A Girl Named Huny

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I met him after he got off work.

I caught his eye right away. With my long red hair, and big green eyes, it was no big surprise. My big tits and curvy hips tend to do that to men. Even those that are attached. He approached me, after looking my body up and down from afar. I am a stripper though, and I am used to men oggling me when I am dancing. He was different though. I felt his eyes burn into my thinly covered cunt as I flipped upside down on the icy cold pole, my warm skin heating more under his heavy stare. I spread my legs, humping my wet pussy lips around the pole. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I know he stared at me the whole time. I lifted my head and gracfully untangeld myself from the pole. I got down on hands and knees and crawled down the stage to where he sat, front and center. My magnificent ass was high in the air, my eyes heavy and my tits perky.

I stared at him as I approached. He was my prey…I was determined to conquere and destroy. His eyes penetrated mine…never leaving. His tounge came out to lick his full lips…I couldnt help but wonder what those lips would fell like wrapped around my clit…his tounge in my pussy, fucking it hard. I was going to conquere him. I whispered into his ear I would love to give him a freebie dance. He obliged, and helped me off the stage. I led him into the private room, and pushed him down into a plush arm chair. I started by slowly massaging my aching tits in front of him. I pulled the nipples, plucking them into points of sensation. I slid my hands down to my cunt. I rubbed my hard clit through the damp fabric of my blak thong. Never before had I ever had to come so bad during a private dance. I could see his massive erection güvenilir bahis through his pants, and I wanted to fuck it. Doing the forbidden, I step even closer to him, and lay my hand against his throbbing cock. He is huge and hot…his dick heats my hand, even through his pants. I slowly stroke him through his clothes, and he pulls me into his lap. He positions me across his legs, so my legs dangle over the side of the chair. He spreads my thighs, and pulls my g string aside. He spreads my dripping, horny slit open, and gazes at the glory before him. My pussy is tight and shaved…truely beautiful. The lips are puffy and glistening….a sex flushed pink. I am massaging his cock when I feel his fingers lightly trace my clit. I spread my legs wider giving him better access. My horny cunt is spread open wide for him now. I am tugging on my nipples, keeping them hard. He runs his fingers up and down the inside of my lips, testing the wetness there, and slipping slowly to play in my fuck hole….he puts a finger tip in and tests the tightness. I am on the breaking point, and I want to come so bad. My hips are riding high as he plays with my pussy. My honeypot was leaking down my legs…I had never wanted a fuck so bad in my entire life. My clit was peeking out of its hiding place, and my lips were spreading all on their own. I was trying to gobble his hand up but all he was giving me was butterfly touches. He suddenly closed my legs, looked me in the eye. Giving me a sexy wink, he slipped the fingers he had been using into his mouth. He closed his eyes for a moment, as if in heaven, and urged me to stand up. He spoke the first sentence to me I had heard.

“I would like if you accompanied me home tonight….” he güvenilir bahis siteleri trailed off…I had yet to tell him my name.

“Huny” I relpied…my mind in a daze, and ready to follow the man anywher he chose. He took my hand, and we went back to the table he was sitting at by the stage. He threw his coat over my shoulders, and we walked right out that door. HE led me to his car, and opened the door. I got in and my hand staryed to inside my panties. I was soaking wet, and so horny. He got into the car and saw what I was doing. He swatted my hand away.

“ I have something very special for you. I dont want you coming now. You can touch yourself, but you cant come and you must show me your pussy the entire time.”

I wanted to stop…but I couldnt. I pulled my thong aside and slipped a slim finger into my aching wetness. I curled it under to tickle my spot, and a moan escaped my throat.

“I said no cumming” he placed his hand over mine to still my fingers. The man was making me feel like such a fuck slut…I loved it. “Just keep your finger right there…no moving it though. I like the way it looks.” At every red light, he would stare at my pussy stuffed with my little fingers. He would spread the lips, push them together…he was fascniated by my cunt. I caught him rubbing his rock hard cock too. The ride seemed to take forver. My cunt grew tighter arond my fingers…needing to fuck something…anything. My clit was rock hard and so sensitive that the breeze from the ac was making it quiver. We finally pulled up into the driveway of a two story house. HE pulled into the garage and the door closed behind us. I reluctantly removed my finger with a wet sucking plop, got out of the iddaa siteleri car and followed him inside. The house was cool, raising goosebumps on my naked skin. The hosue was dim, and there was the smell of vanilla wafting through the air. He grabbed me by nipple and led me down a hallway, into a bed room. There was a shower running, and I heard the heavy breathing of a woman.

A light clicks on in my head…he wants me to fuck his girl friend. I love women, and the thought of burying my tounge in some hot twat makes me almost fall to my knees. He takes the coat from my shoulders, and slips the soaked g string from my hips. He motions me to stay put. He goes into the bathroom, and I hear him tell the woman to lie down, he has a surprise for her. He comes back to lead me into the room. Waiting for me is a blond, beautiful perky tits and a pussy as bald as mine. Her stomache is lightly musceled and her legs are curvy and petite. She is shoving a massive dildo in and out of her cunt. Her eyes are squeezed shut, and her luscious lips are parted as she shoves the massive toy in and out of her hungry pussy. I step into the shower, and slowly lean over the beautiful woman, lowering my head to her tits. Her pants become a moan as my lips tug her nips and my tounge licks them hard. Her eyes open, and a smile comes across her face.

“Oh honey….you shouldnt of!!” She exclaims to my mystery man. She throws an arm around me, and urges me on.

“Ooo ya you little lesbian slut…suck my titties…mmmmmmmm….nibble on them….”

I follow her commands, taking her hard nipple in between my teeth and gently biting. I am rewarded with a squeal of approval. I move to her other breast to repeat the action…pulling her nipple far from her tit, making her moan and her hips twicth.

“ I want to taste each other…..NOW

My head was pushed from her breast down to her waiting cunt.


Yes…there is more to cum…..;)

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