A Lock and Its Key

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(This story is unusual so if you find it doesn’t fit your needs why not just wander off and find another that does. It could be called a painful romance. I welcome positive contributions.)

Jean had been walking along for some time before she realized she was lost. This wasn’t an area of Valetta she knew very well; actually as much as she didn’t want to really admit to herself, she didn’t know it at all. She could see the clouds coming over the top of the magnificent old buildings which claimed the landscape, and she knew that she must have taken a wrong turn after getting off the rusty small ferry she had managed to rush onto. Strange she thought, as a regular visitor to this part of the world she normally could maintain her sense of direction in Valletta.

As a brunette with a lovely olive complexion Jean was always fighting off the old Maltese men who whistled and ogled her voluptuous body. In her gorgeous floral dress, which accentuated her sexy body, Jean was a radiant beauty who attracted the tourists’ interest; as well as the local. And while she might not have had the largest breasts in Malta that day, with her delightful curves she certainly attracted a lot of attention. Many a man; after seeing her that day, went to bed at night imagining how they’d like to rip off her knickers and stick their cocks inside her.

Jean had considered that there were so many familiar and fabulous buildings in Valetta that it was a hard place to really get lost in; or so she had thought until today. University holidays were supposed to be relaxing, and after all the examination stress she’d been under just recently she was feeling a bit more frustrated than she usually did. Her swatting had been successful but the exams were harder than she expected.

Under normal circumstances she would have just approached someone for directions. She just didn’t feel like doing that today! The last things she needed was a fat smelly local man suggesting they go and have a drink somewhere, while he tore off her clothes and ravished her delightfully sexy body with his leering eyes.

After another ten minutes of walking further on down the road Jean gave up. It was so hot. Typical of the magnificent beach weather she had been enjoying over the last few days, as she teased some of the hunky guys on the beach. However, just now, she was really completely lost, and to make things worse very tired and frustrated from the heat.

She saw a café just across the road and decided it was time to have a drink and relax. As a typical summer days in Malta it was unbelievably hot and she needed to replace the fluids she was losing. The lovely floral dress; which was almost see through but not quite, had kept her cool but it was moist from her perspiration in the most embarrassing spots.

If you are lost, what have you got to lose by stopping at a cafe for a refreshing drink on a hot day in Valletta? She walked across the road; careful to avoid the crazy middle aged male bus drivers who always seemed to consider the public roads their own racing tracks. Jean thought they were frustrated about their own sexual inadequacies and this made them such crazy drivers.

When she was standing at the door, outside the cafe, she noticed that the café was shut. It had a closed sign hanging on the inside of the door. That was the last straw, feeling like nothing was ever going to work out for her she just started to cry. It was just one of those days when life is against you and nothing works out, no matter what you do.

The young man inside the café, mopping the floor, saw the outline of woman who had come to the door and it seemed like she was crying. It was unbelievable, why would someone cry because they couldn’t get in to the cafe? Carl knew the cafe wasn’t that great!

He went outside to investigate. Jean had her face buried in her hands with her back to the door; as she continued to sob. Carl tapped her on the shoulder, and then got the surprise of his life when she turned around and looked at him. It was Jean, and he hadn’t seen her for at least three years.

And it was a similar surprise when Jean turned around and saw Carl. It was the shock; she did immediately stop crying. Truthfully it was like the sun had suddenly come out from behind the clouds, and her sorrow turned to delight. Just when you think life is against you, it throws you an unexpected gift that you have been longing for but have forgotten in your despair of the moment. For here was someone so dear to her, that had been lost to her through a freak accident; it could be called nothing more than cruel act of fate.

She felt a great joy fill her heart and her face flush. She couldn’t help herself, Jean just smiled at him and the glow of delight filled her body with contentment.

She blurted out, “what are you doing here?”

Carl explained that when he’d seen her crying, he thought he should come outside and see what the matter was. He didn’t realise bahis firmaları who it was, and that he’d been cleaning the inside of the café before he seen her crying.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them; neither quite knowing how to start the conversation flowing about what had happened between them. To avoid creating tension seemed a good starting point for Carl. And so Carl asked Jean why she had been crying.

Jean explained the type of horrible and frustrating day she had; until she’d seen him again, and how she’d been looking for a place to have a drink. It had been too much for her when the café had been shut, as it had just capped off a particularly challenging day for her.

Smiling at her, Carl said they should try to change all that, and he invited her into the café for a drink. He explained that the owner was away for the day. With a grin on his face he said that no-one else would be at the cafe until they opened it again that night at about 7pm.

Once they were inside Carl fetched Jean the drink she wanted and he made himself a kinnie too. While he poured himself a kinnie on the rocks, without looking at her, he asked Jean the burning question that had sat at the back of his tormented mind for those three long years.

Taking a deep breath he asked, “Jean why didn’t you call me after those days we spent together in Gozo?”

Caught unaware, Jean looked up from her drink and straight at Carl. He thought to himself that perhaps, from the look on her face, she was going to start crying again. But Jean remained collected enough to explain to him what had happened.

“Oh that, well my mobile phone got stolen on the ferry back from Gozo. And, I didn’t know how to get in contact with you. I was so upset I just cried. I just had no idea how to get hold of you”, she sighed and recollected how fate had frustratingly kept them apart.

She went on to explain to Carl that when they had parted she had told him that she had another two weeks left of her holiday. Fate had stepped in, that had all fallen apart, because when she had returned to her apartment she had found a message from her father. Her mother was ill. Her father had insisted that she should come home on the first flight; which she had done.

She expressed her utter devastation to hom, “I was so sad, I kept asking myself what more I could have done to make sure I stayed in touch with you. I lost touch with you and nothing can make up for how frustrating that was for me.”

She looked longingly at Carl; she had had a wonderful time with him in Gozo – he was a fabulous lover and she felt his passionate gaze drawing her back to that engrossingly sensual experience.

Carl was so relieved to understand that Jean had not run off with someone else. He had thought that she must have been using him as a local toy; the way some tourists do. Given the great time they had spent together (he had admitted to himself) it did seem unlikely.

Jean was delighted that she had finally found the man she’d clicked with so well last time she was in Malta, and who treated her so delightfully well. Her body trembled in a reflective sexual glow as she thought about the wonderful few passionate days they had spent together. Her return to Malta was she knew, if she was honest with herself, a reflection of how sexually fulfilled she felt during those all too short delightfully blissful days with Carl.

As Jean watched Carl work away in the café, she felt herself becoming drawn back into the feelings of burning attraction she had for him. They both started to talk about what had happened to them in the intervening three years. It was as if they had experienced a period of amnesia and had woken up to find life was still full of potential. Both their love and sex lives had been substantially unfulfilling since they separated that day three years ago.

Carl’s fetish was frustratingly ignored by most of his partners, and it was a real delight for him; and a lustful blessing, knowing they were connected together once more. Jean couldn’t help but rethink the value of this day, and that providence had played a part in her ending up at the café where the man who answered all her sexual dreams once against stood before her.

The irony was she knew she would never have found him if she had been looking for him. Getting lost that given fate the opportunity it was looking for, and so today had turned out to be the best thing to happen to Jean since arriving back in her lovely sexy Malta.

The first week had been unbelievably stiflingly hot, and typically the air-conditioner had not been working at her apartment. It had been a less enjoyable holiday than she had expected to date, but she knew finding Carl and his passionate lust filled body would change all that for her, and that her holiday was about to become a real adventure.

Jean might have been a very gorgeous woman but her lust was usually kept well under control, but kaçak iddaa somehow Carl seemed to have opened her up and released all her pent up desires that she somehow felt guilty about expressing with everyone but him.

Life had been up and down for Carl over the last few years. Jean was a real treasure; he had missed her and their passionate ability to address his fetish for rubber; she was someone he didn’t want to lose again. He put down his cloth and shifted a seat so he could sit closely next to her.

He felt the physical closeness that bought them together and ignited his desire; he could smell her and her delightfully enticing aroma; created by that special perfume that told him it really was her! His body responded subconsciously to her and he felt himself becoming hard as he enjoyed her filling his senses with her presence.

Jean had her hands on the table, one close to her drink and the other gently rubbing the sugar bowl. Carl reached out and took her hands in his hands and kissed each of the fingers on her hands. He smiled at her as he did this, and she smiled back at him. Jean remembered fondly how this fantastic man had pressed his lips against hers as they sat on the beach in Gozo those 3 long years ago. It was the starting point of the most unbelievably sexual fulfilling few days of her life.

At the back of her mind, she secretly hoped it wouldn’t be too long before they could start kissing each other again. They had both found the time apart a real challenge for their unique sexual desires, but they had each become much more experienced in life’s sensual pleasures since that time together. Both realised they had missed something critical to themselves, when expressing their sexuality with another. Once again they could feel the previous incredibly strong sexual attraction pulling them fiercely together, to once again fill those strangely compatible sexual desires.

Carl leant across, and Jean could see in his eyes that he longed to kiss her. Jean felt the need to feel his lips against her lips again. And as their lips met again, Jean could feel her lips caressingly slide across his succulent lips, as their lips once again renewed their delightful embrace. The softness of their lips meant they were melting together, and their whole bodies trembled. As they locked lips together in a passionate remembrance of strangely exotic proportions, knowing that their needs would be quenched in secretly poetic compliance.

Their bodies and minds knew it was the powerful lust and sensational sexual fulfilment that lay ahead for them and had trapped them. That the delicate flesh of their lips had come back to join its erotic match again, but that it was at the start of a path that led away from kissing to very exotic pleasures. They felt a sharing of a common sexual bond that reignited a long lost sensual pleasure that could not be quelled for their individually exotic fetishes.

Life had cruelly given them strangely exotic desires. The sensualness of the lips joining together again was a welcome and exquisite experience for both of them to revel in again. It was however, a coming together of a lock and key, and once the lock was open, the normalness of the passionate kisses would denigrate into the background.

Opening their desires drove them to partake of a lust that would disgust many sexually conservative and inhibited readers on this site. It was bound to prompt outrageous disgust by the very same people who cannot bear to consider that a violent propensity for rubber and strap-on penetration was in any way acceptable for two passionate people with fetishes that made them exactly right for each other.

The urgency of her desires drove her on. Jean’s tongue entered Carl’s mouth, and tickled his tongue and fucked itself into his mouth, and they began their game of tongue wrestling; that Carl was destined to lose because it so well suited his desires.

Jeans hands caressed his face which was covered in thick rough stubble. As they were looking into each other’s eyes, they continued to kiss and play with each other’s mouths; lips and tongues. Their bodies were joined in a ballet of oral proportions.

The joy of kissing the lips of the one they most desired drove them on to make an erotically juicy game of their kissing. They both had their eyes shut as their kissing went on and on. They knew inside themselves, that a key was turning inside a lock that would once again liberate their true desires that they exposed only to the other.

Jean wondered how is it that I am only like this with Carl? What is it about him that brings this burning unrestrained desire out in me, and turns me on so much, that I only ever think of him? Life is so fickle sometimes.

Finally, Jean felt Carl running his hands along her upper legs. It felt so overwhelmingly delightful and erotic to have him touching her again. She felt the erotic tingling as his hand caressed her flesh. His hand moved across kaçak bahis the outside of her thighs, and then around the top of her thighs, and then into the hot moistness that lay between her legs.

His fingers were gently pinching and teasing the inside of her upper thighs. She was so wild with desire for this man again, he was once again driving her body towards a state of total unrestrained lust. Jean felt the need to express this feeling and so she started to loudly moan in appreciation of his attention to her body.

“Mmmm, oh so lovely. Just like that. Ohhhh yessss,” she mewed.

And then the lock was open inside her lust filled mind. She felt the shift within herself. Carl must have known what he was doing, he must want this; his attention to detail in the way he was attending to Jean’s body was predictable as a precursor to Jean’s transformation.

Snap went the lock! Jean felt the desire take hold of her mind as her hand lashed out and slapped Carl’s face. Again and again she lashed out at him. She felt the sting spread across the palm of her hand, knowing full well that he would feel its effects as it crashed into his face. Jean looked at the redness of his face and gently caressed the cheeks she had slapped.

Carl had hoped rather than expected that Jean would once again establish her cruel dominance over him. His heart race as he watched, like a silent observer, as her hands launched themselves upon his face. He heard the explosion of body meeting body, as the skin and muscle of his cheeks shouted in pain to his mind. His cock grew harder as he then enjoyed the caress of his tinglingly engorged cheeks. It told him that she was willing to participate in the games of lust that had locked them together in the past.

It was at this point that Jean looked up to check to see whether someone outside the café would be able to see in, and watch her about to lose total control over her inhibitions. Carl smiled at her, he knew what she was concerned about so he moved away from her towards the door. When he reached the door he pulled down the blind on the door and made sure the door was deadlocked.

They had been busy at the back of the café, away from the prying eyes of people passing by, and with the blind of the door closed (and the door locked), they were now completely secure to enjoy their intimate time together undisturbed by prying eyes. Carl wanted Jean free to enjoy herself in any way she wanted.

While Carl was busy with closing them off from the outside world, Jean slipped her hand into her handbag, she grabbed what she wanted, and put them on. She smiled to herself, knowing how long these had lain carefully hidden in her handbag. Finally to use them, as they were intended, was a wonderfully unexpected surprise. And she knew it would be a welcome surprise for Carl too.

Carl looked at Jean as he walked back towards her, and Jean pointed down towards her pussy. Carl smiled, licked his lips, and nodded his head in affirmation. When he reached Jean, he lowered himself, and knelt in front of Jean. He positioned himself at her feet, as a pussy love slave. She sat on her chair as he prepared himself to worship her pussy once again.

She looked down at him and said, “all that kissing has got me really worked up and hot, and I remember that you had a very special talent you’ve showed me; oh how I’ve missed that tongue of yours. It’s just too cruel. Mmmmm, oh go for it. Do what I need you to, and don’t you dare stop until I tell you to.”

Carl knew exactly what she wanted. He had dreamed of this again and again. Jean watched as Carl lifted up her dress, and she felt his face and mouth press against the rubber panties that were covering her pussy. She knew she was going to be very wet for him.

As Carl face approached his goal, he could smell the combination of Jean’s juicy pussy and it’s rubber covered housing. His cock swelled and throbbed into its full hardness. That aroma of rubber and Jean’s pussy juices, it was a combination that almost made him faint with lustful desire.

To Jean’s delight, and as she had so much hoped for, Carl seemed quite engulfed in his task of feasting on her radiant pussy through the rubber panties. He started with nibbling and sucking on her inner thighs through the rubber. Jean could feel him using his very talented tongue and lips to ravish her ever eager pussy. To Jean’s relief and enjoyment Carl was running his juicy wet athletic tongue along the edge of her rubber panties. Unbelievably he was able, at the same time to push his tongue underneath her rubber panties, to begin his quest for tickling, teasing and tasting her magnificently succulent pussy.

Cruelly Jean grabbed his head and pushed his face harder against her rubber cover pussy. Carl loved the way she mashed his face into her pussy. He wanted her to push his face into her drenchingly aroused pussy even further. It was almost like she was using his tongue and lips as a sex toy on herself; as she used his face as a tool to pleasure herself because she was engulfed in her own lust. She didn’t care about his satisfaction; she just wanted him to make the fire inside her burn bright with growing delight.

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