A Hot Night In A Club

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Oh my god! It was seven o clock and I had less than an hour and a half before we were due to meet, I was nervous, and I hadn’t had a shower or anything…ok girl pull yourself together and get going.

I left work after having to stay behind to tend to a cut on one of the horses, all the way home I was thinking about meeting you, and how it would be to talk to you face to face and not in front of the monitor. We had talked for what seemed ages and I thought I knew you pretty well, we had both been honest about things and had finally decided to meet up, just as mates, but I was hoping that if things went well, then it could progress from just being mates.

I arrived home at 7.20 and barged through the door, threw my coat and bag down and headed for the shower; it was going to be a rush to get ready and be on time so I quickly washed my hair and soaped up my body with my favourite shower gel.

After I had finished I dressed and put my make up on, looking at my watch before flying back out of the door it was 8.15 pm, and if I hurried I could be there in time. I caught a cab and told him that I wanted to go into reading town centre, for we were due to meet in Yaytzees, a pub in the corner of the town, it was friendly in there and they always had music playing. Good for awkward silences if there were any.

The cab pulled up outside and I paid him and headed for the door, I can’t believe I was nervous, it was quite funny really, I’m normally such an outgoing person, but at the same time can be painfully shy the first time I meet someone.

I smoothed my hair down and pushed the door to the bar open, I immediately saw you sitting with some of your friends in the corner, I decided to get a drink first, I ordered a drink from the bar and sat on one of the stools watching you and your friends laugh and joke. You were very handsome, no doubt about that, your dress sense was good and your hair was done to perfection! A man who takes a pride in his appearance is such a turn on.

I finished the drink ordered another and then started to make my way over to where you where sitting, “Hi, how are you” I said to your back, I think you recognised the voice, even though we haven’t spoken on the phone before. You turned round to face me with that huge smile of yours and I just melted!

“How you doing, sit down these are my mates” I sat and the group conversation carried on for a while before most of them left to dance. It was the first time I had spoken to you alone all night and was hoping that they would take their time on the dance floor. We sat and talked about most things that normal people talk about and I had a huge urge to lean over and kiss you, I told myself to behave and that you would probably run of screaming if I were to try anything.

The night got later and later and the drink flowed freely until it was suggested that we join the others on the dance floor, I agreed and made my way there, you following behind. We danced for a while and the alcohol was definatly taking effect on me, the thoughts running thorough my mind at that moment were very sexual and my body moved almost effortlessly to the music and I just couldn’t help thinking bostancı escort about you and how much I wanted to be in your arms, to feel your body next to mine, I wanted to be held by you, but I wasn’t sure of your feelings, and I didn’t want to make an arse of myself.

The music changed suddenly into something a bit slower and most people left the floor, I looked over to you with a sort of ”shall we” look and you nodded with a huge smile on your face, I moved towards you and slid my hands around you, you were taller than me so my head fell onto your chest which is where it stayed the entire time we danced, I could feel your heart beating and with each beat, I was getting more and more turned on, the feel of your arms around me was wonderful and I wished that I could have stayed there for a long time, but, the music ended and we left the dance floor, it was nearly time for last orders and the lads were panicking about getting the beers in, I sat in the corner watching you, you weren’t like the others, you were quieter but somehow had so much more presence, the dance we had seemed to break the ice between us and as the others were sat finishing their round we sat huddled in the corner, with my hand on your thigh, it was all I could do to stop from stroking up the inside of your leg with my hand.

The plan of action was to go onto a club, I was game for this and so was everyone else, so we hailed the taxis and jumped in, in the taxi with us were two of your mates, so I had to behave, I couldn’t wait to get into the club and sort of lose everyone, and get some proper dancing done. We paid our fee and hung up our coats, at the bar we ordered drinks and found somewhere to sit, the music was pumping and my mind was racing, I was sat close to you and could feel the heat of your thigh next to mine, as the drinks where finished we all got up to dance. The song had a good beat and it wasn’t long before our bodies were wrapped up in each other moving to the music. I felt your arms slip around my waist and your grip tighten as you moved yourself closer to me.

Eagerly I moved my body against yours and sliding my hands a few inches lower until they were resting in the small of your back. The feeling of you so close to me was amazing and I closed my eyes and let my body move with you in time to the music, I could feel the heat from your groin against me and it was driving me wild, I looked up at you with a wicked smile and your face lit up.

I moved my face in closer to you and I could smell your fragrance. You leaned down into me and looked at me with a gaze that grabbed my attention.

You smiled as you moved closer and before I knew it, your lips were on mine, kissing me softly, I responded gently and the feel of your warm soft lips on mine was electrifying and I could feel the dampness between my legs start to grow, I had been so turned on all night and was waiting for this moment.

With ought even thinking about it my hands moved down and pulled you closer to me, your hands were moving over my back as our tongues explored each other and our bodies moved sexily to the beat, the song finished and I gently sancaktepe escort pulled back from you, I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face, and I expect I looked like the cat that had got the cream.

I wanted more of you and I knew I would have to wait, but I took you by the hand into the corner of the club where I pulled you close to me once again, I could see your mates looking and I said “let them look, they might learn something” we both erupted in laughter and I rested my head against you, I was feeling quite dizzy, a mixture of excitement and drink.

It wasn’t long before we were locked in a passionate embrace again, and as you moved into me I could feel that your cock was hard against my leg, I wasn’t surprised, as I knew the wetness between my legs was not going away either.

As your tongue moved in and out of my kiss, my hands explored your body, you had a firm body that was smooth and I so wanted to get my hands on skin, I ran my hand down and slightly lifted your shirt, I ran my hand back up and across your back, gently using my nails on your hot skin, I felt you shudder and the tiny Goosebumps that came up told me you liked it, I continued my attack on your back making sure every inch was covered by my hands.

I could feel you start to explore me, your hands moving across my back and up to my neck, your hands stroked my neck in feather light touches and a shiver ran down my back making the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up, this encouraged you even more and you stopped kissing me and started to trace your fingers gently over my face and down my neck, down to the point where my breast peeked over the top of the dress I was wearing, I was getting very hot and wondered how far I could push it in the club.

While you were using your hands to make sure none of me was left untouched I moved my body so that your cock was next to my thigh, I then started to slide slowly up and down your body so that my leg was now rubbing your rock hard cock, I could feel the heat and the hardness as I moved across it, I heard you moan slightly and your hands began wondering over my body once more, your hot hands felt so good on my skin and I wished we could be some place else right now, so I could discard you of your clothes and make love to your hot sexy body. I wanted you so badly that my body ached.

I could feel you pressing yourself into my thigh as I ground it against you and quickly I replaced my thigh with my hand, u looked shocked at first, but then smiled a gorgeous smile, letting me know that it was ok. You were so hard I thought you were going to explode; I could feel the blood pumping around your cock and so wanted to free it from the pressures of your jeans. Using my hand to rub you I lent in to kiss you, small soft kisses, gentle kisses, nibbling kisses. I knew I had to stop or that I would take it too far, so I broke away from you gently making an excuse about needing a drink…

While at the bar I could feel I was flushed and knew I had that look on my face which means I need loving! I returned to you to find you sat down with your mates laughing about something, zeytinburnu escort as I handed you your drink I gave you a deep sexy stare that was basically meant to mean “I want you, and I want you now!” I think it must have worked as you finished your drink quickly and made some excuse about having to leave early and was I coming? Well of course I was coming!

We walked out the club after grabbing our coats and hailed a taxi to take us back to your place, in the taxi I had my hand on your leg and this time I was not shy about letting my hand stroke you or the hardness that lay there either.

Once inside your house, you did the polite thing and asked me if I wanted a coffee.

Hmm coffee I shook my head slowly and pointed to you, beckoning you towards me, you moved slowly over to where I was sitting and I placed my hands around your hips, I started to run my hands over your firm butt and back round to where the obvious mound in your jeans was.

I undid your belt and looked up at you to see the look on your face before continuing

The look was one of approval, so slowly I unzipped your jeans and slid them off of your body. Your hard cock sprang out wanting to grab my attention, but I ignored it and started to stoke my way down your stomach, planting small kisses and gently running my tongue over your firm flesh.

I tugged down your boxers and had my first look at your magnificent tool, it was beautiful with a large head on it, and I couldn’t wait to sink my mouth down onto it.

I ran my fingers over your length and gently wrapped my hand around the thickness,

I moved slowly and lightly at first moving my hand along your hard cock while gently tugging on your balls with my free hand, I was still gently planting kisses over you and I could tell that you could be quite ticklish, so decided to concentrate all my attention to your cock that was in my hand, I stopped stroking you and moved my face inches from your cock, as I glanced up I could see that your eyes were shut and I knew you were enjoying it as much as I was.

I bent forward and planted a kiss right on the tip of your length, u jumped slightly at the touch which made your hips buck forward. I covered your cock and balls in light kisses, before running my tongue down the entire length of your hot throbbing cock, once every inch had been covered, I moved my way up to the head and slowly and gently I sank my wet warm mouth down onto you, a heard a small moan come from you, which only made me hotter and more determined to make you cum, I played with your balls and moved my mouth down on you, slowly at first making sure I swallowed your entire length each time I went down.

I reached around with my left hand to caress your back and buttocks and could feel that your muscles had tightened and you must be close to coming, I sped up the actions on your cock, and sucked harder each time my mouth moved on you, your hands reached round the back of my head and pulled me closer to you with each trust, your hips started to move in time with my sucking and I could feel your balls tighten, I kept up the pace while my fingers explored your balls, suddenly I felt your whole body tighten as you started to come, a loud groan was coming from you as you pumped your hot sticky cum from your balls, I gazed up at you in delight and your face was flushed from the orgasm, you looked sexy standing there, your cock was still hard and I couldn’t wait for another turn to make you come.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32