A Brief Moment of Insanity Ch. 03

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All characters are eighteen or older. Sorry for the delay. I have had this on the back burner in several versions. I hope you enjoy.


Three Months Later:

I awoke to the soft sounds of rain pattering against the window. It was a gentle thing at first but soon a new tempo was added when sleet joined the rain and a hard staccato was struck up by the growing storm. The wind began to grow in strength and as it did so I could hear the fluttering of the leaves on a nearby tree as well as the deep groaning of the ancient limbs moving. They were resentful for being disturbed so and creaked with their old age the same way a man might complain about his bad knee.

I lie there listening to the melody of the storm for a while, eyes still closed when a new sound caught my attention. It was the low metallic creak of a door hinge my door hinge the door to my bedroom. An altogether and separate sound could be heard now the tinkling as from a small bell. The bell sound grew closer and it was then that I opened my eyes and saw that the door to my room was indeed open but no one was visible.

Had my mother purchased a cat and it was the sound of the bell on its collar that I now heard growing steadily closer? The tinkling came near the right side of my bed but then retreated to the corner and now to the foot of the bed. I lifted my head and looked down and saw what could only be cat ears but they were far too large and they topped what could only be a human head.

Suddenly Willow came into view as she sat up and I could see her from her deliciously long neck up to the top of her feline adorned head. I decided to sit up but when I did my movement was suddenly and unexpectedly halted. Willow grinned wickedly as I looked and saw the chains running from my leather bound wrists to the top posts of the four poster bed I was currently reclined upon. I tested my legs and they were similarly fettered.

“Willow,” I began but she pressed a single finger to her painted lips.

She suddenly bounded onto the bed and I saw that she wearing a sheer black bra and matching panties and over her entire body a mesh stocking that did little to hide the amazing figure beneath. She sat crouched at the end of my bed and regarded me with hungry eyes. The bed shifted a little as she moved slowly up to the head of the bed and with each movement came the sound of the bell around her throat. I watched the way her breasts swayed and her supple muscles moved beneath her nut brown skin. I noticed there was no sign of any tan lines as she drew nearer and nearer.

She stopped her forward movement and sat on my chest her legs spread wide and I could not only see how soaked her panties were but I caught a faint hint of her feminine musk. I opened my mouth to speak but she placed a finger over my lips and shook her head slowly. She pouted as she placed a hand over her sensual mound and let out a low deep purr. I could feel that subtle vibration through my chest.

She cocked her head to the side and smiled again but this time I saw the bright new fangs she was sporting, they appeared quite natural and must have cost quite a bit. I remembered she mentioned going to see the dentist a few weeks back I guess these porcelain veneers must have finally come in. They appeared wickedly sharp and I wondered what use she would put them to.

The hard slap came without any warning or provocation and my world went red for a time. I turned my head to look up at her again and opened my mouth to protest when she slapped the other side of my face. My ears were ringing from that one and the anger rose with a volcanic heat that surprised even me. Then her lips were on mine and I found myself kissing her back. Her tongue invaded my mouth and soon we were moaning in time to our dueling tongues as they writhed and moved with a passion I had forgotten. She broke the kiss and stared at me with her own anger and tears streaming down her lovely features. Willow slapped me again.

“Three fucking months Warren,” she spat out as she wept. “It’s been three fucking months! You take over for that old harpy and you just forget about us, about me! Goddamnit, look what you made me do!”

She smiled as she leaned back and tugged her panties to the side revealing her soaked sex. She closed her eyes and began fingering herself as I watched helpless to do anything but observe. Her scent came strong now and it was intoxicating as I watched her finger invade her warm wet depths. Willow was groaning now as she played with herself. A second digit joined the first as she slowly finger fucked her pussy. I watched the entire event unfold and licked my lips eager to taste her juices and caress her sensitive flesh.

I felt her free hand move over my covered erection and another purr escaped her lips. She stroked my cock through the covers and it drove me mad but she did nothing but continue to masturbate and slowly jack me off. I was painfully hard now and she was heading for the home stretch that’s when she let go of my cock and used bakırköy escort both hands on herself. Two fingers plowed into her tightness while she made slow circles over her clit with the other hand. It was a delicate process of rubbing that little button of flesh and my mouth was watering in anticipation of tasting her. Suddenly and without warning her body was bucking and her cry of release echoed in my ears.

“I always cum so much harder when I’m being watched,” she panted as she sat there recuperating. “Do you hate me? Is that why you withheld this?”

She asked as her hand snaked under the covers and wrapped around the shaft of my cock. I shook my head since I figured she didn’t want me talking anytime soon.

“You like this don’t you?” She asked as her hand began to move up and down. A low guttural sound escaped my throat. “Do you want to fuck me? Hmmm… Do you want to stick this thick fat cock inside of me? Do you want to shoot your load inside your sweet dear sister? Or would you rather go back to dealing with Family Business?”

Her hand left me and I cried out in despair. She smiled down at me and shook her head. Willow rose up her ass now high in the air, tugged down the covers and sat back down. I could feel her flesh against mine. My cock was now firmly nestled between her ass cheeks but no nearer that wet slit of hers. She began to rock her hips now and her cheeks massaged my dick slowly and almost painfully now. I grit my teeth and enjoyed the tease. It was a perfect blend of pain and pleasure.

She had closed her eyes and was enjoying it as much as I. She was moaning and cooing as she moved her hips. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I was so close and then she stopped. I looked up and she was twirling a finger in her long dark hair. She only did this when she was playing with someone, like a cat with its mouse and it wouldn’t be long before she decided to release it or go for the kill. What happened next was clearly not what I expected from her.

Willow reached down and wrapped her fingers around my throat and then she leaned down close, very close so close in fact I could feel her breath on my face. She looked into my eyes as she closed her fist. Alarm bells went off as I fought to breath and the entire time she watched my reaction. I closed my eyes and resigned myself to whatever she had planned. Her hand left my throat and I felt her upper body on mine.

“I hate you,” she said sobbing. “I hate not being in your life anymore!”

“Forgive me,” I said though my voice was weak and cracked.

The kiss was fierce as her lips crushed mine. There was movement and I felt her heat around the head of my cock. She never broke the kiss as I slid deep into her in one smooth motion. The sweet inferno of her pussy enveloped me as she slowly rocked her hips. We were moaning in unison as she made love to me. Her tears fell and I felt their passage as they rolled down my cheeks. She was squeezing her sex around me as she slowly rode me and still the kiss endured.

Willow broke the kiss as she sat up, tore the mesh like it was paper and removed her bra. She cupped her tits and fed them to me one at a time. I suckled her nipples as she began to drive her hips more insistently. She was grunting in time with her body’s movement and I bit and teased her tits as my orgasm got closer and closer.

“I can’t…”

“Hush,” she ordered. “Just let me do everything. I can feel you growing inside of me, gods how I have missed this!”

She was riding me hard and fast now as sweat broke out over her perfect nut brown skin. She had both of her hands on my chest for leverage now and was going all out. The sound of the tiny bell was blending with the hard slapping of our bodies and the loud panting and groaning as we made love. She cried out and cursed me until I could fight it no longer and hot pulses of cum hit her depths and sent my dear sister over the edge.

The tidal scream hung in the air as she climaxed seconds after me. She fell forward still impaled and that’s when she bit me. I felt those razor-sharp fangs of hers pierce my flesh and I felt her tongue lap away at the wound. When she had her fill she kissed me where her teeth had scored their mark and lie on top of me for a very long time. At long last she moved and removed the leather restraints from my wrists. She kissed the red skin where the unyielding material had dug deep during our love play. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear.

“You raped me,” I said in as serious a tone as I could muster.

“Yeah, but you loved it,” she shot back from under the mane of dark hair that covered her lovely features.

“And you bit me,” I said.

“Making a point, you hurt me I hurt you,” she moaned.

“Wanna do it again,” I asked trying to stifle a laugh.

“You can’t rape the willing,” Willow said peeking at me.

“I could chain you up face down and do unspeakable things to you.”

“Promise,” she asked that playful purr beşiktaş escort back in her voice. “Ooh, hard again already? It looks like abstinence has its benefits. But uh, we have to stop.”

“Wait what…” I cried out as my sister released my bonds. “I love you but why are we stopping?”

“I am not the only one in this relationship. You need to fix things between the others. I want to be selfish but I just can’t until things are good between all of us.”

“You are right, so what do you have planned?”

“As a matter of fact,” my sister said as she cuddled next to me. “I have a brilliant plan.”

All I want is a Hole:

Three days later the pieces fell into place and I was ready to set things right with my mother. Willow had laid out mom’s clothes for her and dropped her off at the bus stop. She had made the excuse that the car needed to be serviced and as soon as it was finished she would catch up with mom and hand it off. Since I had become the head of the family my mother had gotten into the habit of binge shopping on Thursdays. I had an app that would track mom’s phone and with that information I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I caught up with her at a high end boutique and that’s when it began. I slipped the burner phone from my pocket and texted my mom setting things into motion.

‘All I want is a hole.’ I sent to her. I watched her reaction as she looked over her shoulder before replying.

‘Who the fuck is this,’ she replied.

‘Nine inches of iron hard passion just waiting for an opportunity to fuck you silly,’ I sent and watched her eyes go wide. I watched as my dear sweet mother began chewing her lower lip. I could see the wheels spinning as she tried to figure out who was texting her.

‘Why me,’ she sent and slowly turned looking for a familiar face in the crowd.

‘Got to the dressing room and take off your panties and leave them hanging over the edge of one of your bags so I can see that I have easy access to your cunt.’ I watched her eyes widen in surprise and her lip chewing became almost obscene.

‘You want to slide all nine inches into me here in public?’

‘Yes and so do you… I can see how much you want it. By the way you are going to give yourself a bloody lip if you keep chewing your lip like that.’

She practically shoved another woman out of the way to the only free dressing room. She slipped inside and disappeared from my line of sight. Three minutes ticked by before she emerged and there on the lip of one of her bags were a pair of wispy black panties. Mom was looking all over feverish and clutching her phone in her free hand. The lip biting was gone now replaced with her licking her lips.

‘Get yourself a soda, you look dehydrated,’ I sent to her.

Mom smiled and touched her fingers to her lips. I watched her leave the store and head for the food court. She bought a large soda and some French fries and found a seat in a corner so she could people watch. I let her stew for a bit and watched her have her snack and continue with her shopping. I could tell her heart wasn’t into buying anymore clothes or accessories and her phone never left her hand. I let her suffer for ten more minutes before I sent the next text.

‘There has to be rules,’ I sent and from her expression I thought she might have climaxed just from the knowledge I hadn’t let her down.

‘What kind of rules,’ she asked as she returned to lip chewing.

‘No face to face,’ I sent. ‘There is a blindfold taped to the bottom of the set in dressing room five in the next store on your list. You will go in, put it on and after that I will direct your every move. Walk away if you can’t follow orders.’

She bee lined her way to the store. I watched as she waited for the room to become free even as the sales lady told her another room was available. Once she was inside I left my observation point and headed towards my mother. I thanked the security guard as I left the booth where all the security camera feeds came together. He was all smiles and glad to help Family. I entered the clothing store and spoke with the manager.

“I need you to shut down the store for one hour,” I said as I handed her one of my credit cards.

“Do you have any idea how much business I would lose,” she began to argue and then I shook my head.

I held up a finger and took out my phone. I made a phone call and explained my situation. Ninety seconds later the store phone rang. The manager was called to the service desk and I watched her face go the color of newly fallen snow. She quietly shooed the customers from the store and pulled the metal gate down giving me the privacy I wanted. I entered the area just outside the dressing rooms and I could actually hear my mother speaking softly.

“What the hell is taking him so long? He promised me an iron hard cock.”

I peeked between the curtains and saw her sitting on the bench wearing the blindfold. I slipped inside, unzipped my pants and took out beylikdüzü escort my cock. I stood in front of her and even as she spoke brushed the tip against her lips. She took over from there. Mom reached up slowly until her fingers wrapped around the shaft and guided me into her mouth. I bit back a moan as she made love to my dick. I slid my fingers into her hair and guided her along just a little. Mom performed like a fucking champ. It didn’t take her long to have the entire length down her throat and was thrusting her head forward faster and faster. I bent down and flipped up her skirt to see her naked pussy.

“Am I going to get to sit down and have this fine cock inside of me soon,” she asked taking a short break from deep throating me. “Please tell me I can.”

“No,” I whispered just at the edge of her hearing. “Now stand the fuck up and turn around.”

Mom almost fell over trying to get to her feet. She spun around and bent over placing her ass at the perfect height and angle. I reached between her legs and felt how soaked her cunt was.

“How bad do you want this,” I whispered and she nearly cried as she reached back and pulled her luscious ass cheeks apart. “Pretty bad huh?”

“For the love of god fuck me please,” she begged as her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart now. “See how fucking wet I am for your cock. Pleaseeeeee…”

Her plea became a squeal of delight as I slid inside of her. I pushed slowly until I was hilted inside her snug little pussy. I stood behind her and reached up and unbuttoned her blouse slowly. I could feel her body begin to shake as I freed her tits. I cupped them in my hands and began teasing her nipples. But I made her beg for more as I teased her. She cried out and then clamped a hand over her mouth thinking there were people just outside. Only then did I begin moving my hips and another muffled cry escaped mom’s lips.

What a glorious sight of my cock stretching her pussy as I took her from behind. She was thrusting backwards now and using both hands to maintain her balance. I could see she was biting her lip now to keep quiet. I alternated the pace of my hips to give her as much pleasure as possible. Sometimes I fucked her nice and slow with gentle thrusts but now that she was so close to climaxing I was hammering her hard and fast. The scream that she had kept bottled up for so long broke free as her orgasm crashed into her.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she howled and then she looked over her shoulder waiting for the sales force to come rushing in. But when no one reacted thirty seconds later she dropped her head in surrender. “The store is empty isn’t it… how the hell could you… oh my god it’s you isn’t it? Give me a sign that it’s you.”

I slowly pulled my erection from her pussy and placed the tip against her puckered asshole.

“Oh my god it isssss…” she grunted as I pushed slowly. “UNNNNN god yesssss… it’s been so damn long baby! Do you miss your mom’s tight little ass?”

She asked just as the tip slipped inside of her. Mom pushed backwards slowly and took the rest of me as deep as she could. Her body quivered as she impaled herself. I let her do all the work since she had figured out my identity. She moved slowly enjoying how my cock violated her tight little ass. She grunted and groaned as she fucked me. My sounds mirrored her own as she thrust a little faster now.

“I miss the way you feel inside of me,” she whimpered. “Your cock is stretching my ass so good baby.”

“I have been a terrible son,” I said as I began to meet her backward thrusts.

“NO, I know how difficult running the Family must be on you. Your cock is getting bigger inside of me. Are you getting close?”

“Yes, I am so damn close now,” I admitted.

That is all she needed to know. Mom started ramming her hips backward driving me as deep and fast into her as was humanly possible. I fought the urge to cum but it was useless. I had passed the point of no return minutes ago. I warned her one final time and her timing was perfect. She thrust backward just in time to match my climax. I was deep inside of her when I blew. We both screamed as I filled her ass with cum.

“God damn I needed that,” she purred. “I hope this is a sign of things to cum.”

“I promise things will be better,” I said as I pulled out of her slowly.

Like the dutiful mother she produced baby wipes so I could clean myself up properly. She followed suit but used the business’ rest room for her needs. We left and the store reopened once we had left the premises. I was feeling hungry after our quick little romp. So we returned to the food court and I bought some Chinese. Mom and I sat down and caught up and like her daughter before her worked out a game plan to surprise my aunt Janine.

Short Interlude:

I stepped out of the weekly meeting with the other heads of the Family. I felt drained from the three hour conference that was part global economics and part war council. The Family held controlling interest in most of the weapons manufacturing worldwide. The war in the Middle East was going ‘well’ and we were guaranteed a tidy profit over the next ten years. Our pharmaceutical arm had developed a mild pandemic that would thin out the ever growing world population enough for the Family’s farming interests to catch up.

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