A Journal of Truth Ch. 12

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It was finally done.

The aquisition and merging of the two firms was complete, and I said my goodbyes to the staff I had trained and nutured for the past six months. All in all, I thought as I buckled myself into my seat for the return flight home, it was a good six months, professionally and personally.

Leaving Sue was hard but it was made easier with the knowledge that Sue, after she had requested it, was being transferred to Phoenix as her new territory. It’d be a few months before she could move due to training of her replacement, but there’d be trips to look for someplace to live, so we’d still see each other off and on until then.

The thought of last night’s romp with Sue did bring a smile to my face, truth be told.

“Good to have you back, sweetie,” Hubby said as he rolled off of me on that first night back at home, “It’ll be a little strange sleeping with you after all these months,” laughing a bit as he said it.

Well, hell, that was as true as could be.

“Yeah, me too,” I joked back, “but, it won’t take me long to get back into the swing of things,” saying this as I leaned to take his cock into my mouth. I love sucking a cock that’s just fucked a pussy and that’s the truth.

“Literally? Or figuratively?,” he asked as he stroked my head with one of his heads as I bobbed up and down on his tasty dick.

Taking his cock from my mouth, I looked up to his face as my hand stroked him and replied, “Both,” taking him deep into my mouth, afterwards.

We fucked like teenagers for the next two days, almost as if we were trying to catch up on all of those nights we’d been away from each other during my work project in Denver. Not that either of us went without sex when we weren’t with each other. I mean, after all, we were swingers, so there was lots of sex for both us as you readers know. But, the sex between us is special and is on a different level, so in many ways, we were trying to make up for lost time.

His job went on, however, and on Monday morning I kissed him goodbye as he left for the airport and his business trip. It felt good to be home and, in a ‘nesting’ manner, I spent the next two days cleaning, arranging; busy-work, re-setting myself within my own environment, so to speak.

And by Wednesday, I was bored stiff.

I was swimming laps in my pool when the sound of the phone ringing reached my ears. Jumping out of the pool, I quickly dried my hands and picked up the cordless extension on the table, next to one of the loungers on the pool deck.

“Yes, hello?” I answered with a bit of gasping from my rushing to do so.

“Hi. It’s me, Beth,” I heard the soft voice say in response.

“Oh, hey there, Beth, how are you?” I smilingly replied. Realizing who it was made me smile even more.

Beth was a teenager (nineteen), a college student who lived ‘up the mountain’, above my home. The Voyeur that Sue and I confronted, and fucked, when Sue had visited a few weeks back.

“I’m good,” Beth replied, “Just getting ready for the new semester and all that.”

“Oh, right, that’s starting pretty soon, isn’t it?” making conversation while I wondered why she had called. I mean, I did give her my number and told her to call sometime, but this was the first time I had heard from her since that night.

“So, what’s up?” I prodded in hopes that she’d get to the reason for the call.

“Oh, nothing…I mean, I noticed your car in your driveway when I came home a little while ago from shopping and, I don’t know, I just thought I’d call to see how you were,” Beth stammered in reply.

Aaah, she wants to see me, I quickly said to myself, the memories of Sue and I fucking her, flooding my mind in a flash.

“Well, Beth, I’m fine, thank you for asking,” I replied, hoping my voice conveyed the sudden horniness that I felt stirring between my legs, “Why? Are you bored? Or, maybe, a little bit horny?” laughing a bit when I said it.

“No, no…well, maybe,” Beth answered, her nervousness showing in her voice.

“Would you like to come over, Beth? Join me for a little bit of lunch and maybe….” I prompted, letting my question to her go unfinshed.

She was silent for a bit but, eventually, she said, “I am free this afternoon, you know, if you don’t have any plans.”

“Come on down, sweetie, I’d love your company,” I urged, “Bring a bathing suit, or not, and maybe we’ll get in a little bit of swimming.”

“Okay, see you in a few,” clicking off after she’d said it.

So, is the Cougar prowling? I asked myself after anadolu yakası escort hanging up with Beth. I mean, if I was being truthful, I liked the fact that this nineteen-year old was coming over, liked the fact that she wanted to fuck me, a forty-something who was old enough to be her mother.

Of course she wanted to fuck me, why else would she have called, I told myself as I whipped up a quick salad for lunch. And, being truthful with myself, I was more than a little thrilled at the thought of burying my mouth and tongue, again, in her nineteen-year old pussy.

“I’m really glad you called,” I said to Beth as I embraced her in my foyer after answering the door, “I could use some company,” loving the feel of her breasts against my body as we hugged.

Stepping back, I quickly took in the fact that she had dressed in hardly anything. A pair of shorts that hugged her ass in a favorable way, a tank-top that hugged her tits, provocatively.

“You’re looking good, kiddo,” I said in praise, knowing that her self-consciousness about her birthmark would be allayed with a compliment. It wasn’t a false compliment, however, she really did look sexy and desireable.

“Thanks,” Beth replied with a bit of modesty, but also with a bit of a smile at my compliment of her. Taking her hand in mine, I walked us to my kitchen, asking, “Want a bit of salad, sweetie, I just made it fresh.”

“Oh yeah, I’m famished,” She answered, her hand squeezing mine just a little bit.

Lunch didn’t take us long to finish, and it was just ‘enough’, not too filling but filling enough to take the edge of any hunger pangs we might have had.

“Want to hit the pool for a bit?” I suggested as we cleared the counter and our dishes.

“Maybe later, you know, after the sun goes down and it’s not as hot?” Beth answered, her eyes searching my face for a reaction?

“That’d work,” I complied, “Any ideas about what you’d like to do between now and then?” Tossing the bait into the water with the question.

She blushed! Honest to God, she blushed. Don’t see that much anymore with younger people and I found it a bit, oh, I don’t know, refreshing?

See a bit of panic in her face, just briefly, I rushed to her rescue by suggesting that, if she’d like, I could give her a massage, complete with oils. I worked as a masseuse when I was in college, and haven’t lost my touch, I’ve been told. I explained this all to Beth after I had suggested the massage and she quickly agreed.

Hubby and I had a mini-gym with stationary bikes and a treadmill that we both used. No free weights but one of those all-in-one devices that allows for multiple disciplines besides weight lifting. That was where I also kept a massage table that we used quite frequently to soothe those aging muscles and joints.

“Wow, this is a nice setup,” Beth exclaimed after entering the room.

“Thanks, we use it, a lot,” I explained as I quickly flipped open the table, positioning it next to a small whirlpool tub/shower we had installed.

“Okay sexy, strip and hop onto the table,” I commanded as I chose one or two different oils/balms to use. I would give her a real massage alright, but, I also planned on giving her some afternoon delight, as well. Lighting a small, tea-lite candle, I put the oils in containers to warm.

Turning around, I found Beth bending over, removing her panties from around her ankles and, swear to God, the first thought that popped into my head was, “If I were a guy, I’d fucked her as she stood, bent over.”

Straightening herself, she turned and faced me, as if unsure what to do next.

“Hop on the table, baby, on your stomach, okay?” I instructed, as I readied the oils, the sight of her ass and pussy when she bent over, still in my brain.

“Mmmmmm,” She cooed when my hands started rubbing the oil into her flesh, working her muscles on her shoulders and neck, my fingers kneading, gently but firmly.

“Feels good, does it, sugar?” I replied as I moved my hands down her back, working her spine and lats.

“Oooh yeah, it feels great,” Beth answered, her voice slow and drowsy. Spreading some more oil onto the back of her thighs, I continued the process, letting my hands come ‘close’ to her honey-pot, but not touching.

Teasing. Yeah, teasing her is what I was doing.

Saving her ass for last, I applied, then worked the oils into her glutes, massaging her ass cheeks, letting my fingers work into her ass crack, brushing her puckered hole a few ataşehir escort times.

“Turn over, baby, time to do your front side,” I commanded, noticing that my voice was a bit husky and that my breathing had become a bit shallow. The heat between my legs reminded me that I was also getting more turned on by the second.

Repeating the process, I saved her firm, young breasts for last, kneading them with my oil-slicked hands, pulling gently, rubbing her erect nipples with my thumbs. All the while, I kept her eyes locked with mine, knowing full well that she could see the excitement building within me.

Continuing to rub her tits, I leaned down and kissed her; softly, at first, escalating quickly to a tongue duel in our mouths with each other. Pulling my mouth from hers, I slowly took off my clothes as she watched me, taking my time, savoring the lust and desire that her eyes were showing as my nakedness increased. When I was finished, totally naked, I kissed her again, her arms wrapping around me while my hands resumed their fondling of her breasts.

Breaking the kiss, I moved to the head of the table, gently pulling her until her head, face up, was resting on the padded face-plate. Standing on my tip-toes, I moved until my pussy rested on her mouth, my legs slightly parted around her head. Bending at the waist, I lowered my mouth to her pussy as my hands slipped under her ass cheeks, my fingers digging into her firm cheeks, pulling her pussy hard against my mouth.

I felt her tongue begin to lick my pussy with long, slow swipes, her lips gently gnawing on my pussy-lips as I did the same to her. As her oral exploration of my sex increased in fervor, I shuddered when I felt her hands reach and grab my ass to pull my pussy tighter against her mouth, as I was doing to her.

The sounds, no doubt, were very loud in the room, my own consciousness registering an occasional slurp, gulp, or smack that both of us were producing as we joyfully enjoyed our sixty-nine with each other.

I let her have three orgasms before I allowed myself to climax as well, a long, drawn-out, body-wracking orgasm that had me humping against her head with force as I rode the glory train.

When the spasms finally stopped, I removed my pussy from her face, standing upright, and moved to the side of the table while I continued to play between her legs with my hand, my finger sliding slowly in and out of her very wet cunt.

“Kinda’ what you had in mind when you called?” I asked while slowly fingering her.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” She admitted, that damn blushing thing going on again when she did so.

“You really do like fucking me, don’t you, baby?” I asked, knowing the answer before I heard it.

“Sure, I mean, of course, why wouldn’t I?” She stammered in reply.

“Because you have all those pretty young things from your sorority to play with, that’s why,” I answered, noticing that my fingering had gotten a little bit harder, a little bit faster.

“Yeah, but it’s mostly me doing them,” Beth answered, her breathing a bit labored I noticed, “There’s only a couple that ever do anything to me,” her voice a bit wistful as she said it.

“What about your friend? You know, the girl that showed you about girl-love?” I asked, “Don’t you still see each other?”

“It’s not the same, with any of them, they don’t have the touch or experience that you do,” She said, her hands wrapping around my wrist for support, to hold my hand in place as she began to slowly grind against my fingers.

“Oh, oh, oh…..oh God,” Beth moaned loudly as her climax snuck up on her, biting her lips so hard I was afraid she’d cut herself in doing so.

I kissed her after she had come down from the mountaintop, helping her off the table afterwards. Hugging her to my body, she sought out my lips with her own, her kiss to me one of surrender, one of lustful desire.

“Come on, baby, let’s jump into the shower so that you can get the oil off of you, okay? After that, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before,” sticking my finger into my mouth, afterwards, to suck her juices from it.

I had finished patting her dry, and she, me, when I led her to my bedroom, telling her, “Lay down, sweetie, on your stomach.” Without questioning me, she did as I asked. Reaching into my nightstand drawer, I produced some silk scarves, and began tying them around her wrists and ankles. Still, not a word from her, not a query as to what I was doing. After securing the scarves ümraniye escort to the bedposts, I leaned over and whispered into her ear while my finger ran up and down her ass-crack.

“I’ll be right back, sugar, with a little surprise for you,” punctuating the statement with a finger in her asshole juuussst a little bit.

Retreating to my walk-in closet, I retrieved my strap-on harness and dildo, getting into it with some excitement. Walking towards the bed, her face was turned towards me, her eyes widening at the sight of the eight inch faux-cock dancing in front of the harness.

Then, as I silently spread K-Y over the dildo, her eyes were showing excitement as to what lay ahead for her. Climbing onto the bed with her, I softly stroked my hand across her back and butt, leaning in to ask, “Still have your cherry, baby?”

“Nooo, my friend used a vibrator on me one time and it busted then,” her voice betraying her delight at my fingertip prodding her puckered hole.

“If it hurts, I’ll stop, okay?” I assured her.

She simply nodded in response as her breathing increased sharply as I moved to kneel between her legs, from behind. Feeling the tip of the dildo probing her pussy, she arched her hips, raising her pussy so that I could enter easily.

That’s my girl, I thought to myself as I eased the strap-on cock into her tight pussy slowly, come to Momma. Burying the dick into her as far as I could, I began to slowly fuck her, in and out, short strokes, long strokes, my hands holding onto her shoulders as my hips drove the strap-on against her, into her. She moved, as much as she could, to return my motions, her voice loud with her excitement.

Knowing that she was seconds away from a climax, I quickly reached around her hips with my hand, finding, then stroking her clit between my fingertips as I drove the faux-cock harder and harder into her.

“Aaaaaah, Damn! Damn, damn ,damn,” her voice screamed when she climaxed, “Oh shit, shit , shit,” she gasped with unbridled excitement, her bucking and grinding shaking the bed against the wall.

Pulling the harness from my hips and throwing it to the floor, I quickly untied her from the bedposts, flipped her over and hugged her tightly in a lover’s embrace as I joined her on my bed. She returned my squeezes, her mouth all over my face, lips and neck as she kissed me deliriously. Moving so that she could suck on my tits, she worked them over furiously, as if my tits were her last meal on this earth.

Literally jumping between my legs, she lowered her head and gave me a world-class munch-down, bringing me to umpteen orgasms.

“No mas,” I finally cried, knowing that she, too, had to be worn out. Pulling her from between my legs we lay in each other’s arms, savoring the after-glow of great sex, savoring the sex-sweat of our bodies.

“I have a confession,” Beth said softly, her mouth against my neck as we lay there in splendor.

“And, what would that be, girly?” I asked, a bit curious, but not a lot.

“You know my friend? You know, the one that first taught me about girls?” She asked.

“Yeah, what about her?”

“I told her. I told her about that night with you and your friend, Sue. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have but I did. I’m sorry,” Beth repeated anxiously.

My first thought, to myself, was “So what? Doesn’t really bother me.”

“Okay, I’m not angry that you did if that’s what bothering you,” I assured her as I stroked her hair softly, “But, I am curious; what was your friend’s reaction?”

“She made me tell her again, in detail, while she masturbated,” Beth admitted, “And, she asked me if the three of us could get together, you know, sometime.”

“How old is she?” I asked warily.

“Eighteen. Honest, she’s a freshman at ASU this coming semester but she turned eighteen a few months ago, I promise,” Beth answered quickly.

“Is that the real reason you came over?” I asked out of curiosity.

“No, well, part of it but the real reason is that I was hoping that we could, well, you know, do what we did,” She answered honestly.

“How would you feel about a threesome with your girlfriend and me?” I questioned further.

“I liked it with you and Sue,” Beth answered, “And, honestly? I get a little excited thinking about the two of us with you.”

I get that! I thought to myself, finding myself excited at the mind-pic of me making love with an eighteen and nineteen year-old. The thought of me tongue fucking those two teenagers, sending a rush of heat to my pussy.

“Tomorrow night,” I said quietly after I quickly made up my mind, “Tomorrow night; bring your friend over to my house and we’ll play.”

Saying that, I pulled her up to sit on my face so that I could sate my desire to eat her one more time.

Yes, no doubt about it, the Cougar was definitely on the prowl……….

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