A Cabin for I

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Story was inspired by already existing stories… no original work was stolen in the making of this tale.


“And another one…” I said in disgust as I peeled off yet another slimy slug off my skin.

It has been 2 hours since I lost track of the camping group, and now I’m just about ready to ditch this forest… if I can find the way out that is.

“Who’s bright idea was it to come here anyw- oh right.” I muttered to myself.


The nerdy guy who I became friends with not too long ago. Really nice dude, but he can talk your ears off if you mention anything about video games.

I was under a lot of stress lately, recovering from my financial situations, and Daniel suggested that I go with him on this camping trip. Now I would’ve just stayed home, but he finally convinced me when he said we would see my favorite animal, a moose. Well so far, the only wildlife I’ve seen here was crawling insects and noisy birds.

I pulled my phone out to see if I could call anyone- Aaaand I can’t.

No signal, how cliché…

“Ugh!” I groaned loudly.

“Daniel, if I make it out of this alive, you owe me a drink!”

Just then, as I took a left turn, my foot ended up tripping over a tree root, causing me to fall down a hill through many bushes and twigs. I lost count of how many times my body did a full front flip which caused me to land on my head several times.

After what seemed like forever, I finally landed on flat ground with intense pain all over my body, mostly in my ‘lower’ part, due to hitting a small stone on the way down.

“Ah, biscuits.” I grumbled as I realized my clothes were torn and dirty.

My blue jeans were now revealing my white panties, and my red t-shirt showed off my bra shamelessly… oh yeah, this camping trip is going great.

My body type wasn’t really anything to brag about. I was moderately skinny, with small breasts and no meat whatsoever in my butt. Although I was packing a unique tool in my underwear…

I pulled out my girl penis and observed it carefully. Now most people describe futas as women with ‘bigger’ assets than men… but truthfully, we really have no superiority. I’m only 7 inches long when bahis siteleri fully erect, that’s average right?

Pathetic? Perhaps to a closed mind. But as an old friend once told me-

“It’s not about the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.”


Never had sex before, but I’m sure it feels just as marvelous as it looks. I prefer women though, big busty ones in fact. One with a rump that could crush my pelvis each time she descends on my lap.

That thought soon drove a bunch of blood to my meatstick, which returned the pain from the fall.

“Darn it…” I groaned, gripping my thighs.

The pain in my entire body never left. And it looked like it was getting dark soon, so I had to find a place to rest quick. As if my luck had finally turned, I noticed a small wooden cabin in the distance. I limped slowly towards it.

It looked rather nice, that little wooden box, so well preserved. Hopefully the home owner could give me some fresh clothes and maybe a place to sleep. I knocked on the door.

Now, who I expected to open the door was some old bearded guy… but um-

To my surprise, my eyes fell upon the sexiest woman I have ever seen. The red-head had her hair in a ponytail, she wore a tight blue sweater which hugged her melon sized breasts nicely, cargo pants that were loose but still displayed her butt really good, and she stared into my soul with green emerald eyes. She was taller than me, definitely had to be in her early 30s.

“My goodness, sweetie what happened to your clothes?” she exclaimed.

I didn’t even hear her, my eyes were practically glued to her body.

“What, huh?” I stammered.

“Are you lost? Please come in, come in!” she insisted.


After giving me some spare clothes and a drink, I explained my story to the lovely lady. While doing this, I looked at her beautiful fire hair… and her body, oh her body.

“I see…” she nodded.

“Is Daniel your boyfriend?”

“Oh no.” I chuckled.

“He has his eyes on someone else, plus he’s not my type.”

The red-head bit her lips.

“Well it’s already dark out, it’ll be too dangerous trying to find your camping group now.” she said.

“You canlı bahis siteleri can sleep in the guest room. I’ll help you find them tomorrow morning.”

“My lady, your kindness will never be forgotten.” I replied with a sigh.

She smiled.

“Please, call me Vena.” she extended her hand.

I took it and smiled back.

“I’m Crystal.”


After taking a shower, I plopped right into bed. My body was still hurting like I just walked out of Oblivion, but I was relieved to have someone help me.

Not to mention this ‘someone’ gave me an incredible hard on that I had to suppress. Not that I didn’t want to masturbate and think about her all night… it’s just- I’m really tired from all the walking.


I was awaken by the sound of wet slurping… wait- that’s not possible.

My eyes snapped open and immediately looked down. There she was, beautiful Vena slobbering on my length.

She moaned softly as she took me all the way down her throat, my pubic hair touching her nose. Her soft lips slid up and down on my shaft, leaving trails of saliva. Her tongue explored all of my corners, and she would occasionally take me out to stroke me gently and plant kisses on the head. Her big soft tits hanged freely out of her top, they pressed against my balls and thighs. She continued bobbing her head up and down my penis, her saliva dripping down the veins. She eventually grabbed and fondled my small breasts while sucking on my balls.

While all of this was going on, I was restricting myself the urge to moan. I was enjoying the view, and I feared that she would stop if I made any noise. Not like it mattered, she continued sucking until I started to cum. This made me scream in ecstasy and grip her hair. Vena held herself there for several seconds, swallowing everything I had to offer. After I finished, she took me out of her mouth with a wet ‘pop’.

“Oh Vena…” I started.

Before I could say anything else, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against mine, they were so soft and I could taste myself… the sour flavor was intoxicating.

“You should have told me you had this beautiful dick!” Vena said as she began canlı bahis stroking me back to hardness.

“Wait what are you-” I nervously watched as she pushed her panties aside.

I guess this I should’ve seen this coming, she practically has the same insatiable sex drive as I.

“Shh!” she shushed me sternly before giving me another wet kiss.

“No more talking. I need this Crystal.” she sounded desperate.

I wasn’t protesting, but I really wished she would give me more time to consider this.

Within a blink, she impaled herself on my length, making us both moan in pleasure. I was hoping she would slow down to get adjusted to my size, but she wasted not a minute later to start bouncing on my pelvis.

Her D-cups bounced so lovingly in my face as she rode me like a pro. I grabbed them and gave them a good licking. I could feel her fat rump slamming my balls into the bed each time she descended, oh yes, just like in my dreams. I gave her butt a slap and watched as it jiggled wildly. She moaned and grabbed my face to shove her tongue down my throat, my eyes rolled back upon feeling her tits squish against mine. Our tongues fought for dominance, but I never truly had time to recover from that fall. So she easily fucked my brains out. Her inner walls got ever so tighter as she continued to bounce on me, so I suspected that she was getting close. So was I.

She brought me into a hug as my first ejaculation shot deep into her womb, her breasts swallowing my face whole. Meanwhile I grabbed her by the waist and fondled her squishy booty. Our combined moans probably made the whole forest shake.

“Incredible…” she mumbled softly.

She then started making out with me as the rising sunlight entered the window.

“Want some breakfast before we leave?”


Vena and I eventually found my camping group… well, that was after she and I had another ‘quickie’ near a lake.

She hugged me one last time.

“Be sure to look me up the next time you camp out here.” she grinned and nibbled my lips.

“Will do.” I replied.

After that we part ways and I caught up with Daniel.

“I thought you left, Crystal.” Daniel said with a relieved tone.

“I er- I got held back.” I chuckled.

“Well it’s good to see you again, we’re just about to take pictures of a moose over there.”

“Cool, hey Daniel…”


“Can we come back here maybe next month?”

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