A Fantasy For Angie

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Yet another story inspired by a dancer. Probably the last one, as I have had a change in my life recently that may preclude returning to my place of inspiration. But I like this better, hehe.

* * * * *

Sitting here, I am amazed at just how beautiful you are. You dance like a dream. I haven’t gone up to let you know I am here and I am a few minutes early. I suppose that it’s kind of like cheating; coming here to see you half naked before taking you out. Not the first time we have gone out, but the first time I have met you here to do so. And I hope to be seeing you in great detail later tonight. But first we have to get out of here. You are delayed for a few minutes by some guy in the VIP section so I pass the time with one of the other girls. As you leave his table I get up as well, paying the dancer and making my way over.

“Hey! I didn’t see you come in. Give me a few minutes.”

“Sure. We need to go by your house?”

“Yeah. Unless you want me to be all hot and sweaty?”

Having gotten to know my strange sense of humor you laugh as I just shrug.

“I’ll be quick as I can. How much time do we have?”

“It’s bowling tonight remember. Now we will see who has true claim to the title ‘World’s Worst Bowler’.”

“Oh, it’s definitely me, ” you reply gravely.

“I don’t think so.”

“We’ll see. I’ll be out in a few.”

True to your word a few minutes later you return in street clothes and I follow you to your car and get in. Your house is a short distance away, giving us little time to talk, even if I could. Inside the house it appears that you and your roommates still have some unpacking to do, with boxes strewn about liberally.

“Sorry about the mess. Just clear a spot on the couch. The cable’s hooked up thankfully.” A quick peck and you are off, leaving me with the tingling imprint of your faint lipstick. I just sit calmly and wait, absently turning on the tv. Instead I occupy myself analyzing what might happen tonight. It doesn’t help the butterflies that are flitting about in my stomach everytime I take you out. I imagine all the horrible things that could go wrong- saying the wrong thing and looking like an ass, making a move too soon, not making one soon enough. The dreaded- ‘Let’s just be friends’ speech. Mistaking something for more than it is. But even among the hundreds of ways it could go wrong, there are still a few positive things I can think of. And they are the reason I sit here and wait it out. It’s worth the wait.

You are stunning. Just enough makeup to accentuate your already devastating good looks. A stretchy black blouse tucked into tight blue jeans. Practical enough for you to be kicking my butt at bowling. Low heeled sandals complete the picture, casual and comfortable. As I stare you tolerate it, striking a few poses.


You chuckle slightly and walk on-“Come on, I’m driving.”

I like Westgate Lanes. I’ve been here a few times and I am comfortable. Though that in no way seems to confer any bowling ability. My best friend bought his own ball here. He stomps me regularly. As I am sure that you will do.

I, of course, manage to slip and fall on my ass in the first game. I do that a lot. Reflecting my bruised ego my score is a low 80, with yours’ a slightly better 95. Boy do we suck. I don’t know if it was an accident or you just trying to make me feel better, but you fell as well in the second game and I couldn’t help but laugh. You just laughed with me and got up with as much dignity as possible.

The second game I switched to my left hand, figuring that I couldn’t do much worse with my off hand. I was right- I got a 110 and you stayed at 90.

You point at the board- “I told you I was the worst bowler ever.”

“There is still one more game to play, we’ll see.”

I don’t know how but I always seem to do better on the third game, even with a tired arm. Maybe because it’s tired- I don’t try so hard. But you step it up as well, matching two of my strikes with two of your own then a third to put yourself ahead. You beat me by thirty, not alot, but enough.

“See I told you, I really suck.”

“Well, I think I just got lucky. You’ll probably win next time.”

“Maybe we should try pool. Are you any good at that?”

You shake your head as we walk to the counter to return out shoes.

“Me neither. I have a problem judging how hard to hit the ball.”

“You know, this isn’t at all manly; are there any sports you are good at?”

I put on the ‘serious contemplation’ face as we walk to your car. As we get in I answer-“Define ‘sport’.”

You smack on my shoulder is enough of an answer as I shrug and grin unashamedly.

It’s nervous time again, that scary in-between place where I don’t know what is going to happen next. A few quick glances between us; shy smiles. Then you appear to relax and my stomach tightens as you turn to me and say-

“You are coming to my house.”

It is difficult to form words as the blood drains bakırköy escort from my head, but I manage a simple- “Ok.”

Then you return your attention to driving, a smile on your face. Thankfully I recover before we reach your house, allowing me some time to think. Remember what you have learned, but listen to what she is saying. Do everything S L O W L Y . Don’t forget the-

As my feet stall in your doorway you notice my expression and take a guess- “I have condoms silly.”

I can feel my ears burning. Then the calm comes. Just like the first time. I wasn’t nervous, once I knew where things were going. I had visualized that so many times that it all felt so natural. It didn’t happen exactly the way I imagined, but it was still good. And with you, well, my imagination has been working pretty hard for many nights. All that studying, time for the final. You dispel the final bit of nervousness with a light kiss on my lips and I return it. Then another, this time encircling you in my arms. You feel so good there. Soft and warm. And right now, hot.

Your tongue ventures out to my lips and I open them, allowing you inside my mouth where I wait for you. My hands are all over you as we stumble towards your room. On your neck and in your hair, roaming the delicate expanse of your back. We have to break apart for a moment as your open the door but upon entering I feel drawn to you like a magnet to an iron bar. Your hands stop me and we step apart. You smile and glance into my eyes, then move your hands to the bottom of your blouse. As you pull it over your head I help you, pleased to discover that you are not wearing a bra. Not in a rush I move to kiss you again, my hands eager to touch this nearly uncovered skin. They travel slowly up from your hips, like water along each crease and edge, but up instead of down. Climbing up each rib, then around your back. Up your spine, following it up to your shoulders, your shoulder blades. Strong and supple, they seem like wings ready to take you paradise. Around to your front again, where my lips can follow my fingers over your collarbones to your graceful neck.

Your hands are busy as well, your nails raising goosebumps under my shirt and the back of my neck. Occasionally they tug at the bottom of my shirt, but only half-heatedly. I think you know that I want to please you first, to explore your body. Find out what turns you on and so you allow me to do what I please, confident that you will be able to return the favor.

Now my interests turn to your chest, trailing between your breasts. They are beautiful, worthy of poems, swelling with arousal and your rising breath. Nipples are already hard, eager to be touched and teased. But I only brush over them briefly. Instead my hands follow the valley between them, down to your flat stomach. I can almost hear the pout on your lips but I continue on. On my knees now, your fingers run through my hair as I impart soft kisses here. God that feels good. You can feel my smile on the flat board of your stomach as you send chills through me. My tongue in your belly button causes you to squirm in return. Soon my fingers are busy undoing the button of your jeans and I can feel your tense anticipation. But I leave them on, instead quickly coming back up to eye level to kiss you again, wrap you up in my arms and lean you slowly back to the bed.

“Beautiful,” I mutter as I lean above you on one arm. The other rest on you hip as I lean in to whisper in your ear. I want to know if I can get you to gasp as I speak to you. Time to show a little boldness where none exists. I want to know if I can make your heart race just by talking, telling you what I am going to do to you in detail.

“I just a little bit I am going to take a trip over your beautiful features. Caress your lips with mine, kiss slowly down to your breasts, as my hands caress every available inch of you. Then I will-“

You surprise me, your hand finding mine on your hip and moving it to your left breast, then kneading it. “Stop teasing me and just do it. I know you want me and I want you. You’ve been quite explicit before now, so just do it. Please.”

Never one to deny an impassioned plea I comply. Straddling your legs as my mouth fastens itself to your hard nipples, my fingers steadily work the zipper of your jeans down. Luckily you have already kicked off you shoes so I have no trouble pulling you jeans off. Peeling them from your waist and over your upraised legs to reveal your blue lace panties. I love your legs. Long and thin, but not too much so. I hug them to me, kissing the back of your heels, then your calves. And, of course, the back of your thighs and knees.

I know that your are ticklish here but I only take advantage for a few seconds. It takes only a suggestion for your to turn over, revealing what both you and I consider one of your best physical assets. Your ass. I think that it’s just right. Not too bony or thin but not to big either. Just enough to give it an eye-catching beşiktaş escort wiggle. You sigh as I tell you this and I move on to the small of your back. I brush wet lips on it, then blow gently, giving you a shiver. My hands stroke languidly up, caressing each side as my lips press into the valley formed by the strong muscles there. Coming up your ribs my fingers tease your breasts on each side, sneaking underneath to brush your nipples.

You have finally had enough of my teasing and growl as you turn over again. Your eyes flash as you stare at me, grinning rapaciously. Uh Oh. I may have made a slight mi-

Your actions take away all rational thought as you attack me. Your hungry lips are everywhere as are your clever hands. For a few seconds I make a heroic effort to retake control, slow things down, but you will not let me. My clothes are off in a heartbeat and then I am uninterested in slowing down. We aren’t speaking, we communicate entirely in moans and sighs; even growls and occasional screams. I’d like to make some romantic analogy, like ‘we crashed into each other like ocean waves, releasing the stored energy of the universe stolen from the pull of the moon and stars’ or the like. But the truth of it is that we crashed into each other like a train wreck. Heavy relentless inertia, unsuspected depths of passion unleashed, seldom called strength and dexterity. Harsh teeth and nails, almost bruising in intensity, shocking if they were used in the world, but here, just right. All the carefully thought out plans and hoped for memories laid waste. I can still hear your breath in my ear, loud gasps and pleas. Then, somehow, there is calm.


Crystal clarity, we can move again, think again. Millimeters apart, our breath touches as we look at each other. Flushed and out of breath, we still. I won’t say that I am embarrassed or ashamed of what was happening. It was a kind of scary-wonderful, even desirable. Later. Right now, our first time together I want to remember. Remember what the first taste of you was like on my lips forever, the look in your eyes as I make my way down to your bare sex. I think you want the same. Don’t you? Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you want to remember every detail as you took me into your mouth for the first time, the surrender written on my face as you take such careful control.

And I was being selfish. In my need to please you, I forgot that you would want to please me as well. No words again, but now we say ‘touch me’ with our eyes, ‘kiss me’ with our lips. ‘May I’ and ‘Yes, please do’ with just a glance and a nod. Much better this time. Slow, but equal. But I still want you first, and you acquiesce with a sigh, laying back with the grace of a wind-blown scarf. I still tease, but not unendingly.

Sliding beside you, my palm caresses up your calf, past your knee. A quick squeeze on your thigh for fun, then to the crease. Then between your sweet thighs to your bare mound. I kiss your ear as my fingers kiss your sex, skirting about the edges and creases. I still want you to ask, but I prompt you- “You feel so good. Soft and warm. I just know that you will taste even better. Do you like?”

Better than any words could be, you press closer to me, purring softly. A little awkward for my fingers to slide inside you and we both know it, but we hold off on any movement for a bit. Just feeling. I can feel your impatient fingers kneading my thigh as they can’t quite grasp my hard cock. I saw you put the condoms under the pillow and I consider retrieving one. Not quite what I had in mind just now but it might be wiser-

You put that thought away as you roll over onto me, your ass coming to rest on my hip, leaving you draped diagonally over me. With both hands free.

Reading my thoughts you say- “It’s ok. I trust you. We’re not going there yet.”

This is one of my best fantasies, one I return to more often than not. A beautiful woman trusting and open enough to allow me to touch her like this. My other arm, now free, wraps around your shoulders as the other hand parts your legs and journeys to your center. Your own arms wrap around my neck as you exhale.

“My god, you are so sexy.”

“Show me. Touch me with all those feelings. Make me feel it. Let me show you what it’s like for a girl. As closely as I can. Touch me.”

Of course I do. And I answer. “Tell me. Whisper it to me on rushed breaths and half-formed words. In the soft scratch of your nails on my neck and dance of your hips.”

Now I am touching you, the soft center of you, wet with the evidence of your arousal. Slick and warm, your walls enfold my fingers like… nothing else on this earth. No analogy comes even close. Except maybe the feel of your arms around me the first time tonight. Full of hope and promise; trust and fire. My fingers are inquisitive, they know that there is something inside of you that is special, a place to be petted gently at first and then with more conviction. But I slow the search, instead concentrating beylikdüzü escort on what I know. There, there is a familiar rising of skin and nerves, shy but eager to be touched with that same intent.

I start with circles around that hardened nub of flesh as my fingers withdraw momentarily from their new home. My other hand is busy as well, visiting your nipples. Your fingers are on the move as well, flicking my nipples. One of your fingers is in my mouth, playing chase with my tongue. Mimicking future actions, entering my mouth to be set upon by my fluttering tongue.

Then it happens. “Faster.” You say.

Not sure I heard you, I mutter “Hmm.”

You say it again, a little louder. “Faster, please.”

I slow down ever so slightly, then- “Show me how.”

“Alright.” And your hand is over mine, fingers matching mine, then spreading them out, folding others. Two fingers now, one on each side of your clit. Up and down, up and down. Shuddering, your ring finger instruct mine to slip inside you for a bit, then back up. A wiggle every once in a while to thrill you, each one sparking towards the growing strawpile of your arousal. And my own. I can feel my cock throbbing just as I can feel your pulse against my lips. Thankfully your hands are content to instruct mine, not touching my shaft at all. It would be all over if you did and neither of us wants that.

“Am I turning you on, lover? Do you like touching me? Knowing you are going to make me lose control? ahh. Umm. I know that I will enjoy it when it’s my turn to please you.”

“Yes. It makes me feel… special. That you feel confident enough to show me how to do this.”

“Well- you’re doing- Oh yes, right there. Leave it inside me. Massage it with your palm- Like that. You’re doing so good.”

Maybe you won’t have to touch me after all.

You are starting to get more out of control, waves of passion overrunning you. I can feel the heat rising up your neck and chest, hear your breaths becoming shorter. I refuse to speed up- slow and steady. My arm holds you tight to me and your nails are scratching me.

“Cum for me Angie. Please. Be beautiful for me.”

Your body is tight, drawn like a bow, your arms spreading out to steady you and allow you to press against my fingers harder. No longer needed to anchor you, my other hand slides two fingers inside you as the other tightens its’ circling. Just a few moments of this increasing stimulation is all you need to let it all go.

Trembling like a leaf, your neck and back tighten as your fingers claw the sheets. Your keening cry is high and almost silent, your breath fleeing too fast to scream. Your chest heaves as sweat trickles down, caught in the valley there. I can feel your pussy contracting about my fingers, alternately drawing them in deeper and pushing them away. After a seeming eternity you collapse against me, unaware for the most part of my soft words in your ear praising your beauty in this moment of crisis. No more beautiful sight as that of a woman after climax. None.

When you finally become part of the world again I am lying beside you, one arm under your head, the other floating along your leg. You turn your head and kiss me, just a peck really, before saying- “My God, that was wonderful.”

And just as I was about to say ‘Thank you’ you interrupt- And don’t you dare thank me you smug bastard. So you’re good, big deal. I can do that as well.”

“Ok. But I was right about something.”

Your eyes narrow. “What?”

“You do taste good. Tangy sweet.” I move my hand to my lips and suck each one, smacking loudly.”

“Well, I’ll bet you do as well.”

“Oh, I don’t think-”

Your mouth is on me before I can complete a thought, your quick tongue driving the higher brain functions out of my head. You take me to the root without difficulty, as I am not too big. Then up again just as quickly. You repeat this a few more times, until you see me surrender. I had really wanted to sample your sweetness directly from the source, but you have other ideas. And you are very convincing. Slickened with your saliva, my cock easily pistons through your hand as you move up to my ear.

“Do you like this? My hand on your hard cock?”

I nod, my hand searching out yours to guide you but you resist.

“No. This is my show. Put your hands above your head,” you command. I comply without complaint as you continue.

“Do you want me to make you cum? Tell me. Do you want to cum all over my hand? Your pretty cock covering my hand with cum. you’d like that, wouldn’t you.”

I nod, my voice caught in my throat. I like this; you in control. It might be fun.

Your thumb brushes the underside and I gasp, unconsciously thrusting harder into your hand. You laugh, then whisper again.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard. Just like you did me. Then I am going to use my mouth to get you hard again. And then you are going to-” You pause for effect. “Fuck me. From behind so you can see my ass, cause I know you like to watch it.”

The effect is not lost. I moan, biting my lip to keep it as quite as possible.

“When you cum, do you want to cum on my tits? Between my- what was that phrase? ‘small-breasted’. Between these small breasts. Not so small now are they?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32