A Christmas Trifecta

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Chapter 1 – A Common Fantasy


Talking with guys, there are a number of fantasies that most seem to have in common. Of all of them though, the one that seems to create the most interest is having a threesome – where I mean two girls for him. Of those, the most common subcategory of that fantasy has to be to do it with sisters… and then the best version of THAT would be with twins, especially if they were enjoying each other right in front of him. Of course, the absolute ultimate scenario for most men would be if the twin sisters girls were virgin teenagers!

When people talk about fantasies though, it always seems to be implied that you’re referring to MALE fantasies. It’s as if it’s perfectly fine and acceptable for a guy to fantasize and masturbate about having sex with two sisters but should a woman have a similar fantasy about two brothers then that’s somehow off-limits and perverted. Personally I think it’s because most men are homophobic to some degree and so the very thought of two brothers having sex together goes against everything that turns them on.

(If a guy claims he’s NOT homophobic, just ask him if it’s OK for his dick to rub up against another guy’s during sex. Odds are pretty good he’ll NEVER say yes!)

Well heads-up to all you macho men out there… women DO fantasize and we DO think about such things when we masturbate. And yes, we DO masturbate – a LOT, and it’s not just on cam for guys to get off watching us.

In my case I’ve come about as close as you can get in terms of this particular fantasy. My own father has two brothers – one older, the other younger. Over the course of the years I’ve been fucked by all three. However, while I’ve done it with my dad and his younger brother Jim together a few times, much to my chagrin my older Uncle Paul has never been part of any threesomes with me, let alone a brotherly foursome. Mmmmmmm, not that I haven’t imagined doing it! Indeed, many a day after a family get-together I find myself masturbating afterwards as I dream of missed opportunities.

People might ask why I haven’t had all three at the same time if I’ve been with each individually and even together with my dad and Uncle Jim more than a few times? Well, as you might imagine it gets complicated…

First, you need to understand that my Uncle Jim is an asshole. Not just any old garden-variety asshole but a TOTAL, 100% asshole. The only reason I even allowed him to fuck me in the first place was more a quid pro quo as a favor to my dad so that he could fuck my cousin without having to do it behind his brother’s back. When I have sex with a man I like to be treated well – as a lady if you will. I’m not at all into the humiliation and bondage scenes. Yes, I like a man to be assertive and controlling but in the end I know that I’m the one who is really in control. With my Uncle Jim though, that’s not the case. What especially annoys me is his lack of respect for my feelings about anal sex and facials. Yes, he IS my uncle and as a male within my family I’m obligated to submit to him. Still, Christian submittal is a two-way street and it doesn’t give him the right to disrespect me and take advantage of his position in the family.

Second, my dad is exactly what I described earlier – a total homophobe. Threesomes are fine for him – so long as he’s the only male involved. Those times when my Uncle Jim had fucked me with my dad there were more like they shared me and almost always when my cousin Tammy was there as well making it more of a swap. Only once have they ever both fucked me at the same time and that was a LONG time ago in what turned out to be a never to be repeated act. Like most men my dad has always enjoyed being WATCHED as he fucked me. I know it turns him big-time when people see him fucking his own daughter – he IS such a guy after all! But to do so WITH other men, especially his brothers, was simply not going to happen.

Last but not least, it’s not like my Uncle Paul has been that anxious to advertise his infidelities, not even to his own brothers. When I learned that he’d been fucking my mother all through their respective marriages it was a total surprise to me as she’d never mentioned it to me – or to my dad either for that matter as I learned. From my perspective even though we are not blood related, we’re still related by marriage which is sacred and just as binding and equivalent as if we were. Thus I would claim that as my uncle our sex is an act of incest which, by definition, is not an act of adultery. However, I’m well aware that what to me are simple truths are considered by others to be rationalizations and Uncle Paul is one of those. Then again, it’s not like he’s exactly been worried about committing adultery which in my book is a sin. I guess you could say it works for us in that I view it as incest and thus not a problem and if he considers it adultery then so far as I am concerned then it’s HIS problem, not mine.

So bottom line… I’ve illegal bahis more or less reconciled myself to the fact that any fantasies I might have about being fucked by three brothers at the same time were almost certainly going to stay just that – fantasies. That is, unless I get lucky enough to find three other brothers but what are the odds of THAT considering it’s almost impossible to even find TWO brothers. Even when I was a, 18 year-old senior in high school and dating the guy who is now my husband while also fucking his brother it was impossible to ever have them both at the same time!

That said, there really wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t have all three on the same DAY at least. If course that meant a day when all three were available which only happened a few times a year, typically Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas which was when our entire family traditionally gathered. It wouldn’t be the first time by any means that I’d done it with at least one of them during these holiday events but not all three – at least not yet.

As I said, not YET! This year I was determined to make it happen for a number of reasons. First, and I hate to even mention it as it makes me almost choke even to write it, I’ll be hitting the thirty mark in just a few months. OMG, I never dreamed I could ever be this old! Second, and probably more influential, I was pregnant with my second child. So you’re probably asking just what did THAT have to do with this? As my mom always says… it’s all in the timing. I was at that point where the morning sickness was behind me and the horny stage was now in full swing. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s in the genes as my mom said she had the same “problem” when she was pregnant with me. It’s like I’m horny all the time – and by that I mean even more than usual if that’s even possible. Yeah, like ALL the time! While my belly certainly wasn’t flat by any stretch of the imagination, it still wasn’t looking like I was hiding a basketball under my top so having sex wasn’t a problem physically. So put it all together – my fantasies of sex with brothers, approaching a dreaded life milestone, and my hormones in overdrive… Christmas couldn’t have come at a better time this year!

Chapter 2 – Brother

– Santa’s Treat


It should go without saying that of the three, one brother stands out from the rest – my dad. My father started fucking me when I was still a barely 18 college freshman and while things now between us sexually are certainly not at the cosmic level they’d been back when I was living at home, I still did my best to see him at least once a week before church at the very least. Fulfilling my obligations as his daughter has always been a top priority for me.

I’ve always looked forward to my dad’s “special” Christmas present for me. By that I mean the one we only opened up at home when it was just me, him and my mom. Each year he’d go out and buy me an outfit to wear just for him to see me in, starting with like something from a Disney movie. Naturally the older I got the more revealing the outfits became and the more “adult” the theme. Like when he bought me sexy little Snow White costume but instead of a long skirt it was more like a figure skater’s outfit with a matching thong that left little to the imagination. Don’t even ask me where he found it! My first “naughty French maid” costume pretty much signaled the end of the “Disney” theme era. Of course once I was in college and we started having sex, my Christmas outfits definitely changed to where they qualified more for a strip club than anything else. This tradition has endured to this day as every Christmas my dad will still buy me a “special” present. Even though I know basically what’s in the box when he hands it to me, it’s always a thrill to discover exactly what he chose for me that year.

Things got a little more complicated after I married Steve. Without going into all the gory details, my husband basically is no different than most men I’ve encountered in that he LOVES the concept of incest when it comes to looking at porn sites and other families. However, he doesn’t want anything to do with it when it involves his own family. Indeed, most of our biggest arguments have stemmed from his refusal to admit what I still insist must be his true desires. I mean like just about every man I’ve been with that makes similar declarations eventually admits his true feelings for his daughter or mother so why does my husband have to be so obstinate?

After an earlier incident with a past boyfriend ended in disaster, I made absolutely sure that Steve clearly understood my position on incest before I accepted his marriage proposal. Simply put – I could marry anyone but I had only one father and that could never change so sex with him came first. If a guy couldn’t deal with that reality then I couldn’t marry him, no matter how much I loved him. When I first broke the news to Steve he thought I was just playing some illegal bahis siteleri sort of practical joke on him. It wasn’t until he watched “hidden” in a closet as my dad fucked me (of course my dad knew!) that I was able to convince him that it was for real. I’ll admit I was worried for a moment but we came to an understanding. Steve accepts my “family” obligations so long as we practice the time-honored “don’t ask – don’t tell” along with “don’t let me see it”. Maybe not the best situation but it works for us. Since our marriage day I’ve continued to submit myself to my father as a proper Christian daughter should while at the same time satisfying my husband’s needs as a proper Christian wife should. It didn’t hurt that Steve has the hots for my Aunt Linda so those few times when he’s been at my dad’s house when my dad wanted to fuck me he didn’t mind being distracted by my Aunt’s sexy body and skills!

Steve and I also deal with my dad’s special presents in the same manner. Steve is more than happy to hang around while I model my new outfits but as soon as things move to the next stage he discretely exits the room along with my Aunt Linda to allow me to properly thank my dad for his generosity.

This year would be no different…


Christmas morning finally arrived. I was a little disappointed in that we weren’t even close to having a white Christmas but then the milder weather wasn’t anything to complain about. It wasn’t long before Steve and I had exchanged our presents and enjoyed watching our daughter play with her new toys. It was going to be a busy day so we soon were all dressed and ready to go.

First stop was of course my dad’s house, formerly known as my house. As we approached the front door I felt a little pang in my heart knowing my mom wouldn’t be there. Although it was now years since my parents had divorced, on days like this I really missed having our entire family together. Granted, my mom’s younger sister had unabashedly taken up residence the day after she’d moved out but as much as I loved my Aunt Linda, she wasn’t my mom.

Today it was just the five of us. I’d been hoping that my cousin Kristi could be there although I wasn’t as enthusiastic about her husband’s attendance. Still, even though it was Christmas it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had been there while he wasn’t. Kristi no doubt would’ve explained it away as he was away on a business trip out of town but I’d discovered early on that these so-called “out of town” trips weren’t actually happening. Oh well, they’ve had a strange marriage from the start but she seemed happy with their arrangement so who was I to say anything? From a purely selfish perspective it would have worked the best for me if she had been there as that meant she could have babysit our daughter later when things got more “adult” as I guess you could describe it.

The front door was unlocked so I didn’t bother knocking but instead just walked straight in. At first I didn’t hear or see anyone but then my Aunt came around the corner from the kitchen. She was wearing what looked to be one of my dad’s flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Well, at least for Christmas morning she wasn’t nude! Of everyone in our family my Aunt Linda was probably the closest to being classified as a nudist. It was sort of funny in a way how the women in our families were so different in that way. My mom, the most conservative, was almost never seen without at least wearing a bra and panties and when I say panties, I mean the standard issue type from Macy’s or Penney’s and not a skimpy revealing thong. As for me, I had the rep for being the “bottomless girl” in that since I was a little girl in grade school I’ve always loved to run around with my butt bare exposed to the cool air around me. In contrast, my slutty cousin Kristi was the family “topless girl” in she was always finding some excuse to NOT wear anything on top although she did seem to enjoy wearing a thong most of the time. Not that the ones she wore covered much but it seemed to just be a thing of hers.

At the far end of the spectrum was my aunt who had been the one to run around the house naked all the time for as long as I can remember. Even when I was little and they would visit us (which was most of the time it seemed) she would doff her clothes as quickly as possible and just hang around nude. My mom wasn’t exactly thrilled to say the least but what could she really say without being rude? I guess I was a bit naive in that I never put two and two together when it came to Aunt Linda and my dad. Looking back now, seeing my mom’s nude sister disappearing into my dad’s home office and then shutting the door behind them should have clued me in that SOMETHING was going on more than just talking about taxes and her real estate business. That said, in my defense when you’re brought up that way it becomes something normal and as such these sort of thoughts just don’t automatically come to canlı bahis siteleri mind.

So anyways, seeing my Aunt Linda completely covered (at least her torso) by a long men’s shirt was a bit of surprise and I knew my ever-horny husband was a little disappointed from the way he was looking at her. I mean it’s not like he hadn’t seen her nude most every other time we visited, plus the fact they usually had sex as well, but as a man I guess he would’ve preferred her to be naked 100% of the time! While she might be 46 years old now, she took good care of herself. She’d had a boob lift a few years earlier which took a few years off as well. Even then, the girls were still 100% “real” in that she didn’t get implants; she just had the sag removed that had accumulated after decades of fighting (and losing to) gravity.

Then the real surprise hit me as right behind her was my cousin which took a bit of a load off my mind. Theoretically it wouldn’t have mattered if she had been there or not in terms of what I knew I’d be doing with my dad. The key difference with her was that it left Steve and Linda free to do their thing without having to babysit. Knowing them, they would’ve probably just given her some toys to keep herself occupied and done it anyway in front of her but I preferred having someone around that was dedicated to taking care of her. Of course my husband didn’t waste any time checking to ensure Aunt Linda wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt – and she wasn’t to nobody’s surprise. Indeed, I would have been shocked if she had!

“So where’s my dad?” I asked Linda after we’d exchanged our Merry Christmas hugs and kisses.

“Oh he should be down in a minute or so,” she answered flippantly and sure enough, no sooner had she finished than I heard the wooden steps to the second floor creaking and my dad made his appearance.

“Hey Daddy! Merry Christmas!” I greeted him, hugging him tightly. He smiled down at me and lowered his head down to kiss me. Our tongues immediately met and I felt his hands cupping my butt as he stretched to get them around me with my belly protruding between us.

“Almost can’t reach,” he teased me, squeezing my ass playfully.

“Oh John, she’s looking great,” my aunt chastised him as she complimented me, “How the hell do you do stay so skinny? I looked like a walrus already when I was at your stage.”

I just grinned at her and turned back to kiss my wonderful father again. She was right though, I was really lucky in that when I’m pregnant I don’t gain a whole lot of weight anywhere but in my belly. People are always telling me that from behind they wouldn’t even know I was pregnant!

Steve and my dad shook hands and I was a little surprised when they actually hugged – OK, so just a little but still, even a man-hug was more than they usually shared. Guess it was the spirit of the season as they say.

“You guys are late… as always,” my dad observed checking out his watch. He made quite a show of checking the time and I immediately saw he wasn’t as concerned about the time as he was about making sure we all saw his watch.

“Oh wow, a Rolex!” I gushed, pulling his wrist to me so I could get a better look.

My dad smiled and I saw my aunt grinning from ear to ear.

“Apparently the real estate business is recovering quite nicely,” he teased my aunt who just kept smiling and nodded.

Then it was my turn to show off the new gold bracelet that Steve had given me earlier (hence the “thank-you” BJ I’d given him). It cost a fraction of what my dad’s watch had cost my aunt but it still meant a lot to me.

“Looks like Santa was nice to you this year,” my cousin said looking a little jealous.

“Just goes to show Santa likes his girls naughty, not nice,” I answered half-jokingly.

My dad stepped in saying, “And speaking of Santa’s gifts for naughty girls…”

We all took the rather unsubtle hint and headed to the living room where the Christmas tree was set up in the corner. We exchanged a few gifts although most had either been opened prior to getting together or would be later when we met with the rest of the family. This gift exchange was for those that wouldn’t have been quite appropriate to open in front of the relatives, particularly the ones who would’ve been shocked to know some of the family secrets.

Finally came time for what I’d been eagerly waiting for. There was one present remaining under the tree and I knew whose it was without evening having to read the tag. My dad reached under the tree and to nobody’s surprise announced this one was for me. I was grinning broadly as I settled back into the couch cushions with it on my lap.

“Not going to even try and guess?” my cousin teased.

“Nope, gave that up a long time ago,” I sighed as if it really mattered.

Still, just to add a little suspense I shook the box and looked it over as if I was trying to figure out what was inside. I DID notice one thing – it was a little heavier at one end compared to the other which was unusual. Genuinely perplexed, I finally ripped off the wrapping to see what was hidden underneath.

“Oh cool!” Kristi cried out as she saw what it was, “I’ve been wanting one of those for like forever!”

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