A Country Drive

Kasım 13, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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It’s a nice warm summers day and we decide to go for a drive. I’m wearing a sleeveless summer dress, quite low cut, buttoned down the front, some of the bottom buttons open revealing my bare legs.

Its so hot that we have the windows open and a sudden gust of warm air lifts my skirt, revealing more of my legs. Seeing you glance at me, I move so that my skirt rides up more, enjoying the cooler air on my skin.

You reach over placing your hand on my knee, softly stroking it. I place my hand over yours and parting my legs slowly guide your hand upwards, the touch of your fingers on my inner thighs sending shivers through me. I can see the effect this is having on you, so I reach across and slowly run my fingers up your leg and over the bulge in your trousers. Your cock twitching in response. By now you’re hand has reached the swell of my pussy and you can feel my wetness through my panties.

You kocaeli escort notice a quiet side road and turn into it, we are heading towards some woods. As you drive slowly you continue to stroke my pussy though my panties. seeing you wriggle with discomfort I undo your trousers and you gasp as I release your hard cock and start to slide my hand up and down the shaft. This is getting to be too much for you and at the first opportunity you stop the car, turning into the woods.

you pull me to you, kissing me deeply, my breasts pressed hard against you, your fingers rubbing my pussy as my hand pumps up and down your cock. My breath quickens as your fingers slide under my panties and find my clit , my juices covering your fingers as they push inside me.

Because of the confinement of the car and our mounting passion, we grab a rug and head into the trees. Finding a secluded spot , we spread the blanket kocaeli escort bayan on the ground in the shade of a tree.

Lying down on the rug we continue to kiss and caress each other, you run your hand up my leg and to your surprise my pussy is bare, I’d slipped my panties off whilst you were getting the rug. You now have full access to my hot wet pussy. . Sliding down you kiss and nibble up my thighs, pushing my skirt up round my waist. I start to moan as your tongue finds my clit, licking and sucking it as your fingers find their way into my pussy. My juices running down your fingers and between my buttocks as they slide in and out going deeper and deeper. As you run your tongue from my clit to my pussy I press myself against your face, feeling myself about to cum. I cum hard, crying out, my wetness covering your face.

you move back up and kiss me hard kocaeli escort and deep, I can taste myself on your face as we share the sweetness.

You roll onto your back, your hard cock standing straight up, looking so inviting, as I start to slowly lick it, up and down the shaft with long slow strokes, over the head, round the rim, massaging your balls as I do so. then I straddle you, slowly sliding my pussy on to your throbbing cock, feeling my muscles tighten as you go deep inside me. Reaching up you undo the top buttons of my dress, another surprise, no bra. . . and my bare breasts swing free. you pull me down so you can suck and nibble on them, my nipples hardening. All the time I’m sliding up and down your cock, getting faster as you suck. I can feel your passion mounting with each thrust of my hips. You pull me tight against you as you cum, all your body shaking as your hot cum fills me.

We hold each other in complete satisfaction, gently kissing as our breathing returns to normal. Suddenly we realise where we are and laughing we look around to make sure we are still alone. We are and as we make ourselves presentable again we vow to do this again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32