A Mendor-Mentee Relationship

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She was my mentee. I was her mentor. I showed her the ropes and this young woman, 20 years my junior, was asking for my help on another level. She needed things done at her apartment that a man needed to do. So, I had moved the furniture, killed the spider in the cupboard and was getting a meal as my reward.

“Sit here in the living room, we’ll watch TV as we eat pizza,” Lynn said. The brunette came up to my shoulders and was a very curvy package. She had an hourglass figure, was blessed in the chest and had a pouty mouth. She wore skintight jeans and a pullover shirt for the work around the apartment day. Watching her get the food together on the coffee table was a treat. “I want to watch one of my favorites.”

“Chocolate?” I asked, misreading the title.

“Chocolat,” she corrected me, using a cute as could be French accent.

We munched and watched. Who knew that Johnny Depp was ever that young? As we watched, Lynn started moving, seeming unable to sit still. She shifted her weight, then she leaned back on the couch we were sharing and put her leg over mine.

I lifted my hand in the air, a little startled, more than a little surprised, a lot suddenly turned on. I raised my hand and put it on her thigh. I will always remember that moment.

“You know, there is no tomorrow for us. I’m 20 years older than you. I’m married, not happily, but still married and not likely to change that. I’m sort of your boss. So there’s no way I can make you any promises.”

“I didn’t ask for a promise,” Lynn said. “I know what I’m getting and I hope that’s a lot of experience.”

“While there is no tomorrow for us, I can give you one amazing tonight,” I promised.

Lynn didn’t say anything and my hand began to move. At first, it was a small movement, back and forth, savoring the heat of her blue jean covered leg. Then I reached down and pulled her other leg into my lap. Both of my hands began to work on her thighs. I felt the meatiness of them, I felt the firmness of them, I felt the sensual heat coming into my hands.

All the time I looked into Lynn’s eyes. She met my gaze and never looked away as my hands inched ever so inexorably toward the zipper on the jeans. I kept looking in her eyes as I reached the tab. “Last chance,” I said. “Because, if you don’t stop me now, I’m going to eat you up just sarıyer escort like the Big Bad Wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood.”

“Go on,” Lynn breathed, parting her thighs ever so slightly. In one quick move, I pulled the zipper down. We both breathed. I think we had each been holding our breath, waiting to see if I would do it. But now that the zipper was down, my movements became more active. “Let’s get you out of these. I want to see your naked legs.”

The jeans were tight. Oh, God, they were so tight. I tugged them and pulled on them and they came off so slowly that my mind was boiling. But, as they came down, Lynn’s choice of underwear, what I could call conservative, showed that this was spontaneous. Surely, if she were intent on seducing me, she would have worn a thong or lacy Victoria’s Secret panties.

“I’m a virgin,” she announced.

My hands froze on her naked legs. With her lovely white naked, hot legs displayed for me. I had to do some thinking and my mind suddenly came to a decision.

“I am honored, floored, really overcome by what you are offering, but I can’t take it. I am, however, going to take my pleasure where I can. And we will both enjoy this.”

I got on my knees in front of the couch we had been sitting on and pulled her legs around. I pulled the panties from her legs and parted her legs. I leaned in and breathed her aroma, her arousal, her hotness. Then, I leaned in and tasted her. I put my tongue into her slit and moved it up and down. Just the outside of her pussy, just the outer layer of her desire was all I tasted then.

She tasted fresh as an April day just after a storm. Her pussy was as sweet as butter milk. I leaned my face in to taste the insides of her. I forced my tongue into her pussy and licked. I lifted my head out and captured her clit in my lips and sucked them. I hummed as I ate her out. I licked, I hummed, I slid my mouth down and licked the skin just south of the pussy, teasing her.

I moved my mouth off her pussy and she moaned. “Don’t stop, so good, so good,” she moaned. I licked her inner thighs, running my tongue from the bottom to the top of her legs. I lifted one leg in the air and licked and sucked on the inside of her knee.

“Oh my God, what are you doing to esenyurt escort me?” Lynn asked. I tasted the other leg and feasted on that side’s fleshy thigh. I then put those legs high on my back and lifted her from the couch. I put my face back into her pussy, neatly trimmed by slicked down by my saliva and her natural juice. I slipped my mouth down to the bottom of her pussy and kept going to the skin below. I licked it and suddenly pulled back and flipped her over.

She grunted with surprise, but then squealed as my tongue started tracing the rosebud of her anus. “My God, my God, my God. What are you doing to me,” she asked and started to pant. I stuck the tip of my tongue into that rosebud, grinding it into her asshole. She squirmed under me, but made no protest. I kept drilling my tongue into her asshole and she started to loosen up. I managed to get maybe a half inch of my tongue inside her asshole and licked it in and out as my right hand played with her clit.

“Cumming!” she screamed and I felt the ring of her anus contract around my tongue. It seemed that she squirmed and her asshole contacted for a full minute. After that, she was limp. But I wasn’t done. I took her legs down and turned her over again. I slowly and gently, just with the flat of my tongue, touched her clit. “Oh,” she jumped and tried to pull away. “Too soon,” she said, but I kept up that gentle flat slow stroke on her clit. In a few minutes, she showed signs of getting ready for another cum.

She moaned, Lynn thrashed and tightened her legs over my shoulders. She lifted her the pussy to meet my mouth. There is no other way to say it; she humped my face. I buried my mouth, tongue and lips in her pussy as long as I could. She moaned,shuddered and came, screaming my name.

Then I stopped and leaned back.

She was confused, but immediately understood as I reached down to pick her up.
She put her arms around my neck as I lifted her. I paused, as I held her in my arms. This moment might never come to me again. I was holding Lynn in my arms, feeling her heat. She had on a shirt, but no pants. This was as intimate a moment as God was ever going to give two human beings.

I turned and carried her to the bedroom, where I had just been arranging furniture. I placed her gently on the bed. “Let me,” I avrupa yakası escort said, as Lynn started to take the shirt off. But she was eager and quickly pulled the shirt over her head. Lynn followed with a quick tug and her bra came undone; it had a hook in the front.

“Take me,” she breathed.

I complied, moving my mouth to her revealed breasts. They were big and fleshy and hot and sweet and heavy with the promise of children. I lowered my lips to her nipple and began to feed. First of all, I swept my tongue around her nipple, never letting my tongue touch its goal. I kept this up until Lynn thrust her breast into my mouth. Then, I feasted on that nipple, sucking it into my mouth and rolling it around my mouth.

I must have spent half an hour sucking at her breasts. Such is the gift of age. I knew that I would not get to do this again and I sucked and I sucked.

“Oh my God, you’re making me cum just by sucking on my titties,” Lynn cried.

But it was a small cum, I could tell. I continued my ministrations. The nubs of her hot breasts seemed to burn in my mouth. I licked, sucked and fondled those amazing nipples until she was supine.

Then, I moved down, licking her stomach until I got to her pussy. I dove in.

If Lynn thought my sucking her titties made her cum, she certainly didn’t know what was coming. I spent 10 minutes just licking at the area around her clit. Then I spread her lips and used my tongue to investigate her inner depths. After what seemed like 30 minutes, I put my finger just inside her pussy to the second knuckle of my forefinger and started to tickle her insides. She began to thrash.

“Oh. Oh, oh, fuck me. Fuck Meeeeeeee!” Lynn screamed.

I moved my face from her pussy and stood up. I turned Lynn over, so that her delectable ass was waving in the air. I looked at it and then lay down on her body. I pushed my cock into the crack of her ass. I was so turned on, but I knew that I could not accept the offer of this lovely girl’s virginity. She needed to give it to the man who would give her children.

Still, I was not to be denied and left hanging with blue balls. I fucked her ass cheeks, slowly drawing my cock out of them and then thrusting them back into the valley. Ever not and then, I pulled the cock out, slick with my own saliva and precum, and held it to the entrance of her pussy. I ran it up and down, feeling the lips of that pussy adding more moisture to my cock.

I went back to the valley of her ass and started to really fuck it, thrusting my cock in and out until I came, spewing my white, hot cum on her ass.

Exhausted, I rolled off her and we both went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32