A Helping Hand

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Tina, my strikingly beautiful raven haired wife of four years, came home one evening with an equally stunning blonde of around the same mid-twenties age.

“Ray – meet Karen, Karen – meet Ray.”

As introductions go it was a bit concise even for Tina, who never used two words where one would do. But I’d heard of Karen before, so I was able to relate the name to an oft spoken of roommate from Tina’s college days, but I hadn’t expected such a beauty. Tina had led me to imagine a dumpy, spike haired, spotty faced punk, not the glamorous Hollywood star look-alike that stood before me in an immaculate white trouser suit. The only thing that seemed to fit Tina’s description was the short blonde hair, and even that was more page boy than punk.

“Hello Ray.” She said, walking forward to air-kiss each of my cheeks with an audible ‘mwah’.

“I’ve been longing to meet the man who snared Tina and I’ve heard such a lot about you.”

“All bad, I hope.”

The ancient joke seemed to fit Karen’s empty words. She might look fabulous, but my first impressions were not good. I hate air kisses with a passion.

“I’ve invited Karen to stay over tonight, she’s missed her flight. You don’t mind, do you?”

I could hardly veto such a fait accompli, could I?

“No, that’s fine.”

Tina works in the airport ‘duty-free shop, so at least I knew now where she had found our guest.

“I’m due to fly out to Berlin to attend a lesbian rights conference, but I was delayed in traffic and the next available seat isn’t until tomorrow.”

That killed any vaguely erotic thoughts that I might have harboured.

Karen smiled.

“You didn’t know, did you?” She asked, spotting my surprise. “Tina never mentioned that I’m bisexual, did she?”

“No, she didn’t, not that it matters.”

“That’s probably because I kept hitting on her, but always without success. Now I’m jealous of the man who managed to get her into bed.”

“Karen!” Tina was actually blushing, a rare event at any time.

I found myself suddenly warming to this straightforward woman. I was also beginning to dimly understand Tina’s painting of her as a ‘plain Jane’, an understanding that became a whole lot clearer later in the evening and after a couple of bottles of wine.

“You know a little while ago when you told Ray you tried to get into my knickers?” Tina asked Karen after the second bottle.

“Yes, sorry about that, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No, that’s not it.” Tina waved a dismissive hand. “I wonder if you know how close you came to succeeding.”

There was complete silence for several seconds before Karen spoke.

“Did I?” She asked, astounded by the sudden revelation.

“Oh, yes.” Tina told her. “I very nearly said yes a few times. I really wanted to try it, but I just didn’t have the nerve.”

“Why are you telling me this now?” Karen asked. “Why not then, even if you didn’t let me it would have been nice to know you wanted to.”

“Because it might have encouraged you, and now I’m married so I have to say no. But I just wanted you to know that I did fancy you.”


“Still do.” Tina looked over at me. “Sorry darling, I hope you’re not jealous, nothing ever happened.”

“No, I’m not jealous.” I told her, adding a little sarcastically. “But if you want me to sleep in the spare room tonight, I can do.”

There was another long silence and, to my horror, I realised that Tina was actually taking me seriously and considering it. Alcohol had dimmed her perception and loosened her inhibitions. It had also made me wonder ‘what if?’

It was as if we all abruptly realised that we had so nearly stepped over that invisible line between fantasy and reality, and the conversation was hastily brought back into line, with nothing more said until we were all ready to say goodnight. By then we had consumed even more wine and we had all reached that wonderful uninhibited stage just before drunkenness prevents genuine enjoyment. Now that invisible line was not so distinct.

“Would you mind if I let Karen give me a goodnight kiss?” Tina asked me as we all rose to go upstairs. She was still thinking of her earlier admission.

“Not if she gives me one too.” I told her.

In my fuddle headed way I was trying to let her find out how it felt to contemplate someone else kissing your partner, but all I did was open the way to greater sins.

The two women went a little cautiously into each others arms. There was a moment when they looked into each others eyes, trying, I suppose, to be sure of each others willingness, but then their lips parted and their mouths met, and my cock instantly began to unfurl.

The kiss was hesitant for about the first two seconds, but then they kind of moulded together, bodies pressed close and tongues beginning to investigate. From where I stood it began to look clearly sexual, especially as I watched my own wife’s hands explore the length of Karen’s back in a very erotic manner.

It bets10 was a long kiss, one that made up for the times when Tina had wanted to, but hadn’t dared, and it lasted long enough to bring a muted groan of delight from deep in her throat. I couldn’t see where Karen’s hands had eventually reached, but the angle of her elbow told me that Tina’s breast was probably a target. My cock tried to grow under the painful constraints of my clothing.

When they finally parted Tina was looking decidedly flustered, and when Karen came across to deliver my kiss, her breathing wasn’t nearly as easy as it should be. Somehow the facts quite pleased me.

I soon understood the attraction, Karen did kiss well, and I mean really well. Her lips were full, soft and warm, and she somehow had the knack of getting the whole length of her body in full contact of her partner’s. Very, very, erotic, and when her tongue found it’s way into my mouth I had the impression that it was sensing my entire being through taste. That girl could kiss.

She felt lovely, her body seemed to melt into mine as we kissed and I tried desperately to hide the fact of my erection, not that I really wanted to. Of course, it wasn’t long before my hands were wandering up and down her back just as Tina’s had, except that being taller I could probably reach a little further down onto the firmly soft curve of her bottom. My opinion of her changed by the second.

“Who’s a horny boy then?” She breathed into my ear as we finally came apart, and I do believe I actually went red with the knowledge that she had felt my arousal.

“I suppose it’s my turn to kiss you now.” Tina announced to Karen, failing miserably to appear reluctant.

This time their kissing was even less platonic than before. At least the first time there had been at least the pretence of propriety, but this time as the two women kissed their hands were wandering freely and unashamedly. I watched with growing astonishment as Tina deliberately eased herself away slightly to allow her hand to insinuate itself between them to find Karen’s breasts, while Karen actually tugged Tina’s blouse free to caress the bare skin of her back. Surely it couldn’t all be down to the influence of the wine?

I watched, enthralled by the spectacle and wondering just how far they were prepared to go, and with a barely accepted hope that it was all the way. Very soon the pleasure noises that they were making led me to believe that just might be the case. The kiss became kisses and the mutual fondling became more and more uninhibited until finally Karen almost literally tore herself away, shaking her head in denial of her visibly growing need.

“This won’t do.” She gasped. “If I’m going to get up in the morning, I ought to go to bed.”

She shot a nervous glance in my direction, obviously wondering what I was making of their highly charged embrace. She needn’t have worried, because right at that moment I had no particular thoughts on the subject, I was too busy trying to get my head around what was happening to judge.

“Don’t bother with the spare room, Karen. Our bed’s king size, why don’t you share with us?”

Once again I wasn’t consulted as Tina moved things along, not that I would have objected, or at least, I don’t think I would. But it would be nice to have been asked.

“What have you got in mind?” I asked her finally, trying to get back in control.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to have two women in your bed.” She looked at me questioningly. “Well, your dream is about to come true.”

She might have been tipsy, but she wasn’t drunk enough to miss turning the tables on me very neatly. Oh, what the hell, I thought, why not.

“Okay then, but we’ll keep the light on; if this is my dream then I want to be sure it’s happening.” In truth I just wanted to be sure to see what they got up to.

Karen and I followed Tina into the bedroom and waited expectantly, but she ignored us and began to undress as normal. Before long she was completely nude, and then she went and lay on the bed and finally pretended to notice us.

“Well? Aren’t you two getting undressed?” She asked innocently.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. I stripped off quickly, letting my very relieved erection bounce into sight, no longer concerned with who wanted what. I was just delighted to be sharing my bed with two such beautiful women.

Karen cast one last anxious glance in my direction and then began to take her clothes off, stripping down to her skimpy black underwear before hesitating once again.

“There won’t be any come back between you two in the morning, will there?” She asked quietly, her concern obvious.

“Not as far as I’m concerned.” I assured her. “I won’t be jealous. All I’m bothered about is that Tina is cool with everything.”

For some reason I knew that I wouldn’t be jealous, and by ‘everything’ I meant her suddenly discovered bisexual tendencies. I could see that there were not going to be any limits and bets10 giriş I didn’t want her to feel disgusted with herself afterwards.

“Thank you, Ray. Let me tell you something. I always turned Karen down only because I was just too chicken to try it. But I fancied her and I wanted to let her, you wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to, and I’ve regretted not doing ever since. The only thing that would make me let this chance pass me by is if you said to stop, and you can still say that at any time.”

That, for Tina, was a long and significant speech.

“There’s your answer Karen, there won’t be any problems” I told her.

Karen smiled gratefully and reached around to unhook her bra, and as it fell away I was immediately struck by how different two forms of perfection can be.

Tina was slightly bigger built, still slim but softly contoured over her well muscled frame. Her breasts were fuller and capped with long brown nipples sitting in distinctive aureoles, while her thick and wiry pubic hair was as black as a raven’s wing, matching the mane on her head. She would have made the archetypical female warrior in a fantasy magazine.

In contrast Karen was all femininity despite her orientation. Tall, pale, and willowy would probably be the easiest way to describe her. Her body was athletic without being muscular and, when she bent to remove her panties, I was struck by the shapeliness of her long smooth legs and tight little rump. She had much smaller breasts than Tina, pert little mounds with pale pink nipples set rather high. If I had to pick between them I’d end up with neither, for each was as beautiful as the other.

We settled ourselves on the bed with Tina in the middle lying on her back with Karen and myself beside her and facing in towards her.

“My God, fun each side.” She giggled, looking from one to the other as if trying to make up her mind.

Finally, her decision made she turned to face Karen, speaking to me over her shoulder.

“I’m not forgetting you, Ray, but right now I need a woman. I’m really turned on for a new experience or two, you don’t mind do you?”

I shook my head, but she wasn’t looking, she was pushing Karen onto her back and rolling half on top of her, her mouth seeking that of her lesbian partner.

The strangest thing about watching my wife kissing her former roommate was seeing her hunger. Tina is usually quite a passive lover, but now she was assertive, almost aggressive, as she squirmed on top of Karen, squeezing and fondling the blonde woman’s breast and exploring her mouth with her tongue.

Karen’s arms went around Tina and pulled her down closer, pressing their two bodies together, letting Tina writhe on top of her, rubbing against each other. It wasn’t long before Tina was fully on top and had insinuated herself between Karen’s legs, forcing them apart so that she could thrust and rub at her pussy as if she were a man fucking his lover, all the time still passionately kissing her.

I must admit that my hand went to my cock of its own accord as I watched this highly erotic display. My God, I was nearly as randy as they were.

“Oh God, Karen. You’re wonderful. Do a sixtynine with me, please sixtynine me, I want to lick you.”

Tina had finally broken the kiss and pulled away a little, needing urgently to take them that one step further. There was a few seconds of confusion as both women moved to be on top, but then Karen lay back to let Tina straddle her, readying herself to receive her descending pussy while spreading her legs as wide as she could to accept Tina’s mouth.

I’d never seen two women go down on each other before, and I’d certainly never expected one of them to be my own wife, but it was a fantastic sight, one I’ll treasure forever along with the sounds of their fun, the moans of pleasure and the wet sounds of their tongues lapping at each others pussies.

Tina was still the aggressive one of the two, moving eagerly above Karen, rubbing herself against her partner so that it was almost all Karen could do to stay in contact with her pussy. Tina was writhing and wriggling, pulling Karen’s pussy wide to bury her face within its folds, licking sucking and biting at her clitoris and labia while pushing her tongue as deeply as possible into her vagina. She was like a woman possessed, making up for all the times her brain had said ‘no’ when her body had said ‘yes’.

I watched, almost in awe, amazed at what I was seeing, as horny as hell, but so mesmerised by the scene before me that I forgot to more than hold my iron hard cock in my hand.

I’ve no idea how long it actually was, but it seemed like only seconds before both women were reaching orgasm. Karen came first, letting go of Tina’s pussy to throw her head back and gasp aloud, her fingers gripping tightly into the curve of Tina’s suspended bottom and the rest of her body trembling and juddering under the force of her climax.

“For fucks sake, finish me, I’m so fucking close.”

Even bets10 güvenilir mi though Karen had stopped working on Tina for only a matter of seconds, Tina was urging her back, wanting her to lick her to orgasm, her breathless command revealing the urgency of her need.

Still panting from her own orgasm Karen turned her face back to Tina’s pussy, pushing her tongue back between the hair of her bush and into the wetness of her slit. Tina came almost instantly, hardly had Karen’s mouth fastened back over her clit than she started to gasp out the series of little grunts that I recognised so well, and she rammed herself down onto Karen’s face, pushing her pussy back and forth over her mouth and tongue and coating nearly her entire face with pussy juice.

I stared with growing alarm as Tina, carried away on a surge of pleasure, ignored Karen’s need to breathe and carried on rubbing her pussy hard across her partner’s face, letting out tiny squeals and whimpers of pure ecstasy. Karen tried to twist her face away but without success, then, just as I was about to interfere, she managed to get her hands under Tina’s bottom and push her up enough to turn her head to one side and take a breath. At last, her orgasm beginning to decline, Tina realised what she was doing and rolled away from her now gasping partner, clambering from the bed and kneeling shivering by Karen’s side.

“Oh. Karen, I’m sorry. It was just so damn good.” She was panting for breath herself.

Karen shook her head, smiling as she drew deep grateful lungfuls of air, telling Tina it didn’t matter.

“God, Tina, that was awesome. I’ve never seen anybody cum that hard.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to suffocate you.” Tina was still breathless from the after affects of her orgasm.

“It doesn’t matter. It was good to know you enjoyed it.” Karen, also still breathing hard held out her arms to Tina. “Come and hold me, I’m still horny.”

Tina climbed back onto the bed and the two women wrapped their arms around each other again in a whole body embrace. Once again Tina lay on top of Karen, and once again the blonde girl opened her legs to let Tina lie between them, her slow thrusts of mock intercourse starting up again almost immediately.

“I wish I were a man.” Tina said suddenly. “Then I could fuck you properly.”

Karen said nothing but let out a soft purr of agreement.

“I’ve often wondered what it’s like to fuck someone instead of just being fucked.”

Blushing slightly at her own admission, she looked at me and then at Karen.

“Yes, I know it’s silly, but I would love to know what it’s like to be so in control, so dominant, as to be able to push yourself right into another person’s body”

“Would you really like to fuck me?” Asked Karen, her husky tone showing how much the idea appealed.

“Would I ever!” Tina exclaimed, looking down at Karen’s face curiously, wondering what she had in mind.

“Look in my bag, tucked down at the end in a polythene bag there’s a strap-on. You can use it on me if you like.”

Tina was off the bed instantly and on her way to the spare room where Karen’s bag had been left.

“Are you really okay with this?” Karen asked me quietly while Tina was out of the room.

“Too fucking right I am!” I told her. “I’m not going to forget tonight in a hurry.”

“It’s not one I use.” She told me, meaning the strap-on. “It was intended as a present for a friend of mine as a joke, and I’ve never actually ever had one used on me. So this will be something new or me too, and I’m a bit nervous.”

I was surprised at Karen’s confession, but I didn’t let on.

Tina was away for longer than either Karen or I expected and we wondered what was holding her up, but just as I was about to call to ask her if she could find what she was looking for, she came back into the bedroom already triumphantly wearing a large black strap-on dildo.

It must be said that the sight of this beautiful young woman with a large black penis protruding from her feminine body did look a little strange. Its dark hardness contrasted almost grotesquely with the smooth softness of her body, and its size seemed totally disproportionate to the slim figure it was attached to. Even so, it was a turn on to know that Karen was soon to be taking it into her own equally gorgeous body.

“It’s got a bit with a vibrator built in that goes inside me too, and you’ve no idea how good that’s feeling.” Tina was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

Karen was staring at the dildo with a mixture of awe and fascinated excitement, as if unable to believe that she would be able to engulf it, but nervously eager to try. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs ready for Tina to enter her, and all the time her eyes were pinned to that dildo, unconsciously licking her lips as Tina coated it lightly with KY gel from the tube she brought with her.

Seeing Karen lying and waiting for her, Tina clambered across and positioned herself between her legs, moving forward to present her artificial cock to Karen’s pussy. I couldn’t see exactly how she did it, but I saw her hand disappear between their two bodies and I heard Karen sigh with pleasure as the dildo entered her.

“Alright?” Asked Tina softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32