A Holiday in Looe Ch. 02

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Emma woke from a beautiful dream about peeing in a swimming pool with a bunch of her friends. They had all been nude, sat side by side with their wide naked bum cheeks resting on the cold slabs that formed the flooring around the pool’s edge. There were five of them in total. Emma’s was at the far right with her best friend Lindsey to her immediate left. Taller than Emma, the twenty-one year old had long straight strands of midnight black hair which down to her bare shoulders. Her breasts were smaller than the full roundness of Emma’s boobs, but were beautifully proportioned to the girl’s slim and seductive figure. Between Lindsey’s legs and from the base of her black haired pubic triangle had been squirting a long golden stream of twisting piss, spraying over the pool’s edge and splattering down into the water below. From Emma’s own semi-shaved pussy triangle was shooting a similar stream of hot pee; squirting from her lower lips as she relived herself into the swimming pool water.

Emma had been conscious of the other girls in the line starting to pee as well, the collective sounds of their urine showers increasing in volume as they all joined in. She had really been enjoying the sensation of urinating with her pals in such a naughty location when suddenly a warm wetness coming from her left leg grabbed her intention. In her dream Emma had stared down in belief to see Lindsey’s golden piss fountain now impossibly squirting over the girl’s left leg and pattering down on her leg!

Now awake but still muddled from her dreamlike state, Emma was still aware of the warm wet sensation running over her leg. Groggily she sat up in bed. The room was illuminated by a soft moonlight glow streaming in through the window blinds. Still unsure of self, her waking mind still sorting out the where and when of her current location, Emma pulled back the bed sheets and stared in horror at the sight below.

Her boyfriend, Mark, who was still snoring away in his alcoholic fuelled slumber, was clutching his long limp member in one hand, waving in slightly around in the gap in the bed sheets that had been formed between their sleeping bodies. What had shocked Emma was the sight of the golden pee escaping the slit at the end of Mark’s dick and which was now landing on her left leg. In revulsion at the sight of her boyfriend peeing all over her bare skin, Emma fumbled to escape the remaining bed covers that covered her naked body. Landing heavily she dropped to the thick bedroom carpet. bahis firmaları By now her mind had woken enough to remind her that she was still on holiday in the fishing village of Looe; a town that seemed more aptly named by the minute.

Staring back at the bed she had just escaped she witnessed Mark coming to the end of his unconscious toilet. A large damp stain now lay in her former space, the bed sheets soaked with Mark’s pee. Rubbing one hand over the warm dampness on her leg she tried to dry herself off by repeatedly rubbing her wet hand through the thick carpet material. She was still half asleep and she had no desire to rise and leave the room. In fact it was wonderfully warm and pleasant in the room and the carpet felt lovely under her bare flesh. Wistfully she gazed down at Mark’s cock which was still holding in one hand. He had such an incredibly long and thick penis and Emma was very glad that she was his. Just staring at his manhood reminded her of the fuck session they had enjoyed earlier. Halfway though their shag he had ordered her to turn around so her could fuck her from behind. As his long and very hard dick had once again slid into her wet pussy hole she had gasped in ecstasy at the mind blowing sensation coming from her love palace. The angle of his entry was giving her an amazing turn-on, even better than before. Mark had then started to pump away, his rhythm increasing as the seconds flew by, driving his hardness up and down inside her pussy. Finally he had exploded with his white cum landing on her bare bum cheeks as he withdrew and purposely allowed his sperm to decorate her flesh.

Emma sighed wistfully in the quiet of the room. There was no sound from the rest of the house, everybody else lost in their slumbers. She was now crouched on the floor, her legs tucked under her body and her firm breasts hovering just above the bed sheets. Mark’s cock continued to entice her as she wondered if she should wake him to either rage at him for pissing over her or simply for another fuck. Maybe she should even use the first as an excuse for the second?

Emma bent over the bed and gave her boyfriend an experimental shove. If anything, Mark’s snoring increased slightly. She tried another prod calling his name quietly in his ear. There was still no response except for him to release his cock and roll his head around.

‘Sod it!’ she thought. If Mark didn’t want to play then there was no reason why she shouldn’t enjoy herself. Bending down over the kaçak iddaa bed so that her hardened nipples brushed the soft fabric, Emma took her boyfriend’s limp penis in one hand and turned it around in the direction of her now questing tongue. The first taste of Mark’s manhood ran along her taste buds sending her hormones racing. At the end of her lick she reached his bell end, the sensation changing as she slowly allowed her mouth to close around his cock. Slowly she allowed his prick to dominate her mouth as she sank lower around his hot flesh. Emma loved giving Mark a blow job and often thought she could keep it up for hours, just letting his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Already she could feel his dick hardening in response to her ministrations. This was simply more stimulus for Emma who wrapped a loving tongue around his manhood, tracing her way upwards to the pee slit at the top.

Emma’s full red lips slid off the end of Mark’s cock long enough for her to give his penis an appreciate stare at its improving condition. With her mind full of the mental image of his erect dick she sank back down again to enjoy another lick and taste of his prick inside her mouth. One hand was now cupping Mark’s balls, gentle caressing them as she continued to sample his manhood with her flicking tongue. Her second hand had of its own accord slipped in between her warm thighs and was now sliding into the warm dampness of her love hole. Her hormones were raging now, her cheeks flushed with excitement as she masturbated.

At the very back of Emma’s mind another sensation was also calling for attention. All the drink she had consumed during their night out was starting to demand release. The feeling continued to grow intertwining with her flushed pleasure coming from other sources. Finally at last, her bladder urge registered on Emma’s conscious mind. There was simply no way that she was braking off her current actions to do something as mundane as visiting the bathroom. Slowly a very naughty idea started to form in Emma’s head. The bedroom carpet was lovely and thick and would surely have little trouble soaking up any minor spillage. This idea grew in her mind and she could feel her pee getting ready for her release. Already she had subconsciously parted her legs so that her pussy had clear aim at the floor. Finally the moment arrived when Emma could hold back no more. With her eyes closed and her mouth full of Mark’s cock, she started to pee.

Immediately a warm sensation started kaçak bahis to grow between her thighs as a fat squirting stream of her urine burst from her pussy lips and sprayed downwards. She hadn’t bothered to withdraw the hand that had been fingering her love tunnel and hot pee immediately washed over her fingers. The feeling was electric; her golden pussy shower was an intense aphrodisiac as it squirted over her hand before raining down to the carpet between her thighs. She was still sucking and licking Mark’s incredible hard penis. He was still lost in his slumbers but every so often a soft groan would intermix with his snores as he reacted to her stimulus. The blow job she was giving Mark was now nothing compared to the hot warm wet rush squirting from her lower lips. She had never imaged that having a piss could be so incredibly horny. She already knew she was on the verge of climaxing as soon as she had finished peeing and wanted to extend the pleasure as long as possible. Desperately she tried to hold back on her pissing, forcing her open pee hole to a smaller more restrictive size. The carpet between her legs was now deliciously sodden with her spent piss, its warm dampness an intoxicating turn-on as she allowed her hand that was still inside her pee stream to move downwards to stroke across the wet puddle.

Her pee stream was dwindling now. She really had been desperate and the floor was now covered with a sizeable damp stain where her urine spray had landed. She groaned in ecstasy she allowed her last amount of pee to escape her body in several small quick squirts. The warm jets of piss flowed momentarily over her fingers, the hotness of her pee an exquisite sensation flowing over her skin. A few droplets of yellow pee escaped her pussy lips and fell to the pee patch below. Immediately her fingers were back inside herself, driving her on to a thundering orgasm. At the very last moment she released Mark’s dick from her mouth and let her body fall sideways to the floor where she lay in her post orgasmic bliss. One leg now lay in the pee puddle on the carpet but she couldn’t care less now. Her peeing over the floor whilst sucking on her boyfriend’s dick has been the most erotic thing she had ever done and had a very real intention to try it again. However, this would have to wait for another night as Emma was now very tired. Finally she picked herself off the carpet. Clambering over still slumbering boyfriend whose penis had by now lost its erection, she entered the bed on the opposite side forcing Mark to roll over to sleep in his own pee stain. With a deep contented sigh Emma closed her eyes and slipped almost immediately back into a wonderful dream and its waiting swimming pool.

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