A Lucky Accident

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Talk about being in deep shit, I wasn’t sure what the hell I was going to do without any clothes other than what I had on or toiletries or worse yet transportation. Something had broken on my car and I lost all control of braking on my trip to San Francisco to look for a new job. It was a junker but it was all I had or could afford.

The road from LA up to San Francisco is called the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and the scenery along it is absolutely breathtaking but the cliffs it skirts are absolutely life threatening. It was on one of those turns that my brakes gave out. I made it around the next curve and then steered into the dirt wall along the right side of the roadway to slow the car. Letting the car drag along the dirt wall slowed it to a crawl but it was still headed off into the wild blue yonder. The edge of the roadway was now only a few feet from me with a three-hundred-foot cliff right over the edge. I managed to get the door open and jump before the car tried to imitate an airplane and launch itself taking everything I owned with it. While I was devastated with the loss and now almost a pauper, I was still alive. The only thing I had left to my name was the three hundred bucks in my wallet. There were also a couple of maxed out credit cards in there as well but a lot of good they were going to do me.

The company for which I worked in LA went belly up after outsourcing many of the jobs to India. They had given us two weeks severance pay but that had run out a week ago. A friend told me about a hot job market in Frisco so I was on my way. That was until I watched my car try to fly. Damn, I could have sold the rights to a movie company to film the flight if I had known it was going to happen.

I wasn’t even half way there and San Luis Obispo was the next town and if I remembered right from other trips it isn’t much more than an overnight stopping place for the trip north. Its main claim to fame being the Madonna Inn. The Inn is a large sprawling motel that is unique in that every room is decorated differently and the dining room is quite elaborate.

Well, I was standing at the edge of the road looking down at my now crumpled car a long ways below me with the waves lapping at it when the very next car stopped to see what I was doing and if they could help. They must have thought I was contemplating suicide standing there without anything else around me.

“Hello, is there anything we can do to help you?” The female asked from the passenger’s seat.

“Not unless you know how to haul a battered car up from the oceans edge and put it back in running shape after you fix the brakes.”

“Oh my God. Did your brakes fail and you had to jump from the moving car to save yourself?” the gal asked.

“Yep and took all of my earthly belongings with it.”

“Geez, what a bummer.” She said like a flaming idiot.

“Yeah, you could say that.”

They were about my age and a decent looking pair. She was blonde with what appeared to be a nice body and he was good looking and appeared to keep in shape.

They were Annette and Mark, a brother and sister on their way to see a friend in a Frisco hospital. “We can give you a lift to Frisco if that would help.” Mark announced.

“Oh God, that would be a huge help. I answered.

“Jump in.”

Annette spoke up saying they had planned to stay the night at the Madonna Inn if that would be OK with me.

“Well, to tell the truth I guess I’ll have to start hitchhiking from there for I damn sure can’t afford the rates at that place.”

Mark said, “Heck, don’t give it another thought. I’ll just get one huge room with twin king sized beds and you and Annette can share it.”

“That would be great with me but Annette, how about with you?” I asked knowing full well she couldn’t say no since her brother was the one who offered it.

“Oh, that will be fine and we are glad to be able to help.”

“Hey, by the way, I’m Cathie.”

We were at the motel in not much more than a half-hour and Mark was able to arrange a fantastic room. It had it’s own name. “The Cave Room” and looked like as if it had been chiseled out of lava rock … Quite the place! Each of the beds sort of nestles in a depression in the lava rocks and it gives a measure of privacy between the two beds. Hmmmm. The beds weren’t king-size but nicely appointed queen size. I nodded to Annette and said if that were a going to be a problem I would hit the road again without a thought.

“Oh no, no. This will be fine.”

I stopped off at a little gift/magazine shop they had on the premises and bought myself a toothbrush, toothpaste and comb. I had lipstick in my jacket side pocket. They didn’t have any clothes for sale so I would have to wash out my panties and bra in the bathroom sink and hang them near the bed to dry. I told Annette what I was going to do and hoped she didn’t mind sleeping with a gal who was in the nude. She raised her eyebrows a bit and assured me everything would be OK.

It was getting close to supper-time and Mark suggested canlı bahis we try the dining room he had heard so much about. We got a nice table and I guess one or both of them saw me choke up a bit when I opened the menu and saw the prices for their entrees. Whew, this would be a quick way to dig a hole in my three hundred dollars. I quickly figured on ordering a bowl of soup and even that was over ten bucks.

Mark must have recognized the problem and solved it with, “Hey, dinner is on me tonight. I had a great month and the money came rolling it. Eat up and don’t even look at the right side of the menu.” Apparently he is in real estate sales and had closed the sale on a huge commercial property earlier that month and he had just received a big five-figure commission.

Even with that generous offer I still chose frugally. No appetizer or dessert and certainly no alcohol. It was a fabulous dinner and it was obvious why so many travelers talk about the place as a nice stopover between LA and Frisco.

The walk back to the room was pleasant enough and as we walked into the room Annette announced in a clear voice, “Cath, even though Mark and I are brother and sister we have been sleeping together for many years. I hope that’s not going to upset you.”

“Not a bit. I’ll have more room to spread out in” I said lightheartedly.

Damn, they were the noisiest lovers I ever heard. The glow coming through the drapes from the outside lights let me see their shapes but not in any detail. I lay there trying to figure out just what they were doing and never came to any firm conclusion. The noise finally quieted down and I heard someone walk from the bed to the bathroom. It was Annette.

“Am I next?” I asked as she was walking back to their bed after using the toilet.

“With Mark or me?” she asked

“Makes no difference. With all of the commotion in your bed I am as hot as a firecracker and am ready to blast off like one.”

“Well now, that sounds like it’s me you are ready for. Mark can find his own.” She said with a laugh.

“Mark, I have some things to talk to Cath about. You can just catch some ZZ’s.” She announced to that end of the room.

She slid beneath the sheets and instantly threw herself into my waiting arms. I hadn’t had any sexual relationships with a woman in a very long time and was looking forward to this one. We were both naked and I could feel her breasts pressing against mine as she kissed me. The kiss lasted for a while and she lay back and let a hand roam down to my crotch. It didn’t take her long to spread my pussy lips and then find my clit. She soon had her fingers massaging it ever so lightly and my nib came out from under its cover in a very short time. Mmmm, she was somehow able to do more than with it than I ever could do for myself. I pulled her face back to mine and locked lips again. She had me going full blast with her fingers working my clit while her breasts were still mashed against mine. She quickly pulled back from me and gently pushed me back on the bed as she slid down to have her face in front of the waiting lips of my pussy.

All of a sudden I felt her tongue darting in and out of my pussy lips. She was licking up one side and then down the other of them and at the same time she had folded a few fingers together tent fashion and had inserted them in my pussy and was fucking me with them. Mmmm, I wasn’t going to last long like this.

“Annette, I am coming.” I whispered, as the warm feeling rose in my crotch. I could actually feel my hot juices flowing out of me covering her face with them. Whew, this was the first orgasm I had in a long long time brought on by a woman. I had forgotten how nice it felt.

As I came down from my orgasmic high she was holding me tightly against her and I let my mouth drop to her chest and took one of her hard nipples between my lips and let my tongue just flick against it. All I heard from her was one long moan as I had apparently touched one of her sensitive spots. I slid down in the bed and took a position lying on my stomach between her legs and started to let my mouth work her pussy the way she had done mine. A few licks and she was tossing her hips from side to side with her hair being tossed back and forth as her head was being thrown each way. All of a sudden I felt something touching my pussy. It couldn’t be Annette since her face and hands were up in the bed. I pulled my face from her pussy and turned and saw Mark kneeling behind me with his throbbing cock positioned in front of the lips of my pussy. Before I could say anything he had rammed it all the way in and I thought I was going to die with the pleasure.

I had his cock buried in my pussy while I had my tongue buried in Annettes and I was in my glory. His cock didn’t feel as though it was going to set any world records but it sure felt big enough for me. He was thrusting hard and deep and had moved one hand around to hold a breast as he was supporting himself with the other arm. It wasn’t much later the pressure in Annette had built to bahis siteleri the point where she had reached down and was holding my head with both hands and pulling me into her as hard as she could. I let my tongue get even more active and she actually howled as her orgasm overcame her. Mark was still pounding away in my pussy and I could feel his thrusting getting faster and even deeper as his own pressure in his balls had reached the point where he couldn’t control himself. I threw my hips back at him and then from side to side and up and down to help him along. I could actually feel him shooting stream after stream deep inside of me as he had his orgasm. I wanted to come again so I pulled myself off Annette and reached up and took Mark by the back of the neck and pulled him down to let his mouth work me over. It wasn’t more than another minute or so before I was covering his face with my creamy hot juices. What a threesome! We all just lay there breathing deeply for as long as it took to try and regain our normal rate.

I returned to normal first and asked, “How long have you guys been doing each other?”

Annette giggled a little and said, ” He introduced me to his cock when we were around eighteen. The other sexual stuff came along a little later.”

“Well, I have to say you sure know how to get the most out of each other and Annette, you sure knew what to do with me. When did you have your first girl?”

“You might not believe this but it was my older sister. She caught Mark and I one time and later told me that unless I gave her some pleasure she was going to tell our folks what she had seen. I didn’t know at the time that her and Mark had been screwing their eyes out for the previous few years. Either way, I was soon buried in her crotch with my tongue giving her what she wanted. Oh, she did the same for me so it wasn’t all one sided.”

“Do you still do each other?” I asked.

“No where near as often. She got married and had a kid so she is pretty well tied up with all of that. We get together sexually about once a month. Mark arranges his schedule so we have a nice family threesome.”

I was dragging tired with all that I had experienced that day and the hot sex that night had worn me out. “Guys, I am going to have to grab some shuteye or I’ll collapse.”

Mark jumped in with, “I think that’s a good idea for each of us. Annette, why don’t you and Cath stay in this bed and I’ll jump back to where we were before. Let me call the front desk and put in a nine o’clock wake up call.”

Annette spooned to me with her hand on my breast as we fell asleep. I felt secure and wanted and that was a big change for me.

The next morning started with a knock at the door. Mark got up and welcomed room service. He had called in a breakfast order of everything from bacon, sausage, cereal, eggs, toast and tea and coffee.

I couldn’t remember ever eating so much and it was wonderful. It was also strange having three of us bare-ass naked stuffing ourselves with all of that food.

When we were done eating Annette reached over and grabbed Mark by the cock and said she wanted it inside of her. She wanted to be eating my pussy while she was on her hands and knees and have Mark kneeling behind her fucking her pussy. Basically the same way the threesome started the night before. Mark was completely soft but Annette soon took care of that detail. She dropped her head to his lap and took his still soft cock all the way in so the head of it had to be close to touching her tonsils. She bobbed her head up and down and that was all it took. His cock was soon standing at attention and ready for action. Annette got up on her knees quickly and in one swift move Mark was behind her and had rammed his cock in to the hilt. I slid around and got my pussy under Annette’s face and she soon had her tongue feverishly working my clit.

The good nights sleep and a full breakfast did the trick. We all had our orgasms within minutes of one another. Mark rolled off saying that it was time for us to get ready to go.

The shower was the most unusual I had ever seen. There were the normal hot and cold faucets protruding from a lava wall but no showerhead. Mark turned on the water and lo and behold the water came out from someplace high on the wall in front of us and cascaded down over a flat rock embedded in the wall and then free fell over us. It was really something none of us had ever seen before. Quite a place!

The leg of the trip up to Frisco from there was routine. Mark still did all of the driving and we got there early afternoon after stopping for lunch in some easily forgettable roadside restaurant.

As we approached the city I started to worry a little if I was going to be able to find a place to stay I could afford while I was looking for work. I had them let me out of the car close to what appeared to be a reasonably priced hotel on their way to the hospital. We hugged, kissed and shook hands in celebration of a great trip together. At least it was great for me. I had plenty of good bahis şirketleri sex, a place to stay, some good food and a ride from the accident site to where I wanted to go.

The hotel was as close to a fleabag as they come but the rate was only twenty-six bucks and for Frisco that is as low as it gets. I did have some concerns as to my safety but I didn’t have much of a choice considering my financial situation. I got the address for a couple of employment offices and walked the few blocks to the first one. The receptionist raised her eyebrows when I told her I was looking for office work and I had heard that the job market in San Francisco was hot.

Her question was, “Where in the hell did you hear that garbage. We haven’t had a job opening in a couple of weeks.” Oh shit. I went to the corner and caught a bus over to the area of the next employment office. I wasn’t in that door more than a couple of minutes and heard the same thing I heard in the first place.

Oh my God, if I came all of this way based on bad info I was in more trouble than I had even thought. I could just as easily looked for a ride back to LA from the scene of the accident than come up this way. I left my name and the address of the hotel and that caused her another raising of the eyebrows.

She said, “Be very careful in that place. There have been more muggings and rapes there than almost any other place in the city.”

Geez, I had had enough of this town and I had only been here an hour or so. I had passed a Greyhound bus office on the way from my fleabag and went in on my way back and bought a ticket back to LA on a bus leaving in a half- hour. At least I had some friends’ back in LA with whom I could stay while fighting with the insurance company about my car and then trying to find a job in a city I knew. I bought a newspaper, paperback and some snacks for the trip and sat on a bench outside of the terminal waiting for the bus. It was right on time and I jumped on and grabbed a left side window seat. It was going to be an overnight trip and wouldn’t get into LA until early the next morning. I wasn’t sure I would be able to rouse my friends at that hour so I was preparing myself to sacking out on the seats at the terminal.

About three hours into the trip we stopped for a toilet break even though the coach had a bathroom facility and I guess it allowed the driver to stretch his legs. It was a small diner associated with a gas station and many on the bus got off and grabbed some coffee. Much to my surprise a car pulled in for gas and it was Mark and Annette. I walked over and said “Hello again” and could see their jaws drop.

“What the hell are you doing here?” asked Annette.

I told her and Mark jumped in with, “Get off that damn bus. You can ride back to LA with us.”

Great news for the bus is not the most comfortable vehicle to travel in and it was going to be a lot longer trip on it that it would with Mark driving his own car.

They were planning to stop again at the Madonna Inn so I knew I was in for some fun in the saddle and they sure didn’t disappoint me. Annette did more to please my pussy than any guy or gal ever had before. Her tongue was magical. She could uncover my clit and get it aroused better than it ever had before. The only problem was she made me come so quickly I couldn’t control myself.

We were back on the road around nine in the morning after the usual sexcapades to start off the day properly. About an hour out of LA Annette asked me where I was going to be staying that night since I had cancelled my apartment lease before leaving. I told her I was going to call one of my friends and try and room with them.

Annette almost screamed, “Bullshit. You’ll do no such thing. You can stay with me and use my car while you are looking for a job and having the fight of a lifetime with your insurance company.”

Mark went her one better and asked if I could type. I assured him I could and he said,

“Your job hunting is over. I am certain I can get you hired in our office. We just had a gal go out on maternity and I know she won’t be coming back.”

“Are you guys for real? One is going to give me a place to stay while I get resettled and the other of you is going to get me a job. What the hell did I do to deserve such treatment?”

They just laughed and kept right on chatting.

Everything went exactly as they said. I moved in with Annette and borrowed some money from her to buy the clothes I was going to need for the new job. The job was a dream. I had a minimal amount of typing and filing for three salesmen and answer the switchboard when the regular gal was on her breaks and the money was excellent. I was going to be able to pay Annette back for the money I had borrowed for clothes in a week or two.

I was also in for another surprise. The first weekend I was there they announced they had a surprise for me and wouldn’t tell me what it was but promised I would love it.

That Saturday night Mark dropped over around seven and had a lovely gal with him. He had a huge grin on his face when he announced that she was the surprise. She was their sister Jayne and wanted her to see what a beauty they were talking about. Me, a beauty? They both needed a thorough eye exam!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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