five foot eight inches. Dawn had black hair and brown eyes like her father while Mrs. Daniels was blue eyed and honey blonde. Dawn had black pubes that she shaved into a Dorito shaped triangle above her clit while Mrs. Daniels had a full, dark blonde bush trimmed into a triangle just neatly enough not to stick out of her bikini area.

My cock was so hard it tingled as the blood coursed through it. As Mrs. Daniels sat and spread her legs, I was momentarily considering dropping to my knees and jamming my tongue into her tear drop shaped pink honey pot but she ended all thoughts of foreplay by using both hands to spread herself open when commanding me to put my dick inside. I didn’t hesitate. I dropped to my knees between her thighs and aimed my precum soaked tip right at the pink flesh being presented to me.

She was sopping wet. So wet, I saw her juices running out, down her anus and onto the couch material when she spread herself open. My tip plunged into her wetness and she moaned loudly but then my penetration stopped like hitting a soft, silky wall. She was tight, damn tight. I pulled back a little then pushed it a little further breaking down an inner barrier and making her moan even louder. A third pump in and out and I finally hit bottom.

We began a rhythm. She rocked her hips up and down slightly to each of my in and out strokes. She moaned every time I pushed inward. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she looked in my eyes with hers filled with lust. Fuck me she said between moans. Then she drew my face down to hers, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I sucked on the tip of her tongue for a few seconds then planted my mouth on hers and buried my tongue in her mouth at that same time I buried my cock deep in her body. Her pussy felt so warm, slippery, and silky smooth on my cock. Feeling her bush grind into my pelvis with every inward thrust, tasting her mouth on my tongue, and sensing her orgasm building was quickly getting me close to my own explosion.

I was worried I would finish too soon but suddenly she bucked wildly against me, she pulled her mouth from mine, locked her legs around the backs of my thighs and pulled me in deep then held me there. Her face flushed a crimson red and her eyes had a momentary faraway look just before she closed them and let out a howl more primal than anything I’d ever heard before in my life. Still holding me deep inside her with her legs, she suddenly grabbed my buttocks with her hands and a slapping sound then ground her pelvis up and down hard against mine. A second howl then the redness in her face subsided as she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. A huge smile spread across her lips then a slight giggle. She put her hands back around my neck and we began out rhythm again.

Our rhythm soon turned into frantic pounding. Her hips gyrating up and down, her pubes brushing my pelvis, her pussy so wet from her orgasm it was now making an audible squishing sound with every in and out thrust. I could feel my shaft slicked with her juices which were now coating the front of my ball sack too. The shear eroticism of it all was more than I could stand and soon I pulled my cock out and jacked off as my cum flew over her pussy, her dress, then landed on her throat and even skimmed over her right cheek şişli escort leaving a glob of goo in her honey blonde strands just above her ear.

As the last of my jizz pooled onto her bush, she gave me a serious look and said, “I’m glad you pulled out. I’m not on birth control.”

Still panting and now sweating, I said nothing for a few moments while she examined the mess on her belly, in her bush, and on her dress. Then I stood, still panting, and removed my shirt. My cock was still rock hard and jutting outward almost ridiculously.

“Be careful with that thing. You might poke my eye out” she laughed!

I reach out and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her off the couch, her skirt clinging to her body above her exposed sex.

“Where are we going?” She asked. I didn’t reply, I simply led her back to her bedroom. Once there, I reached down and began unzipping her skirt. She planted her mouth on mine, pushed my hands away and finished unzipping her skirt herself then dropped it on the floor. Next she broke our kiss and her blouse flew over her head followed by the camisole. Then she leaned backward and she reached around her back to unsnap her bra intentionally pointing her tits at me while she did. Once free from her bra, another comparison. Dawns breasts were small with little brown nipples. Mrs. Daniels had perfectly round C cups with large, pink areolas.

Now completely naked, I couldn’t help but notice she was wearing a gold chain with a single pearl that I knew for a fact was given to her by her husband Mark as a Christmas present two years ago. I know because I was sharing Christmas with Dawn and Mr and Mrs Daniels. The pearl was now sticking in a glob of cum that had trickled down from her throat once we stood and moved into the bedroom.

“It looks like I gave you pearl necklace a pearl necklace,” I quipped. She just smiled in reply and used her hand to guide my head to her breasts. She moaned softly as I began to suck on her left nipple. Then she pushed me back on the bed. I scooted my bottom all the say up on the bed making room for her to climb in beside me but instead she climbed above me stretching her left leg over my body to straddle me. She was look at me with a mischievous smile while her right hand reached down and grabbed my cock. She raised up on her knees, her fur covered pussy hovering just over the tip of my rock hard teenage cock, then she used her left hand to spread open her hole and slowly lowered herself onto down onto my shaft.

With my cock well lubricated with her juices from before and her pussy still dripping wet, I slid inside of her in one easy motion for our second penetration. She leaned forward on her elbows as she began to pump up and down. Her smiling face was only inches above mine as she looked into my eyes. Her breath was coming in short huffs now and I knew she was getting close to cumming on my cock again. Her boobs dangled in front of my face, her nipples grazed my bare chest as she continued to hump, her rhythm building. Between her boobs I could see my cock disappearing into her body then reemerging, the shaft now completely white with her vaginal juices; her wiry dark blonde pubes embedding into my brown ones with every downward plunge.

Soon she looked away and I could tell by the red flushing in her cheeks she was about to come again. This time, when she howled she thrust her pelvis into mine and began to grind while she was cumming. I couldn’t help myself. I knew it was coming and I couldn’t stop my own orgasm nor hers. Instead, I curled my legs around her ass, my arms around her back, an pushed upward into her downward grind and let my cum explode inside her pussy. I could not believe how long I came or how much cum poured out of me and into her body.

Once we were spent, she stayed on top of me, keeping me buried inside her. She looked me in the eyes, still smiling and said, “Oh well, I guess tomorrow I’ll be calling my doctor for some plan B.”

Finally I softened and my penis fell out of her with a plop. She raised up, I looked down and saw a long steady stream of cum oozing out of her pussy and all over my genitals and lower abdomen. “You’re a heavy cummer” she observed. Then she rolled off of me and lay down beside me.

We lay there for a long while, me staring at the ceiling and she staring at me. Finally she asked me to spend the night. Even though I went to college only twelve miles from home, I lived on campus in the dormitory to get the full college experience. My parents were not only okay with this, they thought it was a good idea. So, no one was going to care or even know if I didn’t go home. Not to mention, my first class wasn’t until the afternoon the next day. So I stayed.

Mrs Daniels and I didn’t get much sleep that night. We fucked four more times before the morning; I was quite prolific in those days and, as it turns out, so was she. Who knew? In the morning, after another insanely intense round of slapping thighs, we lay there on our backs, slicked with sweat and basking in our gratification. Even in early May, it was warm enough outside that we had opened the bedroom window at some point during the night. Through the curtain sheers, I could see the wooded backyard of the Daniels home. With Mrs Daniels arm slug over my chest, my left arm cradling her shoulders and her head resting on mine, I listened to the sweet songs of the birds out back and thought I could never feel more contented or alive.

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