A Gentle Awakening Ch. 02

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Remember gentle readers that all involved in this story are over 18 years of age.


A shudder ran down her spine as she lifted her hips to allow him to pull off her skirt and her panties. She lay naked under his eager gaze, his mouth slightly open, agog at the present she was giving him. He didn’t know where to touch first and just gazed at her body and took it all in; her chest was rising and falling in a jagged rhythm belying her otherwise calm demeanor.

She was as excited as he was, more so in some ways. She had wanted this young man for a very long time, quite certain he was interested in her but the difference in their ages was a stumbling block to her approaching him. But now here alone in the hotel room with the rest of the group gone out for the evening was the perfect time. He knew it and she knew it.

He broke the stillness by putting a smooth hand between her thighs and nudged her legs apart slightly. He grinned at her and touched the wet folds of her pussy, and then staring her fully in the eyes he slid one long finger fully into her wet welcoming warmth past her swollen labia. She literally shook with desire and came almost immediately on his hand. She pushed hard against his hand trying to drive her throbbing swollen clitoris onto his hand somehow. Driving bahis firmaları for more, this boy was making her wild, more than she could have imagined. He was a natural and drove another finger deep inside her thrusting like he would a penis, she was shaking and managed to gasp to him that he should taste her.

“You mean lick your pussy?” he queried.

“Oh yes, yes please baby boy, lick me.” She panted at him.

He didn’t need a second invitation and pushed her legs further apart holding them with his hands he went straight in face first and started licking like a puppy in a water bowl. She put a hand on his head and suggested he go a little more slowly. He smiled his cute little boy grin and said,

“Should I spell my name with my tongue?” He thought he was showing that he knew the secrets of the Kama sutra with his question.

She answered “Hell baby spell every word in the Encyclopaedia Britannica if you like, mmmm yes baby just like that”

He was slowly swirling his tongue on her pussy and accidentally hitting on her clit while he stroked a finger in an out of her. Damn but he knew what he was doing for a boy who had never licked a woman’s most secret parts. She squirmed under his ministrations reaching for his belt again; she wanted to his cock and kaçak iddaa she wanted it now. He seemed to read her mind and smiled up at her his words muffled by her pussy.

He was taking over. He knew what he wanted now and he was going to take it. He wanted her. He stood up and finished undoing his trousers, he pushed his jeans down and then his boxers quickly followed with his young hard cock springing proudly upright when freed from its confines.

She gasped as she finally saw the treasure she had been seeking for so long. It was so beautiful standing there hard and proud the head shining with pre-cum oozing from the tip. His face was hardening into one of lust that could not be denied. He fell on her body and kissed her hard sliding his tongue into her mouth as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her innermost secrets. She reached down and guided his cock into position for him to finally penetrate her screaming cunt.

“Oh yes baby boy yes, fuck me now!” she moaned into his mouth as his cock began its final assault. “Oh yes I want you so much” she was beyond words as he slid inside her. She was a melting pot of sexual jelly. He, still unsure what to do but knowing he wanted to pound his body hard into hers, was hesitant, but once his cock head past inside of her his instinct kaçak bahis took over and all pretense of finesse was over. He followed what his body told him to do. He pounded hard with all the power of his young body. She was screaming his name, encouraging him. He fucked as hard as he thought it was possible to fuck. She was cumming all over his cock and still he managed to keep fucking her. He had come in his pants earlier and he was going to make this last as long as he could.

He stopped thinking and rutted like an animal, he was panting and she was screaming and cumming again. He was in fuck heaven. He looked down at her eyes rolling back in her head. He knew he was doing this to her. She was cumming because of him. He was determined not to cum too soon this time. He managed to wait till she finished her orgasm and pulled his cock out, she looked startled. He stroked his cock and came at last all over her rich full tits jerking the last bits out while she panted from her last orgasm.

He looked down at her beautiful face smiling up at him with her cum covered tits and he collapsed on her, still breathing hard from his exertion.

She reached a hand up to his beautiful face and cupping it, smiled and said,

“Oh yes my love.” A soft moan, “that was really special, I hope you want more?”

A knock came to the door indicating their time was over…..for tonight.


…next time she shows him the delights of deep throat cock sucking if you are interested in hearing about it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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