A Christmas Fetish Pt. 01

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It was roughly 1976 in Augusta, Georgia, two or three days before Christmas to be exact. I was eighteen years old. My mom and I had been on our own ever since my father had died in a truck accident two years earlier. Mom had a rough time of it, as would be expected, the first year after he passed.

She was 36 years old and was a loan officer at Augusta National Finance. She was, in my opinion, a very attractive woman at 5’3″, 105 pounds with long brown hair that she teased into a feathered look, and, I’m almost embarrassed to say, the best looking pair of legs around. We had gotten into a morning ritual fashion show where she would try on several dress and shoe combinations until I would voice my approval, just a son helping his mother in a less than self-confidant time. She always took pride in making herself the best dressed woman at her office.

About a block down the road was my old babysitter, and mom’s best friend. A beautiful redheaded lady named Kelly. Kelly was in her early thirties and had become very close to mom after dad passed away. She was also instrumental in waking up my mother’s natural female desires, as Kelly would take her out to parties or dancing on occasion. Kelly was taller than mom, and just a little heavier, but still a knockout by any standard. She was very important in rebuilding my mom’s self confidence in the dating scene.

On occasion, mom would come home from work shortly after I’d gotten home from school. One day she came home and seemed very tired. After kicking off her heels and reclining in the den chair, mom asked for her very first foot rub from her son. As I rubbed her tired feet through her black nylons that day, she told me how my dad would do this for her. I was happy that I could do something that made her happy as he did, and gave her a foot rub almost everyday when she came home.

As I sat in front of the TV in the den, I heard mom’s car pull into the driveway. I peeked through the curtains to see her and Kelly wave at me as they unloaded bags from the car. Mom was wearing the black skirt and red blouse I had picked out for her that morning, and a pair of black high heeled sling backs. Kelly was wearing a pink sweater, black slacks and a pair of white winter boots. I always called them ski boots. I thought to myself with some regret that there would be no foot rub today as Kelly tended to stay late when she would come over. I heard mom call out, “Hi honey, we’re home!”, and then Kelly giggling. They put their bags on the kitchen table and joined me in the den. “Thought we’d do a little shopping on the way home, so we stopped at the mall. My God, there were so many people I thought I’d scream.” Mom said.

“You did scream, Monica, when that old man stepped on your foot.” Kelly added.

Mom plopped into the recliner as Kelly sat on the couch next to me, and took her right shoe off and began rubbing it in her lap. “Oh, I know. It hurt like you-know-what! But, he said he was sorry.” And then it all changed. Mom took her other shoe off and propped her legs up so her stockinged soles were staring me right in the face. “Honey,” she said staring at me between her feet, “Would you mind rubbing my feet for me? Especially the right one where that man stepped on it?” I glanced at güvenilir bahis Kelly to see how she might react to this request as I was somewhat uncomfortable at someone knowing I rubbed my mother’s feet. She only raised her eyebrows quizzically at me while wearing an innocent smile on her face.

I sat at mom’s feet and tenderly took her right foot into my hands and began kneading her soles through her nude-toned hose. Mom’s feet were always so soft it still amazed me. Her toenails were always immaculately polished, and I knew she used a pumice stone to get rid of calluses. Mom laid her head back on the chair and moaned in her throat. I pressed my thumb into her arch while squeezing her heel, and began circling my thumb into her sole. I glanced at Kelly again afraid we’d be getting a strange look, but she was still only watching with a seemingly content smile on her face.

Then I returned my attention to my mother’s feet. I began pulling on her toes now, not too rough, just enough to stretch them out after being cramped inside her shoes. I sensed movement to my right, and saw Kelly taking off her ski boots, revealing pink wooly socks, which, using the toes of the opposite foot, she peeled off her feet. I continued staring at Kelly’s feet as I rubbed my mom’s. Kelly began rubbing her bare feet together and I realized I was still staring. When I looked into Kelly’s eyes, I knew things were going to get interesting. “Hey, Monica?” Kelly said. “Would you be terribly upset if I asked your son to perform some of that magic on me?”

Mom looked, up almost startled, as if she had been dozing. “Oh, uuhh, no I don’t mind. Do you mind dear?” She asked almost nervously, as if she felt the same way I did earlier.

I looked at Kelly who was still wearing her impish smile and shrugged. “No , not at all.” I slid over to where Kelly was and sat Indian style on the floor in front of her. She then placed her left foot in my lap. I propped her foot up on my knee and began deeply rubbing her sole as she propped her other foot on my other knee.

“Oh my, that feels so delicious.” She said as I ministered to her foot. As I continued the impromptu massage, I noticed her eyes close and her hands slip down to the tops of her thighs which she began kneading vigorously.

“I’m not tickling you am I?” I asked.

She jerked her head up and looked at me feverishly and said, “Oh no. Not at all, hon. It feels wonderful.” After switching to her other foot and starting to rub under her toes, I noticed the polish on her toenails. I’d never seen that color before; it was some kind of hot pink shade that I found to be very attractive. I was just thinking that I’d have to buy it for mom when Kelly spoke again. “Oh my! I’m sorry, I didn’t think that my feet would smell after being in those hot boots all day. You can stop if they’re bothering you.”

Now it was my turn to raise my eyebrows. “No, they’re fine.” I said.

“Are you sure?” She asked. And with that, she raised her right foot up to my face. “Here, tell me the truth. Do they smell?”

I glanced over at my mother who was watching very intently. She smiled and with a laugh said, “Well, go ahead.” I cupped Kelly’s foot in my hand and leaned my face closer to her sole.

Just türkçe bahis as I was preparing to sniff her bare foot, she pressed her foot against my face. I sat perfectly still as she pressed the ball of her foot lightly against my lips and cupped my nose between her toes. “There.” She said. “Tell me how that is.” As I inhaled the aroma of her foot, I actually expected to be grossed out, but to be honest, I was hypnotized. I thought her feet smelled delicious. She slowly dragged her foot down my face so her toes pulled my lips apart before they slid off my chin. I was stunned.

“Uuhh, they smelled fine.” I said. I continued rubbing her foot again once it was back in my lap. Kelly was smiling at my mom now with a knowing look on her face.

“So?” Mom said to her, “What does that prove?”

Kelly laughed and said, “Just wait. You’ll see.” Kelly pulled her feet from my lap and sat up on the couch. “OK hon, I want you to trust me and do me a favor, OK?” I silently nodded my head as I was still partly in shock about what seemed to be happening here. “Now, I want you to close your eyes and do not open them unless I tell you to. OK?” I nodded and closed my eyes knowing nothing bad would happen with mom here with me. Then, I felt (or rather smelled) Kelly’s feet covering my whole face as she began softly rubbing her toes from my forehead down to my chin, pausing occasionally to tickle my lips. Something made me open my mouth, just a little to see what would happen, and Kelly took her chance. I felt her big toe slip between my lips and tickle the tip of my tongue. I tickled back. Her toe instantly popped out of my mouth so fast my eyes opened in surprise. Kelly rocked back on the couch laughing as my face burned from embarrassment. “You see?!” She squealed. “I told you that he must like feet if he didn’t mind rubbing yours everyday!”

I looked over at mom who was shaking her head in a mixture of disbelief and amusement. “Well, I don’t know anything about that sort of stuff!” She said.

Kelly hopped down onto the floor by my side and looked intently into my face. “Now, tell me the truth. Did you like doing that to my feet? C’mon, tell me. You did, didn’t you?” I looked to my mom for help but she only gestured at me to answer the question.

“Well, yeah. I guess I did. But you’re the one…”

Kelly only shook her head. “Not important sweetie. Why don’t you finish rubbing your mom’s feet while I sit back and relax.”

Mom stood and looked down at the both of us. “Just a minute, I’ll be right back.” Mom was gone for just a couple of minutes but Kelly used every second to rub her feet in my face and run her toes through my hair. When mom returned, I noticed that she had removed her pantyhose. She then took her place in the recliner. “OK, I’m ready.” She said as she leaned her head back against the cushion. I moved over to her feet again and began softly rubbing them, now with a sense of growing apprehension.

Kelly moved till she was sitting right next to me and whispered into my ear. “Go ahead. Smell her feet. You want to, don’t you?” I could only nod now as it seemed I had always wanted to do this to her. All those times of rubbing her feet, I had fought off the urge to smell them, and even to kiss them, thinking güvenilir bahis siteleri I was some sort of freak. Afraid Mom would think the same. I leaned closer to mom’s bare foot, glancing up at her, reassured that at least her eyes were closed and that she wasn’t staring at me. And then I did it. I pressed my lips against the bottom of my own mother’s bare foot. It was electric. Like a bolt of lightning hit my lips and settled in the pit of my stomach. I barely noticed that Kelly was running her fingers through the hair on the back of my head, coaxing me on. “Do it again. Kiss it.” I bent closer again, this time I kissed the tip of her big toe. I heard mom make a small sound in her throat almost a whimper. “Stick out your tongue.” Kelly whispered.

As I stuck my tongue out Kelly gently but firmly pushed my face closer to my mom’s toes. Using her other hand Kelly pushed mother’s toes down a little, until my tongue was touching the underside of her big toe. “Lick it.” Kelly whispered again. And lick it I did, like it was the best lollipop in the world! As I began licking underneath mom’s toes, one of the two women moaned out loud, but I’m not sure which one it was. Kelly surprised me when she stuck her own tongue in my ear and said, “Go ahead hon, suck her toes, she wants you to.” And a toe-sucker was born.

I felt no reason to hold back any longer. I held mom’s foot in my hand and began sucking each of her toes into my mouth as I continued rubbing the sole of her foot. Then, I leaned further down and ran my tongue up the length of her sole, from her heel to the tips of her toes and back again. My God, I had no idea how wonderful this could be. I was losing control now as I pressed my mouth against my mother’s arch and sucked as hard as I could. Kelly was really into it as well. “That’s it baby, keep on sucking it. Keep on licking it. Make her feel good.” Then she joined me. As I was sucking on her heel, Kelly began sucking my mom’s toes. I sat back in amazement for a second as Kelly’s head bobbed up and down on my mother’s big toe.

Mom had lifted her head and was staring down at the younger woman worshipping her feet and seemed just as excited as we were. “Oh yeah, oh God Kelly, what are you… Oh my God.” Mom threw her head back on the seat, apparently too consumed to stop things now. I rejoined Kelly now except I began licking mom’s other foot, so we each had one of our own. As I sucked mom’s toes, Kelley’s hand had crept up mom’s skirt and was busy rubbing her down there. Mom’s hands joined Kelly’s and for a while I had to stop licking and sucking Mom’s toes as she began jerking around so much they kept popping out of my mouth. Then, I believe my mother had an orgasm. She squealed in a little girl sort of way and her body tensed up in the recliner like a board. Kelly and I sat back and watched as mom gathered her composure.

Kelly then turned to me, and pulling my face to hers, began French kissing me. Which I’d only heard about, never experienced. I swear I could taste mom’s feet in her mouth as Kelly’s tongue licked the insides of my own mouth. Then, Kelly released me and turned towards my mom who was watching us from the recliner. Kelly straddled Mom right there in the chair and began furiously making out with her. As Kelly sat on my mom’s lap, I saw an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I crawled over to them and began licking Kelly’s bare soles, one on each side of my mom’s thighs. Christmas presents came in many strange and exciting forms that year.

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