A Man’s Lacy Knickers

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Female Ejaculation

I’m a busy man. As a professional in the fast-paced world of finance it’s rare that I would take time off work for anything ‘personal.’

It’s Tuesday.

I arrive at my office and pick up from my desk a jiffy envelope posted to me and marked private and confidential. I slowly open the package and realise that I can’t open it in front of my work colleague. I take the package to one of our meeting rooms and immediately realise that it’s going to be sexy lacy underwear.

A note falls out of the envelope and in purple handwriting… “I want you to put these sexy lacy knickers on underneath your suit and meet me at 10.30 at the hotel in town. Ask at the reception which room your wife, Mrs Chaud, is in and meet me there.

10.30, it’s 10.10 already, I best get my skates on… Or on second thoughts, the sexy lacy knickers. I put them in my pocket and head off to the toilets for my superman makeover. I can’t believe how sexy they feel and I am excited at the thought of what you may have in store.

The receptionist points me in the direction of our room and I am pleased that she doesn’t seem to notice the bulge in kadıköy escort my trousers… The feel of the knickers is taking me to a totally uncontrollable level.

I knock on the door and you open it and command me to go to the bathroom and get changed into the clothes you have left me. I walk as told in to the bathroom and find even more sexy clothes to wear… It’s a first, but the stockings feel just as sexy as the lacy knickers and I am impressed that they match… and matching padded bra… I feel very sexy and I hope you will think so when you see me.

You don’t comment and just tell me to lay on the bed and spread my arms and legs… I suddenly realise that you have handcuffed my wrists to the headboard… What’s going on, I am so used to being in control of events and somehow you are totally in control.

I wonder what’s coming next, when I notice a bulge beneath your dress… Stranger and stranger… Then you lift up your dress and I see an enormous purple strap on and I hear you telling me to open my mouth and you are going to face üsküdar escort fuck me, as I seem to enjoy doing it to you.

I follow your command and open my mouth and the next thing I know you are grinding yourself, backwards and forwards, deeper into my mouth and throat… My saliva is making you even more slippery in my mouth and as you speed up, I vaguely hear you say that you are coming.

You have the longest orgasm, which seems to go on forever and I hear you calling my name. I look into your eyes and can see that you still have that look of absolute desire, which hasn’t been extinguished by your orgasm and I wonder what’s next… Of course, a blindfold!!

You lift up the bottom half of my body and put a pillow underneath me and then slowly remove my sexy knickers and I hear you say that you want to play with my ‘pussy’… I seem to be in a daze and not in control of my thoughts….and while this thought goes through my mind, I hear you closing the lid on something and the next thing I feel is one of your fingers slowly pushing in and out of me.

Wow that feels fantastic… tuzla escort Ooh, it feels like two fingers now! I feel you stretching me and your rhythm slowly increasing. I forgot about the padded bra until I feel you playing with my nipples. I love that, I can feel the sensation all over my body, whilst you carry on fingering me.

Then I feel your hot breath on my neck and you whispering, “now I am going to fuck you, like you have never been fucked before.”

I feel you lifting yourself off me and getting in a better position between my legs… Ooh, that’s different… I feel you slowly entering me with your big purple strap on friend. Slowly I feel you moving backwards and forwards deeper in to me… I can hear from your breath that you are controlling yourself, but I hear myself struggling to breathe.

Your rhythm is building and you start playing with my nipples… That’s it, I am screaming your name, “Janet, Janet, I am going to cum!” In the distance, I hear you calling my name, God, God, and then without any of my normal control, I cum all over your stomach, whilst feeling your strap-on still thrusting deep inside me.

That was hot, unbelievable… I feel your body rubbing my cum over both our bodies, and then your fingers rubbing it. I still have the blindfold on and your next move surprises me again, when your finger covered in my cum is in mouth… Mmmmm, that tastes good. Then finally you kiss me deeply.

You have totally dominated me!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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