A Hell of a Sex Story

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John sat up straight with a feeling of sheer terror. The last thing he remembered was his car sliding on the icy road, going through the guard rail and plunging for what seemed forever. His own screams and those of his fiancé, Beth, filled his ears. He was shaking. Then his surroundings began to sink in. He was in a soft bed, uncovered, in a comfortably warm room. He was alone and wondered where Beth was.

The next thing he noticed was that he wasn’t wearing anything at all. Something stirred beside the bed and as he glanced quickly toward the movement, his breath caught. A beautiful woman stood next to the bed and she too was naked.

“You’re awake.” She said.

He watched, unable to move as she put one hand on his chest with gentle pressure. Her touch was comforting and he lay back on the bed still feeling her fingers and palm on him. When he was flat on the bed again, she moved to the foot of the bed with the most seductive walk he had ever seen, her eyes never leaving his. She lay on the bed, putting her head between his legs.

John gasped as he saw her open her lips and suck his limp cock inside her mouth. Her mouth was wonderful; wet, warm and soft. He could feel her mouth sucking him, feel her tongue swirling slowly around the head of his cock and playing with his cum opening. When he was completely hard, her head began to move up and down, her teeth grazing the bulging head of dick. John’s hands moved to the back of the woman’s head and he began thrusting his hips in rhythm, fucking her mouth each time her lips slid down his engorged member. He suddenly realized that the feeling of terror was leaving as though the terror was being sucked out of the end of his penis, along with the memory of the wreck.

It was a wonderful blow-job. Actually, John thought, it was demeaning to call it a mere blow- job. Whatever this thing she was doing should be called, it was the very best he had ever had.

John cried out in disappointment as she took his shaft out of her mouth, but gasped as her tongue began to lick the length of the underside of his cock, moving from his balls to the tip, licking around the head and moving back down to his balls. She took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking it gently as her hand slowly stroked his hard dick. She moved to the other ball, sucking it and then put her mouth over the head of his cock as he was about to reach his climax. As cum shot out, he felt like a erupting geyser; this was the most cum he had ever ejaculated. He spurted again and again, and the woman kept her mouth over the head of his cock swallowing it all.

When he finally finished cuming, John felt nothing but ecstasy and then a sense of complete calm and peace.

The woman sat on the foot of the bed licking her lips, then noticing a drop of cum seeping out of the end of John’s cock, she bent over, caught it with the tip of her tongue and flicked it into her mouth. “Mmmmm.” She licked her lips slowly. “Want to do that again?” She asked, grinning seductively.

“God Yes,” John blurted out. “But I’d love to eat your pussy first . . get you off.”

The woman looked at him with a slight smile and an expression of approval in her eyes. Without a word, she straddled his head with her knees, lowering her pussy to his waiting mouth, her eyes looking down at him.

John sucked one of her pussy lips into his mouth, savoring the taste of her sweet nectar that was already leaking out. He felt the smoothness of both sides of her love lip, then moved to the other, pleasuring it also. His tongue licked the wonderful, smooth valleys that lay between her pussy and each leg, kissing softly.

Her wonderfully erotic aroma filled his nostrils as he teased her with his tongue, almost touching her pussy, but not quiet, then licking and kissing his way to her clit, licking the shaft, but not lingering there. He could feel her ass moving over him and hear her moans of pleasure and anticipation. She reached down and lifted one hand, holding it to her breast until she felt his fingers pleasuring her soft mound and tweaking her hard nipple. She sighed with pleasure as his other hand followed.

John finally let his tongue slide into her pussy, and a strange thing happened. His tongue seemed to grow longer, thicker, until it fit exactly into her love tunnel. He had never before felt his whole tongue enveloped by a pussy, touching all of her sugar walls. He slid his tongue in and out, realizing that for the first time in his life, he was actually tongue fucking a woman. It was an amazing feeling for him, and from the way she moved her hips and moaned, for her also.

In ecstasy, John licked and sucked, taking all of her love honey he could into his mouth, moving his head, covering his face with her feminine nectar. She began to look up, her body convulsing, her ass pushing down onto him as she ground her pussy into his face. She was cuming, being engulfed by wave after wave of pleasure.

When she had finished cuming, the woman smiled down at him, her eyes dancing with pleasure as she giggled softly. “We will do betist giriş that again, but not now.”

John had a vague memory of something happening to him but could no longer remember what it was. He did remember driving on a highway with Beth, his fiancé in the passenger’s seat smiling at him, her top down, playing with her breasts, rolling a nipple between her thumb and finger. He remembered her laughing as she reached over and touched his hard cock through his jeans. It was a wonderful memory; he had moved his hips to give her better access and that’s all he remembered.

John looked around. “Where am I?” He asked, seeing nothing except for the bed he was on and the woman. There weren’t any walls, just nothing.

“We’ll talk about that later.” The woman replied, still smiling. “Right now, you need to rest.”

“Wherever I am, is Beth here?”

“Yes, would you like to see her?”

“Please.” John replied. “Is she all right?”

“See for yourself.” The woman gestured with her hand and suddenly John could see Beth in a bed that looked identical to the one he was in.

John watched with a sense of shock as Beth was on her back, her legs over the back of a man whose mouth was obviously licking and sucking her pussy. Beth’s head was thrown back, her back was arched and both hands were on the head of the man, pulling him to her love opening. John could even hear her moans and whispers, “oh god, eat me, eat me, eat my pussy, put your tongue inside my cunt – – oh yessssssssss, touch my asshole with your tongue, yesssssss, yesssss, oh god”.

Suddenly, Beth’s whispers turned to screams of pleasure. “AAGGGGG, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT, FUUUUUCK, FUUUUCK.” John smiled; Beth loved to curse when she was cuming. He watch as Beth’s lovely body bucked and thrashed on the bed, her legs clamping hard around the man’s head. She came again and again, and the climaxes did not seem to weaken for what seemed forever. Finally, the screams turned to whimpers of delight and satisfaction till her body relaxed and she lay still.

The man then moved between Beth legs and slid his cock into her obviously wet pussy as it entered easily. They fucked, both thrusting, he into her and she onto him. Her hands held his head gently but passionately until he pushed hard, grunting as he came inside her as she encouraged him with soft words.

After the man had pulled his cock out of her, John could see Beth and the man talking but could near nothing of what they were saying. He called to her but she didn’t seem to notice.

“She can’t hear you.” The woman said, then stood and began to walk away, saying over her shoulder, “You two can spend some time together and we will come back and explain things to you.”

John glanced over at Beth and to his surprise, the man was gone. Turing back, he saw that the woman was gone also.

“John!” John heard Beth call his name. She came rushing to him and they embraced. The embrace was reassuring as they each felt the other’s naked body against their own.

“Oh God!,” Beth said again and again between hugs and kisses.

John’s hands moved down to cup Beth’s ass cheeks as they held each other and he felt his erection rising. Beth felt it too and pushed him onto his back. Straddling his hips, she guided his cock to her drenched pussy and sat on it with a sigh. They were both still for a moment as they gazed at each other; John looking up at Beth’s sexy breasts and lovely face, and she looking down at his handsomeness.

Neither spoke as Beth began to move up and down on his cock, slowly at first. She began to move faster as John thrust up into her, matching her rhythm and playing with her tits with both hands. It wasn’t long before John felt his climax filling his balls and knew his thick, creamy sperm would soon be shooting into his lover’s hot cunt. Beth too began moaning as she bounced up and down faster and as John pushed up hard and shot his first spurt inside her, she began her climax with him.

Beth’s climaxes lasted longer than John’s, but not by much. It was the best fuck either had had in their lives.

“That’s the first time I have ever cum fucking; my first climax without a tongue, finger or vibrator.” Beth grinned down at John, quiet pleased with herself and then rolled off him.

As they lay together in an embrace, John told Beth about seeing her with a man eating her pussy and Beth countered with seeing John with a woman sucking his cock. Both were somewhat surprised that neither spoke with even a hint of jealousy, but rather with a sense of the other’s pleasure. (John wondered how she could have seen him getting oral pleasure since he had already finished before he saw Beth, but decided that it was too complicated to try to figure out.) As they continued to talk, they discovered that both had felt the same sense of peace after climaxing and both had been told the same thing by their respective sex partners. Their talking became softer, hushed, and they drifted off . . . . .

Day Two, or something like it

Beth and John woke in the spoon betist yeni giriş position with John’s arms around Beth holding her breasts with both hands. His hard cock was touching her ass and pussy. Both felt very, very horny and John was moving his hips to enter Beth when they were interrupted.

“Hi, we’re back to answer your questions.” The man said.

“Oops,” the woman giggled, “looks like we interrupted a fuck session. Go ahead, if you like and we’ll talk when you’re finished.”

John was too far gone with sexual need and thrust forward, impaling Beth; she pushed back hard swallowing his cock with her pussy. They fucked with Beth’s hand between her legs, rubbing her clit and John’s arms around her rolling her both nipples between fingers and thumbs. The man and woman watched them smiling until both had climaxed and they rolled apart.

Although neither Beth nor John had ever been watched during sex before, it didn’t seem odd to either of them, just arousing.

“Was it fun being watched?” The woman asked when they had finished.

“Fuck yes,” Beth responded, breathing hard, and then paused, wondering where that had come from. She didn’t speak like that, but it did feel freeing to do it this time.

When John caught his breath, he asked, “All right, who are you and where are we?

“First,” the woman began, “we are angels.” She motioned toward herself and then to the man with her.

“Angels?” Beth asked with a questioning look. “You mean that we are dead?”

“Think about what you have seen and experienced since you have been here.” The man said gently. “Does it mesh with anything you have ever in your lives experienced.”

Both John and Beth shook their heads; John asked, “Are we in heaven?”

The man and woman both laughed. “Hardly. You are in Hell.” The woman said.

“This is Hell?” John was incredulous.

“Yes, you both died and now you’re in Hell.”

“You’re lucky you didn’t go to heaven.” The man’s voice cut in.

“Why is that?” Beth asked, surprised.

“You’d be playing harps, praising god and such crap if you had.”

“What do you mean?” John asked.

The woman took a deep breath and John would not help watching her breasts rise. She noticed and grinned at him. “Let me explain,” she began. “Every inhabited world is ruled by a god; some are male, some female; some kind and some not. The god of this world happens to be narcissistic and mostly wants everyone to praise him; he is also quiet vindictive toward people and especially toward people who don’t do it exactly as he thinks they should. He thinks that he is sending folks like that to a place where they will burn forever in fire. Thankfully, he doesn’t have the final say. There is another god who is over many gods, including the god of this world and there is a god beyond that one and another one beyond that and so on. I don’t know how many ranks of gods there are in the universe and beyond. Anyway, a god higher than the god of this world created this place. People who want to spend their afterlife on their knees giving praise can do that in heaven.”

“So, who goes to hell?” Beth broke in.

“You tell them.” The woman grinned broadly as she turned to the man.

“All right. People who come here are the ones who enjoy life and the pleasures of life to the fullest extent they can, as long as they do no harm to others to obtain their pleasure. The people who enjoy the pleasures of sex, food, fun and do not deny themselves those pleasures wherever and with whomever they find it, again, as long as they harm no one to pleasure themselves; people who do their best to insure that others find as much or more pleasure than they themselves have. Selfish people, including selfish sex partners, cannot enter here.”

“And what goes on in Hell?” John asked and then added grinning. “Except fucking?”

“Anything you like.” The woman responded, then asked, “but what is there that you actually enjoy more than having sex?” She smiled as she slid one hand between her legs as the other caressed her breasts. “What is more pleasurable than having sex and having climaxes? Only here, there is no limit. You will never run out of sexual desire or energy. You can have sex with Beth or me or him” the woman gestured toward the man, “without limit. Or you can have sex with any of the billions of people in Hell.”

“Billions of people?” Beth responded.

“This is only a way station,” the man answered her question. “We will take you into Hell itself, if you like, either now or after we pleasure each other again.”

“I could sure use another climax.” Beth replied.

The man responded by motioning and a chair appeared. He motioned her over to him asked her to put one foot on the chair. As he got down on his knees, Beth sucked in her breath and moved her leg to give him more access, anticipating the pleasure she was about to receive.

As the man moved his face to her pussy licked her gently, the woman grasped John’s erect cock and guided him over to Beth and the man. betist güvenilirmi John began to kiss Beth as the woman knelt and took his cock into her mouth. Neither John nor Beth had ever engaged in group sex before, but felt completely at ease as they were licked and sucked.

John moved from kissing to Beth’s lovely tits, sucking her nipples, bringing moans from her throat. He sucked first the right nipple as his hand played with her left breast, then sucked her left nipple as his hand played with her right breast. He was so aroused with the woman sucking and licking his cock and balls while he was pleasuring Beth that he came before Beth did, shooting his load into the woman’s mouth, remembering that she had said that he could find sexual pleasure with her as often as he wanted.

When John had finished cuming, the woman moved behind Beth and parted her ass cheeks with both hands, moving her face to Beth’s ass. Beth gasped; she had never done anything sexual with another woman, but this felt good as the woman’s tongue touched her rosebud, flicking up and down over it, then side to side. The man’s tongue was fucking her pussy and licking her clit and John was alternating between sucking her nipples and kissing her lips. It was more than she could take and she came with a scream, her legs buckling. She would have fallen if not for John holding her up. Fire shot through her again and again as the man sucked her clit, flicking the tip with his tongue and the woman pushed her tongue into Beth’s asshole as far as she could. Beth’s head was back and her body was bucking back and forth as she continued to cum and cum and cum. She was breathing hard when she finally finished but noticed that her sexual desire had not diminished as it had after a very hard climax when she was on “earth.”

When Beth could finally stand by herself, the woman smiled and said, “Why don’t we spend the rest of the day together and get an early start tomorrow?”

John and Beth agreed, and John asked. “As long as we are going to spend the day together, may Beth and I pleasure you two?” He looked at Beth and she grinned and nodded, looking down at the man’s erect cock.

“We would love that.” The woman replied and moved to the bed.

As the four sat on the bed, it seemed to somehow stretch and got larger. They spent the rest of the “day” (the man and woman had explained that they weren’t really days and nights, although they referred to them as such) having various forms of sex. They were both able to repay their hosts with their own lips and tongues. Beth had her first sexual experience with a woman as well as with two men inside her at once and John had his first sexual experience with a man and with two women at the same time. After some time and many, many climaxes, they all relaxed and drifted off.

Day Three

John and Beth woke to find the man and woman making a table and chairs appear and food on the table. As they sat at table, each noticed that it held their favorite foods. A large margarita was there for Beth and a Corona with a lime was there for John. They ate and noticed that although they enjoyed the food and drink, no matter how much they consumed of either, they did not feel too full or heavily intoxicated.

The meal was wonderful, but they were curious and soon were asking the man and woman to take them on a tour to acquaint them with Hell proper.

The man said, “elevator.” And an elevator door appeared with what looked like a round disk beside it. The man pushed lightly on the disk and the door opened. Once inside, they saw a screen on the wall with works and icons on it and a keyboard.

“We call this our elevator and it will take you anywhere you want to go.” The man motioned toward the screen. “For instance, if you want to participate in orgies . . .” He pressed an icon with pictures of several man and women engaged in various sex activities.

The door opened and the first thing that caught their eye was a man with his hands under a woman’s butt cheeks, holding her to his face with seemingly little effort; her legs were wrapped around his neck and her hands held the back of his head as he licked her pussy. Another man was kneeling in front of him, sucking his cock while another woman stood behind the one with her pussy on his face, spreading her ass cheeks and licking.

As John and Beth looked further, they could see people, men and women, on large beds, sofas, tables, and carpeted floors fucking, sucking, licking, and engaged in all sorts of sexual activities.

Their attention was drawn back to foursome in front of them when the woman whose pussy was being eaten grinned at them and asked:

“Want to join?”

“No thanks.” The male angel said as he motioned Beth and John back into the elevator.

“See what we mean?” The female angel asked as the door closed. “You might have wondered how the man could hold the woman up to his mouth so easily.” With that, she put her hands on John’s head, pulled slightly and jumped. Almost effortlessly, she had her legs around John’s neck and her hands holding behind his head. John instinctively put his hands under her buttocks to hold her up, but when he did, he felt almost no weight. Then he noticed that her warm, sticky, wet pussy was pushed against his mouth and he thought again about how wonderful she tasted.

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