A Going-Away Present

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It was now almost one week since the greatest day of sex in my life. The Sunday before, I had spent the day fucking both my lovers, Rick and Ken, then later that evening the three of us had gone to a Halloween party where I had performed live on stage in front of a screaming audience. Being slightly inebriated and drugged, I was led on to a stage where the most massive Adonis had literally slain me. This beautiful man with bulging muscles, looks like a prince and the most humongous cock I had ever seen, impaled me on a bed and almost tore me in half. He had shown no mercy, playing to the audience as he slammed that massive pole again and again into my much too small man-pussy.

The pain was so intense, I believe I temporarily passed out. I remember screaming and I remember the agony that was so intense I was sure I would die. Then after the suffering could not become any worse, a miracle seemed to occur as a feeling of euphoria slowly but completely started to take over my body. Though tears were flowing from my eyes, a warmness engulfed me, and in very short order I was begging him to fuck me deeper, harder and faster. This man, they were calling him Mandingo, seemed to go on forever. He had me screaming at the top of my lungs, meeting his every thrust as I the power of his cock threw me all over the bed. When he finally came, I had an orgasm like never before, spasming uncontrollably before collapsing in a totally spent heap.

Well, when I got home that evening, my ass was sore beyond description. I had been ripped open and was in such pain I could barely sit down. Rick and Ken were kind enough to continuously massage my pussy and prostate with a soothing lubricant, but I knew it would be some time before my ass was ready for more fun and excitement. Even so, I couldn’t get the thought of that giant cock out of my mind. I was in love with Rick, Ken was a close second in my eyes, yet here I was still fantasizing about a man who almost slaughtered me!

So, now it was Friday, and Ken had a convention in Tokyo to go to, and was allowed one guest. Naturally he was taking Rick. I totally understood and accepted that. After all, I was the third person in this relationship, and anyway, I really was in need of a few more days of recovery. As a favor, they asked me to come by on Friday morning to see them off and wait at their place for a package delivery they were expecting later that day.

Waking up early, I rushed there without having breakfast, and somehow in the back of my head I started thinking about what kind of going away present I could give them. Just because I still couldn’t fuck, I still wanted to have them explode in my throat one last time before I saw them upon their return. I love making them cum, and nearly six days without tasting them was the longest I had gone since meeting them!

When I arrived at their place, they were already packed and ready to go. They gave me their key and said they expected a package delivered sometime between one and three. They both looked so handsome in their suits, but I blurted out that I had to have their seed before they left as I reached for their cocks through their trousers. In no time, I was on my knees, unbuckling both belts, dropping their pants and attacking their quickly growing love sticks.

After all these days without sex, I was now like a starving puppy, and was slobbering over these cocks with inspired abandon. Time was short and I didn’t want to wait either. I alternated sucking Rick deep down my throat, then gobbling up Ken’s massive pole, occasionally trying to take them both at once, all the time manipulating their shafts with my hands.

I was moaning in pure joy and as I looked up into my two men’s eyes, I could see that they too were in seventh heaven. Between slurping up all the pre cum emanating from their wonderful cock holes, I begged them to shoot hot cum all over me. I wanted it and I needed it. Somehow I got the impression Rick was nearer so I put extra effort on him. And indeed, I was correct as he started face fucking me , exclaiming, “Here’s your reward, baby.”

A second later he shuttered and a massive load hit the back of my throat. I eased his tool out in order to get the second blast on my tongue and lips and was rewarded with the wonderful taste of his delicious nectar. I groaned in delight as I had his cum coating every part of my throat. Not forgetting ümraniye gecelik escort Ken, who had been jerking his tool while I finished Rick off, I took him as deep as I could, driving Rick’s present thru my palate and down my throat.

Boy, what had I missed this past week! Ken’s cock and balls were engorged and I gently squeezed his nut sack as I felt his shaft recoil followed by another of his massive ejaculations. Wave after wave of hot, succulent cum spewed into my eager mouth as my tongue teased his opening, urging on more and more of this wonderful treat! My mouth was full, yet I was in no hurry to swallow. I returned Rick’s cock tip to my mouth and did my best to slobber over both of them for as long as I could.

Much too soon, Rick broke off saying they were running late. I gave one last deep kiss to his cock, followed by the same passionate smooch to Ken’s and slowly swallowed the cum still in my mouth. I used my fingers to scoop up the cum covering my face and savored that as my lovers made themselves presentable for their journey.

They both kissed me and said they’d see me late Sunday night, and left for the airport. I was now content, totally happy. Sucking off my two lovers, giving them joy, making them cum and knowing they care for me as much as I do for them made me realize there was nothing else I needed in my life. With a few hours wait for the postman, I took off my clothes and went to the bed where my happiest nights have taken place. I had a wet spot in my briefs, sucking them off had turned me on so much, and my face was still sticky as I lie there and slowly drifted off into a blissful slumber.

Well, the next thing I remember was waking up to the doorbell being rung in a fast, steady fashion, so I guess the man had been at the door for awhile. I rushed out of bed, ran to the door and opened it before realizing I hadn’t stopped to put clothes on. Still in a haze, as my vision cleared, there in front of me was Mandingo! I blurted out, “Bob what are you doing here?” as he let himself in and locked the door behind us.

His response was that Ken and Rick had arranged for him to deliver something to keep me occupied when they were away and I almost fainted from joy. Not only did my lovers want me to be happy, but they somehow knew how to make my one remaining fantasy come true.

Even though I had so recently sucked Rick and Ken dry, I knew they had given me approval for whatever happened next. Yet, I still felt unready for a cock in my ass, much less the monster that had put me in this position in the first place. I told him I was still too sore to fuck but at the same time I couldn’t help myself, reaching for his cock and caressing it thru his pants. Well, Bob put his massive hands in my armpits, lifted me up and I naturally wrapped my legs around him as he led me to the bedroom.

I was rock hard by now, though my cock looked like a toy next to his. Dropping me on the bed, I didn’t miss a beat as I pounced back and attacked his belt, ripping his pants off and exposing his manhood. I told him he was going to fuck my face all day long and immediately did my best to get him off. As he took his shirt off I again saw the most beautiful, chiseled body one could ever imagine. I grabbed his pecks and squeezed hard as, with eyes wide open I looked into his face as I sucked away like a cock hungry whore. He was so handsome and his cock was something to die for! All I could think of was it exploding in my throat and I prayed I would be able to please him to his expectations. All I wanted was to make him cum.

After a few minutes I rolled over on my back so my head could lie over the side of the bed. In that way, more of his shaft could slide deeper into my throat. I was gagging so much tears were streaming down the sides of my face. My mouth was stretched as wide as it could go yet fortunately my saliva glands were in overdrive. My spit, his pre cum and my determination allowed me to take him even deeper that on our first encounter and I felt confident I was giving him an excellent blow job.

Eventually, Bob got into a sixty-nine position with me, sucking my meager cock as I went non-stop on his. It didn’t take me long before I was bucking like a mustang, which made Bob suck even harder and I was shooting my wad down his throat.

I so wanted for him to be doing the kadıköygrup yapan escort same to me, and in very short order I would get my wish. I could feel the rumblings building as the veins and arteries on his shaft seemed to be growing, pumping more blood into his volcanic cock. I had been dreaming of this moment for a week and the time was now at hand.

I cupped his huge ball sack, flicked my tongue all over his mushroom shaped cock head, and swallowed deep just as a massive load exploded in my mouth. I choked at first, but quickly recovered and received several more salvos that covered my face, filled my mouth and dripped in thick globs off my chin, nose and lips.

I hit the jackpot. This most beautiful cock had such a large load and it was all mine! Bob held my head and said “Thats it, that’s it,” as I proceeded to lavish my loving tongue and lips all over his weapon. The taste was incredible! And I was proud that I had been able to make this god-like figure spew his load into me.

Swallowing his cum in a continuing cycle as his manhood slammed into my mouth, the idea came to me that I could live on his succulent juices! I couldn’t stop. At that moment I couldn’t think of anything else- I was in love with his cock and all the nourishment it could provide me. Even when his it started to diminish in size, I didn’t want to stop.

Eventually Bob got tired of my attention to his dick and eased me around, holding me in his arms and kissing me deeply. Practically surrounded by his giant torso, huge muscles covering me like a blanket, I could feel my cock getting aroused again, even though I had just cum.

Feeling so humbled by him, I asked, almost pleadingly, if he could stay longer. To my delight, he told me he had brought a package and we should watch it together. It turned out he had a dvd of us fucking on stage last week, and I was more than a little curious to see it.

So, placing it in the player, we nestled up in the bed and I watched myself getting impaled, screaming for mercy and finally begging him to fuck me harder. It was quite amazing, seeing yourself fucking, watching the audience react, and finally realizing that being a cum loving slut is such a turn-on.

It didn’t hurt that Bob was massaging me as I lie there watching him fuck me on dvd. I was so turned on, and all of a sudden, I felt this coolness on my anus that startled me as he started rubbing some silicone gel on my ass.

I moaned in delight, yet begged him to stop. It was still too painful inside my love canal. As much as I wanted it, I was fearful of the agony his pole could render to my still injured pussy.

But, Bob assured me he was there to please me and all he would do was massage and caress me. Placing a finger in my ass, he rubbed the gel on his hands and started kneading my ass cheeks, sending shivers up my spine. Soon I felt a giant glob of lube being squeezed into my opening followed by 2 fingers caressing my prostate, causing me to rise my hips to meet his thrusting stabs.

My god, what was happening? Just like in the movie we were watching, the pain in my ass was slowly dissipating as more and more gel was being added to my hole and what must have been a third finger was now inside of me. Bob definitely knew what he was doing! He had me moaning, groaning and begging him not to stop.

By now, he had most of his hand in my ass and the feeling was indescribable. He was sliding it in and out and all I could feel was the beautiful fullness he was administering to me. Watching myself on the t.v. screen now begging him to fuck me, I started mumbling those words along with the video me.

Soon, I screamed out,”Fuck me Mandingo, fuck me now.” I shuttered as a yelled it, I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t care about the pain I feared would come. I needed that cock! I begged him to go slow and he obliged, letting me set the pace. At first he spread my cheeks and just rested his giant cock head at the opening. He stayed still and I started pushing up and down very slowly, till after a few minutes the widest part of the head penetrated me. I winced in pain as I pulled back and Bob grabbed the silicone and greased his pole and added some more to my gaped hole.

Trying again, I now took the entire cock head in, puled out and repeated a few more times. Pretty soon I was taking it slightly deeper and bostancı türk escort surprisingly the pain was much less than I had anticipated. I had a fullness that is impossible to describe yet there was still so much space inside me that needed filling.

My man was true to his word and was letting me go at my own pace, massaging my shoulders an I rocked back and forth on his wonderful manhood. After about five minutes of this I was on fire, the warmness and fullness driving me into total ecstasy. By now he was about half way in me and I couldn’t wait any longer. I yelled, “Fuck me, Mandingo, fuck me.”

Pushing back to meet him, Bob grabbed me by my hips and slammed in all the way to the hilt and I screamed out in delight! Feeling totally stuffed, the head of his cock ramming against my intestine wall, I squealed out, “Yes, fuck me, baby.Fuck me.”

Rolling onto our sides, Bob wrapped his massive arms around me, practically burying me in muscle and proceeded to meet my thrusts, bottoming out in me with each thrust of his own. He asked me if I was his bitch and all I could answer was,”Yes, I’m your bitch, I’m your bitch forever. Never stop fucking me.”

I was crying, but surprisingly I wasn’t in pain. This may have been the best feeling I have ever had. I was so happy, tears were streaming down my cheeks. I yelled,”Deeper, deeper,” even though Bob was bottoming out and I could feel his ball sack slapping mine. As Bob kissed my neck while slamming my pussy, I took his hand and sucked on his index finger, giving it an imaginary blow job.

Groaning uncontrollably, I could feel something building up in me that could best be described as that feeling one gets while taking a shit. Yet, I knew that wasn’t the case. I hadn’t had anything to eat since yesterday. All that was in me was this beautiful pussy slayer and gobs of gel.

But this feeling overtaking me was growing and growing and a warmth was spreading throughout my whole pelvic area. I was screaming and bucking out of control as I felt what must surely be a massive orgasm overtaking me. Bob saw the condition I was in and went faster till I exploded! I was cumming, yet I had no seed to expel. Screeching, I felt rapid fire spasms overtake my body, my sphincter twitching yet unable to contract. I nearly fainted from the pleasure, this was surely the best fuck ever and yet Bob hadn’t even cum yet!

As my orgasm subsided I felt how a woman must feel in the same situation. My thought was that I really do have a pussy! My insides were all ablaze in total bliss. This joy was to die for!

Knowing Bob hadn’t cum, I had to finish him or die trying. We changed position and he elevated my hips with a pillow and took me missionary style. I spread my legs as wide as possible and pulled him to me as I begged,”Fuck me like your bitch.”

Wrapping my arms around his shoulders and legs around his torso, I held on for dear life as my Mandingo proceeded to literally fuck my brains out. I was delirious! All I could say, over and over again was,”Fuck me….fuck me…fuck me.”

Our faces met and I drove my tongue down his throat, sucking on his as he did the same to mine. I wanted him to cum so badly, yet I felt like another orgasm building in my pussy again. I broke off from his kiss long enough to say, “I want us to come together! Fuck me harder.”

He answered by thrusting even faster and I could see he was approaching his climax. That set me off and I could feel my insides spasming again. We both let out screams and I could actually feel Bob cum as he gushed out several salvos of hot manna. Again I was having an orgasm, and all I could do was scream and cry. We kissed deeply again as our bodies convulsed uncontrollably, neither of us able to budge.

His second load of cum in an hour was huge. I don’t know how he did it so fast, but he filled my ass and I could feel globs of it running out of my hole as it slightly cooled. I continued to squeeze my sphincter as the heavenly sense of being completely filled satisfied me to no end!

For what seemed like forever we lay in each other’s arms. It was the closest thing to heaven I could ever imagine. I felt no pain, and the feeling of ecstasy stayed with me for hours. I knew this was a one time thing, but I would remember it as long as I live.

Well, all things must eventually come to an end, and Bob had to go somewhere else that night, but said he’d see me around. I told him I would be ready for him anytime and I thanked him for the wonderful time. We exchanged telephone numbers and I begged him to call me. He left me the dvd and I know I will be watching that over and over, fantasizing about the most amazing fuck of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32