A Bus Ride to McKeesport

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Penny waited a little impatiently to board the bus. July in Philly could be very hot and humid, and she knew the bus was going to be cool. Knowing how hot it was she had dressed that morning wearing only her underwear and a skirt and blouse and a pair of platforms. It was about a six-hour trip including stops, and she wanted to be comfortable on her way to McKeesport, which was almost all the way to Pittsburgh.

He watched her as she mounted the steep stairs and admired her legs and the way her body moved as she climbed carrying a shoulder bag. Just before she reached the topmost step, she had to wait for people to stow their bags and sit. Her foot was on the top step and as he looked up at her thighs, he gently took the hem of her flimsy skirt between his thumb and forefinger and lifted it up about four inches until he could see her gorgeous bottom, only partially covered by her bikini panties. Her vulva was bulging against her panties provocatively as his eyes drank in this erotic sight. Penny was completely unaware of how she was being violated, as the fabric of her skirt was very light, and she had not felt the movement of her skirt as he lifted it.

He dropped her skirt as the line moved on into the bus. Now he knew this was a bus ride he was going to enjoy. He quickly followed her and throwing his duffle into the overhead luggage rack he looked at her and said, “Mind if I take this seat?”

“No” she said as she smiled at him.

He is very nice looking, she thought. I am glad it isn’t someone who weighs three hundred pounds.

The bus was soon ready to go and was only about half full, but her companion made no move to find another empty double.

She became aware of her short skirt that was halfway up her thighs. Her attempts to pull it down were of little use.

She became aware of him looking at her legs, and self-consciously crossed her legs, which rode her dress an inch or two higher as it fell away from her thigh.

The bus was moving out of the city promptly at seven pm. It was due in McKeesport at about 12:30 am, and the sun was already going down.

As the luxury Greyhound coach slowly picked up speed as it headed down the highway, her companion looked at her and said.

“You must have a boyfriend. Girls like you are always taken.”

Penny was flattered by his remark. Actually she was 35.

“Well, I have a husband and two kids, so your guess is a little off.” she said as she gave him a smile.

“Do you live in Philly?” he asked.

“Oh no, I was just visiting my Mom. She was in the hospital for surgery and after we got her home and settled back in it was time for me to go home.”

“And, where is home?” he asked.


He looked at her for a long moment, and then he said,

“I have to confess that I was looking at you in the bus terminal and wondering who you were. You are a lovely woman and this bus ride is a wonderful opportunity for both of us.”

“What do you mean, an opportunity?”

“Well, think of it this way.” he said. “We don’t know each other, and we have come together like this. There are no strings attached, and we can make this bus ride one to remember if we want to. We don’t even know each others names.”

He took her hand and said, “let’s make the most of this time, and make it special.”

His very forward approach flustered her and she drew her hand away gently but at the same time she was pleased to be complimented by him, and really couldn’t see the harm in being friendly. Her husband Roger, was a UPS driver, and put in long hours, and she was always home with the kids. After her children had both reached school age, Penny had taken a part time job at a plant nursery. It didn’t pay much, but she enjoyed taking care of the plants and helping people find something and talking about flowers. It allowed her to get home in time for her children coming back from school. But she didn’t get to talk to any men very much and she and Roger’s life together was very short of romance. It would be nice to be with another male for a few hours, and after all he was very good looking, and seemed interesting to talk to.

He smiled at her.

“Back in ancient times people looked at things much differently. The Greeks worshipped a goddess, Aphrodite, canlı bahis who taught that a woman’s body, was a temple and that men were only for the purpose of giving women pleasure. Oh there were lots of ordinary women, but Aphrodite represented the few special women, who because of their beauty, were to be placed on a pedestal, and they could bestow their favors on men of their choosing, and those few men were very privileged to experience true sexual ecstasy. If we lived back with those ancient Greeks you would be one of those women.”

Penny was very much turned on by this stranger. Her only experience with men were their neighbors and her husbands co workers who all tended to drink a lot of beer, watch a lot of football, and didn’t seem to pay much attention to their wives and girlfriends. This man was very different, his conversation was a lot more interesting.

“Well I don’t think of myself as very special, but thank you for the compliment.”

“Well you may not have noticed, but every male eye in the bus terminal followed you wherever you went, so yes, you are special, you have a gift of sensuality that is very rare.”

Penny felt herself getting warm as she listened, and wondered if men really were looking at her like that.

“Aphrodite wanted men to know that a woman’s body was capable of great feeling in a great many places.” Once again he took her hand and turned it over so that it was palm up.

He continued, “For example the palm of your hand is very sensitive to the right touch.”

This time Penny did not draw her hand away as she was curious to hear what he was about to describe. He began to draw little circles in her palm with his fingertips, and she felt a tantalizing sensation go through her that was partly a feeling of being tickled and partly a feeling that was very erotic.

“So if we explore the bare flesh of a hand or an arm,” and his fingers now started to caress her forearm and up to her elbow.

“The sensation can be very pleasant for a woman.”

Penny couldn’t have agreed more as she now wanted him to go on talking and touching her. He was right, everywhere he was touching was exciting her, and teasing her to the point that she just wanted it to go on.

His hand went to her waist and slid around her midriff and down to her belly, still just using his fingertips.

“Every part of her can be stimulated and turned into an erotic experience.”

Now he traced her body from her waist and down her hip and onto her leg where he stopped at her knee gently caressing her knee with all of his fingertips. Penny was trying to stop herself from squirming at his touch. She was breathing a little faster and wondered what he would do next.

Now holding her hand again, he looked at her and said. “Our bodies can be very sensitive if properly touched.”

He shifted a little sideways in his seat so that he was able to face her better, and putting his other hand behind her knee under her leg he stroked her gently.

“Oh you mustn’t.”

“You are a very sexy woman, and I think that I can give you some innocent pleasure if you let me.”

Penny was aghast at how quickly things had gone from trivial conversation, to this, a man with those magic hands that were making her feel things that were truly exciting to her.

He had dropped her left hand and now his left hand was slowly moving up her leg and under the hem of her dress.

The bus was completely dark. Most of the passengers were sleeping as the coach cruised through the black night of the Pennsylvania countryside.

“Let me relax you, close your eyes and pretend you are sleeping.” he said.

She put her head back and closed her eyes.

His left hand was under her skirt and slowly he reached her panties and began running his forefinger feeling for her pubic hair through the skimpy fabric that was her only protection. His teasing was now getting her very warm and without realizing what she was doing she parted her legs slightly allowing his exploring fingers to slip between her thighs.

“Unbutton your blouse,” he whispered.

As though in a dream, she found herself obeying. One by one the buttons came free, and as they did he pulled the fabric of her blouse to the side exposing her breasts straining against her bra. bahis siteleri With his left hand between her legs, cupping that lovely full vulva he had admired earlier when he had raised her skirt, he pulled the bra strap down over her shoulder and fully exposed her left breast. Her nipples were standing our firmly as he caressed her breast with his right hand, while the fingers of his left hand began to work their way into the crotch of her panties, now very wet from her reaction to his exploration of her most intimate place.

“I think your panties have to come off now.” he whispered.

He took both his hands, slipped them under her skirt and began sliding the waistband of her panties down over her hips. She found herself moving her torso so that he could strip them down to her thighs.

“Lift your legs,”

She did as he said, and he slipped her panties down and over her shoes and put them in his pocket.

Penny couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. Who was this perfect stranger who had taken total control of her body? She couldn’t stop if she wanted to. She was having sensual feelings, physical pleasure, and she felt so guilty for wishing that the bus ride would last forever.

She parted her legs even more allowing him to more thoroughly and deeply take possession of her. He was stroking her clitoris, holding it gently between his thumb and forefinger, while his other three fingers were moving gently in her slit. His mouth was on her nipple, and then he lifted his head and kissed her pressing his tongue into her mouth, as she felt her own tongue seeking his.. As he was kissing her she felt his other hand slide along her seat and under her bottom, and then his finger was finding her anus and pressing into her, and she suddenly tried to stop him by moving away.

“Just let it happen, I won’t hurt you.” he whispered.

Penny was totally flustered, even her husband had never done what he was doing, and despite her unwillingness to approve what he was doing it was beginning to feel pleasant. Not at all what she had expected.

Penny was quite a sight if anyone could have seen her in the dark. Her face was a picture of pleasure, as their tongues explored each other, while her bare breast heaved with her emotion as his hands, one exciting her clit, and the other pushing his forefinger into her anus, continued their sensual exploration. Then without warning a wonderful wave of orgasms went sweeping through her body and she convulsed against his hands, and she had to put her hands to her mouth to stifle her joy.

“Now I want you to play with me.”

He had taken his finger out of her and had put his arm around her pulling her closer. He kissed her again.

“Please?” he asked.

Penny hesitatingly found his fly and unzipped him

and freed his very erect phallus from his underwear. It was exciting to her to feel him throbbing into her fingers, and without thinking she bent down and took him in her mouth, something she always loved doing to her husband. Her tongue flicking around the swollen head, and licking his glans while she stroked his shaft with her hand.

His breath was getting heavier and faster and he suddenly clutched her head as he exploded. She moved quickly away but not before he had shot into her mouth, and then on her face. Taking a handkerchief out of her purse she wiped her face.

They both lay back in their seats.

Penny said, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

Stepping over him she went to the back of the bus and closing the door in the tiny lavatory, she washed and fixed her face as well as she could.

When she came out he was standing there waiting to go in, and he took her in his arms and pressed his body to hers, and pulling up her skirt in the back he placed his hands on her buttocks and kissed her passionately. Then he quickly went into the restroom and she made her way breathlessly back to her seat.

She couldn’t find her panties and when he came back she asked him what happened to them.

“I have no idea, they must have gone under the seat somewhere.”. He smiled at her. “It doesn’t matter, it only means I won’t have to take them off again.”

“Now sit on my lap.” He whispered.

She sat in his lap and he moved her so her back was toward him. She discovered bahis şirketleri that he had slipped his pants down to his thighs, and she could feel the bareness of him beneath her. She felt his erect phallus against her vulva, as his left hand came around her waist and his fingers found her swollen clitoris. He spread her skirt around her and then reaching under her with his right hand he positioned his now very hard phallus into the opening of her vagina.

“Oh no, I can’t, I mustn’t.” she whispered.

But it was too late. Holding her to him with his right hand around her waist, and fondling her clit with the fingers of his left hand, he was quickly inside her, and she couldn’t escape his thrusts deep into her vagina. She pushed against the seat with both her hands, and arched her back as he stroked inside her, and soon she was rotating on him as she completely gave in to him.

As he went deep into her, he continued to gently massage her clitoris and then with a final thrust he poured himself into her and she almost fainted with pleasure as a violent orgasm shook her to her toes. She relaxed and felt her body get quiet, as she still felt him in her. Then slowly they pulled apart, and she shifted back to her seat and pulled her skirt down as he dressed himself.

They slept quietly for a few minutes and she awoke as he began unbuttoning her blouse again, and this time he completely pulled her bra down and spent some time caressing and kissing her breasts and nipples until Penny parted her thighs inviting him to play with her again. He immediately obliged and this time he bent over her and found her clitoris with his tongue, as she put her head back, and held his head against her thighs as he drove her back to the land of ecstasy.

And so they passed the hours until sometime between midnight and one am, the bus driver announced “McKeesport”.

Penny was completely taken by surprise. His fingers were in her vagina, and her eyes had been closed enjoying his touch. She looked out the window and saw Roger standing there with the children, looking up at the bus.

Frantically Penny said, “I’ve got to go.”, and pulled away from his invading fingers.

As Penny straddled to get by him, he trapped her leg between his, he put his hand up her skirt, and cupped her vulva, stopping her where she stood, than he felt further back and stroked those lovely globes of her shapely bottom.

“Goodbye mystery lady, I will never forget you.”

He withdrew his hand from under her skirt.

Penny bent over and kissed him, and stepped out into the aisle and out of his life.

She descended from the bus and he watched as a waiting man and a little boy and girl ran up to hug their very flustered mother. The man came forward and embraced her and they walked off together.

He grinned as the bus pulled out, and he reached into his pocket and felt the very flimsy panties that she had ‘lost’. He put them to his nose and smelled their musky scent and a touch of her perfume lingered. Once again the flattery, the slow approach, and the Aphrodite story had worked their way into another seduction. And this one had been memorable.

Back at 110 4th St in McKeesport, the children were now tucked into bed and Roger pulled Penny to him and kissed her, and catching the hem of her skirt, he slid it up to feel her bottom, and to his surprise discovered that she was without underwear.

“You don’t have any panties on.” he said.

Penny turned red, she had forgotten, and then quickly, having a brainstorm, she said,

“All I can think of for the last few days, is having you inside me, and I thought that not wearing underwear might turn you on.”

Roger beamed.

“I’ve been turned on all day thinking about your body and getting you into bed. I can’t wait to take your clothes off.”

Penny had done something that he thought was really sexy, and he pulled her into the bedroom. Penny was still really very much in the mood. Taking two men in one night wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and despite being a little tender, it was the best night of sex that she and Roger had ever had.

The stranger was right though. Penny never did forget the ride from Philly to McKeesport, and Roger discovered a new Penny, self confident, who knew how to dress to please him, who felt wonderful about herself, and who he now couldn’t wait to come home to. After all, she had learned a great lesson from

Aphrodite, and now she wanted a man who could give her pleasure.

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