A Glory Hole Experience

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I’m a married, closet bisexual. My wife and I don’t have a very active sex life and being bi I crave a cock every now and then.

The other night on the way home I decided to visit the local adult bookstore since my wife was out of town. I walked into the video booth area and found a booth with glory holes on either side. A minute later someone entered the booth beside me. I looked through the hole to see a man in his late thirties pulling out his cock. It was about 7.5″ and thick. I gave him the signal that I wanted his cock and he approached the hole. I grabbed it and started licking the head. Then I was lost in lust for his cock and engulfed it in my mouth. I sucked for all I was worth. After about five minutes he pulled his cock back. I looked through to see why and saw he was putting lube on his cock. He stuck it back through and I pulled my pants around my ankles and lined his cock up to my manpussy. When my ass hit the wall I reached back and spread my cheeks to get him in me as deep as I could. He started pumping in and out of my pussy slowly at first. After ten minutes or so he started really pounding me. He gave one more deep thrust and I could feel him pumping a huge load deep in my bahis firmaları ass. His cock was beginning to go soft and he pulled out of my tight hole. I looked back through at him and he leaned down and said thank you. Then he left the booth.

A few seconds later another man entered and pulled out his cock and plunged it through the hole. It was slightly bigger than the one that had just fucked me. I sucked it like the cock craving slut that I was feeling like. After just a couple of minutes I stood up and guided his cock up in my manpussy. He gave a couple of slow pumps then started pounding as hard as he could. He wasn’t discrete at all. Everybody in the place probably knew I was being fucked by the way he was slamming into the wall. After a few minutes I noticed someone watching from the other hole. I came to find out later he had been watching since the first cock came through the hole. I rubbed the bottom of that hole and was treated to a thick black ten inch cock. It was a thing of beauty. How often does a bi cock lover get a cock like that presented to him while being ramrodded? I started slowly sucking on the head as that’s all I could reach without pulling off of the cock giving me a kaçak iddaa good fucking. After about a fifteen minute pounding I got the second load of the night.

I was so focused on the cock in my mouth I didn’t know there was another guy already in the other booth until he rammed is cock deep in my ass. He was at least an inch and a half to two inches longer than the last and thicker too. He pounded me for about five minutes then unloaded deep in bowels. I loved the repetitiveness of feeling the warm spurts of man juice inside my manpussy.

By this time the man whose cock I’d been nursing on the head of was ready for his turn. I went down on his cock and started deep throating him as best I could but his cock was huge. He pulled back and looked through the hole and said he would rather go to a large booth. I pulled up my pants and we both exited our booths and went to one of the larger ones. Once inside he locked the door. He just looked at me as he dropped his pants and released that big cock of his. I knew my place and went down on my knees and started trying to give him the best blowjob he ever had. After just a couple of minutes he asked if I was ready to really get fucked and I just stood kaçak bahis up and bent over the chair that was in there. He lined that huge cock up with my manpussy and shoved it in with one swift move. His body was right against mine and I couldn’t believe I took that monster cock so easy. He started pounding my ass good and hard. We got into a good rhythm together and I was in a euphoric daze. Then he leaned in a little while grinding deep in my ass and said, “You’re my bitch now and I’m going to breed your ass.” He was giving me the fucking of a lifetime and I was hooked on that big cock. He pounded me for about twenty minutes then about blew my insides out when he let his load loose. It shot out with such force and volume. He stayed in me until he was completely soft and slid out.

Afterward he told me I had a sweet ass and gave me his number. I ended up getting fucked by two more guys through the glory holes in the booths and sucked off three more. I left the store and went home and jacked off two times thinking of that big cock.

The next day I called him and went to his house. As soon as I walked in we stripped and I got on my knees and took that cock in my mouth and started giving the best blowjob I could. He fucked me in three different positions and came in my ass four times. When I looked at the clock he had been fucking my manpussy for three hours. I’ll be going back to get more as soon as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32