A Dream Come True

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I stood there, staring at her in awe. I had dreamed of this moment for years. She had become that unobtainable dream; the woman at work who I’d been sure would never have anything to do with me.

She was a dream. The way she moved. The perfection that was her body. Her smile and her laugh caused my heart to ache with unrequited longing every time I saw her. She’d always been so nice to me, but then she was nice to everyone. She would toss that auburn hair over her shoulder as she spoke and I would melt. But I could never show it. I knew that a woman that was this beautiful would never have anything to do with me.

Yet here I stood. And there she stood. My heart beat faster, my soul burned with angst. What was happening had to be misunderstanding. I had only dreamed of her from afar for so long, and now I was standing in her bedroom, next to her bed, staring into those eyes. I was deaf with shock and trying to catch up.

“Martin, I’ve needed you for so long…”

Her soft words echoed in my mind over and over again. Was I fantasizing? Had she really just said that? Was the fix-up job she’d asked me about really just a ruse to fulfill all of my dreams?

I stepped towards her, gently caressing her shoulders, waiting for her to slap me and wake me from my daydream. Instead she tilted that lovely face upwards, parting her lips for a kiss. I trembled as I bent my head forward to join with her, still waiting to wake from the dream.

Her mouth felt so good against mine. Soft, thick lips. Flushed with desire, I tried to calm myself as I caressed her lips with mine. I tried to project every bit of my soul, every desire, all of my ability to love, through that first blissful kiss. I could make love to her mouth forever! I sucked gently on her lower lip, drawing it into my mouth, then our tongues danced together in an erotic ballet.

I was lost. Nothing else mattered, I can’t tell you if we kissed for five minutes or and hour. The world stopped, time stopped, I was lost in her soul. I never wanted to be found.

I came to realize, now that she was actually in my arms; what had been a longing had become a hunger that would never be sated; a thirst that could never be quenched, no matter how often I feasted at her altar. Anything else I did from now on would only be flashes of life between the times that I could hold her close to me again.

As if I was afraid she would simply disappear if I moved too quickly, I reached down and lifted the peasant blouse she wore over her head, discarding it onto the floor. I traced my fingertips across her shoulders lightly, then down her arms until I was holding both of her hands in mine. I held them to her sides as I knelt down, covering her chest and abdomen with massaging kisses as I went. I reached up and unfastened the lacy little bra she was wearing, dropping it aside.

I had watched her walk by so often, wondering what those breasts would look like, and I had to stay in place a moment now, taking in every detail of them. She is a petite girl, and her breasts are medium sized, very pert. Her areola and nipples are the bulbous, swollen type, and I subconsciously mapped every texture, every rise and swell of them in my mind now; I would be able to see them in my mind’s eye now, and often when I was away from her, I would.

I traced them with my fingers tenderly, lovingly. Around the bottom, across the top, circling her erect nipples. I made love to them with my mouth and she sighed with passion. All the while I was lightly caressing her sides, her arms, her back with tuzla escort my fingers. I could not get enough.

She reached down and unfastened the skirt that she wore and it fell to the floor, where she kicked it away. The only thing left covering her was a lacy pair of white boy short panties. Trying not to show that I was shaking, I lowered them for her and she kicked them away also.

I traced my fingers along her sweet buttocks, down her thighs and calves while I smothered her abdomen with kisses. Just above her sex was a light, downy patch of matching auburn hair. Her small, smooth lips were shaven, and shown with a light sheen of her arousal. I couldn’t help myself. I bent down and gently sucked the traces of her juices from them and she sucked in her breath with pleasure.

She took my hands and guided me back up her body until I was standing before her again, sharing another kiss. She reached forward with trembling hands and unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and let them fall. She began to unbutton my shirt from the top, but I simply grabbed either side of it and ripped it apart, sending the buttons flying, then pulled it from my body.

This time she slowly lowered herself down my body, caressing and kissing my chest and stomach as she did so. She lowered my briefs and helped me remove them and my pants from where they were piled at my feet.

Her lips on my body felt so magnificent, sending fire through all of my senses. I felt her lips on my manhood, which had long since become hard and wanting. She explored every inch of my erection with her lips and tongue before she drew him into her molten, satiny mouth. My knees started to buckle and she grabbed my firm buttocks with both hands, holding me tightly to her in support. This was no obscene act; she was making love to my member as surely as she’d made love to my mouth moments earlier. She caressed him with her lips, teased just below his flaring head, and sucked him into and out of her.

I knew that I couldn’t last long like this. I was in heaven, and my body screamed out for the inevitable crescendo that was imminent. It took every bit of will I had to take her hands the way she had recently taken mine and guide her back up to a standing position. I kissed her again, tasting myself on her lips and tongue. When I pulled my mouth from hers she looked into my eyes in puzzlement; she knew I’d liked her attentions. I leaned in close, sucking tenderly on her earlobe and whispering, “I was raised that ladies always come first my love.”

She smiled appreciatively as I covered her lovely throat with kisses. Gently I lifted her body in my arms and carried her to the middle of the bed, laying her down tenderly on her back. I stared into her eyes and tried to absorb all of her through them.

I slowly kissed my way down her body again, this time continuing along her hips and the outside of her legs until I reached her feet. I tenderly kissed the tops of them, then worked my way up the insides of her legs. As I reached the insides of her thighs I lay down between them, kissing them all the while, sucking here and there.

I love making love to a woman’s sex with my mouth, and I took a moment to gaze on the sight of hers. Softy I blew cool air across her moisture laden lips, drawing a sigh from her. I sucked first one, then the other of her lips into my mouth in turn, caressing them wholly with my lips, swirling my tongue across them. Next I covered her entire sex with my mouth, caressing it, massaging it lovingly.

I nuzzled against it, parting those lovely tuzla escort bayan petals and running my tongue up and down between them. I inhaled her musky scent and reveled in her taste. I used my lips to part her labia even more, opening them up so that I could find her swollen clit between them. I flicked it once with my hardened, pointed tongue to let her know that I had found it and she shuddered with satisfaction. Flattening and softening my tongue, I bathed it gently, caressing it tenderly. I was rewarded with her bucking softly, rhythmically against my face.

Now I hardened my tongue again and lashed out at it, dancing back and forth, up and down, swirling the little bud before bathing it once again with the flat of my tongue. All the while I used my lips to caress hers.

As a momentary diversion for her, I lowered slightly, pressing my tongue into her velvety tunnel until I found her g-spot, rubbing across it several times before I returned my attentions to her little love bud.

After a few minutes of making love to her womanhood, her sighs and moans increased in intensity, her bucking hips became more frantic until she was crying out through her first orgasm, its tendrils snaking through her entire body like fire. Her fingers tangled themselves with my hair and she held my face tightly to her while she came. I swelled with pride and with lust.

When her muscles relaxed and she fell back on the bed, I ever so lightly traced the outlines of her sex again, careful not to torment her post-orgasmic sensitivity. As she grew more relaxed and some of the blood left the extremities of her sex, I covered it entirely with my mouth again and gently caressed it. I wasn’t trying to titillate her right now, just relax her. I listened and when I heard a lustful, “MMMmmmmMM” escape her, I knew she was ready once again.

It was time to up the stakes a little, so as I began my attentions to her inner lips and her clit once again, I gently inserted two of my cum moistened fingers into her, soon finding the mildly bumpy surface of her g-spot. While my tongue and lips danced with and darted across her nether regions, my fingers played across her insides, reading then like Braille. Soon she again found her rhythm, massaging herself across my face as my lips caressed hers.

Again I was rewarded with another shattering orgasm, this time she raised her hips up off the bed as the pleasure coursed through her body. She cried out almost in surprise, “OOOHH GAAAAWWWDDD!!!” Shoving herself into my devouring mouth in craven lust, “YEEESS!! UUUNNNGGGGGHHHHHAAAAAGGGHHHH…OOOOHHH!!!”

One orgasm after another coursed through her body in wave after wave. She didn’t pull away or try to stop this time, “Don’t stop!!! Don’t stop!!! Yessssss!!!!! OH F-U-C-K!!!!!!”

Music to my ears! I danced my tongue across her little love bud and kept at her for what seemed like forever until she finally dropped back to the bed in exhaustion.

I moved down a little and kissed her thighs lightly this time, tenderly sucking on them. She tried to pull me up to her, but I resisted, “Trust me…..trust me….” She caressed my hair with her fingertips as I continued to love her sex with my mouth gently. It took longer this time, but sure enough in a few moments she was ready again.

I replayed my earlier attentions to her all over again, and soon she was gyrating her hips again, sighing out in pleasure as her orgasm approached. I had another trick up my sleeve and looked forward to using it. As her body led her into another pulsating orgasm, I escort tuzla suddenly sucked her clit and the flesh around it deep into my mouth, as if I was fellating a little cock. Massaging the lower part with my closed lips, I darted my tongue around her distended little love bud. Her hips came up so far off of the bed that I was nearly kneeling in order to stay with her. I cupped her tightened buttocks in my hands to support her, but didn’t stop my attentions to her sex. She screamed! Literally screamed out in an agonizingly intense series of full body orgasms. Every part of her body was drawn tight, every nerve ending on fire. Oh, what I would give to know what a woman feels like when she experiences this!

Her head was thrashing back and forth frantically as she tried to find words, her chest heaving; I got yet another reward. She ejaculated! Her hot cum shot out into my mouth, striking the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could, relishing the passion of the moment, her taste, the feel of her.

She stayed up like this for a long, long time, and then suddenly the sensations surging through her body released her, and she fell to the bed, covered in perspiration and her own juices. My God she was beautiful!

I moved up her body and lay down on top of her gently, tracing her face tenderly with my kisses until she had recovered enough to return my attentions. Our lips melded together, my eyes locked to hers; I suddenly raised my hips up and slammed forward, impaling her sopping pussy balls deep onto my long, hard phallus with one quick, violent thrust. She sucked in her breath, “MMMPPPPHHHHH!!! YEEEESSSS!!!! FUCK ME!”

Ever so slowly, I slid myself back out of her love tunnel until only my head was teasing her lips. Then I slowly slid back in, savoring every sensation. I repeated this several times, enjoying the molten glove of her sex. Then I leaned up onto my knees, raised her legs up over my shoulders and slowly began to increase my rhythm. She returned my loving thrust for thrust and soon we were pounding ourselves against each other with abandon, both frantic for our release. Any semblance of restraint was gone now for me, I wanted, no needed to become one with her, to drive my tool through her until I got release.


It felt like my manhood was exploding within her. Like every bit of stress, any angst I’d ever felt in my entire life was leaving my body through my coupling with the woman of my dreams.

The feel of my pounding cock, my unbridled passion, my seed erupting within her in sudden volcanic release sent her over the edge and she cried out as we shared our orgasm together. It seemed to last forever, and would have been glorious to me if it had, if we had stayed in that place together for the remainder of our lives.

I leaned forward and picked her up into my arms, still impaled upon me. She sat in my lap, her legs around me while we came down from our intense high together.

She looked up into my eyes; I saw all of my dreams within them. I whispered to her that I loved her, thanking her for coming into my life. She traced my lips with her fingertips and told me that she loved me also, and we kissed once again.

Much to my surprise my erection had never waned, still throbbing within my old flame; my new lover. She pressed herself into me, but winced slightly. I asked if it was too much and she nodded apologetically. I ran my fingers through her hair, telling her it was O.K., we had a lifetime to make love.

We drifted off to sleep with me cradling her in my arms, my hand cupping one of her lovely breasts, my still aroused manhood pressed against her lovely backside. This was a dream I hoped I would never wake from.

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