A Fist

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I’m on a hook up site specifically for guys into fisting. My profile states that I’m a novice but looking to gain experience. It also says I like swallowing loads and drinking from the tap open to group situations.

I traded messages with a few guys, but nothing ever came of it. Eventually something did.

Messages turned into texts. We set up a date.

I got to his place and he greeted me at the door. He was a very cute smallish guy. Imagine a hairy twink. I’m a pretty big dude standing well over 6 feet. We made some small talk when I got inside and asked if I could use his bathroom. I took a super long piss. When I came back to the bedroom he said, “let me know the next time you have to pee. I love water sports”

That made my dick hard. I said “Me too! I’d be glad to drink piss from your cock!”

I was actually being a little bravado here. In truth I’ve drank my own piss many times and have been hosed down once but I’ve never actually drank anyone else’s piss. I have dreamed of it many times though. I figured maybe if the moment comes I could get in the bath tub and he could piss in my mouth. I’d make up my mind to spit or swallow then.

We strolled up to each other and began making out. Hands were everywhere and our clothes just kinda fell off. His hard cock was in my hand as I kissed his mouth and neck then I moved down and down until my head was at his flat belly. I dropped to my knees and gulped his dick down to the root. Big cocks are nice to get fucked by but I far prefer a medium to smaller cock to suck. 5-6 inches is ideal. His was a bit over 6 but I was still able to deep throat him and lick his balls at the same time. I think he nearly came right away. He gestured me back to my feet and went down on my 7 inches. His fingers started massaging my hole. I groaned. I pulled him up.

He looked me in the eye, “you want my fist in your ass?”

I grinned. “Fuck yes I do!”

I sat on the puppy pad he’d put on the bed and lifted my knees to my chest. He knelt down and produced a water bottle full of J-Lube. He worked a slimy perabet finger into my anxious butt hole, then another. He squirted lube up my ass and started massaging the hole again. I felt a few fingers in me and he started to push. “Hold on, not quite ready yet.”

Quick note. I’ve only been fisted a few times. Each time by girl friend’s small hands.

He worked my hole some more dilating it, working my rubber doughnut a little bigger. Working his fingers in and out. He began to push again. It was amazing!

“Oh! Your hole is hungry, I’m in.”

I looked at him incredulously. “Your whole fist is in?!” I thought it was just a couple fingers from each hand! I reached down and felt his wrist at my pucker. Holy shit. A man’s hand was actually inside me.

“Ok, give me a second to adjust.” I had to catch my breath. He looked me deep in the eye and after a few moments I nodded. He worked his hand around inside me. The ecstasy was incomparable. It felt like a hundred non-stop orgasms. He brought his hot mouth closer to mine and we made out as his fist writhed inside me. Finally it was like shooting stars were crashing on top of me. He broke off the kiss. “Did you come?” I could only nod mutely. I hadn’t ejaculated but a pool of precome had dripped out of my half hard cock onto my belly.

He slowly pulled his hand out while using paper towels.

“Is it still clean?” I asked.

“Yes, but there’s a tiny bit of blood.”

That always makes me worry even though I know it’s just something that happens. When I play with big toys, sometimes my ass lips get a little chapped if there’s not enough warm up before switching to a bigger toy. This situation was 0-100 in no time flat. i forced myself to remember that a little red makes a lot of pink. I wasn’t too worried, but it meant my hole was done for the day.

He washed his hands in the next room and I lay on my back recovering. I scooped up my pre-come and put it in my mouth. It was so delicious!

He came back and crawled up on my chest. We made out for a few minutes as my fingers perabet giriş found his cute little butthole.

He handed me the J-Lube. I poured out some of the gooey stuff and nearly made a mess of it. I did eventually get some lube in the right places. With his chest on mine I was able to get a finger then another into his ass. being far more experienced, he opened very quickly.

We repositioned. He lay on his belly and I got behind him. I really loaded him up with lube. I worked his hole like a champ until I got a few fingers from each hand. I knew he was ready for my big paw. I’ve fisted a few asses in my time, so I know the basics. He took a hit of poppers. My hand slid deep inside easily. Holy fuck! This guy was hollow inside. His rectum was giant but I could feel the second open like a cave!

He directed me through every thing he wanted. More lube. I fucked him with one hand then the other. Then he directed my to use closed fists to to punch his hole. Oh fuck! This was hot. His hole was getting sloppy. “Go deep with one hand then try to get the other one in”.

My left hand was half way up my forearm and I worked my right hand along side my arm. I fucked him slow and deep with my arms. I could hear by his voice he was barely connected to this world. i checked in. “Are you liking getting fucked by my big hands?”

“unngh! yesss..” came the reply.

Eventually he came back to earth and wanted to turn over.

With his legs in the air, I lubed up again and got my right hand deep inside him. i was kneeling at the edge of the bed. His half hard cock was dripping pre-come and too close to my mouth for my to not slurp it up. I engulfed his dick and made swallowing motions over and over. His eyes were as big as saucers. He looked down at me with a concerned, pleading look.

I absolutely love eating sperm. I’d swallow anonymous loads from a hundred strangers given the opportunity.

I feel his groin muscles contract and he gives me this look like he’s about to come. I keep gulping and nod, “yes!”

The first blast perabet güvenilir mi is not a thick wad, it’s kinda warm and watery. I keep gulping. Then the next blast turns into a stream.

Then I realise, oh damn! He’s pissing straight down my throat!

This is the hottest, piggiest thing I have ever done. My fist is deep in this guy’s ass as I’m gulping down his hot piss like it’s a mountain stream on a hot day. I keep gulping until the stream stops and I can’t help grinning. That was not the timid introduction to drinking from the tap I had expected but it couldn’t be more right! I am hooked on swallowing from the source!

His body goes kinda limp. “I just had an anal orgasm as I was peeing.”

I gently pull my hand out of his yawning hole and remember to clean him up the way he cleaned me. I do have manners after all.

We both go into the bathroom. He expelled the excess lube and I washed some of the slime off my arms. He talked and giggled.

“Did you like the drink I gave you?” He asked.

“More than you know!” I beamed.

We retired to the bed for a moment and he proceeds to jerk off. I play his his balls and lick his sensitive nipples. “Bite it!” He says. I nibble and bite.

I say,” Tell me before you come!”

He nods. A minute later he gurgles, “get on your knees”

I roll off the bed and he stands quickly in front of me. My mouth was deep on his dick in a flash. The moment had faded, but I wasn’t giving up. I wanted my jizz-reward!

I bounced my face on his dick, down to his balls over and over. With one hand I reached up to pinch his nipple and with two fingers of the other hand I slid them up his still slick hole and pressed on his prostate. He blasted three chunky wads of cum for me. I happily swallowed every bit. With a sigh he flopped back to the bed.

He cuddled for a minute. He looked at me and said, “We’ve never ever introduced ourselves. I only know your screen name!”

I shrugged. “Oh, I know.”

We laughed and left it at that.

We started cleaning up. I washed some lingering lube off my butt and headed back to the bedroom. We chatted for a minute as we got dressed and it was time to go.

I got home took a shower, inspected my battered butthole (it’s fine, no more red) and I began writing this so I could remember it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32