A Hotel for Two

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I take Kira back to my hotel room the clerk gave us the best room while were there. My back is turned Kira you start to undress your comfy shirt and dark jeans that hug your hips. I see you walking towards me seductively as i lick my lips. My mind overflows with indecent thoughts on what I’m going to do to you! Your hands work with my own to unbutton my silver plaid shirt. Exposing my chiseled muscled chest.

I drop to my knees helping my man with his pants rubbing the bulge ooh baby what do we have here? My dick is all yours baby! You want it? Yes Orion yes I say enthusiastically as I watch you undress for me. I love your body every part of you. This dick it’s my dream man’s dick. My mouth is watering at the sight of this monster. A full girthy 13 inch big black cock. All yours baby i look up at you smiling.

I take as much of you as I can.I stroke your manhood while giving your head kisses. I have to use both hands your so thick. Mmmm when I start to let you in my mouth. I have to widen my mouth to suck. Over time I’m able to deep throat you. I start sucking faster on your man meat about halfway. I suddenly feel you pull me off you.

My eyes look pleading my mascara with my eyes watering has me with a sad look. I ask you baby why did you make me stop? Because Kira I see you take a Kleenex tissue. Then you wipe my eyes and rest of my face clean of my make-up. Now Kira I can see your true beauty as you are. I smile lovingly up at my hubby then you tell me I wanna turn at tasting you baby.

You pull me up from the floor the diamond necklace im wearing that you spent over $2000 buying me. You gently grab it like a collar and pull me to your lips. I kiss you our tongues wrestling for dominance. Then you lay me onto the bed and part open my legs Kira I wanna eat you!

I rip off your bra a milky white color with matching panties.You’ve got these perfect shaped titties. Your breasts are like chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate nipple to decorate the top. I take one of your nipples in my mouth sucking it slowly. Inside my mouth my tongue flicks your tit. Swirling my tongue I began to suck it faster. My hand tending to your other breast stroking it. I let go off your titties my mouth making a wet plop sound.

I kiss down your sexy asyabahis yeni giriş belly to your pussy. Using my tongue and teeth I free your pussy from your constricting panties. Its like youve been swimming your wet for me so much your slippery!Orion come on take me already! I will Kira but I’m still warming you up.I open your legs to the best sight I’ve ever seen. A perfect pussy that’s dripping wet just for me.Your wet folds as I feel them on my fingertips slowly going in circles. I put two of my fingers gently inside you.

I want you to loosen yourself up for me Kira I want to be inside you. I start licking you taking my time to explore your pussy in its entirety. Teasing you I let my tongue spread your lips apart entering you. You taste so good my mouth is drooling as tongue goes in your sweet honey hole. Sucking at your clit slowly. The way you press your soft hands pushing me in deeper has me starving for your body!Orion Fuck me Baby!

I line my throbbing dick at your wet pussy my big head touching the slit. I can feel drops of my precum leaking out of me. I look in your eyes underneath me your hands stroking my massive dick I play with your pussy. Your mouth opens wide with a gasp Hahh Orion I’m all yours fuck me Now!

Slowly I bring all this dick little by little inside you. I feel your hands grab the sides of my back your nails digging in my back. OMG Orion yes baby give it all to me put all your cock in me! I grip your hips. I make you take all of my dick all 13 inches deep inside your love hole! You bite my shoulder your eyes water a little bit feeling me in you. We’ve both had lovers no woman has a pussy that could take my strength and size. Im the biggest cock in the world and its all yours!

Slowly I move inside you pulling half my dick out then ramming it inside you. Your face is buried in my shoulder. I love when you bite me. Aaah Orion right there baby go deeper fuck my pussy. I want that big black of yours. Destroy me with it I want it all!

I wrap my legs around you squeezing the hell out of your muscled ribs. When you thrust into me I push my pussy to go deeper. I want you in my stomach. Baby fuck me till I collapse from exhaustion. My arms you pin them over my head looking at me. I felt myself asyabahis giriş soak with arousal the way you looked at me. Your like an animal Aaah you went so deep. I felt a sweet spot get touched.

You lift me up from the bed standing up you lift me on your lap. Straddling as you take me to the wall. I love when your rough! You place me on the wall. I feel your thicc black dick entering me from below. Your pumping into me so fast I can barely catch my breath. My head goes back. I hold onto your neck with my arms as best as I could.

Your hands ravish my body touch me baby I want you to make me yours! You take me from your arms my feet coming into contact with cold floor. You bend me over at the edge of the bed. I grip the bedsheets as your tongue licks my ass. You wasted no time entering my tight butt hole! Hah Orion I Mmm baby yes.

I can’t even get my words right it feels so good. Your tongue is like a second dick. You stand up I was sad for your tongue to leave my butt. Then my scream was orgasmic. Your black cock is taking me from behind. I look over my shoulder watching you butt fuck me.Your dick makes my ass feel like its gonna explode. If our asses could cream like dicks I would by now.

I help you I grit my teeth. I start throwing my ass back on you. Orion more of that perfect cock in me. My ass jiggles when you thrust in me.Yes baby please pull my hair. I reach underneath us and start to finger my pussy. I’m so close I can feel it baby dont stop Orion! You must’ve noticed my breathing or whatever!

Oh no you don’t Kira! I want to be in your pussy when you cum! I flip you over as I pull out. You lean down to suck at my cock. Deeply swallowing almost my entire dick. I give you a kiss then I divide your legs wider. I ease back to your pussy. But this time Kira I let you straddle me. We come together seated at the edge of the bed.

You start to ride me baby hard as you can. Your pussy has made my dick your favorite fuck toy. Using my chest and shoulders for leverage. You bounce harder my sexy cowgirl! Orion I love that I can bounce so high on your cock. I grab your ass cheeks. I give you a slap full of love. A loud clap echoes through the room.

I lift you ass up I fuck into you. So hard that now my balls asyabahis güvenilirmi are slapping against your ass. You love having me touch your G spot. Your titties pushed in my face. I suck on them edging you Kira. You feel your orgasm approaching fast. When my dick feels ready to explode. I go into you Kira as hard as I can. Using my great lower body strength.

Your pussy I feel you get all creamy. I put the whole dick in you with one final pump. It makes you scream in pleasure. Orion yes baby I’m cuming yes! I release my hot load of cum inside your waiting pussy. I felt you spread your pussy. The girth of my cock cream up your body. I let loose filling you up with my hot seed. I wasted not a single drop of my man milk.

I pump into you Kira a few more times. I kept on squirting bullets of my cum inside you. When we finally caught our breaths we stare in each others eyes! Contemplating wow we just fucked like that! Then we look down and see! The cum is leaking out of you. I’m covered in your juices!

I lay down on my back taking you with me. You spin around putting your ass in my face. Then we both started going down on each other. I tongue your pussy licking and sucking. You swallow and suck up my cock. We both cummed again but in each other’s mouths. Our juices hitting back of our throats. Drinking from each other.

I sit up Kira you climb up into my arms. You resting your head on my chest. Your dreadlocks have been flailing everywhere. As you rub my little shadow of hair between my pecs. I look you in the eyes and say Kira and I hear yes Orion?

I love you Kira! You are by far the most beautiful loving woman. I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s not about just the killer sex we have no! I love you despite our Porn profession. You are the Perfect Woman. I’m blessed to call myself your husband!

Orion your gonna make me cry! Your so sweet I love you too baby now kiss me!

We hold our hands together. We have matching red ring tattoos. Both our wedding ring fingers are marked. Our lips come together in a deep rooted kiss. You can see and feel our affection from miles away!

When our lips parted from each other. We’re both red in the face blushing! Then I pull Kira close to me! No baby no need for a pillow my love, I’ll be your pillow. We fall asleep together! Kira kisses my muscled chest saying Goodnight Orion! I respond with Goodnight Kira kissing her forehead. Our bodies give ourselves up to sleep. We’ll be joined together always in perfect love! Kira Noir and Orion Norwood Forever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32