A Grandpa Story

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This story was told to me by a close internet friend. I told her she should submit it, but she is shy and didn’t want to, so she told me to do it for her. She has told me several stories about her grandpa. This is one of the erotic ones. Of course she was 18 when this happened. Here is the story:

I was visiting grandpa one weekend. He had been working outside doing something, I don’t remember what. He came inside and sat in his chair and was complaining how tired he was and that his legs were hurting.

I told him that if he laid down on his bed I would rub his legs for him. He agreed and took off his pants and shirt leaving only his undershirt and underwear on. He laid down on his back, head on his pillow, and shut his eyes.

I got the hand lotion he keeps to moisturize his skin and squirted it on one leg and began to rub his leg. I enjoyed the feel of the lotion sliding over his leg. I rubbed the lower part of his leg and his foot, even his toes. Then I did the other leg with more lotion. I took my time and rubbed about 10 minutes on each leg.

Then I did the upper part of his legs, squirting lotion on the top of both bahis firmaları legs and rubbing it over and into the skin. Grandpa began to snore and I called out “grandpa” several times but he did not answer. He had fallen asleep.

I continued rubbing his legs letting my hands go up under the ends of his underwear (he wears boxers). I remember feeling so excited getting my hands close to his penis. Each time I rubbed up his legs, one hand on each leg, I moved higher under his underwear until I was at the top of them.

Then I started rubbing along the inside of his legs. As my hands went higher, I started touching his balls. My heart was beating so fast; I was so excited. Again, I quietly called his name. No answer. He was still asleep.

I let my finger move up from his balls onto his penis. It was soft but warm. I pulled my hands back, put more lotion on them, and slid them up under his underwear and onto his penis again. With the new lotion on my hands they easily slid over his penis and I made sure to put lots of lotion on it.

I wanted to see, so I withdrew my hands and slowly lifted the top front of his underwear. kaçak iddaa I saw his penis laying over to one side and I saw his pubic hair. I ran my fingers through his pubic hair. I really liked the feeling. His pubic hair was a lot rougher than the hair on his head. Then I put more lotion on my hands and grabbed his penis and slid my hands up and down it until I had it shinny with lotion, even putting lotion on the tip of his penis. It started growing and the more I rubbed lotion on it the longer it grew. Wow!! This was so much fun to watch. I guess I rubbed it for five minutes or more. It glistened with the lotion on it. It was so beautiful. I loved touching it.

This really made me horny. At the time I didn’t know what to call it, but my pussy was really feeling twitchy. I had been rubbing myself there for months now whenever I had these feelings and I was having one now. So I laid down beside grandpa, undid my pants and started rubbing myself through my panties.

Grandpa was just lying there asleep with his hands beside him. I decided to take his hand next to me and rub myself with it. That felt so much better. I pressed his kaçak bahis finger to my pussy mound and rubbed myself. I was enjoying the feeling and decided to slip his hand under my panties and rub myself with his hand directly. Ohhh, that was a great idea. I was rubbing myself, raising my but off the bed to get a harder contact. I was even better than when I rubbed myself.

I could feel his palm on my new hairs growing down there and I pressed his hand harder into my pussy. I felt one of his finger slip into the top of my slit and rub my clit (I had just learned about what a clit was). It was the best feeling! I kept sliding his hand up and down and hard against me until the tingling exploded inside me.

I lay there several minutes afterwards catching my breath. Then I placed his hand back, pulled my panties and pant back up and got off the bed. I went to another room and read awhile. About a half hour later grandpa came out and told me he had the best nap in a long time and that I could put lotion on him any time I wanted. I knew I would do it again next time I visited him and I did. In fact I did it many times.

I had some wonderful sexual experience growing up and it is fun remembering them. It even makes me horny to write about them. And I have put the experiences to good use later in life. No one has ever complained about one of my lotion rubs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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