A Family That Plays Together Pt. 02

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Chapter 2

The following story deals with incest, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, anal sex, bondage, medical scenes, hopefully romance and probably a lot more so if it’s not your thing please move on, if it is your thing then ENJOY !!

In this chapter we learn more about the family members sex life.


So I had become the bored and sexually frustrated stay at home Mum and housewife. I know that I hadn’t had sex for a long time, years in fact, but recently I realised that a wanted to be used, have a cock in my mouth or fanny…wasn’t sure how I was going to get it as Aaron didn’t seem that interested in me, sexually that is anyway.

So Aaron and Jake were off to work by 0630 at the latest, that was if Aaron was at home as he spent more and more time away staying in hotel as he travelled around the country pricing out jobs and looking at sites. He’d be off in his car and Jake would be off to the yard to meet up with his gang although sometimes he’d be away for a week or so if the roofing job was more that a few hours drive away. Jill would leave for the office about 0830 and then I’d be on my own. Despite the size of the house and that we weren’t short of money I looked after the house, did all the cleaning, washing and shopping and, unless we were having a take away, there was a meal on the table every night, I was never sure who would be home to eat it but at least it was there. I wasn’t a “lady that lunches”, a woman that spent all her time having her hair or nails done and I even enjoyed the supermarket shopping twice weekly. I suppose that I was used to and enjoyed looking after the family.

So after the breakfast dishes were in the dishwasher I’d go around the bedrooms picking up the laundry. Aaron always had a pile of dirty shirts, socks and underpants. Gone were the days when he was on the tools and was happy with a pair of worn shorts, ripped tee-shirt and white Y fronts, now it had to be designer shirts and trendy boxer shorts or briefs…then of course there was his gym gear, he worked out whatever chance he got when he was staying in hotels and, of course we had a gym in the house, he said it helped him relax and as he wasn’t doing physical work now it kept him toned and fit, he still had a great body, a beautiful arse and firm thick legs.

Off upstairs to the twins room, Jill’s room was always neat and tidy, any washing that needed doing was always in the laundry basket, how she wore those little panties though, must have been so uncomfortable wearing them in the office all day chaffing against her fanny and arsehole.. Jake’s room was a different matter, typical boy, sorry young mans room. Clothes and rubbish all over the place, I never knew if his clothes were clean or dirty so I’d gather them all up and take them downstairs to sort. He work gear was easy, covered in muck and dust, his gym gear or football gear was either covered in mud or stunk of sweat and boy. I couldn’t resist holding up his jockstraps that he worn in the gym or his boxer trunks that he’d worn at work or at home and

checking them out, God knows why but I needed to smell him, there was always a few piss stains, why can’t men shake or wipe their cocks properly after they’d had a piss?, and, more and more, there was the tangy smell and stain of spunk, I breathed in deeply, my boy was a man. As I sorted his work trousers a USB stick fell onto the floor, I picked it up and put it on the side of the table to take back up to his room.

While I was cleaning the house Jake’s USB stick kept playing on my mind, almost as if I knew what was on it. I knew that I should just put it back in his room and not be nosy but……I sat down in front of my laptop, slipped the USB stick into the port and hit “open”

I knew that it would be porn, he was a 19-year-old lad led by his cock. It was porn but not just the standard m/f run of the mill porn — I’d seen that whilst accidently “browsing” a few sites!! — this was hard core porn, I wont even begin to think where or who he got it from. A lot of older women / young men porn, a lot of men or women getting pissed on, medical porn with women strapped to medical benches getting penetrated by instruments, fists or cocks, anal porn — not only women though, men getting fucked as well — and as I scanned through the files it moved onto CP, and hard core bondage, again both women and men on the receiving end of the punishment or bondage.

I know that I should have been shocked, should have told him and his father what I had found but I realised that I wasn’t shocked….the more I looked at it the more I could feel that stirring and the thrill that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I realised that I wanted to be in the place of the women that were getting fucked, used abused and covered with piss or spunk, that were begging for cock in all their alsancak escort bayan holes. I realised that I was rubbing myself through my knickers, getting wet and my clit was getting hard, this was the feelings that I wanted again…I wanted to be used, I wanted sex.

I’d lost track of time, I heard the backdoor open and so slammed the laptop shut and pulled the stick out. It was Jake; he normally finished work about 4, and the hit the pool or the gym. “Hey Mum, any food going I’m starving” he said, typical lad always needed feeding, “you OK Mum, you look a bit flushed?”…..was it that obvious I thought!! “Its OK, I was doing a load of ironing and I just got a bit hot” I said.

He shouted that he was off to the pool and what time was dinner. I heard a splash and could see him steaming up and down in the water. As always I could see that he’d left a trail of destruction as he’d stripped off his work gear as he went to the pool before changing into his swim shorts in the pool changing room. I stood and watched him, realising what a well-defined fit body he had. He pulled himself out of the pool, the water draining off his muscles and his hairless chest, just like his father he only had a “snail trail” of hair from his navel that disappeared into his shorts. Even though he was wearing baggy swim shorts the water made them cling to his arse and legs, it also made them cling to his cock. I could see his cock outlined perfectly and even though he was soft, well I assume that he was, it looked thick and long hanging down the side of his leg, I half thought that the head might appear

from the bottom of the leg of his shorts. He glanced at me looking and turned away and headed off to the gym.

I knew that I had to do something about the situation….but what?


As the business took off I was spending more and more time away from home, either checking out completed jobs or looking at new jobs all across the country. I liked to be at the working end of the business, I employed people to do the day to day running of the company. I liked staying in hotels, I was always very disciplined, didn’t spend a lot of time in the bar unless I had to entertain clients, always ate the healthy option on the menu and made sure that the hotel always had a decent gym or a gym nearby that I could use. So despite nearly being 40 I’d managed to keep a fit, well-developed body. It did wonders for my moral when somebody at the gym would say “you’re looking good mate” or “all that work pays off” I also knew that I was well hung compared to other men that I saw in the showers, we all would check each other out, discreetly of course. When I was hard I sported 7 1/2″ of uncut cock, as I got hard my foreskin would roll back exposing a big red cockhead and showing off a large open piss slit. I’d moved with the times and kept my pubes trimmed and my large balls shaved, they hung down nice and low to about the end of my cock when it was soft….low hangers the football team boys used to call them.

I knew, that despite all the banter, I wasn’t sexually experienced even though I had the chat and all the confidence and banter. I was getting more and more frustrated with the situation, I know that all marriages go through a dry stage but for fucks sake Anne and my dry stage had gone on for most of our married life!! I knew that I still loved her, she was my first love and my only love but I had needs and those needs were getting laid. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want an affair where any kind of regular commitment or love was involved, I just wanted sex.

So one night stuck in a hotel I decided to hire an escort. I’d looked on line and worked out that I’d rather book an escort through an agency. It was going to be potluck picking an agency to use, I could hardly ask anybody I worked with if they knew any good agencies could I? I decided to go with an agency based in Bristol but seemed to have girls available all across the country. After a long conversation with the women than ran the agency she laid out how it worked, she even offered me a company account but I didn’t think that I’d be able to get that past the financial controller!! It was sorted, I knew that at the beginning of the next week I’d be staying in a hotel so I went ahead and booked an escort.

The day came. I confirmed with the agency, spent a day at work, confirmed with the agency and got a text from the escort that I’d booked, went to the gym, had a light meal and headed back to the room. Hit the shower, shaved all the important places and sat there waiting like a kid on a first date….I was nervous sitting there with full balls, I hadn’t wanked off for a few days!!

At 7 on the dot there was a knock on the door and there was Mandy, her profile said she was 24 years old and she looked it. She was wearing a long type of trench coat so it was difficult so really see her figure, her alsancak escort bayan hair was tied up and her makeup was immaculate. I invited her in, obviously and I could see that she was checking me out. I wasn’t sure whether I should shake her hand or kiss her….she leant across to me and I kissed her on the cheek…it was like a first date. The room was a suite so had a separate seating area, I offered her a glass of wine while I had a beer…I’m an “east end lad” so drink beer!! — we chatted away easily, she was careful to avoid any references to “was I married etc” “do you mind if I take my coat off?” she asked. She stood up, unbuttoned her coat and let it drop to the floor, all she was wearing underneath was red high heels, red stockings and red garter belt, a small pair of lacy red pants and a red push up bra that was filled by her perfect sized tits. As she walked across to me she said “do you like what you see?”…..I was lost for words as she spread her legs, lowered herself across my open legs and put her hands on my shoulders and kissed my, forcing her tongue into my open mouth that was hanging open in surprise!! It was just what I wanted from her…I wanted passion, not just sex.

I just went for it, unclipped her bra, luckily I could still remember how to do it after so many years, and her tits were released, they were the perfect size, her nipples were dark and sticking out like welders thumbs!! I pinched both of her nipples, not too hard, and she groaned. We stopped kissing and she pulled my polo shirt off over my head and ran her hands down over my smooth firm pecs and got her own back by pinching her nipples hard, I yelped and she laughed saying “this is going to be a pleasure”. I stood up, her legs wrapped around my waist and carried her over to the bed and lowered her onto it. I undid my trousers and ripped them off, I could see that she looked at the bulge in my pants, there was already a wet patch where I was leaking pre cum, I fell on her, devouring her tits, feeding on her hard nipples, if only she could have fed me some milk from them!!, her hand cupped my balls and rubbed along the length of my cock, “nice, very nice” she said. My finger started to rub her fanny lips through her little panties, I pulled them to one side and moved my finger, finding her hole and teased my way in, she was wet. It reminded me of when I was young exploring my first cunt that I ever saw, it was almost a right of passage to finger a cunt, you’d moved from a boy to a man…and of course you had to pull your finger out and smell it!! I couldn’t resist it, I had to do it, she smelt of fanny, sweet and heady. It was almost as if I was resetting my sex life and starting all over again!! I moved between her legs, pulled her panties off and she pulled her legs up and open to expose herself to me.

The outer lips of her fanny were glistening, well at least she wasn’t acting and pretending to enjoy it, she really was wet. I ran my fingers up and down her fanny lips, just opening them up to see her inner lips, pink and plump, my finger just rubbed against her clit, she jerked, “yes” she said. That was my cue to feed on her fanny, eat her cunt out, stick my tongue deep into her fuckhole, I was rough on her clit that was exposed and throbbing, I licked up her juices, she was twitching and moaning on the bed, if she was acting she would win

an Oscar!!. Her fanny was open to me, it was mine to use and I was going to. I stood up and pulled my underpants off and my cock sprung out, my foreskin had rolled right back and there was a drool of pre cum leaking out of the piss slit. She looked and went to touch it but I pushed her away, she knew what I wanted. I pulled her to the side of the bed, pulled her legs wide open and watched as she opened her fanny lips for me. I rubbed my cock across her clit, slapped my cock against her wide-open fanny and penetrated her in one long hard stroke. She took it like a pro, well I suppose that she was!, and she rose to every thrust, she groaned and pushed back to meet my thrusts, my cock pistoning in and out of her soaking wet cunt, I was bottoming out in there and could feel her muscles clenching and milking my cock.

I’d like to say that I lasted hours and we fucked in loads of positions but I didn’t and we didn’t!! The bull took over in me and I just wanted to thrust and spunk up. I could feel my balls tightening, the big vein along the underside of my cock started to pulse and I knew that I was about to cum. I felt the spunk starting to pump and pulled out of her open fanny as my cock exploded. Her fanny was still open and gaping and the first shot disappeared up her open fuckhole, the second shot covered her fanny and, as I leant back, the third and forth shot covered her tits, the final shot arced up and over her face. Fuck, I hadn’t spunked up so much for years, wanking never produced that much cum. I looked at her; she was licking escort alsancak her lips, cleaning my spunk up. What was I suppose to do now?, kiss her, which would have meant laying over her and covering my chest in my spunk!! I picked up a towel that was at the end of the bed and handed it to her and then turned around to pick up my underpants and pulled them up and over my still hard but rapidly deflating cock. She took that as her cue to head towards the bathroom. Like most men after I’ve shot my load I have that period where I rapidly loose interest in sex, doesn’t last long and I’d soon be hard and ready to go again.

She emerged from the bathroom dressed, she’d obviously brought a change of clothes with her, and we sat and had another drink. I’d enjoyed it, didn’t know if she had, but for my first time of seeing an escort I’d had enough, if I’d asked she would have stayed longer and we would have fucked again. She stood up to go and I gave her an envelope containing a generous tip, the agency had already taken their and the escorts fee. “It was really nice meeting you, nice to meet a man in great shape and with a cock to match. If you ever want to meet again you know how to arrange it” she said. She leant over and gave me a passionate open mouth kiss and grabbed my hard cock that was bulging through my pants, opened the hotel room door and was gone.

I stood in the shower washing myself off and thinking about what I’d done. Was I supposed to feel guilty about having sex with a woman that wasn’t my wife that I love? I didn’t. There was no love or relationship involved with meeting an escort, for both of us it was a financial arrangement, by me paying for sex it, in my mind anyway, meant that I wasn’t straying or making any commitment outside of my marriage. Had Mandy, the escort that I’d just fucked, enjoyed the evening? I don’t want to sound hard or callous but I didn’t care, it was my evening to enjoy and I could do, within reason and within

boundaries, whatever I wanted. I quizzed the women who ran the agency about safe sex etc and she’d assured me that all the girls were on the pill and regularly checked for STD’s, I’d already booked myself in for a STD check at a private clinic, its not like I was going to give anything to my wife, we don’t have sex.

My mind was made up, seeing escorts while I was away was going to be a regular thing……..and it was.

Nine times out of ten while I was away on business I’d book an escort, always used the same agency as they always produced the girls that I wanted. I even got good feedback from the girls, via the agency, saying that all of the escorts liked seeing me, that I was a gentleman and that they felt safe with me. I always enjoyed myself, did what I wanted to get the result that I wanted and if the girls enjoyed themselves then that was a bonus. I’d sometimes book two girls together to live out everyman’s fantasy, I’d watch as the girls put on a lesbian show for me as I sat there with a rock hard cock between my legs. When they were both nice and wet I lay on the bed, one lowered her wet and open fanny down over my cock while the other sat on my face and I ate her out. Having seen her before I knew that if I concentrated my tongue on her clit she juiced up really well even to the point of having to lift of my face and tongue as she squirted her cunt juice all over my face and chest. The finale was, of course, for my to shoot my load over both of their faces, it seemed the more sex that I had the bigger my cum shots were, nothing like seeing two girls with their faces glazed with spunk.

I was getting addicted to using escorts, I was getting sex that I wanted at least twice a week, it was fuck and go, and after all those years of wanking myself silly I was catching up on what I’d missed, I think that I was even getting better at sex and pleasing a women, lets face it I couldn’t get any worse!!

Anal sex for the first time…what had I been missing!!? OK, I knew what it was all about but had never tried it. I’d run my finger over the escorts arse hole when I’d been fucking her, I’d even slapped her hole with my hard cock before slipping into her cunt. When the opportunity presented itself I went for it. A young Scottish escort, fit little body, nice sized tits and a cute firm arse that I checked out as she walked through the hotel room door. After a drink I walked across to her, we kissed and I undid her short tartan skirt — well she was Scottish — and let it drop to the floor followed by her g-string. I’d become much more forward and would just go for it and take control. I started to finger her fanny and rub her clit, pushed her down onto her knees in front of my bulge that was doing its best to escape my trousers. She knew what to do quickly undoing my trousers, I wasn’t wearing underwear, well it saved time, and my cock sprung out and hit her in the face. She pulled my foreskin back, grabbed the shaft and buried my cock down her throat, fuck, she knew how to suck, working on my cockhead with her tongue, pulling it out of her mouth and trying to open my piss slit with the tip of her tongue, all the time wanking my shaft and cradling my balls. I was ready to fuck, I wasn’t into long drawn foreplay, I just want to fuck….typical man I suppose, it wasn’t love, it was sex!!. She was

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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