A Legal Affair

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This story is set in the 1980s in New York and is one of those one off stories I penned just to see how it would all work out. I hope you enjoy it.


Initially I was drawn to Laura Goodman for the same reason as my male counterparts, it was lust and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was a twenty-nine year old Assistant District Attorney based in New York. I’d been out since high school and it was my boast that the only cock I’d seen was in my brother’s extensive collection of dirty magazines.

My name is Susannah Bailey, I’m five foot five with a good figure and a healthy head of brown hair, I learned to fight when I was in high school and became interested in karate very early on. I was raised in New York City and if you didn’t carry a weapon or something that could be used as a weapon then you were fair game. I guess I had a good head on my shoulders with aspirations of working my way upwards. Thus, when it came to a choice of weapon I had two, my quick wit and when that failed, my hands. I started karate lessons when I was just thirteen and by the time I was sixteen I was taking part in amateur bouts. I wouldn’t say I was the best because back then there were so few girls taking up karate that my competitors were somewhat lackluster.

Laura was taken on as a legal secretary/paralegal when she moved from her hometown in Houston, Texas to NYC and very quickly attracted the interest of my male colleagues. She was twenty five, five foot eight with a petite figure and a healthy head of long blonde hair framing an oval shaped face set with green eyes that sometimes appeared gray. Laura was very attentive, some paralegals just talk the talk but she walked the walk, you knew when you gave her instructions that she was actually paying attention.

She was well aware of the affect she had on men but Laura was definitely in the straight category and had boyfriends. I met one, Jacob briefly in the lobby when he came to pick her up for dinner. However when I asked her about her date a few days later she seemed dismissive, and at first I thought it was either because she kept her private life separate or maybe their relationship was not so good. Nonetheless, despite my curiosity I had bigger fish to fry and the secret life of Laura Goodman was not high on my agenda. The mayor was under pressure to clamp down on crime and thus we had our hands full and it was one of those cases that proved to be the catalyst that finally drew us together.

The case was passed onto us by the sexual assault division and involved an accountant who’d been charged with statutory rape but the case was shaky because the victim had been drinking at the time. On any normal day it might have gone to a plea bargain or the judge would have thrown the case out citing lack of conclusive proof. However, Laura had taken a personal interest in it and got in contact with the hospital the victim had gone to the following morning and here fate turned in our favor because the admitting doctor was a British expatriate. She’d done a blood test to check for other drugs and the test came back positive for Rohypnol. When we followed up that line of inquiry we discovered that the victim had never taken anything stronger than a mild sedative. The doctor was actually surprised when Laura turned up to ask for the report again because she thought the police had lost the report she’d given them.

The police called the perp back in for questioning and when confronted with the new evidence he folded like a deck of cards and threw himself on the mercy of the D.A’s office. Further investigation found that there had been a string of rape allegations from women who’d allowed him to buy them a drink. Mercy or not, he was sentenced and I got a commendation from my superior, which I passed onto Laura that same day.

“But how did you know to investigate this one?”

“I didn’t,” she replied, “but the statement I read was very similar to something that happened to my sister back in Houston. I suspected she’d been drugged, but at least the doctor who saw her had the sense to do a full blood test.”

Our friendship began then and over the next eight months or so she became something of a personal legal secretary to me. I mean she had to work with other attorneys as well, but Laura preferred my company because the men tended to either flirt with her or assign her mundane jobs. I was the only one who looked past the physical and saw that she really was trying to move up the ladder. You could give her a job and just walk away knowing she’d do it and if she couldn’t there was always a good reason why she hadn’t managed to complete it. However in all that time I never outed myself to her, not because I feared losing her but it just seemed somehow crass. This was 1984 and while being gay didn’t mean an actual prison sentence you would be consigned to a different kind of jail, one where you had to conform to a certain mode of behavior. It was never quite put like that to your face but certainly behind your back there were the ‘in jokes.’

However many of bahis şirketleri us were reluctant to come out because at that point the CDC had only just started referring to this new mystery illness as AIDS instead of GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) and to further heighten concerns it was revealed that straight people were also at risk. I remember the firestorm that set off and the media were having a field day with all kinds of stories. There were claims that you could catch it from kissing or even just sitting on a toilet seat. The televangelists were in their element because this was ‘God’s punishment’ for breaking one of his commandments, I was raised in a Catholic household and I can’t recall one of the ten commandments forbidding me from loving my own kind. By then of course I’d ditched organized religion but in true Catholic style I referred to myself as a lapsed Catholic.

It was in the spirit of that attitude that I gravitated towards Laura, because she came from a Baptist background. Indeed her father was one of the leading lights in the family church. Laura was not so religious now that she was far from Texas.

Outside influences drove us together when in February, 1985 the Federal government brought charges against the Five Families of New York and some of our people were brought in to assist federal prosecutors in what would become one of the longest Mafia trials in history. Having fewer staff around meant we had to double up to cover our workload and thus Laura was moved up a notch to my level and I became her mentor.

I don’t doubt that quite a few of my male counterparts were jealous and I know that a couple of them did suspect my sexual orientation but because I could be quick on the uptake none of them dared raise the matter to my face. In fact it only came out when we went to see Red Sonja and I admitted that I had a crush on Brigitte Nielsen as we sat in a late night diner.

“Yeah, me too,” she admitted, “not that I’d ever, you know.”

“I would,” I replied and when she raised her eyebrows I finally launched out into the unknown.

“I like women,” I went on.

Laura straightened up and looked past me for a few moments and thinking she was about to leave I opened my mouth to try and soften the blow but then she spoke again.

“What kind of women?”

“Ladies,” I confessed, “I mean I’ve been out with butch kinds but I’ve always been attracted to women who were more ladylike.”

Laura winced at that comment even though she tried to hide it by straightening up at the same time and pretending to stretch. Our conversation drifted to other matters shortly afterwards but when we parted company later on I had the impression that she was definitely bendable because she let me walk her home. One of my gay friends thought I was reading too much into it when I told her the following day over lunch.

“It’s probably more for security.”

However when I got back from lunch Laura was on her way out and she wasn’t aware I’d just been for lunch because I often detoured to a diner on the way back from court, we met on the stairwell as I was just coming back from lunch.

“I’m heading out for lunch, are you coming?”

“No thanks I’ve, um just been for lunch.”

“Oh,” her eyes shifted, “right, okay,” she moved to the staircase.

“Maybe next time,” I called out after her.

She did acknowledge that as she headed downstairs but I had the feeling she’d made a move and I’d been totally unprepared for it. I did think of asking her about lunch when she came back but then I had to dash back to court to oppose a last minute bail application and that took longer than normal due to a fire alarm going off just before I was about to enter the court room. By the time I got back the moment had passed and Laura was looking forward to going home.

“You got any plans for tonight?”

“Yeah, I’m seeing Tony tonight.”

“Who’s Tony? You haven’t mentioned him before,” I teased her.

“He’s just a guy I’ve been seeing for the last few weeks, I don’t know where it’s going,” and with that she turned suddenly and walked away leaving me with my mouth open. The implications were obvious but I was still her mentor and that did give me cause to think about where this was going, if anywhere. I honestly thought that it was going nowhere, she might come across as curious but there were good reasons for not getting hung up about Laura as I’ve already mentioned. I spent the night at home with a takeaway pizza and a six pack of Budweiser watching Moonlighting because I also had a big crush on Cybill Shepherd.

Laura was a few minutes late the next morning and apologized profusely, which made me suspect that they’d both hit home runs the previous night but that illusion was shattered when I stepped out of a toilet cubicle to find Laura brushing her hair. I had one of those déjà vu moments, I was sure I’d seen that outfit before and it only came to me when she looked up at me in the mirror. Cybill Shepherd had worn something similar in a Moonlighting episode. The blouse bahis firmaları was a lighter pink but it had that same mandarin collar and it was tucked into a dark pink, knee-length skirt.

“I’ve had it with men,” she sighed, “what is it with men that they think buying you dinner entitles them to sex?”

“It’s part of their makeup,” I started washing my hands.

“Maybe I’ll change sides then,” she sprayed perfume on her wrists.

“Oh,” I stared at her in the mirror, “okay.”

“What’re you doing for lunch?”

“Huh?” I turned the tap off, “I have to put in an appearance at court, so I don’t think I’ll get time for a lunch break.”

“Well how’s about I grab a takeout and meet you at court?”

I hesitated before saying yes because I didn’t want to seem too eager and she grinned as she tucked the blouse further into her skirt.

“Cool, what do you fancy?”

“Anything hot but not too spicy.”

“So you’re not into Taco?”

“Not as a rule, no,” I took the wallet out of my purse, “here, seeing as you’re doin’ the walkin’ I’ll do the treatin’ just a burger and fries.”

She exited the bathroom a few moments later leaving me to contemplate this sudden shift in the wind. We weren’t the only ones in the bathroom, two of the cubicle doors were closed and while she hadn’t actually come out, dropping that comment in a place where women might overhear it could be tantamount to broadcasting on a loudhailer. Just as I stepped out of the bathroom, Dorothy came out of a cubicle, which was something of a relief because Dorothy wasn’t the type to open her mouth to all and sundry.

My appearance that day was to submit an indictment for a man arrested for embezzling company funds and because there was a lot of money involved we were also applying to have his passport seized. By curious coincidence he was also called Tony, something Laura had noticed when she helped prepare the brief.

“His wife paid the bond but he has to report every second day at his local precinct, let’s hope he don’t skip town.”

“You think he will?”

“I doubt he’s got the balls to cross her, I thought she was going to frog march him out of the court. Even the judge was trying not to smile,” I led her out of the courthouse.

“You look smart in that suit,” she ran an eye over me.

“I do?” I looked down at myself briefly. I’d gone for the pinstripe trouser suit look that day with a white blouse, “thanks.”

I learned a lot about Laura that lunchtime. She was one of four girls in an all-girl family, her parents were churchgoers but only one of their daughters was still attending church.

“Isobel is still in Senior High,” she told me, “but she seems to enjoy the youth group and this year she’s going to summer camp as a counselor.”

“So what turned you off religion?”

“I started hanging out with a different crowd at college,” she took a mouthful of Coke, “when you get exposed to a different way of thinking you either make your walls higher or open the gates and venture outside. I chose the latter because it was lonely inside my castle. When I told mom that one of my best friends at college was gay she warned me to stay away because it was contagious.”

“Yeah, been there, done that, I was straight until I was fifteen and then some gay girl sneezed on me and I’ve been gay ever since.”

Her laughter startled me because it seemed to come from deep within and when she stopped I had a slight grin on my face.

“You’ve got a cute smile,” she nudged me, “just don’t sneeze on me for God’s sake, my mom has the prayer circle working overtime to keep me from succumbing to the devil.”

Our lunch date was over soon enough but on the way back to the office Laura detoured via a record store. She’d said over lunch that she was thinking of buying the second Madonna album, Like A Virgin but first she wanted to listen to a few more tracks and in those days the only way of doing that in the store was in a listening booth. Thus, I found myself crammed into a booth with a small window set into the door and a pair of headphones on, Laura had a set on as well and here’s where it got intensely erotic.

The presence of the window prevented us from kissing but it didn’t stop her from walking her fingers up and down my leg. It was such an intense turn on because people were walking past the booth or looking straight at us, totally unaware of what she was doing. After a second track she slid her finger behind the placket of my fly. Eventually she pulled the headphones off.

“What’re you doing tonight?”

“Apart from work?” I looked at my watch, “I’ve got to work later tonight.”

“We’ll see about that,” she hung the headphones up, “I’m buying this record, I’ll see you back at work.”

Laura was as good as her word. I had a mountain of work waiting for me, my In Tray was always full but that day it was overflowing. Laura however was efficiency personified, it’s one of those aspects to her personality that I’ve come to love and hate, depending on the situation. kaçak bahis siteleri She’s one of those people who pays her bills before they’re due, like who does that? And when it comes to work she can blitz through it in record time and yet she doesn’t look like she’s working hard. Laura has an unruffled approach to work, it’s just one step after another until you finish. She once summed up her approach to work when she described it as the whale procedure, meaning you could only eat a whale one bite at a time.

Despite that however, we finished just after six and as I prepared to leave she seemed anxious.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

“This doesn’t mean we?”

“Fuck?” I smirked, “it’s on the agenda but first I want to eat and if we fuck afterwards then so be it but if not I’m not bothered.”

“Now that’s something I’ve never heard before,” she slipped a hand under her blouse, “so, if we had dinner and I decided to go home to my own bed we’d still be friends?”

“Of course,” I pulled the hair clasp from my hair and shook my hair loose, “is there any other way?”

“This could either be the best thing I’ve ever done or the worst,” she replied a few moments later as she fluffed her hair out, “but this doesn’t mean I’m coming out. My mom thinks it bad enough that I listen to Madonna. If I told her I’d slept with a woman she’d have a fit.”

“It’s not about coming out,” I replied, “some women know what they want from quite early on but others only come to that realization much later in life. Some women might be married for years and it’s only when their marriage ends that they finally gravitate towards women.”

“I’m not saying I’ve always been like that,” she frowned, “maybe I’m just pushing back against my upbringing. I was raised to believe that if I even thought about having sex outside marriage then it was as bad as having actual sex.”

“Imagine if that was even possible,” I grabbed my purse, “no tedious dinners with boring guys or women, no fear of falling pregnant or catching some horrible disease, just think about it and you’re done,” I opened the office door for her.

“And even better, you could do it at work and no one could fire you for having sex at work.”

She giggled at that.

“I must remember that one.”

“But seriously,” I continued as we headed to the elevator, “I get it. I was raised a Catholic and we’re not even supposed to use condoms or other forms of birth control. I used to listen to the nuns and priests at school raving about sex and the right way to do it and wonder who the hell died and made them bear bride. They’re fucking celibate for Christ’s sake, at least the Protestant preachers are married to a woman but the priests and nuns are married to the church. If you can’t walk the walk you can’t talk the talk.”

It set the tone for our conversation over a meal of pizza and wine. God, religion and morality.

“I was sent to the headmaster’s office for asking the wrong question.”

“What question did you ask?” I raised an eyebrow.

“If God loves everyone unconditionally, why does he throw sinners into a lake of fire? It doesn’t sound like unconditional love to me, which wasn’t an unusual question by any standard, but when I said that God was a psychopath I was marched up to the headmaster’s office. He lectured me for fifteen minutes and then suspended me for being obnoxious and I wasn’t,” she smirked.

“I was debating the asshole just the way I did in law school and that threw him. My mom was really pissed at me but dad kind of saw it for what it was, his daughter making her own mark.”

“Well that beats me,” I replied, “I just wanted to know where Mrs Cain came from. Did Cain screw his sister and if so, why didn’t God strike Cain down for screwing his sister?”

“Maybe God’s a peeping tom,” she grinned, “can you imagine being able to peek into people’s bedrooms all over the world?”

“You and I are definitely going to hell,” I leaned back and eyed the remains of the pizza, “when I came out to my dad he was cool about it but he warned me to never tell mom,” I stared up at the light.

“So, if she’s up there right now looking down on me I can only imagine what she’s saying.”

“How did she die?”

“Cervical cancer,” I replied, “it’s one of the reasons I donate a percentage of my salary to Planned Parenthood because they do free swabs and breast examinations.”

“Along with abortion.”

“Yeah, that too. Mom was always against it and dad just went along with it because she said so, but we’ve got four other girls besides me and only the oldest is what I’d call devout. The rest of us have more or less forsaken the faith but we love our dad, he sure as hell put up with a lot from her. It didn’t matter what he did, he was never good enough or holy enough for her, it used to drive me up the fucking wall,” I gesticulated.

“Nag, nag, nag, she was forever in his ear and my dad was a good man, he still is but in her opinion he was never good enough.”

“Sounds a lot like my dad,” she replied, “he was air force but he’s got two faces, the one he shows mom and the one he shows us when she’s not around. It’s always made me wonder why they’re still together, I’ve never seen a couple so badly matched as those two.”

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