A Lick for Robin

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Robin sat where he could see the entrance to the restaurant. His fingers traced along the rim of his glass as he sat watching waiting for her to appear. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect, he had a vision in his mind and that vision seemed to fade at times only to be sharpened later by something she would say or a way she would touch him. He wanted to talk to her, have a real conversation with her. He was constantly amazed at how well she knew him by only reading what he could offer in chat lines. He was almost afraid of becoming transparent if she were to see him in real life.

Their meeting was odd and some would argue whether they were even friends. They were connected in a strange, foreign way that not many could understand. He had made decisions early in his life and he often doubted and mistrusted his choices. He toyed with thinking he made mistakes he was forced to live with or on better days relishing in the hopes that he was experiencing what every man his age was experiencing. Maybe he was just fearful of losing a life never known or living a life never lived. He could talk about these things, probably because her fears were so much like his own.

Robin eased his fears by touching women he would never see. He reached out to strangers in a medium that allowed him to touch and arouse women he could not in real life. He didn’t always touch for himself, at times he touched and got little in return. He enjoyed knowing other women could experience themselves sexually at the mere use of his words. He tested his abilities to connect with women and wanted to know if other women would find him desirable.

She was his friend, she brought him through ups and downs and he was confident their meeting now was a good thing. They had always promised they would never regret each other and he knew they were both hoping this would not bring regrets despite all the caution put into their decision.

Meg stood outside the restaurant looking inside. It was an upscale Italian restaurant but she hoped she wasn’t overdressed. She wore a simple silk black dress that fell a few inches above her knees. Not knowing what the evening would bring, she dressed things up a bit underneath with sheer black thigh high stockings and black lacy panties. Her bra was a matching black lace that did well to hold her D cup breasts in place. The out fit made her feel sexy, she could feel the lace of her bra move against her nipples and she hoped her reaction wasn’t too obvious. Looking down, she could see where her nipples were making only a slight debut. She was not always comfortable with the size of her breasts but she was grateful for her slim hips and flat stomach.

Taking a moment to organize her thoughts she stood in front of the restaurant while other patrons walked past her. A man passing by smiled subtly at her and nodded giving her a bit more confidence that perhaps she would get a similar smile from her friend. Running her fingers through her dark curls she took a deep breath.

Putting one foot in front of the other she pulled open the door stepping inside. Willing her fingers not to fidget with her dress or twirl her hair, her eyes scanned the tables. She had only seen two pictures of him but she knew she would recognize him. She could sense his presence in the restaurant. Her eyes immediately fell on a dark haired man wearing a pink shirt. She knew without looking any further this particular man would be wearing black jeans.

Robin thought anadolu yakası escort he’d be nervous seeing her for the first time but all he could do was smile like he was seeing a friend he’d known all his life. He stood and walked to greet her. She took the hand he reached out to her and pulled herself close to him. Standing on her tip toes, with his right hand still in hers, she placed a light kiss on the right side of his neck…just below his ears. Before pulling away she left him with a tiny lick after whispering in his ear how nice it was to finally see him. The silk of her dress assisted his hand as it slipped down her back causing her to shiver a bit despite the warmth of the restaurant and being so close to him.

Holding his hand she followed him to the table. They eased into light conversation as they sat together at the small table. She was absolutely stunned at how comfortable she felt talking to him. He was handsome and she enjoyed looking at his face. He had a sexy look about him and his voice was soothing and familiar to her.

She wanted to touch his face as they talked and she was surprised she was not afraid. Nothing about this trip was making her afraid. Typically everything scared her about being in a new place alone. The new city didn’t scare, getting here had not scared her and sitting here now with him did not scare her.

He smiled when her fingers finally started twirling a curl that had fallen from behind her ear. Many times he had imagined touching her, kissing her, stroking her until she came for him over and over again and now she was sitting close enough that only inches separated their knees.

Taking advantage of her new fearlessness and her trust in her friend, Meg reached out and touched Robin’s face. She smiled in response to his smile and how his hand covered hers. Her thumb stroked his cheek while her fingers softly traced his jaw line. He had a strong face and suddenly her fingers weren’t enough for her. Moving her chair slightly to the side, she leaned to him and grazed his lips with hers and what had been intended as just a mere taste evolved into a true test of their ability to make it through dinner.

Robin struggled with the thoughts going through his mind. He wanted her, wanted her badly. His eyes studied her face, her neck and he wanted to reach out and run his hands down the sides of her body. He could imagine what the swells of her breasts would feel like under his hands and allowing his thumbs to linger over her nipples making them become even more pronounced under that thin silk. She talked to him like she had known him forever and he was aching to please her, to feel her, to experience her.

They did make it through dinner. She ate things she had never tried and truly enjoyed his conversation. She was staying at a hotel across the road and after dinner Robin walked her across to her hotel. His arm holding her close, she could only imagine finishing the kiss they had started earlier. They said very little knowing that if he if were to come up to her room they would finish that kiss. At the door to her room he turned her to face him, pressing her back to the door, he looked down at her and she knew they were about to finish that kiss.

His lips were gentle at first quickly becoming more insistent. The pressure from his lips stirred her body to respond. Her lips opened and her tongue searched for his. Her hands sliding behind ataşehir escort his head pulling him close she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He tasted so good to her, like she had imagined he would.

She could feel his body respond to her and hear his soft moans being uttered into her mouth. As her own sounds mingled with his, her hands started to wander. As they kissed in that hallway her fingers started to tug his shirt from his pants. Her hands wandered around his waist pulling him closer as she wrapped her leg around his lower leg try to balance herself in his arms.

His fingers twined in her hair, he held her head as he kissed her. She tasted so sweet, her mouth was so warm, he couldn’t get enough of her. His tongue in play with hers his mind started to wander before his hands. His lips paying attention to her lower lip as he started to pull back from the kiss. Feeling her hands now moving up his back under his shirt he whispered in her ear how much he wanted her.

Slightly turning, she unlocked the door and pulled him into the room. Facing him she held up her arms and his fingers gathered the silk and pulled the dress over her head. Dropping the dress to the floor, Robin allowed his eyes to move down her body. This body he had dreamed about for so long was now within his reach. Her erect nipples pressed against the lace of her bra. His fingers ached to run down her flat stomach knowing he’d only be then driven to let his fingers trail beneath the lace of her panties.

She stepped back from him and walked to the bed. He loved how she walked, how she carried her body. Her legs were trim, defined and his mind could only imagine having them wrapped around him. She sat on the bed and beckoned him to come to her.

Following instruction like a small child, he walked to her. Standing between her legs, he watched as she unbuckled his jeans and pushed them to the floor completely exposing himself to her. Her hands wandered over his legs, gently massaging his thighs. Her left hand stroking his inner thigh, he watched as her hand stroked him only inches from his cock.

She slipped to the floor and her mouth followed the path her hands. He could feel her tongue as she licked up his shin and over his knee. Watching her move to the inside of his thigh his hands could no longer resist and they reached down to touch her as her mouth played. He loved how her silky hair felt in his fingers and how her smooth skin felt under his touch.

He watched those hands as they finally made their way to his cock. He was rock hard as both of her hands started to stroke him. Her thumbs moving over his head while her hands moved up down forced him to utter a small moan. So many times he had touched himself imagining this, it was almost surreal to have her here. Her hands were small but warm and he was quickly finding himself wanting more.

Reading his mind, her mouth followed. She wanted to taste him, hear him respond to her. Her tongue following her thumbs over his head she tasted his pre cum loving his hardness and his taste. Her mouth descending on him, her tongue moved up and down his shaft as both of her hands followed. Stroking and sucking his cock she loved how he felt in her mouth. His sounds and the gentle gyrations of his hips told her he was enjoying how this was feeling. Sliding him to the back of her throat, allowing her tongue to become familiar with the ridges and texture of his cock.

He ümraniye escort pulled her up to him, his hands moving behind her to unclasp her bra releasing her breasts for him. His hands roaming down her back and back up her sides to let his hands finally hold the swell of her breasts. Her nipples hardened under his thumbs and his mouth couldn’t resist their taste. Her nipple grew in his mouth as his tongue circled and teased. Her soft moans as he took her in his mouth like this was driving him mad.

Laying her back on the bed, his hands moved down her body and slid under her panties pulling them down her legs. His hands then slowly moved up her legs and his fingers slipped under her thigh highs and one at a time slipped them off her legs. Her legs were muscular but feminine. He allowed his hands to run the length of her legs enjoying their silky smoothness. He loved how she responded to him even more than how his own body was responding to her.

Lifting her leg, he kissed her behind her knee, leaving a lick in place of his kiss. His hand continued to stroke her inner thigh and soon his finger tempting itself by tracing the outline of her close trimmed pussy. His finger was moist just from touching the outside, he no longer wanted to imagine her wetness. He wanted to feel her, taste her, so he allowed his finger to touch her. Slipping his finger inside her, stroking up and down her slit he reveled in her wetness and heat. Using two fingers he continued to stroke. Slipping his fingers deep inside her, his thumb circled her clit.

She begged for him to make her cum. Using her hands she pulled him up to her so he was lying beside her. She wanted to taste his kiss as she came for him the first time. Her lips urgent, her tongue probing she tasted him. His own kiss urgency was clear to her as he moved his mouth over hers. Her hips arching, moving against his hand she moaned loudly in his mouth as came. She needed even more release and she needed to feel him inside her.

Laying him back on the bed, she straddled him. Leaning down, she whispered in his ear telling him how much she wanted him. Licking his neck, kissing his ear, she brought her pussy over his cock. Feeling his hands move around her waist, she slowly took his cock deeply inside her.

Sitting up now, on top of him, she moved. His hands touched her as she rode him. His hand gently stroked her neck, moving down over her shoulders. She could tell from his breathing, his soft moans, and his pulsating inside her that he wanted to cum. His hands moved down over her breasts and down her sides, touching and stroking her body.

He moved inside her, feeling how tight, hot, wet she was. Her smooth skin, rounded breasts, erect nipples combined with the heat of being inside her was making was bringing him close to the edge. Harder and deeper she moved, fucking him, making him want to cum so deep inside her. She completely consumed him and everything else seemed to stop at this moment.

He watched her hands slide down her stomach and felt her hands on his cock as it slid in and out of her. She threw her head back and he knew she was about to cum again as he felt her constrict around his cock. His could feel his cum start to build and would cum with her this time. His hands around her waist, he pulled her down on him as he arched up into her. He could feel her spasm and juices flow over him as he spilled inside her. The both moaned with their release, their sounds telling each other that for now they would be satisfied.

Still straddling him, she looked down at him and smile. His finger traced along her thigh and trailed down her calf. As his fingers gently drew patterns over her ankles, she leaned down and gave Robin one final lick on the neck. The final lick for today, anyway.

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