A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 05

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I looked over at Marian, and could see the concern on her face as well. “Jaden, are you sure this is the right place? I know she got a decent sized settlement after the accident, but she could never afford a house like this.”

“This is the address the rental agent gave me,” I replied. “I was shocked enough when we went to her house and found out she had rented it out. The tenants had only been there a couple weeks, so it is a recent change. Maybe she just has not had a chance to write us yet. At least we can find out if she is here, we did come all the way down to see her for Christmas.”

I reached out the window and hit the intercom button. There was no response, but the gate started to roll back after a moment. After parking the car, I took my wife’s hand and approached the door. We both stopped dead in our tracks when the door opened, revealing a stunningly beautiful blond woman. It was not her looks that stopped us so much as the fact that she was mostly naked.

“Umm, you don’t appear to be delivering anything for Christmas, so how can I help you,” she asked.

We were stunned at her casual manor despite her state of undress. “I am Jaden Caro, and this is my wife, Marian,” I stammered. “We were told our mother lived here, but it appears we have the wrong house. I apologize for intruding.”

As we turned to leave she called out, “If you are looking for Felicia you are at the right place. She did mention she had a son who lived in Rome, so I am assuming that would be you. If you would like to come in, I can go get her.”

“I am not sure that would be appropriate,” my wife said. “As much as I hate to say this, you should probably put on some clothing before answering the door in the future.”

She laughed as she replied, “This is dressed for me, but don’t worry, we don’t expect our guests to dress like this. Please, come inside.”

I hesitated for a second before climbing the stairs and entering the house. As she walked past and asked us to follow her to the living room, my wife gasped, pointing to the woman’s ass. She had a tail hanging down from her naked ass. “My name is Elizabeth, by the way, and I am a friend of your mother. Please have a seat, and I will ask Nicolina to put on some coffee while I look for Felicia.”

We sat down on the couch as she left and I looked over at my wife in shock. “Do you have any idea what is going on here? I cannot see mother living with people who run around half naked all the time.”

My wife just shook her head as she got over the shock. She always did recover from surprises faster than I did. “I have no idea, but at least she had the body for it. I imagine if I looked that good I would want to run around naked a lot more often.”

It took me a moment to process what she said as another woman walked into the room with a coffee service. ‘At least she is dressed,’ I thought. “You must be kitten’s family. She has told us a bit about you, but she did not mention you might be visiting for the holidays. Do you take cream or sugar?”

‘Kitten?’ I thought as I replied, “Just black is fine, thank you. I’m sorry, but I did not catch your name.”

She laughed as she poured the coffee. “Probably because I forgot to give it to you, I’m Nicolina. I am usually just the cook, but Elizabeth said kitten’s family was here and I just had to meet you so I brought the coffee, as Teodoro is not here to do it. I had just made a fresh pot anyway as it is getting close to lunch.”

I was glad I had not picked up the cup yet, as I would have dropped it in shock when my mother entered the room. She was crawling, wearing nothing more than white boots, gloves and cat ears from what I could see. I could not even get a word out before she crawled up on the couch to hug me before turning to hug Marian. That was when I noticed that she had a tail as well.

“Mother, what the hell are you wearing, or not wearing as the case may be. What happened to you,” I yelled as I jumped up.

She blushed a bit before smiling and opening the pouch that was the last piece of her wardrobe. I barely noticed Elizabeth and another equally stunning and undressed blond enter the room until mother held up her hands to calm them down. “Don’t worry kitten, we know he is family and probably in shock. We are just here in case you need support, okay,” the younger one said.

“While she takes the time to write out whatever she has to say, who exactly are you,” I ask Elizabeth. “Why are you living with my mother, and why the hell are so many people in this house running around naked?”

“She can reply much faster than you think once she gets her speech device turned on, but I can answer those,” she replies. “We are dressed as our Master wishes us to dress, because good pets always do as Master wishes. Your mother lives here with Master, just as we do.”

“I am sorry you had to find out like this. If I had known you were coming, I would have asked Master for permission to wear something a bit more conservative,” I heard from behind me. I turned to find mother sitting kadıköy escort with a high-end teletype device in her lap. I was surprised, as we had been trying to convince her to get one for years but she always refused to allow us to buy one for her.

I held up my hand and took a couple deep breaths to calm myself before I sat back down. “Okay, obviously something has changed, and I will try to listen calmly, but can the three of you at least put some clothes on?”

The younger blond hopped up and left the room, saying she would be right back as mother shook her head. “They can put something more on, and I am sure that is what Amanda went to get, but I am not allowed to. Master is not home to give me permission to wear anything else. I am somewhat glad though, as this is my new life. I want you to get past the shock, accepting that things are different for me now, and I have never been happier.”

Marian reached over and put her arm around mother’s shoulders. “You know I will support any decision you make. Ever since you took me in after my parents kicked me out for getting pregnant at seventeen you have been like a mother to me. We are just confused. Can you please explain what happened in your life the last couple months?”

Just then Amanda walked back in wearing a bathrobe and carrying two more. She handed one to Elizabeth and the other to Mother. “Just drape it over your shoulders so you are not as exposed. Master probably will not object under the circumstances, but he never punishes us anyway. If he does get upset it’s my fault, and I could use a good spanking,” she says dreamily. “I think that is the first thing I am going to ask Master to do when we get home. Oh, sorry kitten got a little side tracked there. I will be quiet now.”

I can see my mother’s smile and Marian’s suddenly interested look at Amanda. Mother notices my concerned look and starts typing again. “No, Master has never spanked me. He never spanked them either, but their real Master will and Amanda enjoys it. It’s a long story that has nothing to do with what you want to know, but I am sure they can explain it better than I could, if you decide not to run away after I tell you the truth.”

“I would never run away from you mom. I admit I kind of freaked out a bit, but I am not naive,” I told her, glad she had not figured out what I was actually worried about. “My biggest concern for you is what brought this on so suddenly. When you last wrote to us a couple months back, you never mentioned even having met someone. Now you are living with your new lover, and apparently his other lovers.”

“I understand the progression seems fast, as I had not known Alonso for very long. I had not even met him when I last wrote to you,” she typed. “The changes were not sudden though, as he merely let me express something I have been fantasizing about for years. You know what is left of my voice and what I sound like if I try to talk. That turned into a fixation where I wanted to act like a cat as much as possible. I started reading stories on the Internet about kitten play, and it turned into a fetish. I was lonely, but afraid to try dating anyone because I thought they would look at me like I was a freak.”

“Six weeks or so back I placed a personal ad, not really expecting to find anyone, but hopeful I might. Elizabeth and Amanda found that and set me up to meet Alonso, who allowed me to explore my kitten fetish,” she explained. “He has pushed my boundaries a few times so I would try something new, but he has always made sure I was safe doing so. Everything we do has always been my choice, and I am happy with my new life.”

“I know it looks strange from the outside, but I love my Master and he loves me. He had pushed my kitten fetish farther than I would have thought to go, but I have only had one thing I objected to dealing with. Master listened to my feelings and we found something that would work for both of us,” she typed in with her face turning red. “It is still a bit embarrassing, but also quite freeing. Master takes care of all of my needs, leaving me free to be a kitten as much as I wish. I just hope you can accept my new lifestyle.”

I could see the fear of us rejecting her in her eyes as I leaned over to hold her. “Of course we can accept it, as long as it makes you happy. I don’t understand how you could be having that much sex if he is at work all day though.”

My wife looked at me and rolled her eyes as my mother blushed. “You really are blind sometimes dear. She has other lovers, and they are sitting in the room with us. You were a bit dazed when we came in, but they are both delectable. If I was not already interested, seeing them mostly naked would have made me so.”

I took a minute to actually look them over. I had noticed Elizabeth was beautiful, but my wife was right that I was a bit shocked at her first appearance and had not really looked. They noticed my gaze and stood, removing their robes before sitting back down. üsküdar escort My wife had been a model when she was younger and still worked with models. She even brought one home on occasion for us to enjoy together due to her special relationships with them, but none of them looked as good as the two women sitting across from me.

Elizabeth was smiling when my eyes finally got back to her face. “I hope you enjoyed the view, but no touching unless Master gives his permission. Kitten can be touched, but you may not be comfortable with that, as she is your mother.”

Marian’s eyes lit up as she continued to look them over. “Would you mind explaining that further? Why is it that Felicia had different rules if all three of you are submissive to the same Master?”

“Well Felicia is Master Alonso’s personal pet and has chosen to be with him. With her kitten fetish, he decided that any guests would be allowed to pet her, as long as they are only using their hands,” Elizabeth explained. “We have only had a few guests visit us, but they have all had kitten climax on their fingers.”

I could see my mother blush a bit as Amanda took over the conversation. “Mother and I are a different story, as we do not belong to Alonso. He wished to have children, and made a deal with our Master that would allow him to breed us. We have certain restrictions in the contract, as our Master expects to get us back on perfect condition after the contract is fulfilled.”

“Yet you mentioned being punished, and having to get permission from Alonso,” Marian asked. “How does that work if he is not really your master?”

“Oh no, Alonso is our Master. We treat him exactly as we would our real Master, but with a few restrictions. He is allowed to punish us if needed or lend us out to his friends if he wished to,” Amanda told her. “As long as no one leaves any permanent marks on us, and they remember to use protection so we do not get any diseases, we are perfectly willing to play with anyone he picks for us.”

Marian looked over and put her hand on my knee. “I know you are freaking out a bit because it is your mother, but you need to let that go. They are all consenting adults. This is no different from what we have been doing in our own sex life. I know you don’t feel strongly on either end, but you have never had issues with me bringing my submissive girls over to play.”

“With that being out in the open now,” she said as she tuned to look at Amanda and Elizabeth. “I do have experience spanking girls who are into that, and would love to play with the two of you if your Master would allow it.”

She stopped when Felicia reached over and patted her leg with a questing look. “Sorry Felicia, we were not trying to hide it. We never brought it up because we did not want to offend you. A couple years after Corbin was born we were looking for ways to keep things interesting. We found out I was dominant, but Jaden did not really care either way. I found out one of the girls I worked with was submissive and asked if he would mind me playing with her. After I had been with her a few times, he asked if it would be okay if he watched and it became a regular thing for us.”

It was a bit surreal, listening to my wife and mother talk about their sex lives, and I rather tuned it out. Mother seemed to be happy as she typed out her questions or replies to something Marian asked her, but I found it odd that they both kept glancing over at me.

“They are waiting for you to pet her,” a new voice said, causing mother to jump up and drop her robe with a worried look. “You can put the robe back on if you wish, or you can come to lunch as you normally would. We will discuss you breaking the rules later, but I am going to guess that this is your son and you were not comfortable being naked around him.”

“It was my fault Master,” Amanda told him. “I thought it would help her family calm down and talk easier if she was not as exposed. She was going to stay as she was, but I insisted.”

“We will have plenty of time to discuss it later, but we need to deal with kitten’s issue,” he told her before looking back to me. “Felicia has grown used to be touched as a sign of affection and love. If you are sitting next to her, she expects you to be touching her, even if it is just casual contact. We can discuss it more over lunch, as well as how long you were planning to stay in town because I know she would love to spend more time with you.”

“If you will excuse me for a moment, I need to get changed. The girls can show you to the dining room,” he said as he left the room.

I reached up and ran my fingers down mother’s back. She turned and sat down in my lap, putting her arms around me. I was a bit uncomfortable touching her with what little she was wearing, but it did not seem to bother her at all. “I’m sorry mother; I guess I am adjusting a bit slow to the new you. I am not upset with you, just having a hard time seeing the prim and proper woman who raised me running around in something that tuzla escort sexy.”

She smiled and winked at me before crawling off my lap. My wife stood up and wrapped her arms around me, melding her body against mine. “She has an amazing body, and I can only hope I look that good at her age. You can touch her without it being a sexual thing; just forget about what she is wearing.”

I nodded and told her I would try before we turned back to where Elizabeth was waiting for us. As we followed her to the dining hall, I just had to ask if the tail got uncomfortable.

Her deep laugh did wonderful things to her chest before she replied, “Only when I don’t wear it anymore. I have had a tail in my bottom almost every day for over twenty years. Master’s new pets need a few weeks to adjust to it, but I have forgotten it ever being uncomfortable. Even Felicia is already to the point that she is used to it and prefers to wear it all the time.”

“I feel I need to warn you, Felicia wants to be treated like a cat as much as possible. You may see something that would seem to be degrading, but she had chosen to do it. The dining room will be one of those times, as she wanted to take her meals from a dish at Master’s feet,” Elizabeth explained. “She may choose to eat at the table because you are here, but don’t be surprised if she doesn’t.”

We sat down and waited a few minutes for Amanda and Felicia to appear. “Sorry for the delay, but kitten had to take care of some personal business,” Amanda told us as Felicia came over and rubbed her head against Marian’s leg.

Mother smiled when Marian started running her fingers down mother’s back, then looked up at me and put her hand on my leg. Her eyes were asking for acceptance and I loved her too much to deny her. I reached down and started stroking her hair, letting my fingers trail down her back. She sat between us, just letting us pet her, until Alonso took his seat and Nicolina started setting plates out.

“Kitten, where did you want to eat you lunch today,” Nicolina asked. “I have a regular plate if you want to sit up with your family, or I could put your dishes up on the table as we did your first day here.”

She surprised me again by simply crawling under the table as we were petting her. She stopped when our hands were on her ass and let out her quiet ‘raow’ before wiggling her ass. As we pulled our hands away, the others laughed as she went fully under that table and emerging next to Alonso’s chair.

“That was her way of telling you it is okay if your hands wander a bit. With how she is dressed, it’s hard not to brush against her breasts or ass on occasion, so don’t worry if it happens,” Alonso told us.

Lunch took a couple hours as we talked more about how mother came to live here and Elizabeth told us about how they came to be with Alonso. We had retired back to the living room for more coffee when Alonso asked the question I was not sure how to answer. “How long were you planning to stay in Bari? I have enjoyed our visit, and I know Felicia would enjoy spending more time with you if you are not in a rush to get home.”

I exchanged a look with my wife before answering. “We had planned to come down and visit mother through the Christmas season as a surprise.”

“Of course if you had shown up to visit I would have insisted you stay with me, so you did not get a hotel,” Mother typed in. “Was Corbin coming down as well?”

“He was going to drive down for Christmas day,” my wife answered. “He is spending Christmas Eve with his girlfriend’s family, and has to work the day after Christmas, so was going to stay for dinner the drive back.”

“I know what you are about to ask, and the answer is yes little kitten,” Alonso said. “They can stay here if they wish to. I will even have all three of you dressed normally on Christmas for your grandson’s visit.”

“Don’t bother declining unless you have a damn good reason. I have five extra bedrooms in this house that have not been used in years, and you are practically family now. Kitten can show you to a room in a moment,” he said as he leaned down and whispered something in her ear.

Her eyes went wide before she put away her speech device and crawled over to me. As she pulled on my pant leg to get me to come with her, Alonso looked over at my wife. “Amanda has asked me to allow her to play with you. I do not do spankings, but it is something she enjoys. She has already taken care of her other afternoon obligation, and I am inclined to allow her to play with you if you are willing to follow two simple rules. First, it will only be the two of you, and second, nothing that will leave any permanent marks. She has agreed to do anything you wish for the afternoon if you agree.”

Marian turned to me with a begging look in her eyes. “You know you are free to play with any woman you wish to, but I am guessing you are asking because it’s our vacation. Go play and enjoy yourself. It will give me a chance to catch up with Mother some more.”

She kissed me in thanks before telling Alonso she agreed. I watched as her and Amanda disappeared off toward the back of the house and wondered if I would see my wife again before bedtime. As Elizabeth took Alonso’s hand and led him upstairs, I looked down to where I was stroking mother’s hair. “Let me get our bags out of the car, then you can show me to the guest room, okay?”

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