A Day By The Pool Ch. 2

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It’s been forever since that day by the pool and I was kind of upset that you had not come to me anymore. I wanted you I needed you. Every night I spent in my bed wondering what possibly I could do for you to make you want me again. Then one night it came to me. I knew you always had a “thing” for girls who wore garter belts and stockings so I decided that one way or another I will have you again.

Sighing as the paperwork piles up I sit back and think about that day by the pool. God it was amazing feeling myself buried in my little girl. But all good amazing wonderful things have to come to an end sooner or later so I took that one moment and locked it away forever visualizing when I had a few moments alone during lunch. My office was three solid walls and then a huge floor to ceiling window that ran the entire length of one wall. And I must say it had it’s advantages. Some days I could even catch a glimpse of a naked body if I was lucky but more days I was buried in paperwork and wishing I was at home sitting by the pool with some pot and a beer. Sighing I bent back over the paperwork and just called come in when I heard the knock on my door.

Smiling as I opened the door my daddies eyes lit up as I walked in. Little did he know that all I was wearing under this coat was a black garter black stockings a black pushup bra and the black heels that graced my feet. “What are you doing here Kathi?” grandbetting giriş daddy asked me. Not saying a word I slowly loosened the belt of my coat. Letting it fall off my shoulders you blushed and bent your head again as I stood before you my body glimmering from the tan. Walking over to your desk and taking your hand I place it on my firm cheeks feeling your hand gently kneading my full firm breast. I moaned and arched myself into your hand. Stroking your hair as you played with my breast I could feel the flush that started in my pussy that warm tingling sensation I had felt before. God how I wanted you Daddy. And I told you that. “God daddy I want you so badly” you heard through my moans.

Reaching around your back I quickly undid your bra not caring any more about taboos or what is proper. I wanted you again. I wanted my thick cock buried deep into your tight pussy. “ohh god baby you are so beautiful,” I moaned around your nipple in my mouth. Your body twisted and turned under mine as I played with your smooth glistening pussy gently stroking your clit. Standing up a full head taller then you I quickly undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Sitting back in my swivel leather chair I grasped your firm cheeks in my hands and pulled you on top of me. Your lean thighs pressed against mine as you slowly rocked on my lap our lips meeting as our tongues started that slow dance of grandbetting yeni giriş lovers.

Gasping for breath daddy started to gently knead my ass again our tongues dancing as I ground against you. “Mmmmm daddy I have to have this big hard cock in me again please daddy I want you to fuck me,” I begged you as your lips found my nipple again. “Take daddy’s cock out baby, stroke me” Getting to my feet I dropped to my knees and unzipped and unbuttoned your pants. Tugging them off quickly my soft warm hand wrapped around your thick pulsing shaft. Your groans were like music to my ears. “Can I suck you daddy” I asked as our eyes locked. Wrapping your hand in my hair you pressed your helmet like head to my lips. Slowly opening my mouth I took you in licking like a lollipop. “Am I doing it right daddy?”

“Yes Kathi, suck daddy’s cock” He brushed a strand of hair from my face and I quickly took him down my throat. Plunging my head up and down with his hips I was gently pushed up.

Sitting down in my chair again I had to catch my breath. God damn she was a good cock sucker! “Come here Kathi” I said a stern but loving voice. “You’ve been a bad girl bothering daddy at work, come over here and let daddy teach you a lesson you little slut” Grabbing me you threw me across your knees and I felt your hand caressing and squeezing my ass. “Such a beautiful ass,’ I hear as your grandbetting güvenilirmi hand lands on my right cheek. The smack seems to please you and I can feel your hard cock against my belly. Stopping every once in awhile to brush a fingertip over my swelling clit. My ass stinging as you count the blows. “6… 7… 8… 9… 10” Crying I start to beg you “Please daddy I’ll be a good girl, Let me be a good girl and make daddy happy”

Helping you sit up I urge you to straddle my lap “You want to make daddy happy? Ride me baby… ride daddys hard cock” Raising myself up over you I place myself against the tip of your cock. Grabbing my sore ass you thrust into me. “Ohhhh yes dadddyyyyy!!” I scream out. Thrusting myself against you I start to rock up and down your hands guiding me along the slight bend of your pulsing hard cock. “Fuck me daddy… fuck your little slut harder… ” squeezing your cock as I grind against your pubic bone as your hands hold my hips. My nipple ring in your teeth. “God yess baby… ohh your doing so good… fuck daddy… ”

You mange to moan. Gasping for breath I start to ride faster. My breasts bouncing in your face your hand lands on my ass. “Are you ready slut? Are you ready for daddys cum” Going faster I start to cry out “Ohhh yessss daddy… MMMMMMmm your cock feels sooo good in my tight pussy… FUCK YESSSS DADDYYY I”M CUMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGG” My nails digging into your shoulders as my body shook with pleasure. My pussy clenched your cock as you slammed into me throbbing jerking wildly as you bit my nipple.

Laying in your arms my cock still deep in your pussy we lay together. “Thank you so much for being daddy’s naughty little girl” I whisper into my baby girls ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32