A Halloween Tale

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It had been a crap day at work and I was very tired, very bad tempered, very hungry and couldn’t wait to get the store locked up and to get home! I’d lived on my own now for over a year since my wife and I had split up and I thought I had started to enjoy my own company, sitting in front of the TV screen most nights.

Once indoors I drew the curtains, turned up the central heating, put on the sidelights and popped my dinner that I had prepared that morning, in the oven. Once everything was cooking nicely, I went upstairs and had a shower to wash the grime of the day away; it certainly seemed to perk me up a bit. Pulling on a pair of shorts and t-shirt I returned downstairs and grabbed a cool beer from the fridge. It really tasted good and made me feel more relaxed than I had early in the day at work. I took dinner from the oven, placed it on a tray and sat down in front of the TV, channel hopping to find a programme that was interesting to watch.

I had just taken a mouthful of my dinner when there was a ring of the doorbell. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I was curious and maybe a touch excited that someone was calling on me, maybe I was getting a bit lonely after all! I opened the door and the smile on my face quickly disappeared at the sight of a few kids dressed in weird costumes chanting “ Trick or Treat”. Of course it was Halloween, no peace tonight! I went and got some sweets to give them and returned to my meal. I had just finished it off when the doorbell went again, yes you’ve guessed it, more kids and more trick or treating. I gave them the last of the sweets I had in the house, left over from last Christmas I guess, and returned to the kitchen to wash up my dinner things.

Once done, I sat down again and found an interesting film to watch with another beer. Then the doorbell rang again. I decided to ignore it but the caller became more persistent, and just kept knocking and ringing. I got up, my bad temper returning and flung the door open to be greeted by yet more kids, older looking this time, maybe in their late teens, dressed in costumes that I recognised I had sold in my store. “ Trick or treat “, they cried. “ Listen guys,” I said, “I’m sorry I’ve no more sweets and I’ve had a real crap day, so please go away and leave me alone, I’m trying to watch the TV.” “Go on” they said, “don’t be such a mean bastard, give us some beer or sweets!” “Fuck off”, I replied and with that, I shut the door and went back to the lounge.

It seemed I had just sat down when the phone rang, more bloody interruptions. I looked at my watch and realised that I must have fallen asleep as it was just turned 11pm. It was the alarm monitoring company and they said that the burglar alarm had gone off at the store. Thanking them, I quickly got dressed in some jeans, put on my shoes and left my house for the 5 miles drive to the shop. It had started to rain and there was a light mist in my car headlights. Once there, I heard the alarm was still ringing so I walked around the building, checking the windows and doors using my torch, but all seemed in order, except that the mist was getting thicker. I unlocked the side door, entered my code into the alarm panel and the silence after the shrill tone of the alarm seemed overwhelming.

I flicked the switches and the lights on the sales floor, stock room and office came on. I listened carefully but could hear no indication that there was anyone else in the building. Another false alarm I thought. I walked around the sales floor and I was just near to the Halloween costumes, when without any warning the lights failed and I was left in total darkness. Shit I thought, what’s gone wrong now!

I bakırköy escort flicked on my torch, but the batteries were low and the beam was getting fainter and fainter. I quickly made my way to where the batteries are stored on the shop floor, grabbed some from the display when I suddenly heard footsteps behind me and felt great pain in my head and fell to the floor, my world in total darkness.

The mist was all around me now, I was still trying to focus properly when from the mist the most beautiful face I have ever seen peered over me. It was a young woman with wavy long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and the most flawless peachy coloured skin I have ever seen. She smiled tenderly down at me showing the most white and perfect teeth, everything about her face was sheer beauty.

I opened my mouth to ask who she was, but before the words could come out her lips were on mine, gently and tenderly kissing me. I was immediately turned on by her action and I felt my cock grow hard and long in my trousers. She then gently lifted my head up stroking gently at my hair, and laid it on her breasts. It was at this point that I could see she was completely naked, her body every inch as beautiful as her face. Her breasts were large but wonderfully firm and warm and my head was now held gently between them whilst she tenderly kissed and stroked it.

I had never before this, felt so much desire for any woman and I felt secure and at ease. She then tilted my head up to hers and once again gently kissed me on the lips but this time it felt more passionate and loving and I immediately reciprocated, my trousers by this time were getting even tighter. Her lips left my mouth and she was now nibbling my ear at the same time pulling my t-shirt up, I moved my face away from hers so that she could pull it over my head. Once off she was gently running her fingers through the hairs on my chest and at the same time her lips were running down my body, which was now trembling with sheer desire for this most beautiful woman. She seemed to know exactly how I was feeling, and that it was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable in the crotch of my jeans. She gently undid the button and zip on my jeans and eased my bottom off the floor so that she could pull them down. She immediately placed her hand on my cock and started stroking it and at the same time kissing and licking my stomach just above my pubic hair.

My mind was in a turmoil, I have never wanted to fuck any one as much as what I wanted to fuck this woman, and as I gently started to tug and suck at her nipples, a gentle moan escaped from her mouth. She now lay next to me, her head next to my balls and her pussy next to my face. Her tongue gently reached out to my balls and started to lick them, it flicked over them sending an overwhelming sense of excitement through the whole of my body and I felt the slight warmth of pre fluid on the end of my cock. She now started to lick up and down my cock, which felt as thought it were going to burst it was that hard. Her fingers tantalised my balls as she reached the top end of my cock and started circling it with her tongue, and then my whole body arched as she put her mouth around it and started sucking it up and down. Her pussy was right next to my face now and I could smell the sweet smell of her juices. I gently put my fingers between her moist pussy lips opened them up and started to flick my tongue in and out. Her body jerked with pleasure and she moaned as she carried on sucking my long, hard cock. Her juices tasted sweet and she started to writhe around my face as I put my tongue in deeper and licked and nibbled around beşiktaş escort her clitoris, I could feel both our bodies trembling with desire and passion for one another. As my tongue started flicking in and around her pussy quicker and quicker her moaning became more and more intense, I knew she was about to cum. As she came she pushed my head so that my tongue went deep inside her. Her whole body arched and she pulled her mouth from my cock and let out the most wonderful moan of pleasure.

Once she regained herself she started to suck at my cock harder and harder, my cock felt as though it was deep inside her throat and it took every ounce of composure not to come at that point, but I desperately wanted to fuck her first. My hands were now firmly on her breasts, kneading and fondling one and tweaking the nipple of the other, and her moaning whilst sucking at my cock told me she was enjoying this every bit as much as what I was.

I had to start fucking this woman soon, so I gently pulled her away from my cock and straddled over her, my cock hanging over her pussy. I started kissing and nibbling her nipples as she stroked my cock with long quick movements, I then got 2 fingers and gently placed them in her pussy, fingering her inside and out and gently tugging at her clitoris, I could feel how excited she was by the way she was arching her back and pushing herself up to get my fingers deeper and deeper inside her. Her pussy was now dripping and I knew she needed to be fucked very soon. I pushed my head down between her legs to lick her delicious pussy one more time, keeping my fingers deep inside her pussy whilst licking and nibbling at her swollen pussy lips, she was now soaked and I knew it was time to get my cock inside her.

I pulled my fingers away and started kissing her mouth, our tongues meeting, and our excitement growing more and more intense by the second. I then got my cock and stroked it up and down her thighs and teasingly near her pussy opening, her moaning telling me that she wanted it inside her, the pleasure was almost too much to bare. I teased my cock around her pussy a few more seconds whilst licking and sucking her breasts and then I pushed my cock deep inside her. The excitement of this for both of us was so much so that we both let out a loud moan of pleasure, the fucking had begun, and if I was not very careful, it would not last for long.

Her pussy felt warm and tight around my cock, and I could feel her juices dribbling out, I was holding her legs open whilst pumping my cock deep inside then pulling out then deep inside and pulling out, all the while her breathing and moaning were getting more and more intense. She pulled my head over hers, started kissing me passionately and hungrily grabbed my arse and pushed me deep inside, she then wrapped her legs around my back. The moves at first were slow and gentle, whilst we kissed and nibbled at one another, then they became faster and faster as my cock went deeper and deeper inside her beautiful tight and wet pussy. I knew I could not last much longer if we carried on like this so I pushed myself off her and lay next to her, I pushed my fingers inside her pussy whilst kissing and sucking at those wonderful firm breasts, the nipples erect and hard with desire. She started stroking at my cock again and more and more pre cum erupted from the tip, I knew I could not hold out much longer and I wanted to cum inside this beautiful perfect woman.

I pulled her over onto her knees her back arched, and entered her doggy fashion, my cock went deep, deep inside her pussy whilst I fondled firmly with her breasts. Once again I pushed beylikdüzü escort my cock deep in then right out, then deep in and right out, each time pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside, holding onto that beautiful body of hers tightly, our movements getting quicker and quicker, our moaning louder and louder, the moment was almost there so I pushed her over quickly, once again straddling over her, I put my mouth over her breasts licking and nibbling them with a desire I had never felt before, I got my cock and pushed it deep inside her, once again we both let out a loud moan of pleasure. This time there was no teasing, my cock went deep, deep inside her pussy, her legs over my back and we were moving together faster than ever, I knew by her moaning and trembling that she was about to come and as she did, my cock exploded inside her, the feeling of coming together almost too much to bare. The fucking was over but the kissing and holding of one another carried on for about another 10 minutes, both lying in one anothers arms exhausted. She then turned to me gently pulled my jeans up and zipped them, pulled the t-shirt over my head and lay with me holding me tightly for another minute or so, she then put her mouth to my ear and gently whispered, “sleep well my love, your life is just about to begin”

I could hear a voice in the distance “Alan are you alright mate?” over and over again, I opened my eyes and focused on Dave the other manager of our store who was also a key holder. “What happened?” I said weakly, as I felt the pain in my head. “don’t rightly know mate, but it’s a good job I got a call to come out to the alarm as well, cos when I got here I found you here on the floor, unconscious with a nasty cut to your head, I’ve called an ambulance.”

I was trying to work out what had happened, when suddenly the ambulance men arrived and carried me out on a stretcher to the ambulance waiting outside. My mind was a whirl, and all I could think of was the beautiful girl.

Later in the ambulance on the way to the hospital I was trying to work out whether or not it had all been a dream, but it seemed all so real. I kept thinking of the story of the hospital that had once been where our store now was. Almost two centuries ago there had been a hospital in the very spot where our building was, it was a hospital where injured soldiers were taken. The story goes that a beautiful nurse worked there, she tenderly cared for all of the injured soldiers, and lovingly brought each one back to health by making them forget all the horrors of the war, she did this by loving them, showing them that they were still men, that they could still love, that life still had many pleasures to be shared.

This beautiful and loving nurse died at an early age of 29, she died on Halloween when a fire broke out at the hospital. She died courageously after saving all but one of her beloved soldiers, he was too weak even with her help to get away from the fire, and so the story goes that she lay next to him on his bed, gently stroking his hair and holding him to her tightly.

So the question is, did I just dream all of what happened? or did the beautiful nurse who lived here 197 years ago manage to creep back into this life to help one more injured man. To show one more man that he could still be loved and that life held many pleasures?

Whatever the answer, from that day on I know I became a better person, I realised that life was not be lived alone feeling miserable. Everybody needs and deserves to be loved, everbody needs to feel pleasure in life. I am now remarried to the most wonderful woman, whom I love and adore more than anything in the world, we share everything together, and our lovemaking is the most pleasurable thing anyone could imagine.

I now love Halloween, because whatever did happen that night, it turned my life around and made me a new person. The last words the beautiful woman said to me were “Your life is just about to begin” and how right she was!

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