A Flight of Fancy Ch. 02

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“Hey Sarah, how was the flight?”

As I embraced my lover again two things became very apparent to me, I was so unbelievably horny and my underwear was drenched, I was so wet.

All this led me to one final conclusion, it really had all been just a dream.

“I’m doing good Tony considering we just did 13 hours in a tin can, can you wait here with my stuff while I just change out of my jeans and put something lighter, got something really cool to share with you later.”

I ran off to the toilets and put on a bright summer skirt, full length, but very loose, free flowing and made of very sheer material. Looked great with my tan leather ankle boots.

“Hey Tony, I had such an incredible dream, wait till I tell you about it, it might make you as randy as I am right now.”

“Fuck Sarah, I’m always so randy for you and your tight little pussy.”

Tony was practically drooling at the thought.

“Hold that thought till tonight, I have a couple of meetings first thing and I will meet you back at the hotel about 5pm. Get checked in and get comfortable, I will promise you a night to remember.”

As Tony kissed me goodbye he lent around behind me and lovingly squeezed the lower part of my bottom pushing his finger slightly between my legs, it was like jolts of electricity shooting through my soaked cunt. I couldn’t wait to satisfy this fire of desire and hunger to be touched, played with, satisfied.

“Okay sounds like a plan, but don’t be late or I will have to start without you!”

I watched him leave and took a lingering look at him, I always enjoyed the way he walked, confident and strong, I really couldn’t wait to have him.

But my thoughts quickly turned to my dream on the plane. To be with a women, was this what I really wanted. I have never been more turned on.

The airport was full of beautiful women, It was as if I was seeing them all for the first time, seeing them as sexual beings.

I was noticing things I had never seen before. One lady had her hair tied up and the shape of her long slender neck made me almost gasp out loud.

The curve of another’s calf beautifully elegant and enhanced by het Ferragamo heels.

The deep red lipstick of another women’s mouth contrasted perfectly with her pale skin. I was so aroused and I wanted one thing so much, the touch, and to touch, not a man, but a woman.

And I realised I must be the female equivalent of a ” boob-man”. The look, size and shape of the breasts I was seeing was amazing. Like I was seeing these for the first time.

Nipples large and erect straining through a white T-shirt. An obviously fit 20ish with perky small but perfectly shaped tits. Very large round obviously surgically enhanced, I loved them all, and I wanted them.

I wanted to feel, suck, rub, lick all of them.

All my senses were heightened, smells of perfumes, a slight touch from another female as I brushed past her to pick up my bags, the smile and the apology that followed were all making me so fucking horny, I had to get to my hotel as soon as possible to do something about this uncontrollable need for sexual satisfaction.

I had to masturbate, to climax, to relieve the overwhelming urge to act out my fantasies, I was in danger of approaching one of these beautiful ladies if I couldn’t quench the fire between my legs.

I wanted to strip and get in the shower with the shower head aimed at my swollen clit while I rub and finger myself until I can’t possibly cum any more.

I always loved to play with myself in the shower, the feel of a powerful jet stream of water washing over my clit and labia as I hold my lips open is my favourite way to climax, well by myself that is hahaha.

As these thoughts consume me I find my way to the taxi rank and wait in line for my turn.

I’m almost daydreaming now while I smell a familiar scent.

The lady sitting next to me on the flight is in front of me, she canlı bahis is waiting like me to catch a cab to who knows where.

And then I see the opportunity as it forces itself into my mind.

” Hey fancy seeing you here, you must think I’m stalking you after being neighbours on the flight for the last half a day.”

A little embarrassment comes into my voice as I think she might not be so glad to see me again. So ill ask a neutral question while we wait.

“How are you feeling after the flight?”

She looks at me and smiles as it’s obvious at first she didn’t fully recognise me.

” Oh, Hi, so nice to see you again. Yeah I’m good thanks, a little stiff but nothing a long hot shower wouldn’t sort out.”

I’m sure my face must be blushing as she mentions the shower as it has been my all consuming thought but for another reason, or perhaps not, maybe she has the same need as me.

“Where are you going?”

I ask quickly changing the subject.

“I’m going to a hotel in the city, no work today, rest and relaxation only. How about you?”

“Yeah same for me. Hey, how about we share and split the bill, if you can stand another hour sitting next to me that is?”

” Haha great idea, I’m Jessica by the way, funny to share so much together and not know each others names.”

Share so much! Surely she means so much time!

” Yes true, I’m Sarah.”

Wow, in the daylight she was even more stunning than before on the plane, the sun literally made her skin look as if it glowed. She took my breathe away.

“Do you know I was just thinking to myself I hope I got to see you again.”

“Really why?”

I asked, secretly blown away she was even thinking about me.

“I think we have some unfinished business you and me.”

Oh my god, what the fuck!

What was she talking about, what unfinished business.

And as she smiled and starred into my eyes, like she was looking into my soul, I realised the profound truth.

What happened on the plane was not a dream, I really did have one of the most amazing sexual experiences I have ever had in my life with this women, and now we had found each other again.

I could only smile back at her as my mouth opened in the full realisation of the facts, holy shit!

Jessica and I got into the taxi our gazes locked on each other.

“Can you take us to the city please driver, I’m at the Marriot, Sarah where are you staying?”

My mind snapped itself out of the trance and I stammered on the words.

“I, I, I am at the H, H, Hilton.”

The driver said that was good they are almost next door to each other, we could get out together.

We settled into the back of the taxi and just sat there smiling at each other, it was like who would blink first, there was so much energy and sexual tension between us.

I plucked up some nerve to ask the question I was dying to ask her.

“So Jessica, what’s this about unfinished business?”

Jessica looked surprised by the question, had I misjudged the situation, had I connected the dots in the completely wrong way, fuck! My heart sank but then her wicked smile returned and I realised she was playing with me, knowing what her look must have been showing me.

After what felt like several minutes Jessica shuffled around on the seat to face me head on and leant forward to speak without the driver hearing.

” Well Sarah, I’m glad you asked me that question.”

“You see ever since I had my fingers in your pussy I have thought about one thing.”

Omg! So the final affirmation, it really did happen, I was not losing my mind, and I was definitely not just dreaming it all.

I was so happy, I almost shouted out to her.

” What is it, what is it?”

“How I want my tongue as deep inside you as I can get it, I want to get on my knee’s and sink my face between your legs and fuck your cunt with my tongue, kiss and lick you, make you bahis siteleri cum harder than you ever had.”

“Tell me Sarah, have you ever had another women eat you out?”

I could hardly believe what Jessica had just said, she wanted me, wanted me in a way I couldn’t even imagine.

For the second time in a few minutes I was stammering with excitement over the words.

” Ah, n, n, no, I, I, I h, h, haven’t.”

“Oh Sarah, you are in for such a fucking treat, only another women really knows how a pussy should be satisfied, and how lucky you changed into that skirt.”

With those words Jessica slowly placed her hand on my ankle, the only flesh visible to her touch and began to trace her way up my leg and thigh to my burning crotch.

The feeling was amazing, her touch so slow and gentle, but so full of lust and designed so skilfully to drive me wild with anticipation to be touched by her again.

Jessica’s finger finally found it’s secret destination and she began yet again tracing with her index finger the shape of my labia, her fingers dancing up and down my dripping wet slit.

My underwear was so wet it clung perfectly to the outline of my swollen lips.

“Lay back Sarah, I want you so much, I want to pleasure like no one ever has before, make you feel ecstasy like you have never felt before, let me show you what only a women can.”

Jessica saw me look at the driver in alarm, I had almost forgotten we were in the back of a taxi being driven on the turnpike at a steady 55 mph.

” Don’t worry about him Sarah.”

“Hey driver, keep your mouth shut, eyes on the road and it’s another fifty bucks for you when we get out, got it “

Jessica was in complete control.

” Yes Ma’am.”

The driver acted like he must have heard this kind of request every day of his life.

Jessica pushed me back on the seat, quickly and skilfully both hands were up under my skirt removing my now soaked lace underwear, I wriggled my bottom up off the seat as they came down and let out a small moan, aware and in expectation of what was to come.

Jessica raised my right leg up onto the vacant middle seat and lifted my skirt high up above my waist.

Both my hands instinctively went to my chest and I started to squeeze my aching breasts pulling on my nipples which were so stiff and sensitive the feeling was mind blowing already so keen was my desire and anticipation.

Then something very surreal happened, it was as if time seemed to almost stand still.

The frenzy of wanting my underwear gone and legs open to display the object of her desire was now replaced with stillness and slow appreciation for the moment.

It was if Jessica new the significance of this moment for me, that this could be a life changing experience, she wanted to savour every second, prolong every move to heighten my desire and arousal.

She began so so slowly like she was just lost in the moment. She got down on the floor of the cab and for what I could have sworn felt like several minutes just stared at my open cunt, she made me feel as if it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She leant down and started with the softest possible touch running her lips over, up and down the inside of my thighs, very slowly, very gently pausing to kiss my skin with such a lightness it was as if only her breath was really touching me.

Several tines her mouth came within just millimetres of my pussy but each time she retreated away again leaving me to moan louder and louder on each of her approaches.

And then her lips touched mine.

Her mouth was touching the entrance of my vagina, she held that moment for almost a full minute as the heat of her breathing was in itself giving me so much pleasure.

She began slow gentle kisses, just kissing my labia like you would kiss a close friend hello.

And then the kissing became more earnest, more passionate, like you would bahis şirketleri kiss a lover, but still her tongue stayed in her mouth.

Jessica was driving me to the point of complete wanton lust and desire, I had never felt pleasure like this before, she was right only another woman could make me feel this level of pleasure.

And then during one of her most ardent strong kisses I felt her mouth open wide, opening my own lips wide open as she had intended, intended for one purpose.

Jessica sank her long and fat warm tongue, into my swollen, aching, open dripping wet cunt.

She sank it further and further, deeper and deeper, she had such a long tongue, and at its full extension it happened.

I screamed out as my body started to spasm over and over uncontrollable wave after wave of shacking, my orgasm was so powerful my whole body was shaking, it was a full body orgasm, I felt it through the completeness of everything I was.

The most amazing, powerful orgasm, I was cumming like I never thought possible, I was actually squirting, something I had only heard porn stars could do, I was actually squirting cum out from my pussy into her open mouth and her mouth remained clamped onto my cunt as she eagerly accepted every drop.

I could see the driver looking in his rear view mirror rubbing the front of his trousers.

I grabbed Jessica’s head and started rubbing my cunt up and down her face as her tongue was now licking and fucking me expertly, gone was the slow steady approach of before now all that remained was animal, fuelled by a powerful thirst to be completely sated,

Jessica had promised an experience I had never had before and she was driven now to fulfil that glorious end.

I could see the driver now had his cock out and was furiously wanking himself, one hand on the wheel, one eye on the road and one eye watching me face fucking Jessica.

I was in a frenzy, I was bucking wildly, grinding my pussy up and down onto Jessica’s face, mouth and tongue.

I was screaming out words I had never heard myself say before, even in my wildest fantasies.

I was telling Jessica how amazing she was, how my little tight pussy was on fire, how she felt incredible, how good she was, how did she do that, and I screamed out I was going to cum again.

Jessica pulled her head back and sunk two fingers deep into my cunt.

” I want to watch you fucking cum Sarah, cum for me, cum all over my fingers squirt in my face, drench me with your cum.”

Her fingers were so deep in my pussy rubbing upwards on the upper walls of my vagina, she had found my G-Spot and it felt mind blowing.

I thought I was going to pass out as the ecstasy finally exploded into another earth shattering orgasm. I was experiencing wave after wave of powerful spasms deep inside my pussy.

I was squirting again, how did she do this, how could I do this, how the fuck can this feel so good.

Jessica sank down onto my pussy again as my orgasm finally subsided, she very lovingly began to clean the juice dripping out of my now so swollen cunt.

She was so loving in her attention and recognised how sensitive I was now.

She really appreciated the experience I had gone through and she knew it was the best, most intense pleasure I had ever had.

“Fucking hell Jessica, how did you do that, that was amazing, I have never in my life cum that hard.”

” Your welcome Sarah, it was my pleasure. I loved every minute of it.”

“There’s just one thing Jessica.”

Jessica looked at me with a strange look of – what the fuck!

It was my turn to make her think this time and turn the tables on her.

“Yeah just one thing. When we get to the Hotel we have some more unfinished business.”

” I want to fuck you, I want my first fuck with a woman to be with you, I want to lick and fuck your pussy. And I want you to teach me how to please a woman.”

Jessica’s mouth dropped open.

It was her turn to stutter out a few words.

” Y, Y, Y, Yes, Yes Sarah please, please I would love that.”

This afternoon was going to get very interesting for Jessica and me I think.

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