A Can of Worms Ch. 02

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Down to Cornwall

I didn’t sleep for long as the sun poured in through the windows. It can’t have yet been midday but what a morning I’d had! And here was the splendid Grace asleep in my arms, her legs wrapped around me and my cock just waking up and nudging her cunt once more.

“Nice snooze darling?”

Honey stood at the foot of the bed, naked as the day she was born.

“Yeah baby but if anyone’s my darling I’m afraid it’s your Mum. How about you wake her up?” I said nodding with my head to make my meaning clear.

She didn’t seem disappointed but rather delighted as with a smile she crept up the bed and slowly lifted her mother’s leg so that she now lay back with legs spread wide. Honey slowly slid her hands up Grace’s thighs before lowering her head delicately to her mom’s dark pussy. Her sweet tongue delved into her mother’s folds, licking her labia till she found the clitoris.

“Mmmm…Darling, that’s beautiful”

Now Honey got into a rhythm sucking, slurping and occasionally fingering her mother who was now thrashing wildly around on the bed. I sucked on Grace’s tits as they bounced around in her ecstasy. Her daughter’s tits were perfect with clothes on or not but if you had a real hunger then these older versions were luscious. Her nipples were now fully erect and protruding nearly an inch. They were as hard as nuts and I enjoyed nibbling on them, the odd bite drew screams of lust from Grace.

The back of Honey’s head bobbed away hard at work. I grabbed her hair just to see her face, now smeared with cum she looked a touch manic but still beautiful. She licked her lips suggestively and reading her mind I allowed her to go down on me. She swallowed me down into her throat pulling me closer in if she could by grabbing my ass. But the sight of Grace’s by now open gash was hypnotic as she, in the absence of Honey, frantically fingered herself. I climbed into position and the welcome was insane. Her hot wet pussy sucked on me as she pulled me on top of her.

“Fuck me sweetheart! Fuck me good! Argh…that’s it hard, fuck me hard, harder!”

Honey had made herself busy and was even now rimming my ass as I ploughed into her Mum.

“Oh darling! You’re making me cum so good! Fuck your mother, that’s it fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Darling! Oh sweet Jesus!”

Grace was in seventh heaven and was quite a sight as she screamed blue murder, clutching at me insanely. Likewise I didn’t hold back as I went with the incest thing;

“Oh mother! Mummy! You’re so fucking sexy! How’s it feel – your boy back in your box? Fucking the shit out of you. In your wet cunt. Fuck! Jesus! I’m going to cum. I’m cumming in you Mum, Mum…Oh Mummy!”

We came together and collapsed once more in to each other’s arms. Honey licked me clean and similarly licked out her mother, feasting on my cum. As I relaxed so I heard my mobile buzzing for a missed call.

“Honey get my mobile for me will you?”

“Yes Daddy”

Interesting! It looks as if I’d found myself a ready made family, if a little confused! Guess who? It was Babs who whispered that she might have a plan for the weekend if I approved. She was sorry to have disturbed me and didn’t mean to presume anything but had to call.

“I love you. You’re my master. I’m your slave.” She ended.

I rang her. “What’s the plan Babs?”

“Well I’m planning on going home this weekend and I thought you might like to come along. I know Mummy would love to see you.”

“Have you told her anything?”

“Oh no! Not without your permission master. She’s always liked you that’s all.”

“You mean she fancies me?”

“She always has. Ever since you stood up to her that first time she’s always asked after you. She needs a man and she wants you.”

“I’ll ring you back.”

Grace was sucking my dick all the while and had finally got some life out of it such was her superb technique. However I’d lost count of it the times I’d cum that morning and I wasn’t interested for the moment. I was wondering what to do next. This morning had changed my life that much was sure.

I got my new bitches to get dressed and prepare me lunch. They did a good job and I enjoyed a fine nicoise salad. Hell! It’s Friday already – I hadn’t realized!

“Honey do you have a car?”

“Of course Daddy a BMW convertible that goes like shit off a shovel no less”

“You let your daughter swear Grace?”

“I think not darling. What would you suggest by way of punishment?”

I arranged Honey over her mother’s lap and got her to pull her skirt up. Grace smacked her exposed bottom 6 times. Her daughter’s bum glowed red under the punishment before she meekly pulled up her plain knickers and patted her skirt down.

“Thanks Mummy. I’m sorry.”

“Right then you’re driving me to Cornwall as my chauffeur. What have you got to wear?”

We went to inspect her wardrobe and selected a tailored suit with a short skirt. She had quite an array of lingerie and I spent some time having her parade before me to decide on a selection. Eventually I decided on betist giriş her sheerest black stockings and suspenders and some silk panties. No bra was necessary. She borrowed some leather gloves from her mother. A hat will have to wait till next time. She looked good. No, she looked fantastic. Grace was enjoying the dressing up too, a bit too much I thought for some reason. I asked if she had a cane. She did.

“Fetch it then!”

“Here you are darling.”

I slapped her hard. “Bend over the desk!”

Both girls were bemused but neither dared question matters.

“Honey you’re going to beat your mother as hard as you can 6 times. Grace you shall count them out.”

This was clearly a role reversal for them and there was some hesitation but to give Honey her due she didn’t hold back.

“One.” Grace managed not to scream, “Two…Three…Four…Aargh…Five…Aiiii…Six” She whimpered finally.

Honey too was crying, not able to take her eyes off the welts slowly forming on her mother’s black bottom.

“Lick the tears from your mother’s face slave. Good now lick her beautiful ass too.”

I checked the silent Grace and she smiled up at me, understanding that I was now in charge of all things. Master of both her daughter and her too.

“Grace you’re not coming with us. I have a job for you instead. You will seduce a friend of mine called Harry, I don’t care how you do it but by the end of this weekend I want him to have fucked you in the ass.”

I gave her all Harry’s details – he was staying behind I knew so that he was at least a sitting target for her. As far as I knew he’d never been unfaithful before but then he hadn’t had the sensational Grace throw herself at him before either. We shall see…

I rang Babs and let her know that I was on the way down (I didn’t tell her about Honey). She was due there around about tea time, whilst we would probably arrive a touch later. I’d never heard her so excited before. I sat back and relaxed as Honey sped down the motorway. We stopped for petrol and I very much enjoyed her playing the chauffeur opening the door for me and so on. I did sit up front though as there was more room. We were quiet on the whole; the cricket was on the radio and I was quite content just to listen to England winning a test match for a change. I knew the way and we arrived in good time I had Honey drive round the back and told her to sit still till she was called. I couldn’t resist though a quick fondle of those tits. Why not? They were mine do with how I wanted after all.

I went in the back way and into the kitchen. I saw the remains of tea as I strolled through into the hall.


“In here,” they called in unison from the drawing-room.

In I went and the two of them sitting next to each other on the sofa stood up. Babs came and kissed me but just demurely on the cheeks. Typically Caroline was not so effusive but I knew her well enough and so kissed her too. Babs poured me a whisky and we exchanged pleasantries about the trip and the lack of traffic, how kind of Caroline it was to have me to stay etc. Caroline knew plenty of my friends so we merrily chatted away with Babs filling in any lulls in the conversation with her usual enthusiasm.

“There’s just time to change for supper” said Caroline, “Where are your bags?”

“My chauffeur has them.” I said to their amazement. “Babs will you fetch her, I left her out the back? Thanks.”

“Since when did you have a chauffeur young man?” asked Caroline as Babs went off to fetch Honey.

“I don’t always, just I thought for this weekend I thought I’d travel in style so that I’d be totally relaxed. It’s not a problem putting her up is it?”

“No, of course not. I’ll get the housekeeper to prepare the blue room for her. Good to see you doing so well.”

“And you Caroline how are you? Have you missed me?!” I asked ironically but leaning into her intimately and putting my hand on hers.

“Well. I’m well, thanks.” She answered for the first time a bit flustered with my close attention.

“You’re in your usual room. Supper’s at 8.” She said as she got up and tried to reclaim her composure.

Babs joined us in the hall with Honey, both I thought a bit wary of each other.

“Where are my bags Honey?” I asked her much to her bemusement.

“I’m sorry Master I must have forgotten them.” She replied, recovering well.

It was great having someone else to blame!

“Never mind you can borrow some of Daddy’s clothes can’t he Mama?”

“Yes. Come through after your bath and I’ll have picked something out for you.”

Off I went for my bath and sure enough, just I’d thought there was a knock at the door.

“Come in bitch!”

In came Babs clearly upset at my abuse and perhaps Honey’s presence too. I mellowed and pulled her into my arms kissing her sweetly. Very strange how my old friend was now this helpless slave of mine. Still I wasn’t complaining as I felt her fantastic body. I shoved her down onto her knees as I stripped. Like a magnet she flew to my betist yeni giriş cock covering it in kisses and then sucking it hungrily as it grew. A wicked idea came to me. So that despite her best efforts I managed to piss down her throat. In shock she fell back and I continued to piss all over her.

“Open wide bitch!”

She did catch some of it then and bravely swallowed it down. A fair amount too splashed in her eyes as I had given her a proper soaking. Silently crying as she was she nevertheless got back onto her knees to once more suck on my cock brightly looking up at me all the while in something close to adoration. I slapped her hard and told her to lick it up so obediently she turned round on all fours and began to lick up my piss. Her ass was thus presented to me beautifully. I grabbed some Johnson’s baby oil that was happily to hand and leisurely oiled myself up as Babs methodically licked the floor clean of my piss. I grabbed her hips as I skewered her asshole. Though she must have been expecting it she couldn’t help but scream as I plunged into her forcing my way deep into Babs’ beautiful ass. Pulling on her tits I hammered away as the oil helped me get into a proper rhythm. Her initial scream turned to whimpers as my full weight drove through her body and she struggled to stay on her knees.

“Ohh…yes, that’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Oh master…yes! YES!”

Well, well, well! Babs never failed to surprise me – she was loving it! And so was I of course. Pulling out I grabbed her hair and came all over her face. What a sight she was! Soaking wet, red cheeked, covered in piss and now cum. I wiped my shit smeared cock over her cheeks and again without instruction she proceeded then to lick it clean. With perfect timing the bath was now full and just the right temperature too. I got in and told her to fetch me a toothbrush and razor. Dutifully she disappeared as I settled into the big bath wondering how things could get better. Easily – Caroline!

Babs returned with razor and toothbrush, still in the same piss, cum and shit smeared state. I washed quickly before brushing my teeth and shaving at the basin. With a big warm fluffy towel Babs lovingly dried me off. While at my feet I enjoyed her sucking each of my toes in turn. I got her to lick my ass before I told her to get into the tub. I put my hand over her face and shoved her down under the water. Down she went. I let her up but make no mistake she was under my total control.

“Shave yourself you hairy worthless cunt and make yourself presentable. Have you seen your mother?”

“No master but I think she’s waiting for you.”

I went up to her smiling and cupping her chin, well pleased with her, before spitting in her face and leaving her to clean up. Wrapped just in my towel I knocked at Caroline’s door.

“Come in!”

Caroline was sitting at her dressing table just in a dressing gown. Wonderful smells were coming from her bathroom. Some old cords a shirt and a jumper were laid out on the bed.

“Nice bath?”

“Lovely thanks, Babs is in my water now.”

I walked up behind her.

“And you how was you bath Caroline?”

I put my hands on her shoulders.

“I put some old clothes out for you,” she said getting up and changing the conversation.

She smelt beautiful as she brushed past me and I couldn’t help but pull her to me. She put her hands up to try and hold me off. She had nowhere to go there except backwards over the bed. I bent my head to kiss her. She turned her head aside so that I kissed her cheek only. I tried again; she turned her head the other way, I kissed her other cheek. Third time luck lucky, as her hands were no longer pushing against me but were more feeling my chest, lips closed she finally received my kiss. It seemed that it had been a while since she had done this last. She kissed me back but they were always short and dry, a series of nervous kisses. My hands enveloped her, exploring her curves. Short of breath she finally pushed me off.

“Jack I wasn’t expecting that!”

“You wanted it though didn’t you?”


“I know what you get up to with your daughters you know.”

“And what do you get up to with Babs? What was that scream I heard?”

“You were concerned were you?”

“Of course!”

“But you didn’t come though did you – why not?”

She didn’t really have an answer for that. I held her hands and kissed her again. A bit more relaxed this time she responded to my tongue’s probing and opened her 60yr old mouth to receive me. I massaged her back and gripped her bottom and she happily leaned against me. I pulled her down onto the bed.

“We’ll be late for supper!” She instinctively worried.

“No we won’t we’ll have it up here in your bed.” “What?” Old-fashioned like she was this was something of a novel concept to her.

“We have two waitresses to serve us.”


“Yes she’s my slave just like your daughter.”

“Slave? Babs?”

“Yes your sexy daughter who you like to sleep with so much betist güvenilirmi and love so dearly now belongs to me. BABS!” I hollered.

Caroline was uncertain but happily responded once more to my kisses and wandering hands. I exposed her luscious breasts as her dressing gown fell open. I kissed and suckled on those wonderful breasts. My hand wandered south and slowly began to finger this grand old dame of society. There was a knock at the door.

“Come!” I quickly called, taking charge and not wanting Caroline to be able to cover herself up. In came Babs looking lovely and fresh with wet hair and just in her towel. No pretence now.

“Yes master?”

“Remove your towel and kneel.”

She did so. Caroline was silent.

“Your mother and I will eat up here. You and Honey shall serve us, naked just as you are now. Put some music on, some Beethoven I think.”

Caroline interrupted “But what about the cook?”

“Who’s the cook?”


“Hmm…That’s a shame. Babs send him home now and Caroline will fire him in the morning. Caroline darling do you want to say anything?”

“Are you happy Babs?”

Babs looked at me adoringly and whispered

“Yes Mama, I’m not sure if I’ve ever really been happy before. Jack is my lord and master. He makes me complete. My happiness is his happiness. I only want to serve him faithfully.”

“Go now and leave me with your mother till you’re ready to bring supper up.”

Caroline relaxed now and ripped my towel off me and just like her daughter flew to my cock.

“Good job Babs licked it clean so well after I’d shoved it up her ass!”

She almost wretched! I hauled her up to me and kissed her worries away. “Shh…”

I gently pushed her down again and sure enough she went to work once more sucking enthusiastically. I pulled her legs round so that she was on top of me as I was eager to taste her cunt. Satisfactorily wet she bucked wildly as I licked her clit. Perhaps because my head was between her thighs I didn’t hear the girls as they came in. Caroline stopped embarrassed.

I looked up as the girls both naked bore trays with soup, wine, bread, glasses, cutlery and even a couple of flowers.

“Put them down on the dressing table. Honey slap Babs as hard as you can.”

They put the trays down and squared up to each other. With relish Honey let fly and Babs staggered from the blow.

“Babs slap Honey the same. You will knock next time, your mother was enjoying herself before you two crashed the party.”

So she did exacting some revenge on her rival.

“Now kiss each other and make up. You will not stop kissing each other till we finish our soup.”

They kissed and slowly put their hearts into it, holding each other close and stroking each other’s hair. Much as I liked the picture I changed my mind.

“Babs I want you to tie your mother down, legs and arms akimbo facing up. Honey you will go down on our hostess and don’t fail to bring her to orgasm.”

I went to try the soup. It was delicious. I enjoyed the spectacle as Caroline happily allowed herself to be tied down and Babs professionally secured her to all four corners of the bed with silk dressing gown cords. Honey was more than happy with her task as she lapped away at the cunt of this elegant grandmother.

“Now Babs feed your mother.”

Spoon by spoon she fed her mother.

“That’s all thanks darling, no more please.”

“Your turn girls then” I said as I poured the hot soup over Caroline. The girls lapped it up as the grandmother writhed under the hot soup but made no complaint. Much as I liked the soup (curried parsnip), I liked more the sight of the girls lapping it up like the bitches they were and so I poured my soup too over the delectable Caroline.

“How are you doing darling?” I asked her.

“Oh Jack! It’s heavenly and this Honey girl is a delight”

“Hear that Honey? Come and kiss your mistress!”

Honey came up from the coalface of granny’s cunt to lovingly kiss the older woman, her mouth still smeared with soup and Caroline’s own juice. Babs came to me and sucked greedily on my knob once more just like it was a comforter to her. Again I slapped her.

“Get back to your mother you miserable slut till she’s properly clean.”

Back she went licking every inch of her mother clean. It was a beautiful vision to be sure Caroline’s undulating body enjoying the sensation of her daughter’s busy tongue while passionately kissing her new lover Honey. I judged Babs to have finished and by her hair dragged her off and threw her to the floor.

“Honey suck my prick!”

Swiftly she swapped her attention to me as I eyed up Caroline’s sweet fanny.

“Your daughter’s fucking useless Caroline.”

“No, no.” She protested.

“Isn’t Honey so much better though? Your daughter’s a lying faithless slut. She’s a whore who’s no good at her job. She’s not a worthy daughter of yours.”

I slid into her smoothly but her reaction was wild as she strained against her cords in a frenzy of passion.

“Don’t you wish you’d had a boy eh? Don’t you wish I was your boy? Your master? Your mother-fucker?”

“Oh my darling boy, yes! Oh you feel amazing so deep inside me. Oh! I’m in heaven. Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Oh darling, darling boy! Oh!! Yes!! YEeeS!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32